What is the easiest way to get silver in party mode?

  1. I need help getting more fire souls.

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Accepted Answer

  1. Here are some tips for getting Fire Souls (taken from the FAQ):

    There is a Skill that allows you to Homing Attack Fire Souls called Fire Lock-on. You receive it by getting a Gold Medal in Evil Foundry Mission 5. Beat the Clock! Some Fire Souls seem to require this ability to grab them or at least to make it easier, but this makes all Fire Souls easier to obtain.

    Other common Skills that Fire Souls often need are Soul Gauge, Splash Jump and Slowed Search.

    If you are just going though a mission looking for Fire Souls, you might not want to put much speed on your Ring at all so you can search easier, but put more agility and Homing Attack increase skills and similar things that will help you reach Fire Souls easier, especially since many Fire Souls need specific Skills and it's nicer if you already have that skill equipped when you first find it.

    Fire Souls that are in plain sight but seem unreachable are either reachable with a spring or some other level object nearby that is often hidden itself, or you need another Ring Skill to grab it later on.

    Catapults sometimes have to be purposefully undershot to reach Fire Souls by having them in the up or mid position when you jerk the wii remote, or sometimes a spring, launch pad or switch has to be avoided.

    Sometimes, a Fire Soul seems to be placed where if you get it you will Fail the Mission. Don't worry about this, just grab the thing and fail the mission, you will still have your Fire Soul if you press the 1 button afterwards.

    During Collection Type Missions, such as Rampage! And Collect Rings, the Fire Souls are often near the end of the Mission and sometimes it's a challenge not to end the Mission before you reach the Fire Soul.

    Many Fire Souls are sneaky, look for them in:
    Hidden Areas, often opened up by a switch

    Blocks broken only by a certain group of enemies

    Inside Breakable Objects, including those only broken by Speed Break

    On Invisible Rails or above Invisible Springs

    Out of sight but gotten by hitting a certain spring or other level object/enemy or something behind something else blocking it from view.

    By using the Catapult differing ways.

    During Time Break some will suddenly appear and are only obtainable then. As I said above, check not only areas where you would normally use Time Break, but also random empty cages.

    Near other things in the level that are about the same color as a Fire Soul (I swear they put Fire Soul colored things in some levels on purpose)

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