Review by Nemesissy

Reviewed: 01/02/07

Rabbits gone mad and only Rayman, armed with a plunger, can stop them!


Rayman games are usually platformers with the little alien-like dude without arms or legs and with hands and feet that aren't connected to his torso. If you want to get this, thinking hat will be the case, stop. This is not a platformer, despite featuring Rayman. This is closer to WarioWare than standard Rayman games.

STORY - 6/10

Not much of a story. Rayman is having a picnic with his pals when suddenly, they disappear into the ground. Rabbits appear. They stare menacingly at Rayman. Rayman offers them a bribe, which they refuse. A gigantic, robotic bunny appears and grabs Rayman. Then you're thrown into an arena and forced to take part in a load of minigames. Complete the first bunch of minigames and you're shown your cell. In a nutshell, rabbits have taken over the world. Right.


You must complete a bunch of minigames each time to progress. Just like WarioWare. Each minigame has a title, something like 'Bunnies don't give gifts' or 'Bunnies don't know what to do with cows'. Before each minigame, you are filled in on the rules and controls, then thrown into the game. The concept is simple enough. It's harder actually doing it. Each group of 4 minigames ends with a dancing minigame. Complete 3 out of the 4 minigames to take on a 'boss' minigame, where you take on bunnies with a plunger gun. Complete that to free one of your friends and return to your cell. It continues until you complete the game. The minigames are simple enough to play, some are hard to beat.


When walking around the arena to access the different minigames, the nunchuck control stick works fine. In the minigames, nearly every method of using the motion sensing controller is used. Just like WarioWare Smooth Moves. The Wii-mote is used to swing, draw, aim, point, poke, twist, etc. Sometimes, the nunchuck is not used. Sometimes it is, depending on the minigame. The nunchuck isn't used in as many ways as the Wii-mote, though. It's used mainly for twisting and lifting in certain directions.


Rayman might not look like much but the rabbits look hilarious. The visual jokes are nice, as are the minigame graphics.

SOUND - 5/10

Not the best sound in the world, but it doesn't really matter. The rabbit screams are just plain funny.


The game is easy enough to complete but some minigames take some effort and unlocking everything is near impossible.


Not the most long-lasting of games but it will last a hell of a lot longer if you go for everything. Some minigames will keep you coming back for more.


A good, fun game to make you laugh, make you cry and make your arms feel like lead. A good 8/10.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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