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    FAQ/Walkthrough by aamph

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 11/19/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Good day, and welcome to my first FAQ.  As indicated in the title, this FAQ 
    is intended to help you finish Call of Duty 3 on Veteran.  First and 
    foremost, you will not find any rudimentary information in this help file, 
    that is what you have the book for.  I will be using N, NW etc to indicate 
    north and northwest on the compass, and CP to indicate a checkpoint reached.   
    First of all, you will DIE.  No bones about it, you will die and you will 
    die often.  But we aren't worried about that, dying is beneficial.  Dying 
    lets you know not to do that again.  If you are going to the left of an area 
    to flank enemies and can't seem to get anywhere try going to the right to 
    flank.  You may find a route that works so easily you'll slap yourself for 
    wasting so much time on the left side.
    Second, you live for checkpoints.  Once you see those lovely green words, 
    take a breather, grab a frosty beverage, tell you wife you love her, and 
    then strap back in for more dying.
    Third, listen to your men; listen because they know what to do.  If they 
    tell you to advance, it is because you've eliminated enough of a chain  (see 
    chains below)  to cut it off and make some progress forward.  I spent a good 
    15 minutes in one area searching for a bazooka that wasn't there because I 
    thought the commander told me to get a bazooka.  Really it was another guy 
    and I was supposed to kill krauts.  So make sure you listen to your name and 
    only respond to it.  
    Forth, do things differently.  If something I've recommended doesn't work 
    for you, try something else.  If that doesn't work, try something else 
    again.  Throw a grenade first to throw off the krauts, Eliminate chains in 
    different orders.  Try different cover, try no cover, try just running 
    directly at them.
    Finally, be smart.  If there are 8 guys around a corner in a house in the 
    open, use a grenade.  If there are 4 MG 42's on a hill you need to get past, 
    use smoke. Don't run into a building brandishing a Kar98, and don't try to 
    snipe someone across a field with the Sten.  Use the right gun for the right 
    situation, and don't be afraid to use your resources.  99% of the time you 
    will get more anyway, enemies leave grenades behind all the time. Oh yeah 
    and for the sake of the free world, RELOAD.
    Table of contents
    Fighting Styles .....................................   -  [FS]
        -- Headlong .....................................   -  [FSHE]  
        -- Covert .......................................   -  [FSCO]
        -- Elimination ..................................   -  [FSEL]
        -- Chains .......................................   -  [FSCH]
        -- Driving Truck ................................   -  [FSDT]
        -- Gunner Truck .................................   -  [FSGT]
        -- Tank .........................................   -  [FSTA]
        -- Spotter ......................................   -  [FSSP]
    Fighting Tips .......................................   -  [FT]
    Main Story Line .....................................   -  [MSL]
        -- Chapter 1:  Saint Lo .........................   -  [MSL01]
        -- Chapter 2:  The Island .......................   -  [MSL02]
        -- Chapter 3:  Night Drop .......................   -  [MSL03]
        -- Chapter 4:  Mayenne Bridge ...................   -  [MSL04]
        -- Chapter 5:  Falaise Road .....................   -  [MSL05]
        -- Chapter 6:  Fuel Plant .......................   -  [MSL06]
        -- Chapter 7:  The Black Baron ..................   -  [MSL07]
        -- Chapter 8:  The Forest .......................   -  [MSL08]
        -- Chapter 9:  Laison River .....................   -  [MSL09]
        -- Chapter 10:  The Crossroads ..................   -  [MSL10]
        -- Chapter 11:  Hostage .........................   -  [MSL11]
        -- Chapter 12:  The Corridor of Death ...........   -  [MSL12]
        -- Chapter 13:  The Mace ........................   -  [MSL13]
        -- Chapter 14:  Chambois ........................   -  [MSL14]
    Credits .............................................   -  [CRED]
    Fighting Methods:  
    On Foot, Driving Vehicle, Gunner Vehicle, Tank, Spotter
    I've broken the game down in to fighting methods, and different styles 
    within those fighting methods.  When you go through the missions sections I 
    will indicate what style of level you are trying to beat so you know the 
    strategy to follow. 
    On Foot:  
    There will be three Styles of missions that you will encounter on foot.  I 
    have dubbed them as follows  Headlong, Covert, and Elimination.  You will 
    need to master these styles in order get that 150 gamer points you are so 
    desperately after.
    Headlong makes up most of the game, the idea being you are going to run in 
    headlong and eliminate enemy forces with speed.  The faster you can do these 
    sections the easier time you will have completing the game.  
