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    FAQ/Walkthrough by kylohk

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 02/16/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Dragon Quest Swords strategy guide
    Platform: Wii
    Author: Kylohk
    Version: 1.1
    Date: 2009-2-16
    Table of contents:
    2. Story
    3. Basics
    4. Town layout
    5. Let's go for a walk
    6. Resolving Anlace's doubt
    7. The Queen and her mask
    8. Torment in the cove
    9. Tower of Mirrors
    10. Enter the mirror
    11. Parting is such sweetness
    12. Bringing death to the Deathbringer
    13. Mirrors, mirrors on the wall
    14. Payback time
    15. Tempering chart and Master Strokes
    16. The strongest equipment in the game
    ===IV. CONCLUSION===
    |                             I. GETTING STARTED                             |
    Dragon Quest Swords is an action role playing game for Nintendo's Wii console. 
    This game was initially intended to be a launch title for the Wii, but its 
    release was pushed back by more than a year, finally hitting store shelves in 
    Europe in May 2008. Having the full name of Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked 
    Queen and the Tower of Mirrors, this game is a Dragon Quest spin-off title and 
    the first Dragon Quest game in the Wii's generation.
    As we all know, the Wii is known for its motion controls. Square-Enix tries to 
    implement motion controls in this game for sword fights, making Dragon Quest 
    Swords an action RPG. Unlike the typical RPG, this game isn't as long if you 
    just focus on the main quest. However, there are many optional extras that can 
    be done that greatly increases the time you may spend with this game. Dragon 
    Quest Swords is quite fun if you can get the hang of the controls, which may 
    be difficult at first. So, let's begin.
    Version 1.1:
    Added information about Payback Mode.
    2. Story
    Dragon Quest Swords begins on the fifth anniversary of the defeat of Xiphos 
    the Deathbringer by the country of Avalonia. People in the capital are all 
    happily celebrating. Despite all this, the Queen has become rather reclusive, 
    much to the prince's worry. At the same time, the hero of the game has just 
    turned 16 and is about to embark on his coming of age trials. After the hero 
    has completed his trials, he is asked by the prince to help him investigate 
    his mom's odd behaviour. That is when your adventure really begins.
    Characters in this game are all conveniently named after swords or other sharp 
    objects, it seems. Ho ho ho.
    The Hero
    The Hero is the protagonist of the game. He has no default name, so you get to 
    give him a name when you start your quest. I guess you are going to name the 
    hero after yourself, right? Just like most silent protagonists, the Hero has 
    no personality whatsoever. In addition, he is the only character who actually 
    fights with his sword in this game. Either way, I will refer the Hero as "you" 
    throughout the guide.
    Prince Anlace
    He is the prince of Avalonia, son of the Queen who has been behaving oddly 
    recently. Anlace worries about his mother's condition and will ask for your 
    help early in the game. Despite being a keen swordsman, Anlace will mainly 
    assist you by casting spells.
    Fleurette is a French lady who lives in seclusion in the forest. She used to 
    be training as a nun in the church of Avalonia before she left when her 
    brother was afflicted by a terrible illness. Fleurette behaves like the 
    stereotypical French lady, along with all the accents and exaggerations in 
    this game, heh heh.
    Claymore is the hero's father. Once a renowned swordsman of Avalonia, Claymore 
    lost his sword arm in battle. It's a great pity since he'd make a great 
    fighter with such a name! With his right arm replaced by a prosthetic one, 
    Claymore fights solely by casting spells. Of all the four main playable 
    characters, Claymore has the most personality. The loss of his arm hasn't 
    dampened his high spirits and he likes to spend time at the pub womanising.
    3. Basics
    Dragon Quest Swords is played solely with the Wii Remote pointed at the screen. 
    The Nunchuck is completely not necessary.
    Control pad: Hold the Up key on the control pad to move the hero forwards. 
    Holding the Left and Right keys are used to change the direction at which you 
    are facing. The two keys turn you in the anticlockwise and clockwise 
    directions respectively. Furthermore, you can backstep by holding the Down key.
    During battle, pressing the Left or Right keys bring up the spells menu, where 
    you can order your partner to cast spells on yourselves or the enemy.
    A button: The A button functions just like the left mouse button when you are 
    using any computer operating system with a Graphical User Interface, just like 
    Windows. During battle, press the A button to set a focal point on the point 
    on the screen at which the cursor is hovering over. Outside of battle, move 
    the cursor over interesting things like rocks and people are press the A 
    button to examine or talk to them. On menus, move the cursor over an option 
    and press the A button to select it.
    B button: During battle, press and hold the B button to take out the shield. 
    Outside battle, press and hold the B button to move forward. Press the B 
    button while you are on menus to exit them.
    1 button: Press the 1 button to take out the main menu, which allows you to do 
    many things like check your attributes, change your equipment, cast heals and 
    so on. The contents vary depending on whether you are in town or out in the 
    2 button: Press the 2 button during battle to enter the Master Stroke menu, 
    which allows you to pick a powerful move known as a Master Stroke to use on 
    the enemy. This menu will only be available if you have completely filled up 
    your Master Stroke Gauge.
    Pointer: Move the Wii Remote in any direction while pointing at the screen to 
    move the cursor around, just like how you'd use the mouse in Windows.
    Motion Controls: This game detects quick movements of the Wii Remote to 
    perform sword slashes in various directions, corresponding to the direction in 
    which you move the Remote.
    Without the Nunchuck, you will have to use the Control Pad to move your 
    character. Controls are rather tank like, just like the Resident Evil games 
    for the first PlayStation. You hold the Up key of the Control Pad to move 
    forwards and the Left and Right keys to turn your character. The Down key is 
    used to go backwards. You can run forward by holding down the B button and the 
    Up key on the Control Pad. 
    Note that while you can move freely in town, out in the fields you can only 
    move forwards. Whenever you reach a junction, you will be asked the direction 
    at which you want to go. Move the cursor over the arrow corresponding to the 
    direction and press the A button. Your character will automatically walk over 
    to that path before you can manually move him again.
    Just like any action RPG, you get to interact with people and the surroundings. 
    When you see something interesting, get close and move the cursor over the 
    thing. Press the A button and you can talk or examine the object. Out in the 
    field, always have a habit of examining every suspicious rock or grass clump 
    since you will never know what's hidden inside.
    The currency unit of this game is the gold coin. Gold coins can be found by 
    defeating enemies in the field and looking under rocks and grass. You get to 
    buy recovery items, armour and upgrade your weapons using gold coins. You can 
    store your money by depositing it in a strongbox at home. Gold coins can be 
    deposited and withdrawn in increments of 1000. Whenever you are defeated in 
    battle, you lose half of the gold coins you have on hand, so it's a good idea 
    to deposit any excess money in your strongbox.
    A secondary currency is the Mini Medal, which can be traded for various items 
    from the Minimoggie that lives in a cave in town. Mini Medals are much harder 
    to find as they appear to be random drops.
    You get to save your game every time you beat a level. You can also save in 
    town by visiting the church. Talk to the nun inside and choose to Confess. You 
    can then save your progress in the data slot you choose.
    Press the 1 button while in town to bring up the main menu. Select Items to 
    enter the Items menu where you get to manage the items in your pockets, bag 
    and any tempering materials you have. Only the items in your pockets can be 
    used out in the field and in battle. 
    Clicking the upper left button allows you to see the contents of your pockets. 
    The number of each item you have in your pockets is denoted by the number at 
    the bottom right corner of the item's picture. There is a limit to the number 
    of recovery items that can be placed in your pockets, thus requiring you to be 
    resourceful in battle. You can tell whether the quota has been reached for an 
    item by examining its quantity. A red number indicates that the quota has been 
    reached. Any surplus items that are bought or found will be placed in the bag.
    When there is room for more of any item, you can quickly move those items from 
    the bag to your pockets by selecting the option Fill Pockets on the previous 
    You can only change your equipment while in town. To do that, select Equipment 
    on the main menu and you can change your weapon, shield, armour, headgear and 
    accessory. Select the slot in which you want to change the equipment of and 
    you will be shown the gear that fits into that slot. Select the desired item 
    to look at its attributes. If you wish to equip it, select Equip. You can also 
    throw the item away by selecting Discard, though this is not recommended (sell 
    it instead!).
    Out in the field
    The town of Avalonia serves as a base for your operations. To enter any level, 
    go to the town gates and talk to the guard there. You will be shown a map of 
    the entire country of Avalonia on which you can select the level you want to 
    play. The levels of this game are very linear, all you have to do is to move 
    forward! Holding the Left and Right keys on the Control Pad won't do much but 
    make you turn slightly. 
    Every time you have picked a level, you get to choose a partner to come with 
    you. Choose between Prince Anlace, Fleurette, Claymore or just go by yourself, 
    although this is yet again not recommended (unless you are a masochist or want 
    a "challenge"). The first few chapters of the game will assign a partner to 
    come with you, so you must play with the three characters at least once 
    throughout the game.
    The menu
    Press the 1 button while out on the field to open the menu. You get to use 
    your items, cast spells, view you and your partner's attributes, change your 
    tactics and leave the level.
    Using items
    To use a recovery item, select the option Items on the menu. You will be shown 
    the items that are currently in your pockets. Select the item you want to use 
    with your cursor. You may or may not be asked to choose the person you wish to 
    use the item on, depending on the nature of the item.
    Casting spells
    Your partner's duty is to offer spell support during battle. Select the option 
    Spells and Abilities on the menu and you will be shown a variety of spells 
    that can be cast. Move the cursor over the buttons for a short description of 
    the spell and its MP cost. Select the spell you would like to cast and it will 
    be cast. Note that you will be asked to choose the target when you are using 
    most healing spells. In addition, only healing spells can be used outside of 
    Character attributes
    Dragon Quest Swords is a simple game when it comes to stats. There are only 4 
    of them: Attack, Defense, Maximum Health and Maximum MP. Attack determines the 
    power of your sword attacks. It only matters for you, the hero since your 
    partners only cast spells. Defense determines how well you can mitigate damage 
    from enemies. Maximum health determines how much damage you can take before 
    you die, while maximum MP determines how much Magic Points your partner has to 
    cast spells.
    Levelling up
    You level up by gaining experience points from defeated enemies. Every time 
    the hero levels up, his health bar lengthens. That's it! I'm afraid to say 
    that the hero is extremely gear dependent. The only way to raise his Defense 
    is by wearing stronger armour and the only way to raise his Attack power is by 
    getting a better sword. Your partner on the other hand will receive boosts in 
    all stats.
    Starting battles
    As you move along the levels, enemies will pop out. Note that battles are not 
    random. You will encounter the same enemies in the same places every time you 
    play a level! It's therefore a good idea to memorise the whole place to get 
    the most points. Every time a battle begins, the icons of you and your partner 
    will appear at the bottom of the screen along with two bars to the right. The 
    top bar is the health bar, which shows how many HP you or your partner have 
    Underneath your health bar is the Master Stroke Gauge, which shows how much 
    power your have collected in order to perform powerful moves known as Master 
    Strikes. Underneath your partner's health bar is his MP bar, which shows how 
    many Magic Points he has left to cast spells with. At the bottom are your 
    experience bars, which show how close you are to levelling up.
    Using the sword
    You, as the heroes will be slashing at the enemies onscreen with your sword. 
    Start by pointing it at the screen and holding it level. Make sure that you 
    hold it level at all times to the best accuracy. Quickly move the Wii Remote 
    left and right to slash in the horizontal direction. To slash vertically, 
    quickly move the Wii Remote up and down.
    You can also slash diagonally by quickly moving the Wii Remote diagonally. 
