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    Krillin by Vanilla_ice_fan

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    Dragon Ball Z; Budokai Tenkaichi 2 (Sparking Neo)
    Krillin FAQ and Guide
    Table of Contents
    Legal Notice............................10A
    Introduction and Information............10B
    DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 2 Encyclopedia....10C
    Krillin Info and Quotes.................10D
    Move List...............................10E
    Tactics when using Krillin..............10F
    ------------------Version History-------------------
    1.00 - FAQ Creation
    1.25 - Fixed some minor errors.
    -------10A--------Legal Notice----------------------
    This may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any 
    other web siteor as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, 
    and a violation of copyright.
    Gamefaqs and Neoseeker(dot)com are the only sites authorized to display
    my FAQ. Any and all other sites will be required to recieve permission
    from me. And only ME.
    Copyright: 2006 James Findlay.
    -------10B--------Intro and Info--------------------
    Welcome to my Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2 Krillin FAQ. Please keep 
    in mind this is my first ever FAQ (so bare with me). I decided to make this
    FAQ for my favorite character of any DBZ era, Krillin. I'll cover what you 
    need to know, and if I don't, feel free to contact me at 
    ramsboy(at)yahoo(dot)com for any questions, suggestions or constructive 
    ------10C---------BT2 Encyclopedia------------------
    The following excerpt is taken from Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi's 
    encyclopedia and does not belong to me.
    A highly skilled fighter of the Turtle Style, and Goku's closest friend.
    Krillin joined Goku as a student of Master Roshi, and the two formed a 
    fast rivalry in their training. It took Krillin some time to warm up to 
    Goku, but eventually they became good friends.
    Krillin fights valiantly against even the most powerful of enemies, but 
    his efforts often lead to tragedy, beginning with his death at the hands 
    of Tambourine. 
    Even so, he continues to train, and has become the strongest Earthling 
    among the Z Fighters.
    Initially, Krillin wanted to become a great fighter so he could meet girls,
    but that didn't work out nearly as well as he'd hoped.
    After years of forced bachelorhood, however, Krillin finally married 
    Android 18, and the two even had a daughter named Maron. So in the end, 
    Krillin's plan proved to be a huge success!
    Krillin may not be as strong as Goku or some of the other Z Fighters, but 
    he was many unique skills and techniques, such as his signature Destructo 
    ------10D----------Krillin Info/Quotes--------------
    Oh Krillin how we love you so. Well I myself do anyways. To start you will
    need to use Krillin in many matches in the Dragon Adventure Mode, so he's 
    not a useless character. You'll want to put some Defense, Health, Ultimate 
    Blast Z Items into Krillin to make him a formible fighter. Also note 
    Krillin's small size, this can offer it's advantages (harder to him at times,
    and easier to evade with) and disadvantages (flys quite a long way when hit 
    hard, also is easily smothered by stronger opponents), Krillin's secondary 
    costume is a nice looking piece of armor, his costume 3 is GT era Krillin
    (costumes are for looks only and donot offer any statistical gain what so 
    ever). Krillin in game is voiced by Sonny Strait.
    Alright, come on Goku!
    What!? I'm still standing?
    Ok then, don't hold back on me.
    Looks like it's up to me.
    Ahh, that was close.
    Time to see if my training paid off.
    It's been awhile, wanna spar?
    What!? You pork-rine!
    Man, if 18 saw me now she'd kill me.
    Try not to kill me baby.
    You gotta be kidding me!
    Sorry buddy, but you don't have a choice.
    Th-this might be it.
    Whoa! Is that you Goku?
    Hehehe, what's the matter there Goku? You're gettin soft there buddy.
    Whoa! What a babe!
    Uh, are you ok dear?
    Whoa! Hold on Gohan, go easy on me ok!?
    Hey! Wanna have a match?
