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    Goku by zenGOSM

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    Normal Goku Guide
    Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2
    Copyright 2007, Jason Hochstatter, a.k.a. zenGOSM
    Do not use this guide without my permission.  If you want to post my guide 
    somewhere, I can be reached at zengosm@mac.com
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    Table of Contents:
    1.42 Introduction
    2.42 Notes on Combat
    3.42 Blast 1 Techniques
    4.42 Blast 2 Techniques
    5.42 Ultimate Blast Techniques
    7.42 Z-Item (Potarra) Strategy
    6.42 Goku Specific Strategies
    1.42 Introduction
    Hi! I hope you're well! This is a guide for using normal Goku in Dragon Ball Z 
    Budokai Tenkaichi 2 for the Nintendo's Wii. Take note that this is a guide for 
    NORMAL Goku. This guide is neither for any form of Super Saiyan Goku, nor is 
    it for Kid Goku. Why would I do such a thing? I did not want to fall into the
     trap of just dismissing regular Goku as a playable character and saying that
     you should just transform. Transforming isn't always necessary, and some 
    people haven't unlocked his other forms yet. That and because I've never
     written an FAQ before, and I felt the need to give back to the community. If
     you're looking for a guide on one of those other characters, I'm hoping to 
    write FAQs for a few of those too, so it may be coming if it's not already
    2.42 Notes on Combat
    The combat system in this game is very complex. It's easy to learn, but hard 
    to master. In fact, the core fighting system is far more important to master
     than an individual character's Blast Techniques. I was going to include a
     lengthy section on this subject, but Fishbulbhead has an absolutely fantastic
     guide on this subject on GameFAQs. You can find it under the In-Depth FAQs as 
    "Combat Guide." It's pretty much exhaustive, and I really recommend checking 
    it out before you read any farther. 
    3.42 Blast 1 Techniques
    Give Me Energy (Z + Defend)
    Cost: 2 Blast Gauges
    Effect: Goku creates a Spirit Bomb in the sky by doing nothing but 
    concentrating for a few seconds. You cannot perform Goku's Ultimate Blast 
    without having performed this technique first. Each use after the initial
     creation of the Spirit Bomb makes the Spirit Bomb bigger and more powerful.  
    Comments: You should seriously decide whether you're going to use Spirit Bomb
     at the beginning of a fight because it takes time to prepare. This will be
     discussed more under Spirit Bomb. If you get hit in the middle of using Give
     Me Energy, it will still work, unlike most concentration based attacks like
     Power Up to the Very Limit
    Good Combos: 
    Throw -> Give Me Energy 
    Giant Throw -> Give Me Energy
    Sonic Impact -> Giant Throw -> Give Me Energy
    Kiai Cannon (Full Power) -> Give Me Energy
    Smash Attack -> Give Me Energy
    Dragon Smash -> Give Me Energy
    Vanishing Attack -> Give Me Energy
    Defensive Strategy: If your opponent is playing Goku, and you see him
     preparing a Spirit Bomb, the best defense is to be relentless and try to use
     guard breaks on him. The best defense is a good offense in this case. Your
    opponent will either not be able to use Give Me Energy to make a huge Spirit
    Bomb, leave himself open while using Give Me Energy, and there's also a good
    chance that you'll be able to prevent him from reaching max power mode. 
    Kaio-ken (Z + Defend + Joystick Forward)
    Cost: 3 Blast Gauges
    Effect: Goku's Ki Bar will be fully recharged (Not MAX POWER bar) and Goku
    receives stat bonuses for attack power, ki, speed, and defense. Goku's Ki Bar
    will slowly decrease until he runs out of ki, at which time kaio-ken wears 
    off. You cannot charge while kaio-ken is activated, but if you use kaio-ken
    again before your ki bar is empty it will be fully restored.
    Comments: Only use this if you don't plan on transforming, you don't plan on
    using Spirit Bomb, and you don't constantly use Blast 2 techniques. Blast 2's
    will be more powerful, but they'll run down your ki bar really fast. I 
    recommend using rushes and other physical combos that don't use kiwhile you're
    using kaio-ken, and I encourage people who mainly use these kinds of attacks 
    to use kaio-ken if you have a chance. It's important to note that if you get 
    hit while you're trying to activate kaio-ken, you'll fail. So it's a good idea 
    knock your opponent far away before you attempt this one.
    Good Combos: 
    Throw -> Kaio-ken 
    Giant Throw -> Kaio-ken
    Sonic Impact -> Giant Throw -> Kaio-ken
    Kiai Cannon (Full Power) -> Kaio-ken
    Smash Attack -> Kaio-ken
    Dragon Smash -> Kaio-ken
    Vanishing Attack -> Kaio-ken 
    Defensive Strategy: Like I mentioned before, this technique leaves Goku open.