    Diagonal slashes are probably the hardest to pull off since it's hard to keep 
    the Wii Remote level while moving it diagonally. In addition, the game tries 
    to detect the angle at which you move the Wii Remote to determine the angle of 
    the slash onscreen. It will take some trial and error to get the hang of 
    diagonal slashes. Fortunately you won't be required to slash accurately in the 
    diagonals until very late in the game.
    In addition to slashing, you can thrust the enemies with your sword. You can 
    thrust your sword by quickly pushing the Wii Remote forwards. Thrusting deals 
    considerably more damage per hit compared to slashes but can only hit one 
    target at once. In addition, thrusting serves as a great countermeasure 
    against enemies that keep their guard up most of the time. Repeated thrusts 
    may eventually cause enemies to let their guard down, allowing you to deal 
    heavy damage to them. Shield wielding enemies can often be stripped of their 
    shields this way too.
    I recommend that you thrust your sword only when facing bosses and single 
    tough enemies. Furthermore, you should always set a focal point at the spot 
    you wish to thrust your sword at for maximum accuracy. 
    This game tracks down the number of consecutive hits you have made on enemies 
    with a hit counter. The counter is displayed at the upper right corner of the 
    screen during battle and increases with every hit you make. Be careful not to 
    miss or the counter will reset to zero. A high consecutive hit count is 
    instrumental in getting a high score.
    Note that certain defeated enemies will have a dying animation before they 
    disappear. You can always slash those enemies a couple of times when they are 
    dying to boost your hit counter. This is known as overkill.
    Focal points
    During battle, you can set focal points by moving the cursor to the desired 
    position of the screen and pressing the A button. Once a focal point is set, 
    all of your attacks will be centred at that point, allowing you to target 
    enemies that appear at the difficult to hit parts of the screen. For example, 
    let's say 3 enemies appear in a column on the left side of the screen. If you 
    set a focal point on one of those enemies, you can hit them all at once with a 
    vertical slash.
    Focal points also serve as a foolproof measure against those people who find 
    it difficult to hold the Wii Remote properly. No matter where the enemy is 
    positioned, set the focal point on it and swing the Wii Remote. The enemy will 
    be hit no matter which way the sword is swung.
    Master Strokes
    As a sword wielding hero, you are able to perform powerful moves called Master 
    Strokes every now and then. Underneath your health bar is a Master Stroke 
    Gauge. Once it's 100% filled, you can choose a Master Stroke to use against 
    the enemy by pressing the 2 button. Select the Master Stroke on the menu and 
    you will be asked to perform certain gestures with the Wii Remote. If you 
    manage to perform all the actions as required, you will see the title of the 
    Master Stroke followed by a very powerful blow on the enemy.
    The Master Stroke gauge is filled by attacking the enemy and blocking their 
    attacks. You gain 1% every time you slash someone or block an attack with your 
    shield. You gain 2% each time you thrust the sword into the enemy. I recommend 
    that you save Master Strokes to use against bosses, in which case thrusting 
    will be a good idea since it fills up your gauge faster.
    During battle, press and hold the B button to take out your shield. You can 
    now move the shield around the same way you move the cursor on screen. To 
    block an enemy attack, move the shield over the part of the screen where the 
    attack is coming from. You fill your Master Stroke Gauge by 1% with each 
    attack you successfully block. Be warned that your shield will slowly take 
    damage and break apart, making it effectively smaller and harder to block with. 
    When that happens, use a pouch of Replenishield Powder and it will be as good 
    as new.
    Ranged enemy attacks
    You will get a warning in the form of a circle on the screen whenever an enemy 
    is about to attack from a range. The circle marks the position at which the 
    enemy will attack you from. The colour of the circle determines what you can 
    do against that incoming attack. A blue circle indicates a projectile that can 
    be deflected back at the enemy. Set a focal point at the circle and slash the 
    projectile when it gets closed. A yellow circle indicates a projectile that 
    can be knocked away with the sword, although I suggest you just block it with 
    your shield. A red circle indicates an attack that can only be blocked; so 
    take out your shield and move it over the part of the screen at which the 
    circle appears as quickly as possible.
    Partner tactics
    You may set the tactics used by your partner during battle. To do this, select 
    Miscellaneous on the menu and select Change Tactics. You get to choose between 
    four tactics. By asking your partner to Follow Orders, he won't do anything 
    unless you manually order him to cast spells through the menu. If you ask your 
    partner to Focus on Healing, he will always cast healing spells as his first 
    priority. If you tell him to Fight Wisely, he will maintain a balance between 
    offensive spells and heals. Finally, the Show No Mercy option is there if you 
    want him to go all out with offensive spells.
    In my opinion, I'd recommend you ask your partner to Follow Orders. This is 
    because offensive spells aren't really needed for most fights besides certain 
    moments. You are better off saving MP for heals and such. In addition, heals 
    cast through the menu will not cause you to exit the menu. In fact, you can 
    cast as many heals as you like while in the menu without fear of taking any 
    Status ailment
    There is only one status ailment in this game, hence the lack of a letter s in 
    the header. Enemies like Killer Bees can poison you with their attacks. When 
    poisoned, you lose 1 HP every few seconds, no matter how high your maximum 
    health is. The good news is that the poisons wear off after a short while. If 
    you are really desperate, you can use an antidotal herb or ask Fleurette to 
    cast Squelch on you. Don't worry about using items if your maximum health is 
    high, since 1HP every few seconds really is nothing when you have over 500 
    Item drops
    Some enemies may drop items like recovery items, tempering materials and Mini 
    Medals. Sometimes, they even drop Lucky Bags, which contain new equipment. 
    Note that Lucky Bags cannot be opened until you leave the level. Treasure 
    chests can also be found in certain parts of levels. Examine the chest to open 
    it. Beware that certain chests are booby trapped.
    Recovery items
    There are 8 slots in your pockets, reserved for 8 different recovery items. 
    The maximum number that each item can be carried is shown in brackets next to 
    the item's name.
    Medicinal herb (9): The most basic of herbs, the medicinal herb restores 
    between 40 and 50 health to the user.
    Antidotal herb (9): This herb is used to treat poisons when you are in a pinch.
    Strong medicine (5): This slightly stronger medicine restores between 80 and 
    95 health to the user.
    Special medicine (3): This is the strongest herbal medicine which restores 
    between 120 and 140 health to the user.
    Yggdrasil dew (3): This is the king of healing items. It fully restores both 
    you and your partner's health, perfect for fighting certain bosses. This item 
    can only be found in late stages of the game.
    Replenishield Powder (9): This powder is used to fully repair your shield when 
    it gets badly damaged after you have used it to block so many enemy attacks.
    Magic Water (5): This item is used to restores MP to your partner. Each phial 
    restores between 45 and 50 MP. For some strange reason, you would be asked 
    which person you would like to use it on even though it's obvious.
    Yggdrasil leaf (3): This rare item is used to revive a fallen character. If 
    you happen to have at least one, you will be asked whether you would like teo 
    use a Yggdrasil leaf on yourself when you lose all your health. This item 
    won't be found easily until very late into the game.
    Ranking system
    Dragon Quest Swords as an arcade feel to it in the sense that you will be 
    given a score and a rank when you complete a level. You are judged by 5 
    aspects: The time you have taken to beat the level, the percentage of 
    encountered enemies that you have killed (yes, certain enemies like to flee if 
    you take too long to beat them), the maximum number of consecutive hits you 
    can make without missing, your hit accuracy and your guard accuracy.
    In addition to the five things, you will also be given bonus points if you get 
    a hit or guard accuracy of 80% (1000 points each) or 100% (2000 points each). 
    You also get a 1000 point bonus if you manage to kill all enemies that you 
    have encountered. Finally, you can get another 1000 points if you manage to 
    overkill several enemies throughout your run.
    Your rank is determined by the number of points you have got. You need 12000 
    points for an S rank and 18000 points for the highest X rank. You will get 
    rewards in the form of tempering materials if you finish with rank B or higher. 
    Rewards are cumulative: For each rank higher than B that you get, you get an 
    extra item in addition to the ones obtained by getting lower ranks. So you get 
    1 item for a B rank, 2 items for an A rank and 3 items for an S rank. If you 
    get an X rank, you get double the amount of items received for an S rank plus 
    an Yggdrasil leaf or a vial of Yggdrasil dew!
    Your partners' spells
    At the start of the game, you will get to partner with each of the three 
    characters in three subsequent chapters. After that, you will get to choose 
    any of the three partners to accompany you in the levels. Prince Anlace, 
    Fleurette and Claymore all there for the same reason: Spell support.
    All offensive spells deal damage to every enemy on the screen, no matter how 
    far they are from you. They are best used against enemies that move 
    erratically or are often out of range of your sword. All heals should be cast 
    through the spell menu since you can stop all action, potentially saving you 
    from the upcoming fatal attack from the boss. Spells that boost your offense 
    and defense should only be cast during the boss battles.
    Prince Anlace is the first person to accompany you in the game. His offensive 
    spells are of the fire element. Anlace also can cast mid-range heals and 
    provide the most comprehensive boosts in your defense.
    Sizz (MP cost: 3, base spell)
    This move deals a minor fire damage to all enemies to the screen.
    Heal (MP cost: 2, base spell)
    Anlace will heal the target, granting between 30 and 40 health to him.
    Buff (MP cost: 4, learnt at level 9)
    This move increases your defense for a minute. Attacks from all enemies will 
    generally deal half of the initial damage to you.
    Midheal (MP cost: 4, learnt at level 15)
    Midheal grants between 90 and 100 health to the target. It is slightly more 
    efficient in terms of MP cost per health restored.
    Magnishield (MP cost: 6, learnt at level 21)
    Casting Magnishield will make your shield significantly larger for a minute, 
    making it much easier to block enemy attacks. This spell is a must against 
    extremely strong bosses late in the game.
    Sizzle (MP cost: 8, learnt at level 27)
    This is a more powerful fire attack that works on all enemies on screen.
    This French ex-nun trainee focuses extensively on healing spells. In fact, she 
    boasts the strongest heal in the game.
    Midheal (MP cost: 4, base spell)
    Midheal grants between 90 and 100 health to the target. It is slightly more 
    efficient in terms of MP cost per health restored. Unlike Anlace, Fleurette 
    starts with this spell already known. This is probably because you will be 
    first playing as her after Anlace's mandatory run.
    Squelch (MP cost: 2, base spell)
    This move removes poisons from your body. As useful as it is in the early 
    parts of the game, it becomes irrelevant when your health pools go way up. 1 
    HP every few seconds is nothing when your health is over 500. After all, 
    poisons wear off after a while.
    Magnishield (MP cost: 6, learnt at level 10)
    Casting Magnishield will make your shield significantly larger for a minute, 
    making it much easier to block enemy attacks. This spell is a must against 
    extremely strong bosses late in the game.
    Bisouka (MP cost: 6, learnt at level 17)
    I don't know what the name means, but Fleurette will attack all enemies on the 
    screen with hearts, dealing bewitching damage against them.
    Multiheal (MP cost: 12, learnt at level 24)
    This move restores between 100 and 120 health to both you and Fleurette. It is 
    completely not worth using even if Fleurette and you are both badly injured. 
    This is because the amount of health restored per MP spent is lower than that 
    of Midheal. A maximum health gain of 200-240 (spread across two people) 
    translates to 16.7-20 health gained per MP spent, compared to 22.5-25 health 
    gained per MP spent for Midheal. What were the designers thinking?
    Fullheal (MP cost: 12, learnt at level 34)
    Fullheals completely refill your health bar. Only use it when you have less 
    than 100 health left before using it to maximise the efficiency. Given the MP 
    cost, it's best to leave this for the toughest boss fights.
    This former swordsman turned spellcaster dad of yours will come along with you 
    after you have played with Fleurette the first time. His spells are mostly 
    offensive in nature, although he can also heal at a higher level.
