Review by DudeOne

"Rent, but for God's sake, don't buy"

You will love this game at first, everyone does, mostly for the humor and later for the wide array of games. However, you'll eventually find a "death level." For some, it's the G*****N outhouse level. For others, it's the "pump your arm for carrot juice" level. And for the rest, you will absolutely hate the boring jump rope or running levels.

See, the problem is that UbiSoft wanted to show off what the Wii controller could do and made a bunch of mini games to do that. They added some funny bunnies, and a supposed "hit" was born. After a few rounds though, you'll start to notice something strange: it's not very fun. Oh sure, shooting plungers is pretty fun and the boss battles can seem interesting, but do you really want to pump your arms to make Rayman deliver a package? Do you want to draw hot dogs? In any other games, these would be annoyances of gameplay or avoidable side tasks. But in Raving Rabbids, you can't progress until you bore yourself to death on lame mini games

For some though, it's worse - you'll chuck your nunchuck out the window in frustration at the poorly designed levels. Read any of the message boards and you'll find post after post from people who have learned to HATE this game. Someone at Ubisoft sat down and explained to the game testers how to play this game on the new Wii console while it was in development. For the rest of us, we got no explanations and are stuck trying to do what the games calls for - but getting no response. "Close the bathroom doors." OK, I'm closing them. Closing another. Closing more. Wait, why isn't that one closing? I'm doing the same thing I've been doing for 30 seconds and why isn't it... Crap. I have to start over now. OK. Closing... closing... closing... WTF? Why didn't that one...? Start over?! ARGH!!!!

Simply put, you might find $5 of joy in this if you go out and rent it, but you'll feel like a sucker for dishing out $50 on game you won't want to play anymore.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 01/02/07

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