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Reviewed: 01/19/07

You'll never see this many plungers in one place ever again

You'll never see this many plungers in one place ever again

Rayman Raving Rabbids. That's a mouthful, don't you think? What exactly is a Raving Rabbid you ask? Well to say the least, they are adorable little creatures that will you have you smiling, giggling, sometimes down right rolling with laughter and other times you'll be so frustrated that you'll want to strangle every little rabbid in the entire game. Also it should be noted that I will be reviewing this as a single player game and not a multi-player game.

Story N/A

To be honest, I skipped most of the cut-scenes in the game but it seems like Rayman is captured and has to perform through an 'arena' type event where the player goes through 4-5 challenges at a time and is then sent back to their cell. The cell gets decorated the deeper you get in the game. And once again, being totally honest here, I didn't pick this game up for the story and had no interest in what was going on.

GamePlay 9.75/10

It's a 'minigame' game. And these minigames are a blast. In the story mode of the game, you go through a door and then are presented with a set of rules explaining what game you are going to do next. These games show off what the wiimote is capable of doing. The minigames include some actions like: turning it like a key, drawing, pumping your arms like you are running, listening to the wiimotes built in speaker for clues, swinging the wiimote to act as if you are slapping someone, etc,. Needless to say, they are some games that you will not like, and there are some that you will love from the moment you start.

Controls 9.5/10

As previously stated, the rules for each minigame are presented to you prior to each game. Most games you get the grip of the controls within the first try, while others (ugh, skydiving) took me a good 10 tries before I figured out how to properly manipulate the wiimote. The controls are very responsive for most if not all of the minigames .

Audio 9.75/10

BAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!! Some of the noises that will come out of your tv are just plain cool/awesome. All the sound effects seemed to fit right into place and the rabbids are just memorable. My mom was watching a game(the memory game) and would laugh everytime a certain rabbid with a plunger on its head would make a noise.

The music is also pretty good. Some tracks featured are Girl's Just Wanna Have Fun, La Bamba, Misirlou, (fans of GH2 will enjoy this one, I know I did) and a few other songs that you might recognize.

Difficulty 5.5/10

Most minigames can be one shotted, while others will frustrate you to no end. The first time I did a tilting puzzle I got very frustrated, as well as the first time I attempted the skydiving minigames. But this frustration stemmed from the fact that I wasn't interested in playing those minigames and I wanted to play the ones that I felt were more fun in my eyes.

Replay Value ?/10

I went through the story mode pretty quickly in probably under 10 hours. With the story mode complete, there really wasn't much for me to do because I do not have anyone at home that plays the Wii. I imagine playing these games with friends would be a blast, or even having friends to compare scores with would add some longevity to the game. But as I do not have friends that are interested in the Wii, I feel that I cannot properly judge this criteria of the game.

Rent or Buy?

I say rental. I bought it at launch along with my Wii as a holiday gift to myself, and don't get me wrong I am not disappointed. However, due to my lack of Wii loving friends, I wish I would of just rented the game.

Final Statement

This game was an absolute blast, and by far some of the most fun I've had on a video game console in a long time. It is over quick though. Real quick. And I guess the reason why it goes by so fast can be credited to old adage "Time flies when you're having fun."

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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