    The AI for COD3 works very simply, they have a destination that they are 
    going to go to, and 90% of the time they will run until they get there, set 
    themselves, and fire at you.   During their trip is the best time to shoot, 
    they are wide open and not prepared to return fire.
    The best way to explain this is by example.  There is a house off in the 
    distance, with debris in front of it and Gerry guarding it.  Gerry takes a 
    left out the door and finds some boxes, further left is barrels, further 
    left is a car, and the end of the line is a tree.  
                            H H H
                            H H H
    T----C----Ba----Bo------D H H
    Gerry will always try to fill out the line.  They will continually spawn 
    inside the house, and run out to fill in the cover.  Your job is to kill the 
    guy behind the tree, then the car, then the barrels, then the boxes, and 
    finally hiding by the door.   If you can do it fast enough Gerry won't fill 
    in those spots, and you'll be in the house.   If you do it boxes, barrels, 
    car, tree, you may find that the boxes and barrels are filled in by the time 
    you kill the tree guy.  
    This is an example of a horizontal Chain.  The enemy will be in chains all 
    the time, either vertical or horizontal.  Horizontal chains need to be wiped 
    out entirely before proceeding, whereas vertical chains are picked away.  
    Consider walking through a trench with 5 sets of boxes between you and the 
    end of the trench.  Gerry will sit behind all 5 boxes, and if you stand in 
    one place and kill them, you can go through more magazines than a bookstore, 
    and they'll still be there.  One of the differences between all the other 
    difficulty settings and veteran is the respawn.  Gerry will continually 
    respawn on Veteran. If you kill and advance to box 1, now Gerry can only 
    occupy boxes 2 - 5.
    I've found that most areas have one of these chains setup, however some have 
    2 or more.  Eliminating chains is the KEY to this game.  Learn it, practice 
    it, master it, and RELOAD.
    Cheating Chains:
    Another strategy for chains, that doesn't always work, is to cut them off 
    and let your men eliminate them for you.  In the above horizontal example 
    lets say that you got a checkpoint in front of the house, and Gerry isn't 
    deployed in his chain yet.  If you run Headlong at D, and can make it to 
    cover inside the house, your crew will take out the stragglers for you.  So 
    you beat feet and make it inside H, hide in a corner and kill a few Gerries, 
    the rest of your allies will eliminate T, C, Ba, and Bo for you, then meet 
    you inside H.  This can be a real time saver in some spots, as I'll indicate 
    further in the FAQ.  You can try this is many different areas, and sometimes 
    it's worth the 10 minute investment to see if you can make it.  If you can 
    get this method to work 1 out of every 6 - 10 times it is worth the effort.
    For those of you who played COD2 for the 360 these were the missions that 
    said Reinforcements are coming, and there was a little timer that told you 
    how long until they arrived.  In COD3 these missions have no timer, but your 
    men will tell you to sit tight and keep firing because reinforcements are 
    coming.  There is a very simple way to complete these missions, survive and 
    kill.  You must Kill Gerries to advance you can't just hide, and obviously 
    you must survive to get the checkpoint.  I was able to find a spot in every 
    area that you can pop your head up or stick it out, kill a few krauts, then 
    hide once you get hit.  Just keep doing this and you will progress.  I'm not 
    sure if this is based on time, or kills to progress.
    There are targets on the screen to eliminate, such as tanks, or mortar 
    crews.  These are just a matter of getting the job done.  There is no real 
    winning strategy for these ones, just don't die.  Keep your cover and be 
    patient, If you need to kill a chain of 5 guys before you can poke your head 
    out enough to see the mortar and not be shot then do so.  If you try to poke 
    your head out and just shoot the mortar, you will most likely be killed in 
    the process.
    Driving Truck:  
    These missions are about speed, you don't have to shoot you just have to 
    keep your speed up to avoid dying.  
    Gunner Truck:  
    Most of these missions are quite easy, just pull the trigger and aim.  Your 
    driver will get you where you need to go.  Intricacies are outlined in the 
    missions section.
    For the tank missions you need to keep moving, and be one hell of a shot.  
    Aim for the top gun part of the tanks for more damage
    For the spotter missions I think 99% of the time you can't be killed if you 
    spot them quickly enough.  It's just a matter of finding them, marking them 
    and hiding.
    Fighting Tips:
    In houses when you proceed upstairs look up first.  Check for open areas and 
    face those when you proceed.  If there is more than one area, check in 
    bursts.  Pop up and look and once side, then pop back.  Then check the other 
    sides the same way.  You may find where the guys are later, but when you hit 
    a house that holds a check point for the first time it's sweet to beat it on 
    the first try.  
