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"Not the party game as advertised..."

While Rayman has always has its special brand of humour, Raving Rabbids was meant to promote a new, furry humour in the form of a Rabbid, essentially, bunnies with a morbid sense of humour.

Unlike the previous instalments, this game completely drops the platforming element formula and takes a new approach to Rayman in a party-game bursting full of mini-games.

Story: 2/10

Rayman has no story in this game. In "Story Mode" you are dropped into the game with little explanation, and while this allows you to engage the game quickly and cleanly, you feel a little lost. The story you are to assume is Rayman and his friends (baby Globbox) are kidnapped and Rayman finds himself forced to compete in a gladiator style arena. Throughout the game you collect plungers which allow you to get to your final goal: freedom.

Graphics: 7/10

Sub-par and cutesy, there isn't much to be said here. The graphics function very well for presenting the game's strange humour and has it's own unique style. The design of the bunnies gives them character, even though the graphics are not quite top-notch.

Gameplay: 4/10

This is where it starts to go all downhill. It's aim as a party game fails mostly. As I bought this mainly for a friend I had to entertain for a week, we found ourselves playing Wii Play and Wii Sports more than this full-priced Wii game. First of all, to access the multiplayer games, you must complete Story Mode 100%, which granted only takes about 5 hours, but is entirely single player unless you incorporate some awkward methods.

Once fully completed, you will be allowed to the play games you unlocked through the course of the game, however, thinking that you now have a nice little party game to play amongst friends is wistful thinking when you are thrown into Score Mode with it's absurd categories making it difficult to find the desired game, no random function to allow you to play a variety of games in succession and majority of the games being single-player where each player completes it separately and scores are compared at the end. Not only is this difficult to handle in a party game, but some of the games are downright boring, you will find yourself notably playing the same game with the difficulty a little higher and games you like and wish were simultaneously multiplayer are not. The quality of mini-games vary wildly in enjoyability, but most are found to recycle the same movements or not fully take advantage of the Wii's unique controller.

You would think the famously touted humour would aid in remedying this, but sadly games are often frustrating and not practical. In one game you are supposed to close bathroom doors with a quick wiggle of the Wii-mote but you will find yourself losing time and time again as you focus on closing the doors and not doing as the game intends you to do, but move your cursor over the bunnies instead. Small bugs like this make friends who may just pick up the game, fail to complete them instead of comparing scores with you. In the PAL version, there is a notable bug in one of the mini-games where the controller doesn't respond majority of the time, where instead of you enjoying the game, you find yourself only wanting to pass the buggy minigame. The remedy to this isn't obvious and requires you accessing the setting in the Wii Menu.* While the humour can be entertaining, is it certainly not laugh out loud funny as described and cannot save the game's lack of multiplayer support and general bugginess.

Replay Value: 4/10

While you may find yourself turning on Score Mode for a quick play of a mini-game or two, you will not return to Story Mode once it is 100% completed. For a party-game, you also may play a game with a friend, but quickly realise the variety isn't as big as it seems and quickly turn to something like Wii Sports when the few likeable games are exhausted.


This game promotes itself as a party game. It is not. If you are to get this game, rent it and complete it then, as it will not last longer than that and the games will tire very quickly.

* The game described here is "Bunnies have natural rhythm" and the solution is to set it to 60 Hz on the screen settings in the Wii menu for all you PAL gamers out there.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 01/08/07

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