    Lay down the smack down. Use ki blasts if you have to. Since your opponent is
    using Kaio-ken, they're probably playing as a physical style and more than 
    likely won't be as concerned about ki attacks, so Kaio-ken will probably hurt 
    for you. Though you should not expect him to not use Blast 2 attacks, 
    especially if you manage to consistently throw off his Kaio-ken, giving Goku
    ki to spare.
    4.42 Blast 2 Techniques
    Kamehameha (Z + B, point the Wiimote flat at the screen. Pull it back, then
    quickly move it forward.)
    Cost: 3 Ki Bars
    Effect: This is Goku's beam attack. With normal Goku, it does a little over
    5,000 damage normally, but you can charge it for up to two seconds which
    increases the damage output to nearly 10,000. If you hit someone else's beam
    attack with your Kamehameha, a beam lock will begin in which you have to 
    rotate the joystick as fast as possible. 
    Comments: I'm honestly not a big fan of beam attacks, and especially ones that 
    you have to charge to get decent damage out of. They're cool, but they don't 
    do their job well enough. My main problem with them is that they're easy to 
    dodge, and Kamehameha is no exception. If you're playing against the computer
    on difficulty level 3 and you use Kamehameha without doing something to knock
    them flying first, they WILL dodge. I've gotten really good at dodging these 
    myself. If you want to land a good Kamehameha, you're going to need to finish
    a combo with it. I recommend the ones listed below. I also recommend tossing a 
    few ki blasts your opponent's way immediately after the beam, because there's 
    nothing quite like getting nailed with a few itsy bitsy blasts right after 
    getting jacked in the face with a Kamehameha. 
    Good Combos:
    Kiai Cannon -> Kamehameha (Don't Charge)
    Lift Strike -> Kamehameha (Don't Charge)
    Throw -> Kamehameha (Don't Charge)
    Smash -> Kamehameha (Don't Charge)
    Dragon Smash -> Kamehameha (Don't Charge)
    Giant Throw -> Kamehameha (Don't Charge)
    Sonic Impact -> Giant Throw -> Kamehameha (Don't Charge
    Defensive Strategy: There's a bunch of different ways to beat a Kamehameha,
    like I mentioned. You can sidestep it, teleport out of the way, block it
    completely if you're using Perfect Stance, hurt your opponent while he's 
    charging, move to a bad angle so that he'll miss, launch your own beam to 
    start a beam war, or if you're far enough away you can dash in circles around
    him until he fires, then attack him from behind while he's busy firing his 
    Kaio-Ken Attack (Z + B, Wave the Nunchuck twice, the thrust the Wiimote...
    Sounds more complicated than it is)
    Cost: 3 Ki Bars
    Effect: This is Goku's rush Blast 2. Normal Goku can do over 6,000 damage to
    an opponent with this one. You have to be close to the target, and if you ram
    yourself into an opponent who is dragon dashing or performing a rush Blast 2,
    you'll initiate a fist battle in which you have to rotate the joystick as fast
    as possible to inflict massive damage to your opponent. 
    Comments: This is my favorite out of Goku's blasts. It does more damage than 
    an uncharged Kamehameha, costs the same, and due to the nature of rush Blast 
    2's, it's a pain to dodge.  I recommend using it frequently. Unlike energy 
    attacks, you won't lose ki from a rush blast 2 that doesn't connect. Damage
    guaranteed, or your money back! :) One thing to keep in mind though is that
    you need to be close to use it, but you can't be too close. You never really
    want to be so close that Goku has to jump back in order to use it. Also 
    remember that it has no effect on people who are flat on the ground. 
    Good Combos:
    Kaio-ken Attack -> Sway Heavy -> Heavy Crush
    Throw -> Kaio-ken Attack -> Sway Heavy -> Heavy Crush
    Giant Throw -> Kaio-ken Attack -> Sway Heavy -> Heavy Crush
    Sonic Impact -> Giant Throw -> Kaio-ken Attack -> Sway Heavy -> Heavy Crush
    Defensive Strategy: Dodging rush combos is tough. Really tough. I've yet to
    master it. It is possible to teleport out of the way, it's possible to move
    out of the way of the charging opponent, you can charge with a dragon dash or
    a rush of your own to start a duel, or you can Power Guard. Power Guarding 
    will prevent it, but it is an automatic guard crash, which isn't good, but 
    it's better than being hit with a Kaio-ken Attack. It is also possible to use
    the energy waves to deflect the attack, you can hit them with an energy Blast
    2 or Ultimate Blast to knock them off course, and I've even set someone punch
    them immediately on approach and knock things off. 