    -------10E------Move List----------------------------
    		BLAST 1
    Blast 1:
    L2 + Circle: Solar Flare (2 Blast stocks)
    Blast 1:
    L2 + Circle and Up: After Image Strike (3 Blast stocks)
    		BLAST 2
    Blast 2:
    L2 + Triangle: Kamehameha (3 Ki Guages)
    Blast 2:
    L2 + Triangle and Up: Expanding Energy Blast (3 Ki Gauges)
    Ultimate Blast:
    L2 + Triangle and Down: Destructo Disc (Max Power Mode)
    Square, Triangle: Flying Kick
    Square(2), Triangle: Flying Kick
    Square(3), Triangle: Ki Cannon
    Square(4), Triangle: Heavy Finish
    Up + Triangle: Lift Strike
    Down + Triangle: Ground Smash
    Circle: Body Strike (Block)
    Square, Triangle: Sway Flying Kick (During Close Combat)
    Square(2), Triangle: Step-in Life Strike (During Close Combat)
    Square(3), Triangle: Sway Ground Smash (During Close Combat)
    Square(4), Triangle: Sway (During Close Combat)
    Triangle + Up/Left: Punishing Attack (After Full Power Smash Hit, After 
    Dragon Smash it)
    Square(5), X: Rush In
    Square(5), Up + Circle: Chase Attack (After Hitting with Rush Type Attack)
    Square(4) Down + Triangle, Triangle(2), Square: Dragon Tornado (After 
    Ground Smash Hit)
    Triangle(2), Square: Heavy Crush (After Heavy Finish hit)
    Triangle, Square: Sonic Impact (After Dash Smash Hit)
    Triangle: Illusion Slash
    Circle + Triangle: Power Guard
    X, Square: Super Dash (During Max Power)
    Square (Tap Repeatedly): Violent Rush
    L2 + X, Triangle: Dragon Heavy (Press Triangle during Dragon Dash)
    L2 + Square + Up/Down/Left/Right: Hyper Dash
    --------10F------Tactics when using Krillin---------
    By most Standards Krillin isn't very powerful. In the right hands however,
    he can be quite a force to reckon with. Step One is to load up the little 
    guy with some Z Items (preferably at least +10 Defense, +10 Health and as
    much into Ultimate Blast as possible to over-power Destructo Disc). Step 
    Two is getting down the combos, and using Expanding Energy Blast's and 
    Kamehameha's effectively (and don't be afraid of blocking, or even running
    away if you think you're at risk of being smothered). Step Three is to 
    build up your (hopefully over-powered) Destructo Disc and unleashing it 
    upon your helpless foe.
    Sure it's not the greatest full-proof plan, but it's fun to use and try 
    out. And for potential Krillin users it's a good plan to start with.
    Q: What can I E-mail you about?
    A: Anything related to my FAQ, besides for ZOMG Krillin is terrible/OMG
    your FAQ is TeH suXXorZ. Please save us both the time and don't bother 
    sending anything like that. Any questions, suggestions, constructive 
    critism is welcome though. Also if you're in need of any Budokai 2 help
    in genreal, I can probably help you out as well.
    Q: Krillin isn't strong enough. What do I do?
    A: Power him up with more Z Items. Or simply practice, if you just can't
    get it down you could always switch to a stronger character. Using Krillin
    isn't for everyone.
    Q: How strong is Krillin?
    A: In reality, he's rather weak compared to a lot of the DBZ characters. He
    can compete with most (non-Saiyan) Z Fighters, Ginyu Force and other fighters
    of similar power level. Any Super Saiyan, post-Cell Saga and GT characters 
    (or those similar in power) will almost be certain beat down for Krillin 
    (unless you've become a solid fighter with Krillin, even then it could prove
    to be tough).
    Q: What are those dots on Krillin's head?
    A: Those are incense burns, from his previous work as a Shaolin Monk.
    HUGE thanks to XnFaustvX. Because I used this outline from his Broly FAQ,
    and I definately would not of been able to pull this of without that. Thanks
    to GameFAQs for hosting my/and many other FAQs, and thanks to all of the 
    readers who read and use these FAQs (and hopefully mine will be somewhat 
    Special thanks to Daniel Madeiros for pointing out a mistake I made.
    Last but not least, I'm thinking of taking some requests for future Character
    FAQs. I'm open to and and all characters, so E-mail me if you've got 
    any requests.

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