Review by YuGiOhman1

"Pick up the Wiimote, cause it's time for some nose-picking!"

Wario's back in a new mini-game frenzy!

Yes, the silly-humored Wario and his friends need you and your wiimote to do quirky and otherwise pointless tasks. Except for the nose-picking, thats essential! Look out, this game loves it's Noses!

Graphics: 9/10
Wile I do like the cartoon art-stile, they do not use the wii's capabilities, as in, there are not that many 3D effects. Graphics usually include a cartoon drawing, and in one case, borrowed graphics from other games! like Pikmin 2 and Metroid!

Gameplay: 10/10
Wow, this gets you pumped up! The controls all use the wii's motion sensor to simulate Cutting, spinning, blocking, shooting, frying, dancing, hula-ing, jumping, drinking, fart-fanning, squatting, pushing, saving, and nose-picking! It can do it all! All these are done by holding the wiimote to a certain part of the body.

Plot: umm...uhh...Nose-picking
To tell the truth, there is no real plot to this game. well, none I can see. I'll just leave you to figure it out. Plot is not the point to a warioware title, it's all about mini-games. What I gather is that Wario was pigging out on his food when a little alien-like guy swipes it, tearing off into his umm, Do-jo. wario gives chase and stumbles across a Wiimote in the ground and this game goes Indiana Jones on us, yes, I'm talking about a giant bolder and a level erupts including task that have nothing to do with Running from a bolder. After escaping, Wario's friends need help preforming their tasks by doing ones that have nothing to do with any thing!

Overall: 9/10
I'd give another point, but this game does get repetitive after awile. But don't make the mistake, this game is a little hard when trying to figure out how to win in under five seconds. But this game is great for parties! Overall, this game is a buy mainly because of it's humor and it's challenge.

What are you waiting for? It's time to pick some noses!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/05/07

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