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    Bonus/Challenge FAQ by tom_waits

    Version: 1 | Updated: 01/04/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Rayman Raving Rabbids Bonus & Challenge FAQ
    v.1 1/4/07
    by Tom_Waits
    Table of Contents
    Section 1 - Score Mode Overview
    Section 2 - Bonus Videos
    Section 3 - Challenge Events
    Section 4 - Known Score Mode Bugs
    Section 5 - Tips and Hints
    Section 1 - Score Mode Overview
    So, you've reached 100% in Story Mode.  Nice job.  Now, batting practice is
    over... time to step up to the plate.  Score Mode is the real challenge in this
    game.  Story Mode allows you to squeak through events with a lowly pass/fail
    requirement.  Score Mode requires you to perform well in every event, some with
    several variations, trying to obtain the 1000 possible points per event that
    are added into your Score Mode total.  Bonus videos and additional 3, 5, or 10
    event Challenges are unlocked by accumulating Score Mode points.
    By accumulating Score Mode points, you will ONLY unlock bonus videos and new
    Challenges.  The event selection screens do not color in when you reach
    1000/1000 in every event for the category.  No extra costumes, songs, or any
    other game content is unlocked by completing Score Mode.
    ** WARNING!!! **
    Due to several bugs in the game, the Wii version of Rayman Raving Rabbids is
    IMPOSSIBLE to complete!  The final Challenge, 'World Eclecticism Championship',
    and the final bonus video cannot be unlocked.
    See Section 4 for specific information on these bugs.
    It takes a LOT of time and cardio work to reach the later bonus videos.  With
    just under 173000 possible points in Score Mode, it becomes very difficult to
    obtain the remaining points as you near the 165000 required to reach bonus 11.
    IF the game wasn't broken, reaching the final bonus would have been a huge
    undertaking as you would need to reach 1000/1000 in every event.  Three of the
    Challenges would have required perfect scores in 10 consecutive events.  With
    the randomness inherent in some of the events, the dedication required to
    reach bonus 12 would have been excessive.  It may be just as well that the
    game is broken, since bonus 12 would have to be spectacular to justify the
    effort required.
    Section 2 - Bonus Videos
    Here's the list of the available bonus videos.
    Bonus 1 : Bunnies Can't Milk
    Bonus 2 : Artwork 1
    Bonus 3 : Bunnies Can't Take a Bath
    Bonus 4 : Bunnies Don't Vacuum
    Bonus 5 : Bunnies Can't Infiltrate Game Convention
    Bonus 6 : French Bastille Day
    Bonus 7 : Bunnies Can't Cook Eggs
    Bonus 8 : Artwork 2
    Bonus 9 : Bunnies Never Close Doors
    Bonus 10: Bunnies Can't Play Soccer
    Bonus 11: US Independance Day
    Bonus 12: ???
      Impossible to Unlock!!  See Section 4.
    The 'Bunnies Can't ...' videos all follow the same format.  Short bunny clip,
    'But They Can Dance', and sometimes a short follow-up bunny clip.  Bunnies
    Can't Infiltrate Game Convention is the longest bonus video, and it's all
    downhill from there.  Videos 7, 9, and 10 are very short with no follow-up
    bunny clip.  Video 11 is the lamest of the bunch.  It's exactly the same as
    French Bastille Day, except for an American flag, American hat, and the US
    national anthem playing.  For the amount of playing required to reach bonus 11,
    it's a huge disappointment.
    Several of the videos include a Bunny Fact # during the intro.  Bonus 1 is #3,
    3 is #7, 4 is #2, 7 is #6, 9 is #4, and 10 is #1.  I suspect Bonus 12 would
    have been the missing Bunny Fact #5.
    Section 3 - Challenge Events
    As you get further along in Score Mode, you need to increase your Challenge
    point totals to get more bonuses.  Here's the list of Challenge Events to help
    estimate which Challenge totals are easiest to boost.
    Animal Farm : What to do with Cows, Don't Like Bats 1, Milk Cows
    Pants-tatholon Tracksuit : Digging Tunnels, Heartless Pigs 2, Don't Give Gifts,
    Slow to React 2, La Bamba 2
    World Eclecticism Championship : Impossible to Unlock!!  See Section 4.