    Kabuff (MP cost: 6, base spell)
    This is a longer lasting version of Buff, raising your defense for 90 seconds. 
    Just like Buff, Kabuff halves the damage taken from enemy attacks. However, 
    when you take the duration of the two buffs, Kabuff is no more efficient in MP 
    than Buff.
    Zap (MP cost: 7, base spell)
    Claymore will attack all enemies on screen with lightning.
    Oomph (MP cost: 8, learnt at level 15)
    Claymore is the only partner that is able to raise your attack power. Oomph 
    will allow you to deal 50% more damage against enemies for a minute.
    Kacrackle (MP cost: 12, learnt at level 20)
    Kacrackle deals major ice damage to all enemies on screen.
    Midheal (MP cost: 4, learnt at level 26)
    Claymore is the last person to learn his healing spells. Fortunately, it is 
    relatively easy to avoid taking damage from enemies at the early stages of the 
    game before he has reached level 26.
    Kaboom (MP cost: 12, learnt at level 36)
    Kaboom deals major explosive damage to all enemies on screen. 
    Your attack power is directly tied to the power of your sword. You may upgrade 
    your sword by tempering it at the weapon shop in town. Talk to the man in 
    charge and select Temper. You get to choose a weapon to upgrade. Any weapon 
    that cannot be upgraded will be dimmed out. Once you have selected your weapon, 
    you will be shown all the possible weapons you can upgrade it to, along with 
    the associated fee. Select the weapon you wish to upgrade to and you will be 
    shown the materials required.
    If you have the money and materials, select Tamper and you will be asked one 
    more time as a confirmation. Say yes and the man will do some hammering with 
    your old weapon before returning the upgraded weapon to you. You will get to 
    equip the weapon on the spot. It's a good idea to obtain as many weapons as 
    possible via tempering as you can learn a new Master Stroke with each new 
    weapon you get (with one exception very late in the game).
    There are 8 different materials in this game. They are, in their order of 
    appearance, monsterbone, iron ore, lava lump, thunderball, ice crystal, gold 
    bar, orichalcum and noble metal. Monsterbones and iron ore are found randomly 
    on the average monster you beat, the former having a higher drop rate. Lava 
    lumps, thunderballs and ice crystals may drop off enemies which are of fire, 
    thunder and ice elements respectively. Gold bars start appearing in the 
    penultimate level and orichalcum is found in the final level and the post game 
    sequences. Finally, noble metal can only be found late in the post game 
    All bosses drop a piece of material upon defeat and you can quickly build up 
    on materials if you can repeatedly beat a level with the S rank.
    4. Town layout
    There is only one town in the whole game, your hometown of Avalonia. This 
    chapter will show you what you can find in this town. First of all, you live 
    in a house at the entrance square of the town. Having left your house, turn 
    left and you will see an item shop opposite your house. That shop sells the 
    following basic recovery items, with their prices (G stands for gold coins) 
    shown in the brackets. Note that certain items won't become available until 
    later chapters.
    Medicinal herb (8G, Restores between 40 to 50 health per use)
    Antidotal herb (10G, Removes poisons from your body)
    Strong medicine (40G, Restores between 80 to 95 health per use)
    Special medicine (110 G, Restores between 120 and 140 health per use)
    Replenishield powder (270G, Fully repairs your broken shield)
    You can also play with the tombola in this shop if you have tombola tickets, 
    obtained by purchasing from any vendor in town. The tombola is a random 
    minigame where you spin a wheel around until the ball drops out. Your prize is 
    determined by the type of ball that is lit at the left side of the screen when 
    the timer runs out.
    There are 4 paths leading from the entrance square. Go south to reach the town 
    gates where you can talk to the guard to go out to the field. There are 3 
    pronged paths leading north. The central path is a flight of stairs that lead 
    up to the castle, where the Queen and Prince Anlace resides. The left path 
    leads up to a church where you can save your game. If you continue up the left 
    path, you will reach the upper level of the town where you can find a minigame 
    parlour run by Aunty Stiletto, a muscular masked Australian tomboy woman.
    There are two types of minigames: Dart Attack and Slime Crisis. I would truly 
    recommend Slime Crisis. Your objective will be to destroy 100 Slimes in the 
    shortest time possible. This minigame serves as a great target practice for 
    all those who are trying to get the hang of the controls. If you manage to 
    kill them all within a minute, you will be rewarded with a phial of Magic 
    Water. Completing the minigame within 50 seconds lands you a Gold Bracer, the 
    strongest accessory in the game with 15 Defense.
    If you take the right path, you will come to two shops, a weapon shop and an 
    armour shop. The weapon shop allows you to upgrade your weapons, provided that 
    you have the proper tempering materials and money. The armour shop sells low 
    to medium level shields, armour and headgear as listed below.
    Iron shield (640G, Durability: 3)
    Wayfarer's clothes (110G, Defense: 7)
    Leather armour (250G, Defense +10)
    Leather hat (65G, Defense: 3)
    Hardwood headwear (160G, Defense +6)
    Platinum shield (1800G, Durability: 4)
    Iron armour (870G, Defense: 22)
    Iron helmet (1150G, Defense: 10)
    Further up the right path is the local pub, where you can check up on your 
    high scores in each level by examining the picture on the wall. If you 
    continue up the path, you will reach the upper level of the town. The cave 
    directly to the right of Aunty Stiletto's counter is a sword training hall. 
    You can speak with Swordmaster Dao to learn the basics of sword combat in this 
    game. You can also test out your Master Strokes on the mannequin in the corner. 
    Furthermore, there is a set of stairs that can be used to reach the main floor 
    of the castle.
    Also note the flight of stairs to the right which lead down from the upper 
    level. You will find Ye Olde Reflectory in the cave to the left of that path 
    and another cave with Minimoggie at the bottom of the stairs. Minimoggie 
    offers various items which can be traded for Mini Medals. The strongest piece 
    of armour in the game can be obtained from him.
    Boulderdasher (3 medals, Allows you to destroy the toughest boulders in levels)
    Magic water (3 medals, Restores between 45 and 50 MP to your partner)
    Yggdrasil leaf (4 medals, Revives a fallen character in battle)
    Astraea's abacus (10 medals, Attack: 20, Makes you megabucks in the midst of 
    Kitten claw (15 medals, Attack: 32, Meows like a moggie in melee)
    Poison needle (20 medals, Attack: 1, Capable of felling a foe with a simple 
    well aimed thrust)
    Gold bar (30 medals)
    Life bracer (50 medals, Defense: 5, Increases your maximum health by 15)
    Liquid metal armour (100 medals, Defense: 105, Reduces physical damage taken 
    by 30%)
    Of all those items, only the Boulderdasher and the liquid metal armour are 
    worth getting. The poison needle requires you to aim very precisely for it to 
    work. Therefore you will need a total of 103 mini medals to get everything you 
    need. In fact, getting over 100 medals is easier said than done. The best 
    place to farm medals is the first level.
    |                           II. THE GAME ITSELF                              |
    OK, so detach the Nunchuck from your Wii Remote and turn the Wii on. Insert 
    the game disc and select the game on the Disc Channel. Press the A and B 
    buttons on the title screen at the same time to enter the main menu. Create a 
    new adventure log and enter a name (preferably yours) for the hero. After that, 
    you will be asked to specify your handedness. I assume you will use your right 
    hand in this guide.
    You are shown the opening scene, where some ugly mask is shown in various 
    angles. A female voice with a French accent talks about the mask and how 
    frightening it is. She mentions that it has been five years since the defeat 
    of Xiphos, the Deathbringer. The world is a peace, and they are holding a fete 
    to celebrate five years of liberty. The scene now changes to some kind of 
    combat hall.
    An old man in Japanese style clothes defeats his opponent in a fight watched 
    by many. Some topless strongman wearing a yellow mask proclaims, "They fink 
    it's all over... it is now! And the winner is... Swordmaster Dao!" If you are 
    from England, you'd recognise the first phrase to be one used by the BBC 
    commentator during the FIFA World Cup final of 1966, when Geoff Hurst scored 
    his third goal in the final kick of the game to seal England's victory!
    Swordmaster Dao sheathes his sword and laughs, "The passage of time has not 
    dulled my blade... or my skills! Are there no others? No more young heroes 
    willing to challenge an old man?" Dao looks around and spots you. "Ah-ha! You 
    there!" He calls, "The son of my accomplished pupil, Claymore, I believe. So? 
    Are you ready to try your hand against your father's master?"
    The strongman is surprised. He exclaims, "Cor blimey! An invite from 
    Swordmaster Dao himself! 'E's only gone an' challenged Claymore's son. 
    Claymore bein' one o' the famous warriors wot defeated Xiphos the Deafbringa!" 
    Ha ha, so Xiphos causes deafness, according to this man's accent! "An' wot's 
    more, 'e was a pupil of Swordmaster Dao too! Goddess only knows wot kinda 
    match we're in for 'ere!"
    You step forward, Dao says, "I have been speaking with your father. Tomorrow 
    will be your sixteenth birthday, I hear. When a young man of our land comes of 
    age, he must undertake the Walk of the Worthy. It is tradition. You must focus 
    your mind and spirit on the ways of the sword now. Come, I will instruct you." 
    And so, it's time for a little tutorial.
    Start by swing the sword at Dao a few times. After that, he will move to the 
    right and tell you to set a focal point on him before you swing the sword. You 
    are then told to hold the Wii Remote so that your thumb faces up at all times, 
    even when you are swinging your sword. After that, swing your sword in the 
    directions instructed. Next, it's time to learn how to thrust your sword. Move 
    the cursor over Dao and quickly push the Wii Remote forwards.
    We now move to defence. Start by raising your shield to block Dao's attack. He 
    then tells you how to block magic attacks. Raise your shield and move it over 
    to the part of the screen where the red dot has appeared. Finally, you are 
    told how to counter attacks. Block Dao's attack and immediately swing your 
    sword at him. Here endeth the lesson.
    "Yes, you are strong!" Dao says, "You are well-centred. You may  even possess 
    the inner tranquillity required to execute the master stroke technique I 
    taught your father long ago. Do you wish to try?" It's time to use the Master 
    Stroke. It's time to use the Mighty Strike! Thrust the Wii Remote directly 
    upwards before swinging it forward. Dao will be knocked back by this attack. 
    Dao reminds you that you must hold the Wii Remote correctly while powering up 
    your attacks, as well as watching out for other people and objects around you.
    Dao chuckles, "Tiger father begets tiger son. You have inherited your father's 
    command of the blade. Since Claymore lost his arm, he is no longer able to 
    wield a sword, but you... the Kingdom of Avalonia will be fortunate indeed to 
    count you amongst its warriors." The strongman then announces, "'Ere ends the 
    royal festival of swordsmanship commemoratin' the fifth anniversary of the 
    defeat of Xiphos the Deafbringa." He sighs a breath of relief.
    5. Let's take a walk
    You are shown some basic instructions for the game. Walk around this hall and 
    examine the barrels. You may be able to find a medicinal herb and a Mini Medal 
    this way. Afterwards, talk to your father: He's the man with the white shirt 
    and blue trousers. "You looked good out there, lad," Claymore says, "Aye, that 
    you did. Course, old Dao was just playing with you. But still... If only I 
    hadn't messed up my arm so badly eh?" He shows you his prosthetic arm, made 
    out of metal, just like Anakin Skywalker's.
    "Then I could've trained you good and sharp, and maybe it would've been you 
    playing with Dao!" Some nobleman appears behind Claymore. "There you are," he 
    says, "That last bout was quite a spectacle. I'm rather impressed!" He walks 
    over, prompting Claymore to bow to him. "Prince Anlace!" he says, "It's been a 
    long time. You're a good deal tougher now than when you used to train under me, 
    by the looks of it."