    In houses never leave your back to an unknown opening.  If you are clearing 
    a room, run in headlong and guns a blazing.  Quick reflexes and an automatic 
    weapon will usually get the job done.  
    Use your compass, always look where your checkpoints are and keep focussed 
    on getting them.
    When you take damage, find quick cover.  If none is around drop to the 
    ground and try to shoot in the area of your soon to be killer.
    Don't be afraid to fall back if you are overwhelmed.  You can always push 
    back again.
    Jump, dodge weave, make yourself a moving target.  It's hard to hit Krauts 
    on the run, and it's hard to hit you on the run.  It might not always work, 
    but it's effective single and multiplayer.
    Like I said at the top, no BS, you can figure out the training.
    Ahh the meat of the FAQ this is what you were looking for right.  How do I 
    get past that spot I'm stuck on.  Hold on a second before you dive into your 
    trouble area.  Take a quick read through the strategies above because they 
    are going to help you much more than how I got through an area.  
                             Chapter 1:  Saint Lo
            "Today we're on a secret mission to get coffee and donuts."
    Style:  Headlong, Spotter, Covert
    Head for the small one room house to the N.  Settle in the NW corner prone.  
    Get your bearings from inside this house, try out the guns, shoot a couple 
    of enemies and let the respawn.  If you're good to go, head NE to the next 
    house, and leave in the SE exit and head further NE to the church.  Make 
    sure to get into the back of the church quickly to reduce spawning, a well 
    placed grenade in the back right of the church works well. CP 
    After crawling underneath head N, and toward the Big Nazi building NW.  Take 
    point and kill the Kraut in the new melee style, great addition in my 
    opinion.  Next hop on the tank.  
    The style turns to spotter here, make sure to stay crouched on the tank.  
    Take out the 3 Gerries, they can't hit you.  Move forward and get the Gerry 
    on the roof.  Take out the front Panzer  quickly, not sure if he can kill 
    you or not.  Once you are blown off the tank Leave the house to the E and 
    head N to the caf‚.  After the drama head E takin out Gerry along the way.  
    Take the right passenge S so you don' t get flanked.  Back up the stairs so 
    you can see W and take out the Kraut on the MG42.  Clear this area and move 
    NE to leave the building at the SE exit.  
    Use smoke at this next part and run to either the left or right flank of the 
    SE gaping building.  Let your crew run up and help, don't be a hero. it'll 
    come naturally.  Head through the E opening and then turn right and up the 
    hill.  Get some cover and eliminate this chain to get to the back entrance 
    to the building.  The one that is visible.  Clear the bottom floor first, 
    get the back room on the left, then head upstairs.  Last area here, 
    the style now turns to covert.  The NE wall that gets blown open has a large 
    piece of wall intact on the left with a door further left.  Hide there and 
    take out enemies on the bottom right of the road.  Only expose yourself 
    enough to see one enemy at a time,  kill him then move out further.  Do this 
    until enemies appear in the Saint Lo Telegraphe building.  Then pull back a 
    bit and kill them.  Gerry will retreat and we will move on.  
                               Chapter 2:  The Island
      "The gap sees some of the most ferocious fighting of the last great war"
    Style: Headlong
    Stay behind the tank Berlin or Bust and get the MG 42 on the right.  When 
    the tank turns NW get on the right of it, hide behind the boat prone, and 
    start killing Gerry in the W.  Once the tank moves Eliminate a wave of the 
    chain W of the boat and run NW behind Berlin or Bust.  CP.  