    5.42 Ultimate Blast
    Spirit Bomb (Z + B, Curser Out Up and Return)
    Cost: Max Power mode (1 Blast Gauge), 5 Ki Bars and 1-3 uses of Give Me Energy 
    (6 Blast Gauges)
    Effect: Goku hurls a giant ball of energy at his opponent. The size of the
    blast depends on how many times you used Give Me Energy. One use will get 
    normal Goku around 16,000 damage, two will get you around 26,000 damage, and
    three will get you around a whopping 33,000 damage. This attack is homing and
    unblockable, but if you don't time it just right your opponent may dodge it 
    anyway. Oh, and if it misses or fails to kill your opponent, it will destroy
    the planet. Because it's hardcore like that. 
    Comments: If you're going to use this, you better be moving for it from the 
    beginning of the fight because it take a long time to prepare for. I usually
    don't rely on this technique because the computer has a nasty tendency to be
    really good at blocking it, though you should have a better chance if you 
    knock them flying first. On the positive side though, if you do manage to nail
    someone with this, you've probably just won. 
    Defensive Strategy: The best defense is to prevent them from using it. The 
    weak one takes 3 blast gauges and the strongest one takes 7, so you've got 
    some time. Stay close to them, try to stop them from using Give Me Energy or
    hitting Max Power. If he's at Max Power and suddenly vanishes completely, look
    where the spirit bomb is, and run like hell in the other direction. Dragon 
    Dash is helpful here. It'll home in on you, but it will eventually dissipate.
    6.42 Z-Item Strategy (Potarra) 
    Now it's time to rig your Goku with all the stuff that he'll need to be the
    best. I'm going to list my personal Goku as an example, then list off possibly
    useful Ability and Support items and explain the reasons they're useful. Oh
    yeah, you can also make a "perfect" character at level 160 by giving him five
    "Kiss of 18"s or five "Title: Tenkaichi"s, but in my opinion that's pretty 
    Keep in mind, you're really equipping seven different characters here. That's
    Goku, Super Saiyan Goku 1-3, Vegitto, Super Vegito, and Super Gogeta. 
    My Goku
    Equipment Slot +3 - To get a full complement of Slots.
    Health +19 - To max out my life bars.
    Blast 2 +19 - To get the most out of my Blast 2 Techniques. 
    Attack +19 - I use rushing. A lot. I have to get the most out of it. 
    Defense +19 - I like to get the most out of my life bars.
    Halo - Goku's Blast 2's are expensive. I like them cheap enough to use them
    without wasting time charging.
    Shenron's Record - The Homing +2 is nice, plus the later transformations have
    very nice Ultimate Blasts. Dragon Punch comes to mind.
    Ability Items
    Health: Health gives you more life. This one is extremely important. Unless
    you have support items that kick it up quite a bit, you will want Health for
    obvious reasons. The more health you have, the longer you'll last.
    Ki: Ki affects how fast you charge your ki bar. This could be useful. I don't
    use it because my style of play leaves me with little time to charge, and I 
    get most of my ki from hitting people. If you use MAX POWER frequently you 
    might want this, but usually it's not an issue with Goku. One thing to point
    out is that Goku's Super Saiyan 3 form charges very slowly so it would be 
    useful there.
    Attack: Increases your attack power. Goku is meant to be in the thick of
    things. You really should use this one because it will allow Goku to hit much
    Defense: Lessens the damage that you take. Goku, being the close range fighter
    that he is, needs to have defense. I really recommend this one. 
    Speed: This increases the speed of your attacks. Goku already has plenty of
    speed though, so you can save the slot for something more useful.
    Equipment Slots: The goal with these is to max out the number of Z items you
    can equip while giving yourself the biggest bonuses that you can.
    Unfortunately there aren't any +3 Support items that give any bonuses that
    Goku can equip, so your best bet is to go for the +3 item here.
    Blast 1: These increase the rate at which you get blast stocks. Normal Goku's
    Blast 1 techniques aren't as good as his later ones, like Instant
    Transmission, and he can use them to transform, but you shouldn't need this. 
    There are better Z-Items to use.
    Blast 2: This increases the damage that your Blast 2 techniques do. All forms
    of Goku have very good Blast 2's. Would you like your Kaio-ken Attack to do
    9,000 damage instead of 6,000?
    Ultimate Blast: This increases the damage that your Ultimate Blast does. 
    Normal Goku can't make as much use of this attack as some his later forms can,
    but we're equipping for all forms, so I really recommend putting something on
    here. If you really like Ultimate Blasts, toss on an Ability item here, but
    otherwise I recommend Shenron's Record. 
