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    Hercule by zenGOSM

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    Hercule Guide
    Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2
    Copyright 2007, Jason Hochstatter, a.k.a. zenGOSM
    Do not use this guide without my permission.  If you want to post my guide 
    somewhere, I can be reached at zengosm@mac.com
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    Table of Contents:
    1.42 Introduction
    2.42 Notes on Combat
    3.42 Blast 1 Techniques
    4.42 Blast 2 Techniques
    5.42 Ultimate Blast Techniques
    7.42 Z-Item (Potarra) Strategy
    6.42 Hercule Specific Strategies
    1.42 Introduction
    Hi all! I've noticed a number of threads on the boards about people having
    trouble winning some of those fights with Hercule in the story mode. Well,
    those fights are definitely possible. Hercule is quite possible one of the
    most aggravating characters to play against if the person knows how to use
    him right. In fact, I am pretty sure that Hercule is nearly unbeatable if
    the player knows how to use him correctly. Unless you're fighting a giant. 
    I hope you enjoy! I also don't recommend using this against people that you
    2.42 Notes on Combat
    The combat system in this game is very complex. It's easy to learn, but hard 
    to master. In fact, the core fighting system is far more important to master
    than an individual character's Blast Techniques. Fishbulbhead has an absolutely 
    fantastic guide on this subject on GameFAQs and Neoseeker. On GameFAQs, you
    can find it underthe in-Depth FAQs as "Combat Guide." It's pretty much
    exhaustive, and I really recommend checking it out, but in order to win as 
    Hercule, you have to break all the rules and become a spammer. 
    3.42 Blast 1 Techniques
    False Courage (Z + Defend)
    Cost: 1 Blast Gauges
    Effect: This technique gives Hercule a defense boost and makes it so that he
    will not flinch if you hit him, as if you were fighting a giant. This effect
    does not last very long though. 
    Comments: As Hercule, you should definitely keep this up as often as possible.
    As good as your spamming skills may be, you might slip up and let your
    opponent actually get close to you. In this case a nice Present Bomb is in
    order, but it's sometimes tricky to get off if they're punching you in the
    face. False Courage makes using Present Bomb like this much easier. 
    Good Combos: 
    King of Dreamers -> False Courage
    Defensive Strategy: If your opponent is using it properly, you won't get
    a chance to stop it. King of Dreamers and Present Bomb both launch you
    in the air in such a way that you  can't stop yourself. If your opponent
    is a fool and uses it somewhere else, punch him or launch some ki shots.
    On the positive side, it doesn't last very long.  
    Howl (Z + Defend + Joystick Forward)
    Cost: 2 Blast Gauges
    Effect: Hercule gets a bunch of bonuses and goes into Max Power Mode
    Comments: Don't do it. Max Power Mode is useless for Hercule. If you
    try to use it, there's a good chance you'll screw up your combo.
    Good Combos: None
    Defensive Strategy: Don't worry. Hercule's Max Power is pathetic. 
    4.42 Blast 2 Techniques
    King of Dreamers (Z + B, Curser out to Right, then bring it back)
    Cost: 2 Ki Bars
    Effect: This is a rush Blast 2. Hercule charges his opponent, then uses a
    series of moves that don't even budge his opponent, followed by a toss
    into the air. His opponent can not recover from the toss until they
    hit the ground. 
    Comments: You should be using this one every chance you get. This Blast 2
    is the only way you're going to reliably win as Hercule. The idea is to 
    hit them with it, then charge or use False Courage while they're flying,
    then wait and time your use so that it will hit just as they're standing
    up, then repeat ad nauseam. 
    Good Combos:
    King of Dreamers -> King of Dreamers -> King of Dreams -> King of Dreamers
    -> King of Dreamers -> King of Dreamers -> King of Dreamers... -> Win
    Defensive Strategy: If your opponent is spamming King of Dreamers, punch
    him/her in the face. No, just kidding (sorta). You can sort of beat it by
    dodging the first one, and you could just not stand up until your opponent
    gets too impatient to keep it up. The computer never spams it, so you don't
    have to worry about that.
    Present Bomb (Z + B, Cursor out Down, then bring it back)
    Cost: 2 Ki Bars
    Effect: Hercule holds out a bomb in the form of a gift and if your opponent
    is anywhere near you they'll take it and blow up. This will cause them to
    fly through the air in a similar, but not quite as effective, manner as
    King of Dreamers. 
    Comments: This is a fantastic defensive maneuver. Use it in conjunction with
    False Courage to knock anyone away from you if they manage to break your 
    King of Dreamers chain. This is also very effective if someone decides to
    launch a rush Blast 2 at you, because they will stop dead in their tracks
    to take your gift. 
    Good Combos: 
    Defensive Strategy: Be careful while fighting Hercule. Don't charge headlong
    at him without thinking, because there's a good chance you'll wind up with 
    a Present Bomb coming your way. 
    5.42 Ultimate Blast
    Dynamic Mess 'Em Up Punch (Z + B, Curser Out Up and Return)
    Cost: Max Power mode (1 Blast Gauge), 4 Ki Bars
    Effect: Hercule goes into a punching frenzy that does absolutely nothing,
    then finishes with a punch that may actually do some decent damage, though
    it could also do one point of damage. As far as I can tell, it's completely
    Comments: Don't use it. It's not worth the enormous risk. It'll break your
    King of Dreamers spam combo that you really need to win. It could do more
    damage than King of Dreamers, but this attack does not toss your opponent up
    in the air like King of Dreamers. If you're going to try to use it, get your
    max power from Howl, then try to get a King of Dreamers in ASAP to keep your
    opponent off his or her feet. Seriously though. It could do one damage. It's
    Not worth the risk at all. 