    Anlace agrees, "Quite right! You'll find I never miss a day's training!" He 
    turns to you, "So don't imagine you can outdo me, just because you come from 
    heroic stock. We should spar together sometime." Claymore then asks, "Forgive 
    me for asking, your Highness, but where's Queen Curtana? I haven't seen Her 
    Majesty all day?"
    Anlace looks worried. "Mother is... I am told she has been feeling unwell in 
    recent days." He shakes his head, "She confines herself to her chamber and 
    refuses to see anyone, including myself." Claymore replies, "I was thinking of 
    dropping in and saying how do, but maybe I'll save it for another time. Well, 
    it'll be getting dark soon, son. Time to head home. Good to see you looking so 
    well, your Highness. You take care now." Claymore climbs the stairs.
    Follow your dad up the stairs and leave through the double doors to the left. 
    Claymore was waiting for you. "There you are, lad. You go on home ahead of me, 
    alright? I've an errand to run. It's your sixteenth birthday tomorrow, after 
    all. I suppose I'd best find you a present of some sort, eh?" You are then 
    shown the fireworks celebration in the skies above Avalonia. Meanwhile, some 
    hideous creature stands at the beach, roaring loudly at the moon before he 
    walks into the water. So, it's time for Chapter 1: The Walk.
    Your dad tries to cast spells on you, waking you up. "Frizz! Kaboom! I'm glad 
    that last Kaboom woke you, sleepy head! The next spell I had lined up could 
    hae hurt! I bet you are tired from your turn with old Dao yesterday, eh? But 
    you know what today is, don't you? Aye that it is, your sixteenth birthday, 
    lad. The day the Queen will order you to take the Walk of the Worthy, and 
    you'll become a man! So don't keep her Majesty waiting son. Get yourself 
    sorted and head over to the castle."
    Leave your home and enter the castle. Looks like the throne room is locked, so 
    talk to Colonel Cutlass standing outside. Cutlass tells you that the Queen is 
    ill again. Anlace then appears, "Felicitations, birthday boy," he exclaims, 
    "How peculiar for you to be visiting the castle alone! I imagine you're here 
    to meet with Mother? How unfortunate. She's made it quite clear that she does 
    not wish to entertain visitors at present. She has even refused to grant me an 
    audience - her own son. Sorry...I am desperately worried about her."
    The door to the throne room opens and some extremely tiny minister walks out. 
    "Your highness," he says, "I trust all is...tickety-boo?" "Ah, Minister 
    Misericord. My young friend here is celebrating his sixteenth birthday today. 
    Accordingly, he has come for an audience with Mother." "Ah-ha! I see. U-
    Unfortunately the Queen is somewhat unavailable. Yes... this does give rise to 
    a most vexing dilemma. What to do, what to do?" Misericord does boast some 
    lively vocabulary, eh?
    "Bingo! I have it! I shall momentarily assume the role of her Majesty and 
    convey the procedure of the Walk in her place." "Excellent, Minister. I myself 
    must away - training beckons, you understand - so I shall leave this matter in 
    your capable hands." Anlace walks off.
    Misericord then says, "I shall come, if I may, somewhat directly to the, 
    er..yes..to the er... point." That's not very direct! "As you have now come of 
    age, you are required to undertake the Walk of the Worthy. It is a 
    long0standing tradition of the Kingdom of Avalonia. A trial to establish your 
    merit, if you will. Beyond the plains to the north, you will find the 
    notorious Caliburn Cave. The Walk of the Worthy merely requires you to return 
    safely from its innermost chamber, the Worth of Worth! I have little doubt 
    that you, one of Avalonia's most promising young talents, will succeed and 
    return triumphant!"
    OK, so go to the town gates and talk to the guard so that he opens the gates 
    for you. Claymore then appears behind you. "Heading off to Caliburn Cave are 
    you, lad? I'd like to say I'll go with you, but that wouldn't make it much of 
    a trial, wouldn't it? No lad. This is something you've to do on your own. I'll 
    be thinking of you, though. I may even remember to raise a glass down to you 
    at the pub." He walks off to the pub.
    Caliburn Cave
    You now have to walk across the plains to reach the cave. Make sure to examine 
    all the clumps of grass alongside the path for gold coins, recovery items and 
    Mini Medals. Please note that I will be making the names up for the enemies of 
    this game since there is no Navi or Magic Lens of the sort to help me identify 
    the official names of them all.
    Rank S: Thunderball
    Rank A: Iron Ore
    Rank B: Monsterbone
    Blue slime (Money: 1G     Exp: 1     Drop: Monsterbone)
    Orange slime (Money: 2G     Exp: 3     Drop: Medicinal herb)
    Grey mole (Money: 2G     Exp: 3)
    Green one eyed monster (Money: 2G     Exp: 5)
    Purple bat (Money: 3G     Exp: 4     Drop: Monsterbone)
    Green goo (Money: 6G     Exp: 7)
    Archer (Money: 5G     Exp: 10     Drop: Monsterbone)
    *****END ENEMY LIST*****
    You will be attacked by a blue slime, followed by a row of 2 blue slimes, 
    followed by a row of 3 blue slimes. Use horizontal slashes to take them all 
    out. Walk a little further and you will be attacked by another row of 3 slimes 
    (2 blue and 1 orange), then a row of 2 blue slimes and 2 orange slimes, 
    followed by a row of 4 orange slimes.
    You can see the cave in the distance. Suddenly, a grey mole pops out. Block 
    the dirt he chucks at you and slash him when he draws near. A single blue 
    slime then appears, with another Grey Mole behind it. Take out the slime and 
    kill the mole when it comes close. Two grey moles then jump out with an orange 
    slime. Kill the orange slime quickly, don't worry about the dirt slung at you. 
    The two moles can then be killed simultaneously when they come up to face you.
    Continue forward to be attacked by a green one eyed monster. Slash him quick 
    and he won't be able to attack you. Another green monster arrives, accompanied 
    by a blue slime. Take them out and another green monster will attack with an 
    orange slime and grey mole. Note that the green monster is invincible when he 
    turns red, so keep blocking his attacks until he turns green again.
    Shortly after the fight, you will be ambushed by 4 slimes, 2 blue and 2 orange, 
    followed by 2 grey moles and 2 green one eyed monsters. There won't be any 
    more enemies until you enter the cave.
    The general is expecting you. "Welcome to Caliburn Cave," he says, "There is 
    no mistaking a son of old Claymore is there? I mean, look how easily you got 
    here! But this is just the start of the Walk of the Worthy. Are you ready for 
    the true test ahead?" Yes! "Great! Well, here are a few things to help you on 
    your way. Use one if things get hairy in there." You receive three medicinal 
    herbs. "Alright then. May the goddess be with you! I pray that She will see 
    you safe through the challenges that lie ahead, with all your limbs still 
    intact." He steps aside, allowing you to enter the cave.
    Your first group of enemies inside the cave will be some purple bats. Slash 
    them when they get close. The first one will come by itself, the next two will 
    be arrange in a row, while the following three will fly in a column on the 
    left side of the screen. The next three will fly in a diagonal going from the 
    top left to the bottom right. An orange slime will also appear at the bottom 
    of the screen. Take them out and you can move forward.
    A green goo will pop up, attempting to hurl poison slime at you. Block the 
    slime and let it come close. You must use vertical slashes to take it out, 
    horizontal slashes are usually dodged by this enemy. Even more green goo 
    appear with a blue slime and some purple bats, so take them out as well. Those 
    bats are patient enough to wait until both goo have hurled their poison at you 
    before they fly in a column to the left side of the screen. Kill the bats and 
    the goo will come forward to say hi.
    Go through the opening in the wall to meet an archer. Deflect his arrow back 
    at him to defeat him. Kill the two green goo and you are free to open the 
    chest, which contains a lucky bag. Past the treasure chest is a junction. 
    Since the left path is blocked, go right. You will immediately face two 
    archers, so get ready to knock their arrows back at them. You then face 3 
    archers and 2 purple bats.
    Continue along the tunnel and you will be attacked by arrow of 5 orange slimes. 
    2 orange slimes then appear accompanied by 2 green goo. 5 purple bats then 
    appear. The first 3 will fly in a column to the left side of the screen while 
    the other 2 will line up in a row at the centre. You then enter a brightly lit 
    passage, you are getting warm. The door to the Worth of Worth is guarded by 
    archers and purple bats. Take the two archers out and the bats will fly over. 
    The first three will line up in a row at the top of the screen while the final 
    one bears left.
    With these enemies dead, you can enter the final room, where a knight is 
    waiting for you. "Well met, seeker of worth," the knight says, "Behold this 
    knight of old, Sir Dirk Worthington! A duel sire! That is your charge! Defeat 
    me, and take your place amongst the ranks of the worthy! Battle without 
    quarter!" It's time to fight!
    Sir Duke Worthington
    Money: 40G     Exp: 80     Drop: Monsterbone
    This knight is rather slow. Let him get close and raise your shield. Block his 
    attacks and you can counter with 3 slashes. Repeat until you have taken half 
    of his health. Worthington will jump back and be enraged. "Show me your worth!" 
    he cries. Let him jump back forward and continue to counter his attacks until 
    his health bar is depleted. Deal the deathblow and Worthington's armour will 
    fall to pieces, revealing nothing inside!
    *****END LEVEL*****
    You will be shown your score for this level and your renown rating. When 45 
    people have heard of you, you will earn the title of Worthy Apprentice. Check 
    your lucky bag, looks like you have gained some hardwood headwear. The 
    fragments of Sir Worthington magically come back together. "Such... such 
    mastery of the sword!" He gasps, "Thou art worthy! I am defeated! So endeth 
    the Walk of the Worthy!" Let's save your game and continue. It's time for 
    chapter 2: Doubt.
    6. Resolving Anlace's doubt
    You are welcomed home by the guard, who tells you that he will fix your shield 
    for you whenever you return. Go to the menu and equip the hardwood headwear to 
    raise your defense to 6. Go over to the weapon shop and you will be told about 
    the basics of tempering. Ask him to temper your copper sword and you will be 
    shown the price and materials required.
    You need 2 monsterbone and 1 lump of iron ore to upgrade your copper sword to 
    the Steel Broadsword. You should have an iron ore if you manage to beat the 
    first level with an A rank or more. It is likely that you won't have enough 
    money to temper the sword. If you are slightly short, search the barrels 
    around town for more gold coins. Once you have enough, start tempering! The 
    steel broadsword raises your attack power to 25 and allows you to use a new 
    Master Stroke, the Multistrike.
    New Master Stroke! Multistrike
    Raise the Wii Remote vertically above your head and hold it there until the 
    time limit expires. Slash three times to deal an explosive strike!
    With this new Master Stroke learnt, go to see Minimoggie. You should have over 
    3 Mini Medals, so trade them for a Boulderdasher. Having eaten this nut, you 
    feel strong enough to shatter even the toughest boulders! Let's go to the 
    castle and report back to Misericord. "An exemplary demonstration of the very 
    finest execution of what can only be described as... as... ahem! Well done!" 
    He says, "Customs dictates that her Majesty the Queen would now congratulate 
    you, but, as you will see, she is er... elsewhere at present. Accordingly, I 
    have been composing a short speech in recognition of your admirable return 
    from the walk."
    He clears his throat. "You were stonking! You now rank amongst Avalonia's most 
    valued knights. Yes, you have taken your place as one of the worthy protectors 
    of our great realm! I don't suppose, if I may be so bold as to enquire, that 
    you happen to know the whereabouts of Prince Anlace? He was sent into 
    something of a flap by her Majesty's abrupt departure. I'm afraid he did not 
    take kindly to being told he was not to accompany her. He is a fine young man, 
    but when it comes to his mother, he can be somewhat... wilful. I must confess 
    that this whole sorry business has left me feeling really rather... rather... 
