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Reviewed: 06/06/08

Eat plunger, you stupid rabbids!

This is one of many minigame collections for the Wii, except that it is far superior to the vast majority of them. This game was apparently originally supposed to be an action adventure game, but then it got changed into a party game as the concept of the game evolved. But why is it so superior? Read on and you will find out.

Story: 7/10
Rayman is having a picnic with his frog friends, when suddenly they all get kidnapped. Soon afterwards, Rayman is kidnapped as well. He has been transported to the world of the Rabbids, which are like rabbits, except they’re crazy and have a passion for plungers. Is it weird enough for you yet? They force you to play numerous minigames for their amusement. The story itself is really good; the reason it has only scored seven out of ten is because of the ending. I will refrain from saying it, so that I do not spoil the surprise, but I will tell you that it is very disappointing.

Graphics: 8/10
The graphics in this game are crazy, colourful and done well. There are few jagged edges on any of the objects, and the animation in the game runs very smoothly. The textures are not as good as they could have been, but they are passable. For the most part, the graphics in this game are very good.

Sound: 8/10
The music in this game is zany, which fits the overall mood of the game perfectly. The sound effects are alright. They are OK, but nothing to write home about. The voices, however, are hilarious. The vast majority of it is one of the Rabbids screaming, ‘DAAAAAAAH!’, or some other shout of anger or pain. It is guaranteed to have you in hysterics, even after you have heard it hundreds of times.

Gameplay: 9/10
This is where the game really shines. As I have already mentioned, this game is a collection of minigames. In story mode, you have to progress through several stages. Each stage contains four minigames. Once you have beaten three of these, you then go through a long shooting game. Once you have unlocked the games in story mode, you can play them anytime you want.

That description fails to do the game justice. The minigames have a great deal of variety. You can throw a cow, deliver a bomb before it explodes, cook for a chef or play a maze situated inside a brain. You can also unlock harder variations of certain minigames. In total, there are about seventy-five minigames, which is a very large total. Almost all of these games are great fun to play, with their own unique concept. But the two types of minigames that really stand out are the shooting games and the dancing games. In the shooting games, there are dozens of rabbids coming after you. So what do you do? Shoot plungers at them, of course. As well as that, you can also grab them with your grappling hook and watch them cry like a little girl. Although the shooting games are very similar to each other, ultimately shooting rabbids and hearing them scream never seems to get old. Well, not in my opinion anyway. With the dancing games, you must shake the Wii remote and the Nunchuck at the right time in order to dance. The tracks you can dance to include ‘Girls Just Want to Have Fun’ and ‘Misirlou’. Watching the rabbids dance never ceases to amuse me, and I can safely say that quite a few people would agree.

I have not yet mentioned one of the greatest aspects of this game: the rabbids. Basically, they are like the rabbits you see in cartoons, except they have maniacal facial expressions, they love to use plungers, and they constantly shout and scream. They are quite possibly the most hilarious and unique set of characters that have ever appeared in a video game. They are ridiculously stupid, and their antics, traits and quirks will surely put a smile on even the most serious of faces.

However, this game suffers from two noticeable flaws that stop this game from being one of the best in history. The first is that it is impossible to complete this game. This does not mean that the game is so challenging it seems impossible to win, it actually is impossible to get 100%. This is because on some of the dancing games, even if you get every note perfect, you still will not get a score which is high enough to get the game absolutely complete. This really puts a damper on the game. The other flaw is that there is a lack of simultaneous multiplayer. Instead, you have to take turns playing. It can still be great fun, but it still makes it feel a bit hollow at times.

With these flaws put aside, this game is still a truly great party game, and one that will have you laughing from start to finish.

Replay Value: 9/10
It will take you a while to get the game as complete as you possibly can, and even once you have done that, you can still have a good laugh playing it when you have had a bad day. The rabbids never get old.

Great graphics.
Amusing storyline.
Absolutely hilarious!
Those rabbids are brilliant.
Hilarious voices for the rabbids.
Tons of minigames.
Lots of fun.
Shooting games are great!
Will last a long time.
Completely insane.
Wacky music.

Impossible to beat 100%.
No simultaneous multiplayer.
Disappointing ending.

Buy, rent or avoid: If you own a Wii, and you like party games, the decision to buy this game is an obvious yes. In fact, even if you hate party games, this is a must-have. Trust me, you will not regret it.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Rayman Raving Rabbids (EU, 12/08/06)

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