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"A Football Master Piece"

Madden 07 really introduces the Wii to the sports genre.Wii Sports is good but isn't a full sports game but more a few minigames. Madden 07 however is a full sports game that focuses on just one sport. And it does so nicely.

Many people are questioning it and just saying it was ported over to the Wii and the controls tacked on in a month or so. This is far from the case. The controls are smooth and can be either full motions if you rally want to get into it or if you're feeling sort of lazy you can just flick your wrist. Some people probably would like to play it with the normal control but that's why there is a version for te Cube. Whether launching a Hail Mary or getting that last minute interception to win the game. The controls are nice and simple.

The teams really respond like they do in reality. You can all to commonly have Manning pass to Harrison or Wayne but will never have him run it himself. You may want to pick one team to get familiar with. I took the Chargers for the run and gun style with Thomlinson running it constantly. But there are teams for everything from defense to special teams to deep pass. Whether you are new to Madden or a seasoned pro you can get used to the playbooks. You can use the tradition where every team has there own or you can go with a new system where every team has the same plays an they are all categorised for things like Deep Pass or Outside Run. You can definitely get acquainted to the teams

What about the different modes? They are all the same but feel better with the Wii-Mote. Superstar mode is extremely fun as a quarterback or receiver where you tend to use alot of motion whether it be juking around or winding up for a pass. This is a refreshing experience seeing how you don't have to just press a button. Of course the Wii-Mote allows you to use a couple of Wii exclusive mini-games. These are mainly for getting used to the controls for things like punting, kicking, etc. The Season mode is the same ust with some slight roster changes so if you've played it on another system it's the same thing.

So all and all it is a great game. It is probably one of the best games currently available. Hopefully we'll continue to see this in future sports titles like Tiger Woods and Fight Night. Plus we can only expect to see this expanded in Madden 08. So what's the final verdict? This is defenitely a game to get.

Final Rating- 8.1

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/05/07

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