Review by wolverinefan

Reviewed: 07/13/07

A subpar entry in the Monkey ball series

The first Monkey Ball game was amusing. The collection on the PS2 was annoying. I had no interest in the Wii version but I was desperate for some fun. Did I have fun? Does it have kick butt Wiimote controls? Read on!

Some evil pirate monkey has stolen the golden bananas or something. There's no text, no voice work. Just a cut scene. Whatever, I guess it works. Doesn't explain why these little guys are inside tiny balls.

Graphic wise this game isn't too shabby on the eyes and it's the best looking Monkey Ball game thus far. Levels kind of blend together via their generic world themes and the colors become tiresome as well but it all looks pretty good.

Sound in the game is annoying. The Monkeys make terrible sound. There isn't much else in the sound effects area and there is no voice work. The music is annoying, childish, and catchy and one of the worst soundtracks I've ever heard. God was it annoying...

Control is the biggest issue with these Wii games. This is one of the worst when it comes to control. Hold the Wiimote like a remote control. Tip forward to roll forward, tilt back to go backwards. Oh how easy it sounds. A also jumps. It works fine until the later levels require you to dodge stuff, make quick turns and wait. If you go backwards the camera goes crazy, gives you a bad view and you can't adjust the camera, thus making the upcoming moving bridge a big problem. It would have worked much better if you held the Wiimote like you do in Sonic. Sideways would so feel much more natural and would have worked better but oh well.

The game is split up into 8 worlds with 8 stages each. Then it ends with a boss fight. Just like the old games you need to guide your monkey from start to finish within the time limit and without falling off.

It's simple in its nature but this time around the level design is a bit bland, which might be useful with the less than rewarding controls. The problem is that the time limit feels useless. Not only that but you get lives but if you run out of lives, nothing happens; you just need to reselect the world and stage. Yeah, you won't get the golden banana to unlock 2 specials secrets but really, it doesn't play well enough to get those.

Something new is there is a good amount of monkeys to play as and even though the game doesn't tell you they all have their own unique abilities. Higher jumps, breaks bumpers ECT. It adds a bit more to the game.

The boss fights just feel like they were tacked on. The game zooms in on the flashing area that is the boss’s weakness. Even worse is the fact that there is a time limit yet most of the time you sit there, wait for the opening attack and wash and repeat. So again the time limit seems useless.

The game is rather short but does get kind of challenging near the end. There is 50 mini games to play but most are so horrible that they should never be seen or played ever. They are there though to suffer with...

Banana Blitz could have should have and would have been better if the control was fixed. Some good mini games wouldn't have hurt either considering they are one of the reasons people buy these games. I'd say give the game a quick rental but don't buy it.

Story - 2/10
Graphics - 8/10
Sound - 5/10
Control - 5/10
Game Play - 6/10
Replay Value - 5/10

Final Score - 5/10

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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