    There is an MG42 in the W house, and the S house.  Get them and use the E 
    side of the barn to go around back and flank.  Clear the barn and head to 
    the SE corner  of the house and enter.  Get the guy all the way across in 
    the room first before going into the hall with the grandfather clock.  Clear 
    the entire basement first, then go up.  Clear the top floor and then meet up 
    with the group. CP
    I went left here, found it a bit easier.  Get the krauts behind the boxes, 
    and then don't forget the guys up on the ridge on the right once you start  
    W / SW in the ditch.  Use the Tree and crate as cover.  Move up from here 
    once you've killed the krauts, and then fall back to the crate and tree 
    after the ambush.  Clear the bridge and move N.  Follow the water W and up 
    the hill, 
                              Chapter 3:  Night Drop
                            "Welcome to France Mon aim"
    Style: Headlong
    Start by running forward until you have to kill the German who can pee for 
    hours. Club him and run forward and to the right of the truck here.  You 
    should see a fire with a few krauts.  Kill one who is under cover and start 
    the battle.  The goal here is to go around the building and through the hole 
    in the wall on the other side.  Move all the way to the house and completely 
    flank Gerry.  Clear out the house. CP
    42s across the way, your boys will throw some smoke if you go outside and 
    hide behind the wagon, but first grab the smoke grenades.  Clear out the 
    building top bottom, then move on to the well area and the stables behind 
    the house.  No tips here, just kill.  Move out of the stables and head W 
    down the road to find Vera.  Slip yourself into the cockpit and pull the 
    right trigger. CP
    Follow the checkpoints and listen to your navigator.  As I said at the top, 
    drive fast and you won't get killed.  Oh yeah watch for the tanks.  CP
    From here there are two ways to go, but I think you have to do both.  I 
    recommend saving Marcel first.  He is the Right option, the Flak Guns are 
    the Left option.  
    Boost up into the house and fight the Kraut.  Go up the stairs and clear out 
    the top floor, then fall through the burnt area.  Get them from behind the 
    couches and then wait for your buddy to open the door for you.  Can't go 
    doing that ourselves now can we.  Head to the basement and find Marcel.  CP
    You come out into a garden area with Gerry to your left and front.  The 
    front actually circles around and meets the left with a circle in the 
    middle.  The strategy is to take out the first row of Gerries on the left, 
    then switch to the front and wipe out the circle.  The exit is on the S 
    side.  Meet up, open the barn doors to get to the Flak's.  CP
    Left, or out of the barn from Right:
    You have to take out all 3 Flaks to get the CP.  When you get to a Flak 
    Gerry will have one access point to the Flak and will come at it 
    mercilessly.  Clear that point back a ways before coming back to plant the 
    bomb.  No other tips here, just Vertical Chains to eliminate.  CP
    You're driving again.  Same thing follow compass, listen to navigator.  CP
                               Chapter 4:  Mayenne Bridge
    "No one's offering you a medal to do your job"
    Style: Headlong
    When you start there are 3 houses and a castle.  One house is E, one further 
    E, one S and the castle further S.  Clear the first house in the E, bottom 
    then top.  Come back out the W entrance and go around the N side and clear 
    the far east house.  Clear the S house and leave out the back entrance 
    toward the Gerry castle.  CP
    At the entrance to the castle take out the krauts on the right first, then 
    clear the left and move into the castle.  Proceed into the castle and clear 
    the bottom floor until you get to an open area with a statue in the middle 
    Backtrack from here and go up the stairs a bit back.  Clear upstairs until 
    you flank the position of the Gerries by the statue where you got the check 
    point.  After here, force your way south and downstairs.  Clear around the 
    barrels and proceed S up the stairs.  CP
    Outside is a statue with low walls with the following configuration
    	  /   \
         1    S
           a\ _ /
         ___    ____
    This is a perfect example of beating the spawn.  When Gerry is deploying run 
    outside and go prone at point a.  Kill the Krauts at point 1 on the way to 
    a, and then kill them at point 2 after going prone.  Exit to the south after 
    this sequence, and stay on the left hand side up to the ramp.  Kill the 
    krauts further up and then go over the ramp, and down to the lamp on the 
    left of the opening.  Be Patient here, no CP yet.  Beyond is a wooden dock 
    house, and below that is the docks.  You have to clear the whole area for a 
    CP.  use smoke to get to the dock house first.  Clear it then head outside.  
    Keep to the W house and clear the docks.  Use grenades if you need to. CP
    Get in the boat and paddle across.  CP
    Run N and toss smoke at the left building with an MG 42 in it.  Wait for the 
    smoke to deploy and head inside and clear the bottom floor.  When you head 
    upstairs a door on the bottom floor opens so run upstairs quickly and kill 
    the kraut at the top.  Clear the top floor then go back down and hide on the 
    left side of the S door.  Clear the bottom floor and hide beside the N side 
    of the stairs.  Go past the stairs and clear the back room.  Head upstairs 
    and be careful there are a lot of troops in the open area up here.  Jump 
    through the flaming hole and clear this area.  Use smoke and grenades to 
    move up on the next house and clear it for the hard earned CP.