    Support Items
    There are a lot of these. Most of them are useless for Goku. I list the ones
    that I recommend, and why I recommend them.
    MAX POWER Plus: You'll be able to use max power mode for longer when you get
    there. Goku is a very good character to use max power with due to his 
    fantastic melee capabilities. If you like to use Max Power a lot, you should
    definitely use this.
    Abandonment Essence: There is no ki cost to teleport sidestep. If you use this 
    move a lot (it can be very handy) you may want to pick this up. The cost isn't
    that substantial, but it's worthwhile if you use it a lot. There are better
    items for Goku though. 
    Hit Essence: You know how annoying it is when guard breaks make you run out of
    ki and you have to hit the A button a bunch of times to recover? Well with 
    this guard breaks won't do that. It's very nice, but in my opinion, there are
    better items to use.
    Perfect Guard: If you suck at dodging energy based Blast 2s you should
    probably practice more. But you could also use this Z-Item so you can just
    guard and the damage will be 0. 
    Inescapable Menace: You can teleport out of the way even if you're dizzy. 
    Nice huh?
    Master's Essence: I'm not absolutely positive on this one, but I believe that
    this is a combination of Abandonment Essence and Hit Essence, which makes
    sense because you make one when you fuse those two together. It also gives you
    a +5 to your ki score. Not bad, eh? If you can get your hands on one it's
    better than either of the aforementioned essences. 
    Master's Protection: This one's like Perfect Guard, but it also halves dizzy
    time and gives you +5 to your defense score. If you can get one, this is
    better than Perfect Guard. (Hint: You fuse Perfect Guard and Quick Recover)
    Halo: Do yourself a favor and give this to Goku. You make one by fusing 
    the fusion items One Who Loves Justice and King Yemma's Stamp. Both of these
    can be bought from the beginning of the game at the shop. You can also get a 
    Halo from Shenron, but it's not worth a wish when you can make one. This gem
    halves the ki cost of your Blast 2's and your Ultimate Blast. On Normal Goku 
    this makes charging unnecessary and makes Kaio-ken more worthwhile. Be nice. 
    Don't go Super Saiyan 3 and spam Super Explosive Wave on real people. It's a
    dick move. Oh, and Goku will actually have a halo in battle if you equip it.
    Title Tenkaichi: All abilities +4. Five of these and you'll max out all 
    stats. It's kind of boring though...
    Master Piece Crane Hermit: Gives a fair size boost to Blast 2 and
    Ultimate Blast. If you don't use them much but want to do decent damage, this
    might be the way to go.
    Puar's Support: Gives a very nice sized boost to Attack and Defense. You could
    use it if you only want to dedicate one slot to them both, but Goku deserves
    20 in both. You could also give him two and save all that time building up
    the Ability Items. It saves time, and they're support so they don't suck up
    Oolong's Support: Same reasons why Puar's Support is good. The exact same
    thing but with Ki and Health. I don't like skimping on health though, and 
    Goku's charging is fast enough for me.
    Chichi's Support: Shouldn't Goku have this anyway? You can teleport dodge when
    you're dizzy and you get a boost to your energy. This is a better option than
    Inescapable Menace. 
    Kiss of #18: Just like Title Tenkaichi, but even better since it gives +1 to
    Dragon Homing. 
    Micro Band: You can teleport dodge when you're dizzy, and once per battle your
    health will go back to 1 if it goes to 0. Slightly better than Inescapable
    Menace, but if you got knocked out before, where's 1 HP going to get you?
    Eternal Life: Well if Goku's got eternal life... and you equip him with a
    Halo... In any case, your life bar slowly regenerates. There are better things
    but it's useful.
    Shenron's Record: It gives you +15 levels to your Ultimate Blast and it gives
    you two more uses for Dragon Homing in a row. Very useful indeed. Even if you
    have a form of Goku in which you don't like the Ultimate Blast, you can still
    get use out of this item. Plus your Ultimate Blast is only 4 levels away from
    Perfect Stance: Guard prevents all damage and you can teleport when you're
    dizzy. This one is fantastic, but I still prefer my Halo and Shenron's Record
    combination. This is essentially Perfect Guard and Inescapable Menace wrapped
    into one item, and is the best of either series. 
    Goku Specific Strategies
    I will now list a general strategy for using Goku, then several strategies 
    that have to do with Blast Stock use, followed by several situational
    General Strategy
    A good general strategy to use for Goku is to be relentless. Goku is a very
    well balanced character. You do very well by chaining together combo after
    combo and never giving your opponent a chance to rest. This won't give you
    a whole lot of time to charge, which is why I recommend a Halo. This will let
    you toss in the occasional Blast 2 and still do very well. You shouldn't even
    have to wait until your opponent stand up to hit him or her with things such 
    as Giant's Throw and Sway Heavy Finish you can seriously abuse your opponent
    without allowing a lot of time for them to recover.
