Creative DirectorPaul Steed
DeveloperRyo Mito
Executive ProducerHudson Piehl
Hercule (voice)Chris Rager
Japanese Voice: Android 16Hikaru Midorikawa
Original AuthorAkira Toriyama
ProducerBill Carroll
ProducerDonny Clay
Senior Audio EngineerRawley Pickens
Sound DirectorHiroshi Kamo
Voice DirectorChristopher Sabat
Voice DirectorChristopher Sabat
Voice of Android 16Jeremy Inman
Voice of Android 17, Super 17, and Garlic JuniorChuck Huber
Voice of Android 18Meredith McCoy
Voice of Android 19Phillip Wilburn
Voice of Android 20, Supreme Kai, Janemba, and Mercenary TaoKent Williams
Voice of Baby Vegeta, Master Roshi, and YajirobeMike McFarland
Voice of BojackBob Carter
Voice of BrolyVic Mignogna
Voice of Captain Ginyu and Lord SlugBrice Armstrong
Voice of Cell Junior, Super Buu (Gohan and Gotenks absorbed), and RaditzJustin Cook
Voice of ChioatzuMonika Antonelli
Voice of CoolerAndy Chandler
Voice of DaburaRick Robertson
Voice of DodoriaChris Forbis
Voice of Goten, Gotenks, and VidelKara Edwards
Voice of Great ApeShane Ray
Voice of Guldo and CuiBill Townsley
Voice of Kid Goku and Kid GohanStephanie Nadolny
Voice of Kid Trunks and GotenksLaura Bailey
Voice of Majin BuuJosh Martin
Voice of NappaPhil Parsons
Voice of Tien and SaibamenJohn Burgmeier
Voice: Adult Gohan,Narrator,PikkonKyle Herbert
Voice: FriezaLinda Young
Voice: Future Trunks, World Tournament AnnouncerEric Vale
Voice: Goku, Gogeta, VegettoSean Schemmel
Voice: Goku,Gohan,Bardock,Goten,Turles(Masako Nowaza
Voice: PanElise Baughman
Voice: TurlesChris Patton
Voice: Vegeta, Piccolo, Yamcha, Zarbon, Gogeta, VegettoChris R Sabat
Voices: Bardock,KrillinSonny Strait
WriterJohn Burgmeier
WriterEric Vale

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