    Head back home to talk to your dad. "Done already lad?" he asks, "So how did 
    it go? You reported back to her Majesty, I hope. No! She wasn't at the castle? 
    Then where's she gone?" Someone knocks at the door. "Hm? Who's that banging on 
    the door at teatime? Hey! Maybe it's that lass I was getting to know better at 
    the pub last night."
    Anlace enters. "It is I, Prince Anlace. Forgive the intrusion, but I must ask 
    a favour of you." "What an unexpected pleasure! Good to see you looking well, 
    lad." "I am far from well, sir. I fear from Mama! She has been behaving most 
    uncharacteristically as of late. Were her aloofness limited to her public 
    demeanour, I should not be so troubled. But she is as a stranger to her own 
    son - her very flesh and blood!"
    Claymore looks at you and says, "Hmmm... My boy here was telling me how she 
    wasn't at the castle when he came back from the walk." "Quite so! Mother has 
    ventured off to Galantyne Glades, of all places! She is on her way there even 
    as we speak!" "Galantyne? There's a hot spring there that caps them all, I 
    hear." Anlace shakes his head, "I'm terribly worried. What if Mama is unwell? 
    She absconded with barely a manservant in attendance. Such clandestine 
    behaviour is most perturbing. I have resolved to pursue her. Which brings me 
    to the favour I wish to ask. Will you escort me?"
    Claymore replies, "I see. So that's what you're after. But didn't you just say 
    her Majesty left in secret?" "Indeed." "Well she's not daft lad. She has her 
    reasons, I'm sure. She might not take kindly to being stalked." "You mean to 
    say, you refuse me?" Claymore apologises, "Aye, I'm sorry, your Highness." 
    "And I cannot persuade you to reconsider?" "No lad, I'm afraid you can't." 
    Anlace is disappointed. "Very well. IN that case I shall seek assistance 
    elsewhere. Good day to you." He leaves.
    Claymore shrugs at you, "I dunno! That lad's always been a sight too worried 
    about his mum if you ask me. Aye, I remember it landing him in trouble before 
    now. Still, I'd be lying if said I wasn't a bit worried myself this time. I 
    tell you what, why don't you give the Prince a hand, eh, lad? You're a man now. 
    I can rely on you, right? Anlace is a stubborn one. He won't give up now the 
    idea's in his head. But we can't let him go to Galantyne alone. It's too 
    dangerous." Looks like you will be the one who will escort Anlace.
    Leave the house to find Anlace standing in front of the fountain. Talk to him. 
    "Ah, it's you. I hardly need mention how downcast I am about your father's 
    answer. Whoever will I find to assist me now?" He gets an idea. "But of course! 
    Being refused by Claymore hardly precludes my asking you. Will you accompany 
    me to Galantyne Glades?" Yes! "Thank you! Knowing I shall have you by my side 
    raises my spirits to no end. I am informed that monsters abide in Galantyne. 
    It falls to you to see me safely past them." Prince Anlace officially joins 
    you. "When you have made ready, we shall convene here prior to departing.
    Go over to the gates and talk to the guard to have him open the gates. It's 
    time to enter Galantyne Glades. "Come!" Anlace cries, "We must make haste! We 
    can ill afford to tarry if we are to have any hope of finding Mother."
    Galantyne Glades
    S rank: Ice crystal
    A rank: Iron ore
    B rank: Monsterbone
    Evil mushroom (Money: 6G     Exp: 21     Drop: Replenishield Powder)
    Archer (Money: 5G     Exp: 10     Drop: Monsterbone)
    Purple bat (Money: 3G     Exp: 4     Drop: Monsterbone)
    Zombie (Money: 8G     Exp: 30     Drop: Antidotal herb)
    Green bat (Money: 10G     Exp: 39     Drop: Replenishield Powder)
    Green goo (Money: 6G     Exp: 7)
    Purple bat (Money: 3G     Exp: 4     Drop: Monsterbone)
    Boar warrior (Money: 13G     Exp: 92)
    Blue jellyfish (Money: 7G     Exp: 15)
    Blue slime (Money: 1G     Exp: 1     Drop: Monsterbone)
    Slime rider (Money: 10G     Exp: 36)
    *****END ENEMY LIST*****
    This forest is dimly lit. Consider looking under all those mossy rocks for 
    items and money. Start by having Anlace follow your orders only. You will be 
    ambushed by an evil mushroom at the first pile of mushrooms, followed by 2 
    archers. The two arrows will fly at you, converging at a column marked by the 
    blue circles. You should try deflecting both arrows back at the enemies at 
    once. Move on when they have been taken out.
    A row of 2 evil mushrooms will pop out at the next pile of mushrooms. Two 
    archers then pop out, firing arrows arranged in a row. Three more evil 
    mushrooms await you at the third pile of mushrooms, followed by 3 purple bats. 
    Those bats will line up in a row at the top of the screen once you have 
    defeated the mushrooms. A zombie will then pop out. Slash him twice to take 
    him out before he can spit his vomit at you.
    You arrive at a junction. Choose to turn left and you will find the path 
    blocked off by a boulder. You can smash it with your sword, thanks to 
    Boulderdasher. You will be immediately ambushed by three evil mushrooms at 
    that mushroom pile, followed by 2 more, then a trio. You will reach a dead end 
    with a treasure chest. Open it for a lucky bag then move forward until you are 
    automatically sent back to the junction.
    Go right this time. You will be attacked by 2 green bats at the mouth of the 
    tunnel. Block the Diminishield spell and slash at them when they fly forward 
    to you. Do it quickly while they are still arranged in a row. Three green bats 
    then come forth. Block the spell and slash them when they come arranged in a 
    row. Three more green bats then appear, followed by a green goo. Block their 
    spell again and slash them when they come forwards arranged in a row. These 
    bats may rotate their formation in a clockwise direction if you are too slow. 
    The green goo will come close once the bats are defeated, allowing you to take 
    it out with a vertical slash.
    Continue along the tunnel to meet 3 green bats and 3 purple bats. The bats 
    will come to you arranged in two rows, so set focal points at the centre of 
    each row and use horizontal slashes to kill them all. 5 bats (3 green, 2 
    purple) then appear, coming forth in a T-formation. Set a formation at the 
    central green bat and slash horizontally then vertically.
    Move along to be ambushed by a Zombie, backed up by 3 green bats. Kill the 
    zombies and the green bats will take turns to cast Diminishield at you before 
    moving close one by one. Having Anlace cast Sizz to take them all out if you 
    are not patient. Two more zombies will appear arranged in a row. Take them 
    both out, watching out for their poisonous puke. The other end of the tunnel 
    is blocked off by a rock, so let's slash it to pieces.
    A boar warrior will be waiting for you at the exit. Block his attack and 
    quickly slash him three times. It may be possible to slash him once more 
    during his dying animation. Another way to beat him is by thrusting your sword 
    at him while his spear is up. The thrust will throw him off balance, allowing 
    you to slash at him. In addition, he has a weak spot in his groin, so thrust 
    your sword at that part of his body if you can.
    A bit further on, you will find another boar warrior accompanied by a blue 
    jellyfish. Kill the jellyfish first. Once the boar warrior is defeated, three 
    more jellyfish will appear at the scene in a row at the top of the screen 
    along with another boar warrior. Take out the jellyfish first as before. Also 
    watch out for the grey slime that is moving quickly to the right at the bottom 
    of the screen! You must take him out if you want to get the "No Monster Left 
    Behind" bonus at the end of the level.
    You then come to a treasure chest with a lump of iron ore inside. Next up are 
    2 archers, firing their arrows arranged in a diagonal from the lower left to 
    the upper right. It's going to be hard to deflect both arrows in one slash. 
    Three zombies then appear, so take them out one by one.
    You arrive at another junction, so let's turn right. You will immediately be 
    ambushed by 5 blue slimes arranged in a column, one horizontal slash will do! 
    You then face another column, followed by 2 columns, then a column with 2 blue 
    slimes. Run along to find 5 blue slimes arranged in a row, followed by a row 
    with another two. Two slime riders (knights rider on green slimes) then appear. 
    When they get close, block their attacks and slash them vertically.
    Two chests can be found at the dead end, one containing 120 gold coins, 
    another containing a mini medal. Return to the junction and go left. You will 
    face 2 slime riders, followed by 3 rows of blue slimes. 2 more slime riders 
    appear, defeat them and you are through.
    Next up are some green and purple bats arranged in a cross. 5 more bats will 
    then appear arranged in a letter X. Another 5 will appear, this time 
    alternating between a cross formation and an X formation. Ask Anlace to Sizz 
    them if you have trouble hitting them. You are getting close to a clearing. 
    But before that, you have to fight through a row of 3 green bars and a pair of 
    boar warriors.
    Anlace examines the clearing. "Look! I see a break in the undergrowth, and 
    sunlight! There is a glade just ahead." The camera pans around the clearing. 
    "Mother walked along this same path but recently - I am almost sure of it!" 
    The ground then rumbles. "What is that rumbling?" A golem made of brick 
    appears. He's called Briquet.
    Briquet says in a robotic voice, "This, my garden. Trespassers will be... 
    persecuted. Though... the organic female escaped, you will NOT." Anlace draws 
    his sword. "The beast makes its threat in earnest! Ready your sword, comrade! 
    En garde!"
    Money: 180G     Exp: 320     Drop: Iron ore
    This golem despises organic things. He attacks by punching you from the four 
    corners of the screen. You can tell which direction he's going to punch you by 
    the position at which he is holding his fist. For example, if he lowers his 
    right fist, you can tell that he's going to punch you from the lower left part 
    of the screen, and that is where you have to hold your shield. Block his 
    entire sequence of attacks and you can slash him a number of times. If he 
    raises both fists while leaning backwards, you can tell he is trying to double 
    punch you at the centre of the screen.
    Briquet will be enraged at half health. His attacks will be slightly faster 
    and less predictable. Continue blocking them and hit him a few more times. 
    Unleash a Multistrike on him and he will be defeated.
    You may become more renowned by two levels if you get an S rank. As a Skilful 
    Squire, your Master Strokes become more powerful. As a Knight Errant, you 
    become more resistant to poison. Also check the contents of your lucky bag, 
    it's a Purr Coat.
    *****END LEVEL*****
    Anlace sheathes his sword and exclaims, "Praise be to the goddess! The fiend 
    is defeated at last! Come! We must make haste!" You reach a small cabin in the 
    clearing. "Look, a hut! Someone surely resides here. But we must approach 
    with..." The door opens, "Quick, hide yourself."
    A woman wearing a conical hat and an ugly golden mask is seen leaving the hut. 
    It's Queen Curtana! Is it fashionable to wear ugly masks these days? "Mama!" 
    Anlace cries. He runs after her, but she's gone. "Too late, she's gone." He 
    turns to you and says, "Did you see her mask? She's taken to wearing it of 
    late. But she will be drawn on why. It is a mystery even to me. What business 
    could have probably brought Mother to this lowly lodging? Come. We must make 
    our presence known."
    The girl living inside the hut comes out and asks, "Who are you?" This girl is 
    wearing a black and red dress with some weird headdress. Anlace replies, 
    "Please! Be not afeared! We mean you no harm. We merely wish to enquire as to 
    the affairs of your scarce-deported visitor. What brought her to your shack, 
    The girl refuses to answer, "That is none of your concern." "Huh! Forgive me, 
    lady. I have not yet introduced myself. Anlace. Prince of Avalonia at your 
    service." The girl walks over to Anlace and introduces herself. "Ah, oui? Yes, 
    I had in my mind that I had seen you before. My name is Fleurette. Enchante." 