    I chose the W option here.  Clear the basement and move on.  Clear upstairs 
    and take out the MG42.  Clear the house and kill Gerry out back.  CP
    Jump over to NW and take cover.  Advance to tank and cover Huxley.  CP
    Run N and clear the next house.  Join up with the squad downstairs.  CP
    Clear under the bridge and advance quickly to break chains.  Get up top and 
    clear out E Gerries and then defend for a few seconds.  McCullin will 
    advance across the bridge with you.  Use the 42's to take out the V Chains 
    of Gerry, and move up.
                                 Chapter 5:  Falaise Road
                    "At least until your planes give away our position"
    Style: Truck Gunner, Headlong, Covert
    Kill infantry until the MG 42 in the NE building, then kill the enemies by 
    the Flak 88 in the N.  Destroy the 88 too while you there.  You will proceed 
    NE kill a few more guys and CP.
    Back to Headlong style.  Advance to the house and through it E.  Turn right 
    and head S, your men will take care of the rest.  CP
    Advance E run to the top of the hill. then continue S.  Select the top of 
    the hill option because the bottom route can't shoot at you.  Capture the 
    88's CP
    advance E around the side of the hill.  There are 3 flaks to take out, start 
    at the right, and work your way around.  Regroup and CP
    Follow the path S and puff up some smoke to block the 42's. continue and 
    you'll show up at the following section:
    NE ____________ SE
      |C    F     B|
      |            |
      |    ___     |
      |   |   |    |
      |   | G |    |
      |   |   |    |
      |    ---     |
      |D          A|
    First you have to clear the entire square. starting at A work you way to B 
    then F then C then D.  Finally clear out Point G, the entrance is between B 
    and A.  In G get upstairs quickly and you can flank.  CP
    Now comes the fun part.  There are 3 points to block in the town.  B has a 
    bomb F requires a valve to be opened, and D has a crane to operate.  Do this 
    one B, then D, then F, but advance to F by the South.  Follow A, then B, 
    then F.  Use smoke if you have to and be as quick as you can.  After this 
    run to the NE corner, but follow D --> A --> B --> C.  CP
    Fall back to section G and go upstairs.  Style turns Covert here for a bit.  
    Kill until a Panzer shows up.  Then go with Sarge to take it out.  Exit G 
    and go W to A, then D, then C.  Get behind the tank as he plants bombs and 
    defend him at all costs.  There are 3 tanks, one at C, then D then B.  You 
    have to take out the tiger at B to finish the level.  Check E before 
    planting the bomb.
                                 Chapter 6:  Fuel Plant
                                   "Advance Frenchie"
    Style: Headlong
    Go left and around the back first.  Shoot barrels to kill a lot at once 
    here.  Proceed NNE.  First CP is in an "S" pattern.  Dodge in and out of the 
    trains to proceed to the building.  Watch for 2 MG42's one in the W first, 
    and then one later in the NE. Both are up in towers.  Use grenades if needed 
    at the building at the end.  Clear it.  CP
    Take cover in the center and take out the Gerries on the left on the ground 
    first.  Finish clearing the chain and make your way SSW.  Exit the building 
    and follow the catwalk clear the next building and open the gate.  CP
    Get in the Truck, the style turns to truck gunner here.  The scope for this 
    is the center of the circle.  Aim at the red barrels and blow them up to 
    kill the krauts. Don't worry about the truck with Gerry in it, they can't 
    hurt you.  Once you start to drive be careful about the krauts up on the 
    right.  After almost hitting the train you'll get out of the Truck.  turn to 
    the south immediately and if you start throwing grenades stay looking south 
    until they are all gone.  I had a glitch here than threw all my nades on me.  
    I actually killed my crew and had to start over.  CP
    Advance up to the first wall and wait for the sniper to kill the Half track 
    gunner.  Use smoke to advance on the left as far as a broken rail car.  From 
    here turn right and press E.  Outside of the railcar you will want to head N 
    again and advance up the stairs and plant the bomb at the top.  Be careful 
    on the stairs about Gerries on the catwalks. CP
    I took the inside option here because I prefer to clear houses, than outside 
    guys.  Houses are much easier.  Advance through the area being mindful of 
    krauts behind the glass as you move up.  Get to the end here for a CP.
    Plant Charge 2 at the Marker on the compass.  Fight the Gerry.  CP
    Head downstairs and inside the building.  Inside the furnace room head SE 
    along the S wall.  Throw smoke N halfway into the room and continue to the 
    stairs in the SE.  This is a very hard chain to defeat.  Be patient, pull 
    back when reloading and take your time once up on the catwalk.  Head NE all 
    the way to the end of the catwalk and turn NW to the upstairs section.  When 
    you get outside kill the Krauts across to the NW before continuing.  Then 
    head SE until the truck.  CP
    The style turns to Truck Driving now.  Put the petal to the floor and follow 
    the windy road to the CP.
