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"Motion sensing, arm stinging goodness."

This is what Next-Gen is all about, a new and inventive way to play games.

Story N/A - That's simple, and in a great way. Rayman is forced to compete in a huge array of ridiculous mini-games. And by ridiculous I mean very amusing, such as using a cow as a chained shot-put or closing bathroom stall doors before you get shot with a plunger.

Controls 10/10 - This is only the beginning for the Wii as know it, and this title seriously delivers some solid controls. It's quick to pick up, and easy to keep going. Responsive and clear, and the only tough time you will have is stamina issues, because several games require you to move your arms quickly for short to medium periods of time. This does get your arm a little sore, but it's well worth the sting. The Wiimote seriously works as good as they promised in this title, and with time games like this will only get more inventive and over the top for fun factor.

Sound 9/10 - I get so wrapped up in the game play I sometimes lose track of the music, but the sound effects are quite humorous. The songs they do use are quite good and one of my all time favorite surf songs is used, Miserlou = WIN.

Graphics 10/10 - Why ten out of ten? Simply put, this game should be looked at in the area of game play first and foremost. That being said, the graphics fit what this game is going for. It's fun, and graphically it serves it's purpose. I think the emphasis on this title should be it's well rounded design, and not the new typical "Next-Gen means 1080i high def beauty"

Multi-player 10/10 - Seriously a good time. Well worth it for single player, but beating your friends in a game of cow toss is the real selling point.

This game is what Next-Gen should mean. It's got something new, fresh, fun, and inventive. Yes, we have played this type of game loads before, but... Not in this fashion. From the button mashing track & field games of the NES to the WarioWare games of nowadays, this is something new. Motion sensing, arm stinging goodness.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/11/06

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