    No Blast 1's
    To be completely honest, you can easily win with Goku (and most other 
    characters without using any Blast 1's whatsoever. With Goku this would leave
    you free to go to Max Power mode whenever you can without having to worry 
    about how many Blast Stocks you've got to ready your Spirit Bomb, or how long
    you've got until Kaio-ken completely drains your energy. You can also save
    them in case you need to transform. I personally don't use this form's Blast 
    1's very much at all. 
    Spirit Bomb
    You can also devote all or some of your Blast Stock into preparing for your
    Ultimate Blast, the Spirit Bomb. It's best to do this from the beginning of
    the fight though, because it can take a while to prepare. Keep in mind that 
    Give Me Energy leaves you totally open, so you should probably leave your 
    opponent occupied with flying uncontrollably away from you. You don't need
    to use Spirit Bomb, and it's usually much easier if you don't. If you see 
    yourself potentially having trouble with a fight and you can't transform for
    some reason, you might want to use it. If you're going to fight like this, it
    would be a good idea to put something into your Ultimate Blast score.
    It costs 3 Blast Stocks and boosts just about everything. On the downside, 
    your ki is now extremely limited and is slowly decreasing. I list this as a
    separate strategy because I recommend using it continuously or not at all. 
    If you use it continuously, the ki problem is pretty much negated, and 
    everything you throw is going to hit harder. If you're going to use Kaio-ken
    it would be a good idea to use a Halo to let you use things like Kaio-ken 
    Attack without having to worry about it significantly reducing your time, and
    you might want to consider boosting your Blast 1 score to allow you to use
    Kaio-ken more frequently. Remember, if you use Kaio-ken while it's already
    active, it will fully recharge your ki bar making it easier to keep it on all
    the time.
    Giant Opponent
    Giant's can be intimidating, but Hirudegarn isn't as broken as (he/she?) might 
    seem at first. Being Goku, there are two ways that you can handle giants like
    Janemba, Hirduegarn, the great apes, and giant Slug. The first one is to 
    transform into Super Saiyan 3 like a coward and fight them that way so they'll
    actually start feeling your blows. The other way is to actually fight them in
    the way that will actually let you beat the movie with Hirduegarn in story
    mode when you have to fight Hirdugarn several times in a row with different
    characters. First you need to relax. You won't get anywhere otherwise. Now you
    need to get somewhat proficient at teleport dodging and sway ins so you won't
    get hit halfway across the battlefield nearly as often. Now you need to hit
    them with a full power smash attack and follow it up with Dragon Smashes 
    and/or your Kamehameha. Remember that while you're preparing a smash attack, 
    you can shake the Wiimote to get a nearly instantaneous fully charged smash
    attack. I really wish that worked with Kamehameha, but it's enough to beat
    any giant you encounter. Trust me on this one, I beat the Giants course in 
    Ultimate Battle Z with normal Goku without transforming once. 
    My Opponent is Spamming Rush Blast 2's
    I hate Videl. I really hate Videl. The best way to counter this is to get
    really good at dodging these and prove they don't work on you anymore. Or you
    could get really good at moving the joystick in circles and Dragon Dash 
    straight on and then launch into Kamehameha or Kaio-ken Attack. Or you could
    start spamming Kaio-ken Attack since it only costs 1 1/2 ki bars (you are
    using a Halo, right?)
    My Opponent is Spamming Blast Volley Blast 2's
    You know the ones I'm talking about. Your opponent keeps laying into you with
    long series of blasts after long series of blasts that are really really hard 
    to dodge! Best solution that I can come up with is to take this time to get 
    good at dodging them. The other best solution is to stay as close as humanly
    possible at all times and keep laying into them so they don't have a chance. 
    And then you can start crying because it's probably Kid Gohan and he probably
    has a Turtle Stone and a Halo so he can do this all day. 
    My Opponent is Spamming Super Explosive Wave
    Punch him in the face. In real life. No, just kidding. (Sort of) I don't have
    a really good solution to this. Stay as far away as you can. If you've got a 
    Spirit Bomb, this might be a good time to use it, if you get the chance. You
    also might try transforming into Super Saiyan 3, and start spamming it on him.
    You are using a Halo, right? Don't worry. You've got the advantage. You've got
    Instant Transmission. :) 
    THE END!!! :D Hope this helps!

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