Review by Megaman1981

Reviewed: 01/02/07

The Rabbids are in a way not villains; just cute, goofy, stupid, insane maniacs.

I am glad that finally Nintendo has buckled down and opened their arms to third party support. Ubisoft is certainly one of them. First they announce Rayman Raving Rabbids for all systems. Then the creators of the game decide to go back and rework the Wii version with a new control system built specifically for the Wii Remote. The final project, while not that deep, is still a blast to play and shows off exactly what the Wii can do.

The story is not deep at all. In fact, it's as non existent as an NES game from 1985. Rayman is enjoying a picnic with some baby Globox's when the Rabbids, a group of insane bunnies that have been hiding under the Earth planning world domination kidnap everyone. Rayman is thrown into a cell and has to complete trails in order to win plungers. The plungers can be stuck to the wall in order to reach a window high up in his cell and escape. Aside from the Rabbids eventually looking at Rayman as their hero, that is all for the story.

Graphically the game looks good. Sure they look a little bit like in a cartoon, but if you liked the Gamecube's graphics then you'll like these. The music is okay, but the sounds that the Rabbids make gives the sound part of this game a 10/10! Simply put, this scream or yell is hilarious! There are also dancing levels that remix classic songs with the Rabbids singing instead, such as "La Bamba" and "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun".

So how do these trials that Rayman has to complete take advantage of the Wii Remote? Well each trail is different. For instance, one has you swinging the Remote high above your head and then hitting the A button to have Rayman let go of a chained cow, and have the cow go flying. Another game is using the Remote to point at the screen and pick worms out of a Rabbids rotten teeth. Another game uses the nunchuck and the Remote to fly a giant bat to round up a bunch of pigs and get them back into their pens. There are also racing levels, FPS levels, and dancing levels. Each minigame is different in some way.

In conclusion, this is a game that is kind of like the Mario Party series. A bunch of minigames that are a blast to play. The game isn't deep, but gives a glimmer into what the Wii can do. The game is just full of replay value. Even after the main game is completed, you can still play the score mode which allows you to replay the minigames again to earn points in order to unlock a ton of movies featuring the Rabbids. This game may eventually create a spin off game starring the Rabbids. Nothing wrong with that.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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