                               Chapter 7:  The Black Baron
                                    "The Hunt is On"
    Style: Tank
    Now that's what I'm talkin about some tankage.  Drive forward and follow the 
    marker on the compass.  I'll cut in when it gets hard.  Just keep moving and 
    you'll be ok.  CP
    After the 2nd CP a Tiger tank shows up.  on the left is a small building.  
    Get behind this and then drive forward a bit to stick your nose out.  Take a 
    shot at the Tank and then duck back in.  Wait until he shoots, and then poke 
    out again.  You'll use this strategy throughout this sequence.  I found this 
    section rather easy so I'm skipping through it quickly.  CP
    take out the Gerries with Panzershreks using the left bumper to shoot the 
    turret.  Find them all using the compass.  CP
    Go through the town using the same strategy, when a tank shows up hide 
    behind something to fight it.  If it appears out of no where, retreat.  Once 
    you get to the covered tunnel proceed through and find Richter.  Take him 
                                 Chapter 8:  The Forest
                             "I didn't want the promotion"
    Style: Headlong
    Clear the bunker of the start, then cross the road.  CP
    The forest is the Hardest level in my opinion. I spent the most time on this 
    level by far.  Brace yourselves.  Krauts are very well hidden in the trees.
    This first part isn't bad, proceed up and take out the MG42 before he can 
    fire, clear the bunker and head right.  Clear chains forward from here using 
    trees for cover.  CP
    Up ahead is a log with the end of 2 separate chains meeting.  Clear out the 
    right hand chain first, and then run at the left chain taking it out on the 
    way down.  Get behind the log.  From here there is a supply dump over the 
    hill to the NW.  Take the left hand side of the hill.  First toss in some 
    smoke to the center of the supply dump and proceed.  Get to the SW corner in 
    the trenches and proceed N from there.  Force your way to the first ammo 
    dump and plant the bomb.  Make your way back into the trenches and over to 
    the next ammo dump.  Blow it up and make your way to the bunker.  Toss a 
    pineapple to the front of it to kill all those Krauts.  head inside.  CP
    The bunker has a loop inside that splits near the start, and meets near the 
    end.  Take the right path and clear it to the end of the hallway after the 
    room with the grenades in the box.  The hallway turns left. Leave from here 
    and backtrack to the left path.  Clear it to an intersection, which is 
    beside that hallway.  Turn left and fight up to the exit.  Now it gets 
    ridiculously hard.  You have to exit the bunker and get up the hill, which 
    has a bunker right behind it.  You have to clear it all out.  Toss smoke out 
    there and get out of the bunker and make an immediate left.  Go all the way 
    along the left bush to flank the bunker and make things easier.  Head on is 
    suicide.  CP
    "We've got to get across this road"
    Get used to this statement.  I actually turned off my 360 I was so pissed 
    off with this CP.  This is the hardest CP in the game I think.
    Wait for smoke and head out, run down the hill and hide behind the truck.  
    Look left and wait for Gerries to show up, take them all out.  Once the 
    smoke clears time to start clearing chains.  Start on the left and work it 
    back out of the trench into the forest.  Take out the Gerries in the right 
    side of the trench and move up to it.  Don't worry if you get hit from 
    behind, it may kill you a couple of time but you can't get rid of them.  
    Moving up into the forest is brutal.  They can see you through trees and you 
    have no idea where they are.  You have to poke your head up take out a few 
    Gerries and duck down again.  Work your way on the far N side around and 
    flank the Bunker at the end of this CP.  Clear the outside of the bunker, 
    and then time for the inside.  First off inside the bunker on the E wall a 
    door will open as soon as the bunker is clear.  If you get caught in this 
    you'll be dead in a second.  Use grenades to enter the bunker and be careful 
    when you clear it.  Proceed E out that door and clear the V chain for the 
    CP.  Phew
    Use the mortar here and aim high to kill troops first.  clear the blockade 
    to finish.
                               Chapter 9:  Laison River
                               "Fortune Favors the Bold"
    Style: Headlong
    Take cover behind the fallen tree and snipe the krauts on the edge of the 
    ridge.  Run across the river and up the ridge.  As soon as the switchback 
    turns head directly up the hill to the broken house and take cover.  Swing 
    around the right hand side of the house and force your way to the top of the 
    hill.  Hide behind the tree trunk on the ground and peek around the left 
    side.  Defeat the H chain here and force it back into the house.  Run down 
    and clear this house for the CP.
