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"Fun comes in ways that you didn't even think were possible."

Wario Ware: Smooth Moves is a continuation of the Wario Ware Series, and an excellent sequel at that. Off the bat, the game introduces the gamer to the humorous play and ease of use with a funny plot line and an easy introduction to the micro games. Wario Ware can be great fun to pass a couple hours in no time, or to keep a lively party fueled with up to 12 player multi-player.

Story : 9/10

To kick things off, a cute cinematic shows a "form baton" (the Wii remote) stolen from the sacred form temple! Wario comes across this strange object and curiously experiments with it. And thus, the micro games begin.

Music / Sound : 10/10

Excellent music between the micro games as well as silly sound effects that provide smooth transitions and chuckles from the audience. Going through the whole game will unlock the sound test which allows you to listen to the countless tunes and sound effects heard throughout the game. The music and sound could not better fit the game play.

Control : 10/10

Wario Ware: Smooth Moves offers control never seen by any video game before. In the opinions of many, Wario Ware has the best usage of the Wii remote seen so far. The micro games are played by holding and gripping the Wii remote in 19 different hand positions. The game has a funny way of introducing each new grip. With unique positions and maneuvers, the control is not only revolutionary but also extremely fun and exciting.

Game Play : 10/10

Smooth Moves features hours of fun on end. Some complain that the game is easily and quickly beaten, but they do not actually beat the game 100%. With over 200 micro games, it's possible to beat the game with as little as half of them, and most people don't get to play all of them. Playing the game more unlocks more modes and different mini games. The mini games in themselves provide intense action and lots of fun. With six mini games alone, Smooth Moves is complete, but the micro games add fast paced action and quick thinking. Many of the micro games require very fast reflexes and many of them are played better standing up.

Replay Value : 10/10

Even after unlocking everything the game has to offer, Wario Ware keeps up the fun on the wii and doesn't let you down. With all of the different ways to play and the high scores to beat, Wario Ware offers competition between single player users as well as multi player gamers for a very long time.

Multi Player : 9/10

The Wario multi player mode must be unlocked through about an hour of single player gaming. The multi player gaming only uses one remote and offers hot seat play for as many as 12 people. Using the Nunchuck as a player two in some of the games is absolutely genius, and the hot seat play offers many different mode types for a whole party.

Overall : 10/10

This game should be owned by all Wii owners, for it will provide hours upon hours of laughing and fun. Let go of your fears, and don't be afraid of looking foolish, we're laughing WITH you, not AT you.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/19/07

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