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"Football's newest adventure to the Wii."

Madden 07 is the next addition into the Madden series, only this time on the Wii. I myself, being quite the avid sports game player decided to pick it up as one of my first games. Not only was I surprised at how fun it was, but how well the control scheme many (before it came out) labeled at "shaky" or "unimpressive" being it is a port from another Previous-Gen console. I'll divide up the different concepts of the game for Madden 07.

Graphics 7/10
Not too great, but they work fine for the purpose. I don't own a Xbox 360 or PS3, so the graphics don't matter to me as I am used to playing Ye Old Xbox and PS2 for the past years. But nonetheless, the graphics didn't change from what you'd expect from those previous consoles. To some that may seem like a rip off, but if you don't care as much for graphics, all the other concepts of this game make up for it.

EA Track - /10
In-Game Sounds- 7/10
The reason I don't rate the EA Track is because it really depends on the type of music you enjoy. I like more of the Rock concept with 30 Seconds to Mars, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and so forth. But I despise Rap which is the other half. If you hate Rock and Rap, you will score this a big 1 or 2 as that is what it contains. As for In-Game Sounds, its nothing more than you'd expect, although I do enjoy when you can occasionaly hear players through the Wii-Remote. And yes, unfortunately, John Madden is still in the announcers booth. -6 to the score. :P

Gameplay/Controls 9.5/10
Now we get to the good stuff. Nothing is more satisfiying than actually "throwing" the ball to your reciever, snapping the ball, and stiff-arming people. This is all included on Madden gameplay. A fast, quick jerk of the Wii-Remote results in a bullet pass, while a slow high motion makes more of a lob pass. The controls are amazingly easy to learn if you want to jump right in and play, but there are also more complex moves such as double juking and stripping the ball for when you have a hand on the basics. Things like these are simply what make the game so much more enjoyable than any other football games you may have played on other Consoles.

So in final, this is how I rate my games.

Gameplay 9.5/10
Graphics 7.0/10
Sound 3.5/5
Story N/A
Replay N/A

Final Score: 20/25 or 8/10

I chose not to rate Story or Replayability for a Sports Game, as neither is really applied unless you consider Hall of Fame Mode a story.

In closing, Madden 07 offers to enhance a somewhat Unoriginal Release of a football game into a superb game by a brilliant control scheme using the Wii-Remote. The Graphics weren't made to impress, but get by fine enough that if you don't expect Next-Gen graphics you won't be ashamed by these ones. I would recommend Renting it if you aren't much into any previous Madden's or other football games, but a buy if you are a football nut.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/07/07

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