    I went right, straight at the house.  Run up quick and take cover, take out 
    the 42's in the windows and move up.  Get in the house and clear it and 
    behind it for the CP.  
    Next you have to clear out 3 flak guns and beyond for this CP.  Like before 
    clear beyond the 88 before setting the charge on it, except the last one 
    because you can't advance beyond.  The gate will open when you blow the last 
    Flak, clear behind the gate.  CP
    Clear the 42's, use smoke if you have to.  Advance up the right hand side 
    and clear the mortar at the end.  Use it to take out the 3 trucks.  CP
    Move up to the two trucks facing N right away.  Clear the visible krauts.  
    Next swing around to the S side by running around the back of the cars in 
    the W go around the cars, and the crates to get up to the car and partially 
    flank the Gerries.  Move up to the truck in the E and then Drop back around 
    to the N behind the boxes looking S to where the krauts are.  Use a smoke 
    grenade here if you like, but you don't need it.  Move up for the CP.
    Use smoke and run all the way W, then come back and flank.  Clear the house 
    and outside in the back
                              Chapter 10:  The Crossroads
    "They don't call it friendly fire for nothing"
    Style: Headlong, covert
    Follow the tank up the road CP
    Go N and then W into the building and swing around and flank the courtyard 
    to clear it.  CP
    Follow through the broken house very quickly, kill kill kill.  CP
    Go downstairs and "Head right" into the house and get into a scrap.  CP
    Clear the basement, and shoot up through the hole to clear the grenadiers, 
    head upstairs when told to and clear it.  Regroup.  CP
    This CP is a covert one.  Get on the MG and make sure to keep the Krauts 
    from manning the Half Track gun. When the Half track moves you are done.  Go 
    downstairs.  CP
    Follow to the tunnel, kill a few krauts and regroup upstairs.  CP
    I took the houses path.  Watch out for Gerries on the Road and clear to the 
    end of the houses.  At this point you have to circle around a bunch of 
    tables and stuff and then go outside.  Kill a bunch more and regroup.  CP
    Move west and through the new hole in the wall and fast through the cellar, 
    to the stairs.  Proceed up.  CP
    Clear the house on the right.  CP
    The style changes to Covert here until the end.  Fight until the door opens, 
    then fight outside until they retreat.  
                                  Chapter 11:  Hostage
    "Then Doyle and I will go Alone"
    Style: Truck Gunner, Truck Driver, Headlong
    Man the gun and take out everyone.  When you start to Drive circle around 
    the statue and take the path that is left of the marker on the compass.  
    Follow this road, and the marker on the compass.  CP
    Break the chain here by running as fast as you can, taking out they guy in 
    the SW by the door, and high tail it inside the house.  Turn left and take 
    out the krauts then hide in the NE small corner, You'll be looking at a 
    flipped table.  Clear the rest of the bottom of the house, then proceed up.  
    Be cautious of unknown rooms. Regroup outside, and clear out the wine 
    storage for a CP
    One long cellar and then the major is in the room, bust in and get him.  CP
    Take the wheel and follow the navigator. CP
    Go around the right of the house, enter and clear it.  Rather simple.  Wait 
    for the Prisoner to emerge before leaving. CP
    Drive to the next house following the compass.  CP
    Clear the house or the garage first, it doesn't matter.  Either way clear 
    them both.  CP
    Drive to the next marker.  CP
    Clear out the barn first, then you can try to run quickly to the house and 
    avoid the MG's in the two windows.  Clear the house and regroup at the jeep.  
    Watch for Gerry on the way back.  CP
    Drive to the next place.  CP
    Regroup and fight your way out of the small area and N to the right of the 
    truck.  Stay behind cover and flank the enemy.  When the tank shows up, go 
    back to the start point.  Get a bomber to go with you, she'll destroy the 
    tank, and die in the process.  Clear the town after this.
                         Chapter 12:  The Corridor of Death
                            "We've got men waiting on us."
    Style:  Headlong
    Get out of the truck and run S. Force W from here into a house on the right.  
    Fight into the back yard.  CP
    Move downstairs to a cutscene.  CP
    Take out the MG on the right and then get into that house.  Clear the other 
    MG in the next room, and then get the other one across the way.  Regroup at 
    the tavern.  This is the next hold point.  CP
    Take out the 3 mortar crews, 1 left, 2 right.  Then hold off Gerry using the 
    Covert style.  CP
    Gerry smokes the tavern and storms it.  hold covertly until the focus shifts 
    south.  Kill those Gerries and head out to the street.  Use the crowbar and 
    go to the marker on the compass downstairs.  CP
    Clear the basement and plant the charge.   