    Bunny Fair : Tame the Wild West, Addicted to Carrot Juice, Oversensitive,
    Rarely Leave Burrows, Can't Fly, Don't Sleep Well, Like Surprises,
    Slow to React 1, Don't Give Gifts, Just Wanna Have Fun 2
    Jogging Pants-tathlon : Tame Wild West, Only Fly Downwards, Good Cowboy Race,
    Being Shot At, Are Rockers 2
    Dark Side : Are Ticklish, Are A-Mazing, Don't Sleep Well
    Paintathlon : Scared of the Dark, Are Ticklish, Are A-Mazing, Don't Sleep Well,
    Fantastic Dancers 2
    Pants-tathlon in Socks : Scared of the Dark, Can't Fly 2, Like Ostriches,
    Like Surprises, Disco Dancing 2
    Rayman : Disturbed on Holiday, Can't Jump, What to do with Cows,
    Only Fly Downwards, Don't Like Bats 1, Peek-a-Boo, Heartless with Pigs 2,
    Can't Play Soccer, Like a Good Race, Fantastic Dancers 2
    Extreme Experiences : Don't Rest in Peace, Like a Good Race, Hip Hop 2
    Bunnies Psychology 1 : Tame Wild West, Only Fly Downwards, Cowboy Race
    Bunnies Psychology 2 : Slow to React 1, Oversensitive, Fantastic Dancers
    Bunnies Psychology 3 : Disturbed on Holiday, Rarely Leave Burrows,
    Have Natural Rhythm
    Section 4 - Known Score Mode Bugs
    There are at least 4 bugs that make the Wii version impossible to complete.
    At least three of the 'Shake Your Booty' songs contain scoring errors.  Even
    if you hit 'perfect' on every bunny through the entire song, you will not
    reach 1000/1000.  Fantastic Dancers 3 will only award 993/1000 for a perfect
    run.  Dansa La Bamba will only award 995/1000 for a perfect run.  Dansa La
    Bamba 2 will only award 988/1000 for a perfect run.  Dansa La Bamba 2 is also
    in one of the challenges, so the missing 12 points are lost twice.
    I haven't completed a perfect run on Raving Mad 2, so that might be broken as
    Since you need every single point to complete score mode, these 36 missing
    points make the game impossible to finish.
    Even worse, the last challenge 'World Eclecticism Championship' is a 10,000
    point challenge, but it is set to unlock when you reach 174,000 of the 183,000
    possible points in the game.  Hmmm...
    After I passed bonus 11, the in-game countdown to the next reward confirmed
    that there are not enough points left in Score Mode to reach this challenge.
    Section 5 - Tips and Hints
    Here are some tips to help in your Score Mode quest.
    Bunny Hunts
    Score Mode points are awarded for both Single and Multi-player Bunny Hunts.
    Points are accumulated for Score Co-Op and Time Co-Op multi-player modes, but
    not for the Score vs mode.  There are 50,000 possible Bunny Hunt points.
    If you're having trouble reaching 1000/1000 in Bunny Hunt score events, there
    are two ways to accumulate more points.  By grabbing and throwing nearby
    bunnies with the nunchuck trigger, you can get extra points for 'multiple'
    hits.  When bunnies are further away, try to score consecutive hits without
    reloading for more points.  Starting with the 3rd bunny shot from the same
    clip, you'll see Good, Great, and Perfect text.  Points will increase
    accordingly.  You can also punch the larger or armored bunnies with the
    nunchuck trigger to make them vulnerable.  Use a single shot to finish them
    off and keep the Good, Great, and Perfect streaks going.
    Shake Your Booty
    To get high totals on the dance events, you have to string together long
    combos.  After several 'perfect' hits, you'll see a small 2x icon to the right
    of Rayman.  A longer streak will increase the multiplier to 3x, 4x, and
    eventually 5x.  If you get an 'ok' yellow spotlight, or miss a bunny, the
    multiplier will reset.  A perfect run through the entire song will give much
    higher scores because the bunnies in the second half of the song will be
    scoring with a 5x multiplier.
    Bunnies Like a Good Race / Race Good a Like Bunnies
    Besides the obvious shortcut by cutting to the inside at the 2 pillars, you
    can also fit along the lefthand side of the first pit. (or 2nd pit if going
    backwards)  There's enough space between the pit and the fence for the warthog
    to run straight through without slowing down.  To cut your time even further,
    be sure to take every corner as tight as possible without causing the warthog
    to buck.  Finally, use the boosts on straight sections where you don't have to
    steer the warthog at all during the boost.
    Can't Play Soccer
    Getting 1000/1000 in this event requires hitting both the 2x and 4x
    multipliers.  You get the first multiplier by hitting the 'A' button to kick
    just as Rayman's foot is about to hit the bunny.  You get the second
    multiplier by hitting the crossbars of the goal.  Be sure to aim for the
    corners of the net for the highest base score.
    I have scoring tips for several other mini-games, but I'm sick of typing.
    Despite the bugs, this is still a great game.  Unfortunately, there comes a
    point in repetitive games like this one when you're no longer playing for fun,
    but are playing to unlock all the bonus content.  Hopefully the info in this
    FAQ will help other people to stop playing before the game starts to become
    tedious.  It's impossible to unlock all the bonus content, and Bonus 11 is not
    worth the effort.  

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