How can you beat the final boss?

  1. I mean that thing with 6 hands and stuff cuz i dont know how to beat it

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Accepted Answer

  1. There is a simple strategy to defeating the boss, but it requires timing and patience. It takes a lot of energy just to get a Gold Medal for this guy.

    While fighting, try to collect as many Rings as you can. To reach the Platinum Rings, you can press 2 to jump in the air. Also shake the Wii Remote as much as you can when you're clear to do so. This charges up your Soul Gauge, which you really need to defeat this boss.

    Boss Attack 1
    If the boss's hands shine pink, try to avoid the pink orbs coming at you as fast as you can. Otherwise, use Speed Break or Time Break to avoid.

    Boss Attack 2
    If the boss zooms in on you, be prepared to avoid some slashes:
    1. He might tend to slash at you four times, each time with two slashes. You can see for a split second where these slashes are going to appear. So first stay in the middle, then after two (or four) slashes move to the right to avoid the rest.
    2. He can also slash at you in an X-shape. Stay to the left or right to avoid.
    3. Later, he'll cause a slash attack that will surround most of the area. This is tricky to avoid but possible. If you manage to get the hang of avoiding it, you're doing good.
    4. Other slash attacks that appear later include three vertical slashes at the left, right and middle of the screen, followed by a low horizontal slash that you must jump over to avoid. (When I first played this level I didn't remember how to jump; shaking the Wii Remote and charging the Soul Gauge barely saved my life.)
    5. As the battle progresses, he might even not zoom in on you to perform a slash. Watch him carefully.

    Boss Attack 3
    Eventually, the boss will zoom a great distance and start to charge up a huge, pink ball which you can't avoid at all unless you use Speed Break on it. Make sure you have your Soul Gauge charged greatly, and use Speed Break as soon as you see him throw the ball at you. You'll catch it, but you must keep shaking the Wii Remote to keep your Soul Gauge up until you build up enough energy to send the ball back.
    Immediately after, charge up the Soul Gauge again and Speed Break straight towards the boss, who, after being hit by his own power is left stunned. When you Speed Break up to him, the screen will change to a side-view showing the boss's heart exposed. Keep shaking the Wii Remote to attack it, causing damage, until you send him spiraling away!

    Boss Attack 4
    After every time you successfully damage the boss, watch out for the black whirlpools he sends. They'll hurt you badly if you touch them (even with Speed Break) so you're best off to use Time Break to carefully maneuver your way through these. The more times you damage the boss, the more whirlpools he'll send out.

    It requires a great deal of Wii Remote shaking and Speed Breaking if you want to kill the boss in two shots total. This is the only fastest method I can reveal that will get you a Gold Medal. It will also present you with Skill #096: Collection Present. So good luck on getting this bonus!

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Other Answers

  1. My advice is to go to "FAQs" above, click on "Boss FAQ" and scroll down to the boss that you need help beating. I was struggling with this boss when I first played it and I used the info in that FAQ to help me and it worked.
    Im hoping it will work for you too.

    Good Luck. :-)

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  2. Well, my stratigy is to home attack out of the orbs way, shake it like crazy, use Speed Break AS SOON AS Alf lifts the ball orb, shake it AGAIN, go towards him, then Home Attack, then swing the HELL outta the Wii remote, then repeat 2 more times.

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