                                 Chapter 13:  The Mace
    "The Fuse must be defective, wait here..."
    Style:  Tank, Headlong, Spotter, Covert
    Get in the tank, which is stationary, and take out the other tanks. CP
    Head SE and take out guys along the way.  Turn NE and keep going.  Take your 
    time when you get to the concrete blocks and continue forward and around the 
    corner to the left.  Continue up the hill and to the CP.
    First off try the left and see where the trench goes.  Then Go right here, 
    much easier and you get an automatic snipy.  You need to clear the trench 
    for the guys to get through like you just tried.  Do that and then proceed 
    in to the trench.  Watch the guys on top that keep showing up.  Clear the 
    chain in the trench and then down the bunker and get to your front line.  CP
    Spot tanks here and take them out quickly, move along to the next spot and 
    spot more.  Once you are done move up the hill OT the CP behind the 
    sandbags.  now to Covert style.  CP
    Keep killing and falling back when told.  CP
    The Canadian spotter gets killed, and an ambush comes from the W in the 
    trench. Take out these Gerries and then retreat E when told.  CP
    Go into the manor and down to the trench.  Spot for more tanks here.  CP 
    when done.
    "We will not lose this hill."
    Final stand at the hill.  Eliminate the waves of enemies until the compass 
    says to move.  Go to the other side of the trench and kill the chain to the 
    back.  Get the bazooka and destroy the tiger tank.  Go Covert from here and 
    finish out the chapter.
                                 Chapter 14:  Chambois
    "We're Gonna Need More Ammo."
    Style:  Covert, Headlong
    Get in the north building and stay covert at the East end.  CP.
    Fall back behind the shattered wall of that N building.  Stay covert here 
    and keep killing Krauts.  Once you pass this section you need to pull back 
    and hide behind the sandbags.  Covert here too,  When the tank gets into 
    position.  CP
    Covert for a bit here if you kill Gerry quickly.  If they deploy it could 
    take a few minutes to advance.  Fall back to the church when told to do so.  
    Hide and clear the Gerries tot he S, then turn E and wipe them out over the 
    wall.  Run to the next target.  CP
    Covert, and headlong style here.  Cover Guzzo,  He has to run down and place 
    flares for air support to target.  Take out the MG 42's and troops on the 
    hill.  Follow the boys down to where they station to protect him.  Keep 
    covered and keep firing.  Once Guzzo is down.  CP
    throw smoke toward the MG's and run down to get him.  At the bottom, throw 
    more smoke for the way out and get right against the cliff wall.  Wait for 
    Sarge to pick up Guzzo and for the smoke to fill.  Run back up the hill and 
    Wipe out the remaining Krauts.  Dixon gets shot.  CP
    Headlong style here.  Go through the buildings until you're above the tank, 
    and then start killing the Gerries so your boys can move up and take the 
    tank out.  Continue through the houses and jump into the street at the end.  
    Eliminate the flankers first.  Be patient you will get them all.  Stay 
    covered. Group up and push Gerry back in the N.  Move up along the E wall 
    and continue north.  When they are clear move to the last CP.  
    For the last CP first we enter the final house.  On the ground floor are 2 
    Gerries, and then a room with stairs.  Run quick to the stairs and kill then 
    10 or so Krauts that come down.  Cover when reloading.  Go upstairs and take 
    out the 3 Gerries on the left behind the table, and 3 Gerries on the right 
    behind boxes.  Once the upper floor is clear get to the sniper rifle and 
    take out the mortars.  Be patient here, you have lots of time.  Clear the 
    chains so you get a free shot at the mortars.  Don't worry about sniper 
    ammo, you won't need it for long.  Once the mortars are toast a door will 
    open and the boys rush outside.  Follow them and get on the big stationary 
    gun.  Take out tanks, trucks, and whatever else the commander tells you to.  
    Make sure to kill the tanks first.  Once you are told to wipe out the rest 
    of the Gerries leave the gun and finish up the last Chains.
    Congratulations 150 gamer score is yours.  Oh yeah and you won the war or 
    Credits and disclaimer
    This document is copyrighted by Travis Pick, all rights reserved.  It is 
    intended for private and personal use only.  Sections of this document may 
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