    Defensive Strategy: If they hit you with it, try to recover quickly and use 
    the lack of downtime to break a King of Dreamers spam if there is one. 
    6.42 Z-Item Strategy (Potarra) 
    Now it's time to rig your Goku with all the stuff that he'll need to be a spam
    maniac. I'm going to list my personal Hercule as an example, then list off 
    possibly useful Ability and Support items and explain the reasons they're 
    useful. Oh yeah, you can also make a "perfect" character at level 160 by giving 
    him five "Kiss of 18"s or five "Title: Tenkaichi"s. That's not a very good idea 
    to use with Hercule. 
    My Hercule
    Equipment Slot +4 - To get a full complement of Slots.
    Blast 1 +19 - So I can have False Courage on as often as possible.
    Health +19 - So if I screw up I'll have an opportunity to recover. 
    Blast 2 +19 - Hercule wins by spamming Blast 2's. If you want to win fast...
    Defense +19 - So if I screw up I'll have an opportunity to recover.
    The Turtle Stone - This makes it so you can use Blast 2's without as much time
    between them. If you're going to spam anything, this is useful.
    Halo - This way you'll only need to use 1 Ki Bar to use both of Hercule's 
    Blast 2 attacks, saving you a lot of time. 
    Ability Items
    Health: Health gives you more life. This one is extremely important. Unless
    you have support items that kick it up quite a bit, you will want Health for
    obvious reasons. The more health you have, the longer you'll last.
    Ki: Ki affects how fast you charge your ki bar. Hercule's ki charges pretty
    fast, and if you're using a Halo you won't really need a lot. 
    Attack: Increases your attack power. You shouldn't be fighting at close range
    with Hercule, you should be spamming King of Dreamers. Don't bother with this.
    Defense: Lessens the damage that you take. I recommend this just so if you
    mess up you won't immediately die. 
    Speed: This increases the speed of your attacks. Hercule's already pretty fast
    and you shouldn't need speed anyway.
    Equipment Slots: The goal with these is to max out the number of Z items you
    can equip while giving yourself the biggest bonuses that you can.
    Unfortunately there aren't any +4 Support items that give any bonuses, so you
    should just use the +4.
    Blast 1: These increase the rate at which you get blast stocks. False Courage
    is pretty important. I really recommend False Courage, and this really makes
    it easier to use a lot.
    Blast 2: This increases the damage that your Blast 2 techniques do. You are
    relying on Blast 2's to win, so this is pretty crucial. 
    Ultimate Blast: This increases the damage that your Ultimate Blast does. 
    Hercule's Ultimate Blast is useless. Don't bother using this item. 
    Support Items
    There are a lot of these. Most of them are useless for Hercule. I list the 
    ones that I recommend, and why I recommend them.
    Perfect Guard - Your guard completely prevents damage. This is always useful,
    but Hercule's inability to fly (and thus inability to defend in mid-air) sort
    of reduces it's usefulness. There are better things to use.
    Raging Hurricane Strike - This one lets you hit your opponent with a rush Blast
    2 once per fight while they're lying on the ground. If you ever accidently 
    start that Rush Blast 2 while your opponent is on the ground, you'll get one 
    Master's Protection - This is useful for the same reason Perfect Guard is 
    useful,plus dizzy time is halved and your Defense gets a boost. Hopefully you
    won't be dizzy, because if you are you're probably in serious trouble. But it's
    better than Perfect Guard. 
    Halo - Blast 2's and Ultimate Blasts cost half the Ki Bars. This is very useful
    to Hercule because King of Dreamers and Present Bomb will cost only 1 Ki Bar.
    This item is a must for Hercule.
    Chichi's Support - You create afterimages when you're low on health or dizzy.
    It's useful, but not nearly as useful as some of the other ones here. 
    Microband - Useful for the same reason Chichi's Support is, except with this
    one if you get taken out your life goes back to 1. This is actually useful
    because it gives you another opportunity to reinstitute your endless
    King of Dreamers combo. 
    The Turtle Stone - This one will reduce the time in between Blast 2's. This one
    is fantastic for all characters that you want to be a spammer with. 
    Perfect Stance - This is like Perfect Guard, but it also creates afterimages
    when you are weak or dizzy. 
    Hercule Specific Strategies
    I will now list a general strategy for using Hercule, then a special strategy
    for fighting giant characters and other things.
    General Strategy
    The only real strategy to win with Hercule on a consistent basis is to spam
    King of Dreamers. Use it right away, charge while they're flying through the
    air, and then use it again as you hear them begin to get up. You'll hit them
    again. Repeat until you win. Also, when you get a Blast Charge, you should 
    take a break from charging in between (you should really use a Halo so you'll 
    get plenty of Ki quickly)to use False Courage. That way if you screw up, you 
    will be easily able to recover by using a Present Bomb, even if they're right 
    up close to you. 
    Giant Opponent
    First use King of Dreamers. Notice how you bounce right off. Now try to use
    Present Bomb. Notice how it doesn't work. Now cry as you you're mercilessly
    pounded into the ground by your friend who has had enough of you spamming
    King of Dreamers. 
    My Opponent is Spamming Rush Blast 2's
    Well, Hercule is the king of spamming Rush Blast 2's. So run right into them
    with King of dreamers, and get ready to rotate that joystick! Another way is
    to teleport out of the way at the last second, but clashes are easier to win.
    My Opponent is Spamming Blast Volley Blast 2's
    You might be in trouble. Wait until they're in between these, and then use
    King of Dreamers. This is going to be tough to win. 
    My Opponent is Spamming Super Explosive Wave
    You're screwed. Seriously. The computer never does this, so I'd say it serves
    you right for spamming King of Dreamers on your friends. :P
    THE END!!! :D Hope this helps!

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