    This explains the French accent! Looks like she is the one who spoke at the 
    opening scene. "Ah! That bijou! Your earring, it is the work of the great 
    jeweller, Ricasso?" Is that a parody of Pablo Picasso, the Spanish painter of 
    the Guernica?
    Anlace says, "It is. A present from Mama, in fact. Uh, but that is by the by. 
    I command you to tell me why my mother was here." Fleurette turns away. "My 
    brother, he was one of the heroes who defeated Xiphos. Ever since then, he is 
    suffering from a malady." She turns around, "I tried to help him! Buy my magic 
    was useless. He left me here alone. I do not know where he is gone."
    "Forgive me, good lady, but I believe you misheard me. I enquired of my mother, 
    not your brother. You say your brother battled the Deathbringer? Then, you are 
    the sister of Aruval? Aruval was one of those who fought against my late 
    father against Xiphos." "If you know this, then I believe I can tell you 
    everything. Her Majesty came to meet my brother. She was on her way to the 
    healing hot spring. But when I told to her that my brother was not here, he 
    did not seem to surprise her."
    "And? Is there nothing more you can tell us? Nothing unusual you noticed about 
    her? Did she look well?" "Well, oui. Though that hideous mask made it hard to 
    tell. Who is the designer? Someone famous?" Anlace shrugs, "That is a question 
    I should like to ask my mother. She took to wearing it without a word of 
    explanation." "So it was not a famous designer's caprice? But I was sure I 
    recognised it."
    "In summary then, we know little more about my mother's intentions. What we do 
    know is that she was on her way to a hot spring famous for its healing 
    properties." Aruval turns to you and says, "Then there can be no doubt. Mama 
    is unwell! I must return to the castle at once and attend to her. Forgive me, 
    but I dare not tarry, good day." You are left alone with Fleurette, who has a 
    "But of course," she says, "I knew I had seen the mask before. I assumed it 
    must be because it was the work of a famous designer, but non." She thinks 
    deeply, "It is the mask I once saw when I was lost in the mountains. At 
    Arondight Heights, I believe. I was just a young girl. I remember only that I 
    found the mask so frightening. Mmm. I do not have a good feeling about this. 
    Why would the queen wear such a mask? It was no coincidence that she was not 
    surprised when I told her my brother had vanished. She knows something of that 
    I am sure. I must meet with her again. I will go to the castle and I will 
    demand from her the truth."
    It is time for chapter 3: The Mask.
    7. The Queen and her mask
    Back in town, the guard asks you about Prince Anlace and greets Fleurette. 
    Equip your Purr Coat to greatly increase your defense to 30 (an increment of 
    23 over the Wayfarer's Clothes). Go over to the weapon shop and take a look at 
    the upgrades available for your steel broadsword. You can upgrade it to three 
    swords of different elements: Fire, frost and lightning. Here are the 
    materials required for each weapon and their costs.
    Fire sword: 4 monsterbones, 3 lumps of iron ore, 1 lava lump, 1200G
    Frost sword: 6 monsterbones, 2 lumps of iron ore, 1 ice crystal, 1350G
    Lightning sword: 3 monsterbones, 2 lumps of iron ore, 1 thunderball, 1280G
    It is highly unlikely that you will be able to afford these upgrades, so save 
    them for later. Go home to find Fleurette with your dad. "Ah, there you are," 
    she says, "I was waiting for you. Pardon? How did I know this was your house? 
    Well, I did not think you lived in a shop, or at the church!" In other words, 
    you are the only person with an ordinary house in town! "I have a request to 
    ask of you," she continues, "Will you accompany me to Mount Arondight?" Yes.
    "Merci! Now I am going to the church to see my old friends. You will 
    rendezvous with me there later? A bientot, see you at the church." Fleurette 
    leaves. Claymore laughs, "You have a keen eye for the ladies, eh, lad? Just 
    like your dad. Oh heck! No need to tell your mam I said that when she gets 
    back eh? She'll only be ticked off. It's nowt but men's talk!" So, the hero's 
    mom is not dead?
    Leave your house and enter the church to find Fleurette. "Ah, this place has 
    so many memories for me," she says, "I was training here to be a nun. But then 
    my brother became sick and... Ah oui! I have not yet told you. I went to the 
    castle, but her Majesty would not see me! Now I have no other choice. I have 
    to uncover the truth for myself! I have to find out about this mask the Queen 
    wears. I know I am right. I know it is the same mask I saw on Mount Arondight 
    when I was a child. That mask hides a dark secret. I am sure of it! That's why 
    I must go to Mount Arondight and find it again."
    "And you, er, I forget. What do you call yourself? Will you tell me, cheri?" 
    Yes! "Hmm... bon. Anyway, er, perhaps I will call you Blade, is it okay?" Yes. 
    "Enchante, Blade." Fleurette joins you. "Now, we must depart for Arondight 
    Heights. You go ahead Blade, and wait for me outside of town." Let's head back 
    to the town gates.
    Have the guard open the town gates. Fleurette then rushes to join you. 
    "Forgive me, Blade!" She says, "It took me longer than I was expecting to 
    prepare myself. Bon. It is time, uh? Let us go to Arondight Heights!" Do as 
    she say and pick Arondight Heights on the map.
    Arondight Heights
    S Rank: Ice crystal
    A Rank: Lava lump
    B Rank: Iron ore
    Orange slime (Money: 2G     Exp: 3     Drop: Medicinal herb)
    Blue mole (Money: 10 G     Exp: 46     Drop: Iron ore)
    Red flame (Money: 6G     Exp: 63     Drop: Magic water, Lava Lump)
    Boulder (Exp: 14)
    Rockbomb (Money: 12G     Exp: 59     Drop: Medicinal herb)
    Blue slime (Money: 1G     Exp: 1     Drop: Monsterbone)
    Anchor monster (Money: 8G     Exp: 66)
    Chimaera (Money: 10G     Exp: 55)
    Red bees (Money: 5G     Exp: 75     Drop: Antidotal herb, Monsterbone)
    Blue sea monster (Money: 15G     Exp: 78)
    Bird swordsman (Money: 15G     Exp: 86)
    Yellow gorilla (Money: 17G     Exp: 110)
    Blue jellyfish (Money: 7G     Exp: 15)
    King slime (Money: 28G     Exp: 45     Drop: Strong medicine)
    *****END ENEMY LIST*****
    The music of this level is so catchy. Move forward to face a row of 3 orange 
    slimes accompanied by a blue mole. 2 more blue moles come, accompanied by an 
    orange slime. Block the dirt and slash them up close. 3 more blue moles then 
    arrive, hurling dirt at you one by one. Block the dirt and slash them all with 
    horizontal attacks.
    Continue along the path to be attacked by 3 red flames. Wait for them to line 
    up before taking them all out with a horizontal slash. Three more then appear, 
    slash them when they have aligned into a column. These flames are followed by 
    4 more, which can be killed simultaneously with a diagonal slash when they 
    have lined up. 5 more flames then appeared, with 2 blue moles backing them up. 
    Take the flames out when they line up in a row and don't worry about the dirt. 
    The moles are to be killed last.
    The two of you approach a slope, where boulders roll down at you. Slash them 
    when they get close for some easy experience. Note that the fifth boulder is a 
    rockbomb, which can be knocked back with a thrust, causing an explosion. A 
    group of blue and orange slimes then congregate out of your sword's range with 
    some red flames. Thrust a rockbomb into them to take them all out at once. 
    Sometimes, a grey slime will pop out for a short time, so take him out quick 
    for 1350 experience.
    You then come to a fork in the path. Choose to go right first. You will have 
    to fight past a row of orange slimes and 2 anchor monsters before you can 
    cross the bridge. Keep an eye for red dots on the screen indicating the 
    direction at which those anchors will attack you. Block those attacks and come 
    out swinging on them. You are then joined by 2 columns of red flames. Take out 
    one column and the other will try to move away from the screen. Try to stop 
    them from fleeing. Finally, there will be 2 rockbombs rolling towards you, so 
    thrust them into oblivion.
    The bridge is guarded by a chimaera, so deflect his projectile back to it with 
    your sword. 2 more chimaeras will join the action as a rockbomb rolls towards 
    you. Thrust the rockbomb into the chimaeras to blow them up.
    Run along the path now, there are no enemies between you and the treasure 
    chest at the dead end. Take the Yggdrasil leaf and return to the junction. Go 
    left this time. There will be a pair of anchor monsters, followed by 3 more. 
    Also watch out for the grey slime rider as he moves to the right of the screen.
    There is another treasure chest right in front of you, but you have to fight 
    past 3 swarms of red bees before you can get it. Make sure Fleurette is set to 
    follow orders, or she will waste loads of MP casting Squelch on you to remove 
    those poisons from the stings.
    It's now time to ride the raft down some rapids. As you travel along the 
    rapids, keep your eyes peeled for sea monsters that can be killed with your 
    sword. They won't attack here, but you won't want to miss experience and money. 
    Also watch out for some bird swordsmen. One slash enough to kill one. Once you 
    have exited battle mode, the raft will go down a waterfall, much to 
    Fleurette's fear.
    Fortunately, you two are not hurt. Get back on shore to face some yellow club 
    wielding gorillas. The best way to kill one is to slash it as soon as it has 
    jumped forward. Otherwise, they tend to quickly jump back as soon as they 
    strike. Those guys aren't very sporting, I must say. You then reach a three 
    way junction.
    Turn left and bash the boulder to pieces. You will run through a narrow path 
    guarded by bird swordsmen. These guys move quite fast, making it easy to miss 
    them. Nevertheless, you will find a lucky bag in the treasure chest at the 
    dead end. Head back to the junction now.
    Turn right this time. Some red flames will appear on the screen, converging 
    slowly at the centre as boulders roll down towards you. Quickly take out the 
    flames before you smash the boulders. More flames then move in from the left 
    and right sides of the screen and two rockbombs roll down the hill towards you. 
    Take out the flames first, those bombs won't blow up that fast.
    Smash the next boulder to pieces to find yourself in a valley beneath a bridge. 
    Some red bees will attack you again. Swing your sword carefully so as not to 
    break your hit chain. You see two chests at the dead end, but first you have 
    to defeat some fast moving red flames. Wait until they line up before you 
    slash them all at once. The two treasure chests contain lucky bags. Return to 
    the junction for now.
    It's time to go straight ahead. You will be attacked by 3 anchor monsters and 
    a chimaera. Take out the anchor monsters first before you deflect the 
    fireballs back to the chimaera. Another chimaera will appear, accompanied by 2 
    blue moles. More moles can be found up the hill guarding the treasure chest. 
    There will also be a few rockbombs rolling towards you, as well as a couple of 
    yellow club wielding gorillas.
    The treasure chest contains a pouch of Replenishield Powder, perfect for 
    repairing your damaged shield. The next bridge is guarded by 3 chimaeras. You 
    must kill the second and third ones quickly since they will peck away at the 
    bridge supports, eventually causing the bridge to collapse.
    Cross the bridge once they are dead and enter the cave. 2 sets of boulders 
    will roll towards you, followed by 3 blue moles. You will find 3 yellow 
    gorillas further on, accompanied by 2 blue jellyfish. Take them out and a 
    bunch of blue slimes will appear and combine into one big king slime! Raise 
    your shield whenever he appears to be preparing to pounce at you and thrust 
    your sword into him repeatedly once you've blocked him.
    Exit the cave at the other end to reach a barren plateau. Fleurette looks 
    around. "Oui, this is the place. This is the place from where I saw the mask. 
    It is strange though. I am sure I saw it over on that mountain." The camera 
    pans to the mountain she is referring to. Suddenly, Fleurette feels a large 
    gust of wind. It's a 3 eyed griffin, an Envoy of Xiphos!
