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"A great game...if you have the patience..."

Ahhh. A new Monkey Ball for a new, innovative system, the Wii. Let me start off by saying a few things. If you are the type of gamer who hates hard games, you can give up hope on this game. If you like a challenge (and you're not a sore loser), then this game may be for you. Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz (SMB:BB)

Story: 4/10

Yeah...well...this game really doesn't have much of a story but thats not what it's about so it really doesn't matter anyway. Basically, Ai Ai and friends have to collect the 8 "golden" bananas and save the day...or something along those lines.

Controls: 9/10

The game shines right here. Super Monkey Ball is one of those games that aren't too gimmicky with the controls (i.e. It's not the stupid "substitute a button with movement idea"). SMB:BB actually has good use of the Wiimote. The trademark of the Monkey Ball franchise has been that you tilt the stage, not control the character. In previous games, it felt like you were controlling the character. However, thanks to the Wiimote, it actually FEELS like you're moving the stage instead of the monkey, and it plays very well. There is a minor downside to this however. The control can be very hard to get accustomed to and the game isn't very "pick up and play" friendly. So if you want to really enjoy this game, you have to get used to it and play a lot.

Graphics: 8/10

Obviously the Wii isn't about graphics but the visuals on SMB:BB actually look nice. They aren't jagged or blurry, but it could've been better. It is basically Gamecube quality graphics. They aren't bad but they aren't great either. I also have a minor gripe about the numbers in this game. The numbers look like different numbers (ex. 6 looks like 8). This could've been better too.

Music: 10/10

Yes, I loved the music in this game. The tunes are very catchy and the sound effects are nice. The characters have cute voices and the overall music of the levels are great. They range from Irish style music to a cool jumpy "Chipmunk" voice style. I loved the music in Worlds 5 through 7 the best. You'll love the music in this game, it's really catchy.

Gameplay: 9/10

I'm the type of person that likes a challenge in games. Thanks to that, I enjoyed this game. The game itself is actually really fun (but hard). The levels are awesome and the individual segments of each level provide different challenges. You'll be swinging on platforms, jumping into yeti's bellies and more. This game consists of a island level, jungle, snowy land, desert, ocean, cavern, lava, and space level. All of them are fun and get harder and harder. But don't think you're done after beating the 8th world boss. You can still unlock two secret levels (I'll leave them up to you to find) by "crowning" each of the 8 worlds. "Crowning" a level is when you beat it without using a continue. All in all, the stage shifting, hopping action of this game is fun.

Minigames: 7/10

This game provides a great extra in the 50 mini-games available right out of the box! You and your friends will enjoy the multiplayer madness...for a while. While this game DOES have some excellent mini-games, most of them are very lacking and feel rushed (and have bad control). Out of the 50 games, about 8-10 are great and another 10-15 are good. Everything else is a one time play and then throw away. But don't disregard the mini-games, try them out, you may like them. Nevertheless, it'll provide a fun time with you and your friends.

Replay Value: 9/10

You'll always find yourself going back to this game. Whether it's to play mini-games or trying to crown a level. Or, you might just want to play through old levels and surprise yourself to how much better you've become. Trying to crown all 8 worlds to unlock the secret levels is replay enough. It is frustrating, but you'll feel very accomplished once you crown a world. The minigames are fun to go back to also.

Overall: 8/10 *NOT an average

Overall, I enjoyed this game a lot. If you like a fun game and you're up to a hard challenge, this game is for you. It provides so many different things, you may find what you like. I recommend this game as a buy, not a rental (unless you hate hard games or Monkey Ball games). Pick it up for $50.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/16/07

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