Review by Fmofdeath2

Reviewed: 11/22/06

Not Rayman but it is still teh pwnage

Let me just say this, this isn't really a Rayman game. This game is more of a mini game... game for you to try out the Wii's controls.

Graphics: 9
It doesn't have the highest graphics ever but for what the Wii can support (128 vram) it is pretty sexy looking. The game does have detailed floors and detailed little bits of things but it isn't OMGZORZ amazing. It doesn't really use lighting effects like Bloom which is spammed in Zelda but when you are playing, you can tell it's running and a very smooth 60 FPS.

Gameplay: 9
This is a game of mini games. It's more like Crash Bash than Mario Party if you know what I mean. The bunnies are really cute and funny making the game alot more fun for some unknown reason. It is a fun game for you and your friends to play if you get a chance.

Sound: 8
There are some pretty average sounds that most games have so there isn't much to expect though they do use actual songs in the dancing games and you also have a jukebox to listen to them once you unlock them.

Wii functions: 10
I thought I'd throw this in here too only because of all the different ways you can use your Wiimote and nunchuck to play all these games. It's alot of fun.

Controls: 10
This is in a way the same as the Wii functions but whatever. The game controls with the analog on the nunchuck when you walk in story mode. The mini games differ on the other hand, like for the dancing ones, the bunnies will come and once they hit the spot. You smack with the nunchuck if they are on your left or Wiimote when they are on your right. Some games even have you aim with the Wiimote or mix up both.

Overall: 9
Rent or Buy: If you just want something to play when a friend is over, rent. If you like games with mini games, Rayman, or rabid bunnies then it's a buy. Personally I think it's one of the top games that released with the Wii itself.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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