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"A great game for a great system"

EA takes a turn for the best by releasing Madden NFL 07 for the Wii. With its new motion controls, new players and veterans alike can enjoy the same concepts of Madden football, but with a different yet enjoyable play feel. With this new improvement, The Wii version is by far the superior version of Madden 07.

Game Play: 9/10

Madden 07 stays with the true formula used for every one that came before it. Outscore your opponent and stop them from scoring to win the game. Picking plays is easier than before with the new option of choosing by formation or type. Madden veterans can choose the different formation such as "I-Form" and a "4-3 defense" while newer players can choose to use the easier play calling mode by picking "outside run" or "deep pass." Madden 07 also boasts two new modes; NFL Superstar: Hall of Fame and NFL Network Mode. In Superstar Mode, you create a player and play from his certain position perspective on the field. Be a receiver and dominate the passing game or be a linebacker and fill your gap assignments or go out for pass protection. In NFL Network Mode, Sterling Sharpe takes you through the plays and shows you how complicated they come together. Practice them and learn how to exploits your opponents play calling. There are also many "create a ----" modes to keep you busy during game play. You can create a player, fan, play book, and team. Madden contains the same great game play as its precedents.

Controls: 10/10

The new control method takes Madden to a higher standard. It affects almost everything in the game from passing to double juking out of a defenders ways. Make a throwing motion to pass the ball or flick your nun-chuck left or right to juke would be tacklers. The control sensing is very accurate in all aspects of the game, but on a rare occasion the juking won't respond or the fair catch wont be called.

There are tutorials and practice modes to help you figure out the controls. The tutorial screens let you try the motion and tell you whether you are doing it right or wrong. It will even offer help advice to fix the problem to get the motion controls perfect. The in-game training camps offer scores and trophy's based on your accomplishment of the goal. Rip away with your defensive linemen to get to the flag or learn to kick a coffin corner punt to put the other team on the 1 yard line. After playing the freemotion controls, going back to the mere button pushing versions of the Xbox or PS2 will be impossible.

Graphics: 7/10

There was a lack of effort on EA's role to make the graphics and animations great, and this is apparent with all 3 versions. There is still the old “the ball is 5 yards away from the kicker and yet he still kicked it” glitch. Rarely, players will slightly go through each other and the quarterbacks throwing motion seems weird when looked over in the instant replays. As in the other versions, some player's faces don't match up right. But this is only apparent if you are a very close follower to the NFL.

Other than the minor glitches, the graphics are pretty solid even on the lower technology of the Wii. The graphics are not a barrier to the great game play experience.

Music/Sounds: 8/10

The soundtrack is solid with great music from many different genres. The Wiimote speaker is used to hear pre-snap quarterback sounds and other minor sounds. The sound is average from the tacking noises of the pads hitting, to the yelling of the audibles by the quarterback. The commentators are still the same saying the same lines about formations and other football talk.

Presentation: 7/10

The presentation is pretty poor in-game. The little movie-like sequences of the players entering the game while the cheerleaders form a pathway is gone. There are little end zone celebrations, and there is no celebration after winning the most coveted game of the year, the Super Bowl. The Newspaper always contains the same lines and the EA Sports Radio always says the same things. This is probably all due to the lazy programmers at EA who rushed the game or were just too lazy to add the extra stuff all in. Other stuff such as stadiums and uniforms are accurately represented.

Multiplayer: 10/10

Gamers thrive on Maddens multiplayer and this year is no different. There are new options to fake out the other player since everyone always screens the other player. Pressing B on the play selection screen picks the play but keeps the play selection screen up. Then casually navigate to other formations and make your opponent think that's what you're picking. On teams, a rumble will let your partner know the real play while you pretend to pick another play. The Wii version also boasts exclusive mini games that are perfect to play with other friends. Play like you do in the park with 2 on 2 mode, or outscore your opponent on field goals with kicking combine. Aim perfectly though, because your opponent might drum the controller and change your wind. Madden 07s multiplayer is the finest this year especially on the Wii.

Re-playability: 9/10

Whether you're taking your favorite team to the Super Bowl or trying to put your player in the Hall of Fame in Superstar Mode, Madden 07 will last you a very long time. You can tweak the AI settings to get some help intercepting the ball, or make your AI opponents really hard to change game play experiences. Multiplayer will add much to your re-playability since gamers can be very competitive. Expect 40+ hours in your quest to be an NFL master.

Overall: 9/10

Madden surpasses its expectations for this year and we hope to see many more innovations for next years additions. The Wii version surpasses the other ones with its new controls and exclusives. Have fun while making heads bop and helmets fly off in this great title for the Nintendo Wii.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/02/07

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