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" A Hilarious Yet Underachieving Game for the Wii"

INTRO: Rayman has been a long popular party game series with many quirks and laughs about it. Personally I have not played any of the previous Rayman games, but this because I have never been a big party game fan. But the Wii has of course changed all of that. The Wii's motion sensitive controls make all the mini games associated with genre a lot more fun, especially if you have some friends to enjoy it along the way. This is exactly where Rayman: Raving Rabbids succeeds. But this is also where it fails despite it's laughs and fun mini games, the shallow depth of Rayman is quickly exposed.

GRAPHICS: Rayman is bright colorful game that will catch your eye. The art direction the game takes with the “rabbids” is quite hilarious. They bounce around with big gaping mouths looking wholly ridiculous. Although Rayman himself has no arms or legs, there is a large amount customization you can do to him. With close to a dozen different outfits you can mix and match for him and make him look even more laudable, which is always good for another laugh or two. It is also worth mentioning the frame rate is very solid throughout the game. Even though it is never pushed that hard that is always a good thing. The only really bad thing about the graphics is the stadium. Between each stage of the game you run from door to door completing the games to advance. Which works well but the rabbits in the stands look absolutely atrocious. They look like old school stop animation being flipped through by a two year old child. You can actually discern the frames of their motion. I don't know if this was something done on purpose but I hope so or that is one of the weirdest glitches I have seen.

SOUND: Rayman is filled with several different hilarious sound bits from all the rabbits. Especially when the rabbits scream, which they do often. So you will be cracking up quite frequently. All of the sound effects are quite good too and add to the goofy atmosphere.

CONTROL: Rayman does do a very good job of using the Wii remote in a variety of ways. In this regard it is better than Wii Sports. There is only one min game that comes to mind where it was oversensitive. They only bad thing I can say is the use of the cheap speaker in the controller. The speaker is made of the utmost cheap quality. which is really a bad thing because one game completely depends on your ability to listen to it. This becomes a frustration and a complete matter of luck to complete because the speaker sounds as if it came blown out of box.

GAMEPLAY: Raving Rabbids is unlike any of the other Rayman games. In the past Rayman was a platformer. Now it is simply a mini game compilation like Warioware. Which I have never been a fan of but the Wii simply makes a perfect fit for these games with the motion sensing abilities. The whole drive of the game is to collect enough plungers to escape out a window in your jail cell after for no apparent reason being kidnaped by “raving rabbids”. To acquire these plungers you must complete stages of different mini games. The games range from shooting rabbids with a plunger gun like an old school light gun game on rails, which is the best part of the game, to throwing a cow the farthest. The whole appeal lies in wacky presentation of all it. So when you start out it is a good bit fun. But even though the game claims 70 games, there is merely hard and harder different versions of the same games. Some like the rhythm dancing are over used but become insanely hard. Towards the end of the 4 hour story mode you have seen everything multiple times, which deadens appeal of multiplayer before you even begin.

REPLAY: As mentioned above Rayman is on the short side for it's story mode. You can beat it in under 4 hours and by then there is nothing new to do in multiplayer. So considering the game is completely based on being funny and atmospheric it loses it's touch eventually. The same joke is only funny so many times. Meaning the multiplayer is worth only a few more laughs before you set it down.

BOTTOM LINE: If you like funny original titles and have a few friends to play with, Raving Rabbids is definitely worth a rental. But by the time you turn the game back in you will have exhausted what there is to do in the game.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 05/01/07

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