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"Short bursts of sweet"

Wario has returned with company and a whole fresh batch of micro-games to boot. For those unfamiliar to the series, WarioWare is a game made up entirely of hilariously short mini-games ranging from picking a hair from someone's nose to striking a batter out in baseball. The longest games will last possibly twenty or thirty seconds as the shortest can end in a split-second. These games are numerous and have different ways to play them.

Story mode introduces you to a variety of eccentric characters ranging from Wario, as expected, to a cheerleader, to a duo of old-school gamers, to a witch, and so on. By playing each character's "story" you are asked to complete microgames one after another. These microgames are clearly modeled after the Wii remote's functionality and it shows. There are about fifteen different poses to hold the remote to use in the games. They range from the remote control, a pose that any couch-potato can master, the samurai, where you hold the Wii remote to your hip as if you were getting ready to unsheathe a blade, the handlebar, holding the remote as if you were riding a bike, and many others. Some microgames don't really tell you what to do, so you're left aimlessly moving the Wii remote around trying to complete your objective, usually failing. Also, I found that sometimes my movements wouldn't be caught by the game, so I would fail a game. Not cool, Wario. Not cool. Overall, the story mode only took me two hours if even to complete. However, I still had numerous microgames that I hadn't played yet, and many high scores that I came back to beat. Furthermore, having three other friends over, sharing the Wii remote to compete with one another, is a blast. The fact that you have to pass the remote around doesn't hinder the experience either.

Ultimately, WarioWare is a great example of the myriad ways the Wii remote can be used. It might not be an epic adventure, but no veteran of the series would expect that. The variety of uses for the controller will often make you look like a goof, but at the same time you're having playing the game. Essentially, the fun outweighs most of the short comings. It's just that the fun doesn't last as long as you would like it to. WarioWare is a fantastic title that I believe even with its small faults any Wii owner should at least try out.

The Recap

Story: Hilarious cut-scenes make up the meat of the story. There really isn't too much cohesiveness with the story, however, so don't expect Charles Dickens.

Gameplay: Minigames on ritalin equals microgames. Ranging from classic Nintendo games like fishing in Animal Crossing to closing a shop door behind crazed consumers, WarioWare's microgames are nothing short but funny and brilliant.

Audio: Some voice work, some catchy tunes, and some craziness is what the audio amounts to.

Graphics: Nothing impressive, but the cartoon cutscenes are colorful and a treat to look at. Microgames range from ugly to quite nice.

Replay Value: The story mode last but a couple hours, but unlocking all the microgames and beating your high scores is always an afterthought.

Overall: 7/10

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 03/16/07

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