    The envoy squawks, "Who are you? Humans? What business have humans here? Lord 
    Xiphos' demise does not give you the right to roam wherever you please." 
    Fleurette asks you, "Who is this foul squawker? A remnant of the 
    Deathbringer's demonic army? Look out Blade! Here it comes!
    Envoy of Xiphos
    Money: 320G     Exp: 500     Drop: Thunderball
    I assume Fleurette is over level 10 at this point, so have her cast 
    Magnishield. This makes it easier for you to block the envoy's attacks, as 
    positioned by the red dots on the screen. The envoy will try to swipe at you 
    five times, from 9 possible directions: the 8 compass points or the centre. 
    Once you have blocked his fifth strike, the envoy will be stunned, allowing 
    you to slash him five times. If you happen to get hit even once, you won't be 
    able to deal as much damage to him after the fifth block.
    The envoy then brings a couple of boar warriors to the action. Defeat these 
    minions quickly and the envoy will fly around the place, allowing you to slash 
    him once or twice when he gets close close. He then uses one of those 5 hit 
    combos on you, so slash him after you have blocked all of his attacks. The 
    envoy then brings a pair of rockbombs to the field. Thrust them back to the 
    sender to hurt him even more. Slash the envoy twice as he circles the area 
    again when he gets close. Block another of those five hit combos to hurt him 
    some more.
    Once he has lost half of his health, the envoy yells, "Scatter back from 
    whence you came!" He fires two projectiles at you, so quickly hit them back. 
    Block his next five hit combo and attack on the counter again. The envoy will 
    then bring in a pair of boar warriors. Kill them both and the envoy will fire 
    another projectile at you. Hit it back and use a Multistrike on him. The hit 
    should drain his life bar completely. Slash him once more when he is up close 
    and you can deal the deathblow.
    *****END LEVEL*****
    You should have gained three items: A pot lid, Dog's Body Armour and a Ruby of 
    Protection. Fleurette gasps for air after the victory. "Incroyable!" She 
    exclaims, "Still there are such fearsome monsters in the world, even after the 
    defeat of Xiphos. Merci, Blade. Without you, I could not have faced him. You 
    have given me some confidence again." She turns around and says, "Ah! Oui! It 
    was over there."
    You and Fleurette rungs towards the cliff. Fleurette says, "Look! You see the 
    mountain? If you look on the side of it, you- Quoi? It is so strange. I was 
    certain you could see it here from before." The view becomes clearer. She 
    points towards the mountain and says, "Voila! This is just how it happened 
    when I was younger. Do you see it? The carving?"
    You see a carving of three men taking down some giant demon wearing a mask, 
    the mask that looks just like the one worn by Queen Curtana. "Before, I was 
    too young to comprehend the meaning of it. But now I see. It depicts a battle 
    against the Deathbringer. It seems that Xiphos attacked humanity long before 
    our time. And the people who defeated him then, they carved this scene. Look 
    at the mask the Deathbringer is wearing! Is it not familiar? It is just like 
    the mask the queen is wearing!"
    "Is it possible that her Majesty has on the mask of the Deathbringer? And why 
    would she wear it to meet my brother? The very man who defeated him? Could it 
    be, perhaps, that it has come kind of power over her? That she acts against 
    her will? Ma Deesse! We have to do something! The people of Avalonia know 
    nothing of this! We must return, Blade!"
    Save your game and get ready for Chapter 4: Torment.
    8. Torment in the cove
    Fleurette heads to the castle, where she will warn Prince Anlace and Minister 
    Misericord. Meanwhile, you should equip the Dog's Body Armour since it raises 
    your defense by 2 over the Purr Coat. Also equip the Ruby of Protection, it 
    raises your defense by 1 and raises the durability of your shield by 1 as well. 
    Before you go to the castle, go to the weapon shop and upgrade your steel 
    broadsword to a lightning blade. You definitely would have a thunderball by 
    now. Having received the lightning blade, you will learn a new Master Stroke: 
    Lightning Strike.
    New Master Stroke! Lightning Strike
    Start by holding the Wii Remote at an angle of around 90 degrees to the ground. 
    (Please note that the exact angle takes some trial and error to get the hang 
    of it) Twirl the remote round and round to power up your sword. Once the timer 
    has expired, swing the Wii Remote forward to blast the enemy with a large bolt 
    of lightning. Make sure you are wearing the wrist strap, just in case the Wii 
    Remote flies out of your hand!
    I suggest that you buy two more steel broadswords from the shop so that you 
    can upgrade them to the other elemental blades later. Enter the castle to find 
    Fleurette. Since the throne room is locked, let's talk to Colonel Cutlass.
    "You won't believe this," he says, "But his highness, Prince Anlace and 
    Minister Misericord are currently being briefed in the throne room by 
    Fleurette, of all people! What in the world is going on? Do you know?" A 
    soldier rushes into the castle.
    "Colonel Cutlass!" the soldier cries, "We have an emergency! A fearsome beast 
    has been sighted in the waters to the east!" "What?" Cutlass exclaims, "Not 
    more unusual activity! I'd wager something sinister is afoot! Very well! 
    Dispatch troops to the area at once! To battle, fellows! To battle!"
    Claymore then enters, offering his aid. "No need, Colonel," he says, "I'll go. 
    Unless you think I mightn't be up to it?" Cutlass is pleased, "On the contrary, 
    sir! Nothing would fill me with greater confidence!" "Then I'd best be on my 
    way," Claymore says, spotting you, "Oh! So this is where you've been hiding, 
    lad. I'm glad I ran into you. I could do with a hand! Ha ha ha!" You can see 
    that Claymore, unlike most obsessive politically correct people these days 
    likes to joke about his disability.
    Claymore walks over to you and whispers, "I just had a skinful and I'm feeling 
    none too steady. But you'll prop me up eh, lad? Hah hah hah hah hah!" And so, 
    your dad joins you. He continues, "Actually, joking apart, I could do with a 
    quick lie-down before we get out. You get our things together and I'll meet 
    you outside town, alright?" He walks out.
    When you are ready, go over to the town gates and talk to the guard. Your dad 
    will join you once the gate is opened. "Urgh, my head!" Claymore says, "Aye, 
    maybe running wasn't so clever after all. Still, it's my own fault. Apparently 
    the beast was spotted around Secase Seacove. We'll head over that way, alright, 
    lad?" It's time for a little father and son outing to the cove.
    Secace Seacove
    Claymore stands at the beach and surveys the cove. "This is the cove where 
    they say they saw the beast," he says. He sniffs the air, "It all smells a bit 
    fishy to me. And it reeks of monsters too. Let's get in there lad." The two of 
    you start rowing a boat into the cove. Watch out for enemies on the way.
    S Rank: Ice crystal
    A Rank: Thunderball
    B Rank: 2 Monsterbones
    Green bat (Money: 10G     Exp: 39     Drop: Replenishield powder)
    Yellow bat (Money: 11G     Exp: 88     Drop: Replenishield powder, Monsterbone)
    Green jellyfish (Money: 8G     Exp: 80     Drop: Medicinal herb, thunderball)
    Blue sea monster (Money: 15G     Exp: 78)
    Green sea monster (Money: 20G     Exp: 121)
    Green goo (Money: 6G     Exp: 7     Drop: Antidotal herb)
    Red flames (Money: 6G     Exp: 63     Drop: Magic water, lava lump)
    Naughty imp (Money: 15G     Exp: 104     Drop: Magic water)
    Treasure chest monster (Money: 27G     Exp: 320)
    Blue jellyfish (Money: 7G     Exp: 15)
    Armoured knight (Money: 29G     Exp: 155     Drop: Strong medicine)
    Dragon fighter (Money: 25G     Exp: 215)
    Archer (Money: 5G     Exp: 10     Drop: Monsterbone)
    Blue slime (Money: 1G     Exp: 1     Drop: Monsterbone)
    Orange slime (Money: 2G     Exp: 3     Drop: Medicinal herb)
    *****END ENEMY LIST*****
    Your first three enemies will be 2 yellow bats and a green bat, arranged in a 
    rotating triangle. After that, 4 more bats will appear and engage you in a 
    rotating diamond formation. Thirdly, 4 yellow bats will come close in a 
    rotating rectangle formation.
    You will encounter some green jellyfish further on. Don't try to take them out 
    all at ones since they are very evasive. Wait for one of them to attack and 
    block it, striking immediately after the block to take it out. There are a 
    number of jellyfish for you to kill, followed by a few yellow bats.
    The boat exits the tunnel into a large cave. It will not be long before you 
    are attacked by sea monsters. One slash from your lightning blade is enough to 
    kill one. You can always try overkilling these guys. Also watch out for those 
    jellyfish. Be patient and take them out one by one after blocking their 
    A group of green sea monsters will attack you next. These guys try to hurl 
    fireballs at you, so block those spells and slash them when they come close. 
    Two slashes are required to kill each of these things. Two green bats will 
    butt in during this encounter, so keep your eyes peeled.
    This is the end of your boat ride. Get on shore and go through the tunnel, 
    where a thunderball can be found in the treasure chest. Also in the tunnel are 
    3 bats arranged in a rotating triangle and 2 green goos. At the end of the 
    tunnel are some red flames. Slash the first 4 with a diagonal attack when they 
    line up. There is a junction at the end of this tunnel. Start by going right 
    and slashing through the boulder. You will find 2 treasure chests in the dead 
    end with an ice crystal and a lucky bag inside them.
    As for the remaining two paths, it doesn't matter which way you go. Let's just 
    go straight ahead. You will encounter some purple imps which I will call 
    naughty imps. I call them naughty because they just love to jump in and out of 
    the screen, making it easy for you to miss them. The good thing is that each 
    imp will always appear at the same spot, so move the cursor over that part of 
    the screen and set the focal point. Slash your sword immediately after the imp 
    has landed on that spot to hit him.
    Next up are two treasure chests. Be warned that one of them is booby trapped. 
    The location of the item is randomised, so you may or may not get it no matter 
    which chest you choose to open. If you happen to open the booby trapped chest, 
    you will have to fight a treasure chest monster. Block his bites and slash him 
    three times. You can tell he is about to cast a spell on you when he moves 
    back. Block the fireball and slash him again when he gets close. If you guess 
    correctly, you will receive a Yggdrasil leaf.
    A pair of green goos are next up, followed by 4 more goos. Block their poisons 
    as before and take them down. Have Claymore Zap them if you are in a hurry. 
    Further down the path are groups of naughty imps standing on top of each other 
    in columns of three. Given the power of your sword, you will have to quickly 
    slash each column twice before they have the chance to fire ice balls at you. 
    What's more, these imps flee right after their ice attacks!
    You arrive at a second junction. Turn left and smash the boulder. There are a 
    pair of chests here, one of them's booby trapped, so you might get the item if 
    you are lucky. The item is a pouch of Replenishield Powder. Return to the 
    junction and turn right for another tunnel.
    A rockbomb rolls towards you. Thrust you sword at it to knock it back to the 
    bats behind it, dealing heavy damage to them. It seems yellow bats know how to 
    heal themselves. Let them come close one by one and take them out. Another 
    rockbomb rolls towards you, so thrust it back to its companions to blow them 
    all out at once.
    You will find an armoured knight at the other end of the tunnel. Unlike Dirk 
    Worthington, this knight is equipped with a shield. It may be a good idea to 
    thrust your sword repeatedly at its shield to break it. Once the shield is 
    broken, just attack after blocking him. A blue jellyfish may attempt to heal 
    this knight but some quick slashes will finish him anyway. Continue along this 
    path to find another knight accompanied by three blue jellyfish.
    Smash this knight to reach another 3 way junction. This time, go right and 
    smash the boulder there. You come to 3 treasure chests, so it's time for a 
    multiple choice question. But still, you should still get a lucky bag from the 
    treasure chest monster here. Now, go back to the junction and go either left 
    or straight ahead.
    Let's assume you go straight again. You will be immediately greeted by a green 
    sea monster and 3 yellow bats which are arranged in a rotating triangle. Take 
    out the sea monster first while you try to slash the bats at the same time. A 
    treasure chest can be found beyond them with a lucky bag inside.
    Next up are 5 green jellyfish and a pair of green sea monsters. Try to take 
    out 3 of them with a diagonal slash when they first appear to make life easier. 
    It may be difficult to block both the bats' attacks and the fireballs at the 
    same time. Your path will converge with the left one at the boulder. Smash the 
    boulder to find a treasure chest with a lava lump inside.
    You will encounter a green dragon fighter (I don't want to call them dragon 
    warriors) beyond the treasure chest. He attacks by breathing fire at you from 
    a range, so take out your shield and try to intercept the flame as it sweeps 
    across the screen. He will attempt to strike you with his halberd at close 
    range, so block that attack to stun him. Thrust your sword into the dragon's 
    chest repeatedly to deal the most damage. 2 green bats will appear after the 
    dragon is taken down, followed by another dragon fighter.
    Move further on to be ambushed by 2 archers and columns of naughty imps. I'd 
    suggest that you ask Claymore to Zap them all quickly. You might be able to 
    catch a grey slime rider as he races across the screen too.
    You are getting close to your destination. Two armoured knights are waiting 
    for you, along with a handful of blue jellyfish. Smash these knights to pieces 
    to meet another dragon fighter, along with some green and yellow bats. 
    Continue to the grassy area to find three blue slimes. What are they doing 
    there? Another row of blue and orange slimes appear before you have really 
    reached the monster's hideout.
    Claymore examines the beast and says, "Aye, that's it. The scaly beast that 
    has been causing all the trouble." The monster turns around, revealing a 
    necklace around his neck. Claymore comments, "Is it just me, or does it seem a 
    bit human?" The monster growls. "Ready yourself lad, it's coming for us!" This 
    fishy monster growls once more.
    Fishy monster
    Money: 420G    Exp: 600    Drop: Ice crystal
    This Fishy Monster yells, "Leave me!" I assume that Claymore has learnt the 
    spell Oomph by now, so use it to raise your attack power. This monster starts 
    by jumping up close, so slash him a few times when he does that. He then jumps 
    back and tries to use jump kicks on you, so block that attack too. The fishy 
    monster may also hurl its spines at you, so get ready to deflect them back at 
    The Fishy Monster will cry, "I'm hurt?" when you have taken one third of his 
    health off him. He jumps into the pool of water behind him as some green 
    jellyfish join the party. Kill those enemies and he will jump back out soon 
    enough. The monster jumps up to you, allowing you to slash it twice before he 
    jumps back to hurl more spines at you. Deflect those spines and he would have 
    only a half of his health left. He yells, "Leave me!"
    Take the opportunity to unleash a Lightning Strike on him. The attack should 
    leave him with less than 20% of his health. The Fishy Monster unleashes a 
    large blue green ball of energy at you, so block it. Block his next few jump 
    kicks until he finally gets stunned, allowing you to take him out with a 
    number of slashes. This monster yells, "Noooon!" Hey, he knows French!
    *****END LEVEL*****
    At this point, you should have a renown rating of over 250, which earns you 
    the title of Knight of the Realm. This title causes Magnishield to last much 
    longer on you. Check the contents of your Lucky Bags, you should have got a 
    doggy shield, a pot lid and an Eggshelm.
    After the battle, Claymore says, "It's still breathing. Step back, lad. I'll 
    finish it off." Your dad walks over to the Fishy Monster. "See thee beast," he 
    says, "Shame you had to learn your lesson the hard way, eh? No one gets the 
    better of Claymore and son!" He gets ready to cast a lethal spell, only to be 
    stopped by Fleurette and Anlace.
    "Arrete!" Fleurette cries, "Stop! Do not do it!" She stands between Claymore 
    and the monster. Claymore mutters, "How do these lasses always track me down?" 
    He then sees Fleurette, "OH, it's you." Fleurette begs for Claymore's mercy, 
    "Please! Do not kill him! I beg you. That creature is... is... He is my 
    brother!" Well, that explains his French.
    Even Claymore is surprised, "Your brother? Give over, lass! That there's a 
    monster!" "Fleurette," the monster croaks, "You have come..." Fleurette asks, 
    "Aruval, why?" "Regard... this body... It...is worse, I think? Since I left 
    you," Aruval utters. "But Aruval!" Aruval is feeling scared now, he screams, 
    "Do not approach me! I cannot control my body. Xiphos has, has... Guarrgh!" 
    Aruval roars as flames start to appear on his body. He runs off, much to 
    Fleurette's grief.
    "Mon frère!" She cries, bursting into tears. Claymore asks, "What the heck's 
    happened to Aruval? It's Fleurette, isn't it, lass? Can you shed any light on 
    it?" "It was about one year ago. My brother was suddenly hit by a high fever. 
    Ever since that time, his body began to be covered in scales. I tried to heal 
    him with my magic, but it was no use. I prayed to the Goddess for my brother 
    to be cured. Together we left Avalonia to live in the forest, where no one 
    would see him. And never did I lose hope! I was certain there was a way to 
    treat his malady. But then I awoke one morning and he was gone!"
    "By heck! Of all the things to happen to the poor lad." Anlace adds, "Upon 
    learning that the creature sighted near the coast was notable for its scales, 
    Fleurette was extremely agitated. Yet more so when she discovered that you 
    have been dispatched to subjugate it. Thank the goddess for our timely arrival. 
    Though these are not joyous times, I realise."
    Claymore then asks, "How about what the lad said? Didn't Aruval mention the 
    Deathbringer? Aye, the way he looks now isn't so different from the way Xiphos 
    looked when I gave him a braying five years ago. Does this mean we didn't 
    destroy Xiphos after all? Will someone tell me what the heck's going on in 
    here?" Fleurette has an idea, "The mask," she says.
    "Yes, the mask! It is surely the cause of all of this! Come! We must find 
    Mother, and we must plead with her to divest herself out of it." "We are with 
    you, Anlace," Claymore says, "Xiphos is behind this, no doubt about it!" Save 
    your game and let's move on to the next chapter: The Tower.
    9. Tower of Mirrors
    You will be reminded by the guard to head to the castle. Before you do that, 
    equip the Doggy Shield you just found. It barks like a dog whenever you block 
    with it! Also notice that a travelling merchant has appeared near the town 
    gates. He sells four items at the moment.
    Puppy paw (1980G, Attack: 30, a woofing wonder weapon!?!)
    Full plate armour (2250G, Defense: 31, reduces fire damage by 30%)
    Platinum mail (7200G, Defense: 62, reduces damage from enemy spells by 30%)
    Iron Mask (2800G, Defense: 15)
    If you want to gain some renown rating, buy the Puppy Paw and equip it with 
    the Dog's Body Armour and Doggy Shield. Anyways, enter the throne room to find 
    Anlace, Fleurette and Claymore inside. Talk to Minister Misericord to start 
    the next scene. "Ah-ha! Welcome back," he says ever so slowly, "I expect you 
    heard the news, as it's on everyone's lips. Her Majesty, Queen Curtana has 
    gone missing! Or er, rather more accurately um... ventured into the Tower of 
    Anlace is surprised, he says, "Into the tower? But Mother always forbade me 
    from going anywhere near it!" "Indeed she did, your Highness. As did I. For it 
    is said the tower has sealed within it many monsters." Fleurette then asks, 
    "May I ask something? Why do you have such a tower? When was it constructed?"
    "Well, the tower was, in fact - contrary to popular belief - er... in layman's 
    terms... Erm...I haven't the foggiest!" You should have just said that you 
    don't know! "Only the royal family is privy to such information." Anlace is 
    shocked, "What? But I know nothing about it!" He exclaims, "Am I? Am I adopted? 
    Or worse, illegitimate?" Haha, what paranoia.
    Claymore reassures Anlace, "Oh giver over, lad! It's just because you are too 
    young. I'm sure your mom's planning on telling you when you take the throne. 
    Enough talk, it's time for action! We need to get inside that tower sharpish." 
    Misericord is kind of relieved by Claymore, "Ah splendid!" he says, "You will 
    go. I was beginning to think I'd have to bow and scrape and compose a 
    persuasive speech and... well... ask you!"
    The minister walks over to the throne. "I believe there is a secret button 
    concealed somewhere in the vicinity. When her majesty went to press it some 
    time ago, I, er... had a little peek!" He finds the button, "Ah-ha! Bang on!" 
    The wall behind the throne opens up, revealing the entrance to the tower. "I 
    entreat you to assist her majesty as soon as you are ready. I shall be waiting 
    here to let you into the tower.
    You can choose to enter the tower at this point. However, I suggest that you 
    go revisit previous stages and beat them with high scores to gather tempering 
    materials for your other two elemental swords. Assuming that you have followed 
    my guide up to this point, you should be short on monsterbones and iron ore. 
    Galantyne Glades is the best place for iron ore, while the Secace Seacove is 
    the best for Monsterbone, assuming that you can beat the levels with at least 
    a B rank.
    From this point of the game, you get to choose the person you want to 
    accompany you in the level. Every time you defeat an enemy, only your partner 
    will gain experience, so have a character come with you more often if he is 
    lagging behind the others in terms of levels. Therefore, I suggest you have 
    Anlace come with you until his level is the same as Claymore's (his level is 
    the highest and he's at level 15 in my game). In addition, you should always 
    take the fastest route to the boss in each level since you don't gain anything 
    by taking the other dead end paths. This ensures that you get a high score for 
    your clear time.
    Once your renown level has reached 400, your title will change to Knight 
    Banneret. Any attacks that are deflected back to the enemy will deal more 
    damage. I also notice that when I defeat Aruval again, he would have turned 
    out to be a clever fake by a green flame known as a Float-o-copier. Once you 
    have levelled Anlace up to Claymore's level, raise Fleurette up as well. You 
    should now have enough materials to temper your steel broadswords into the 
    elemental blades.
    You will learn the Searing Slash Master Stroke when you receive the fire blade, 
    and the Cold Fission Master Stroke when you receive the frost blade. I suggest 
    you equip the frost blade for the next level. Upgrades are also available for 
    the three blades, but you won't have enough monsterbones and iron ore for them, 
    so leave them for later. If you have 2800 gold coins left, you can also buy an 
    Iron Mask from the travelling merchant to raise your defense up a bit more.
    New Master Stroke! Searing Slash
    Hold the Wii Remote vertically and shake it repeatedly like how you shake a 
    can of soft drink to power up the attack. To fill up the gauge quickly, focus 
    on the number of times you move the Wii Remote up and down rather than the 
    distance you move the Wii Remote. Don't bother doing any over exaggerated 
    moves since it will just tire your arm and won't fill up the gauge as fast. 
    Swing the Wii Remote when prompted to blast the enemies with fire.
    New Master Stroke! Cold Fission
    Hold the Wii Remote level and quickly move it round and round, drawing many 
    circles as you do so, to power up the attack. The gauge moves faster the more 
    circles you draw, rather than the size of each circle. I recommend that you 
    make small circular movements with the Wii Remote. Once the time expires, 
    slash the giant ice crystal on the screen to shatter it, sending its shards 
    flying towards the enemy. This move deals multiple hits, making it a good move 
    to boost up your hit chain.
    Now that you are ready, talk to Minister Misericord to gain access to the 
    Tower of Mirrors. You can select either Anlace, Fleurette or Claymore to 
    accompany you. This guide assumes that you will be accompanied by Anlace, 
    since I believe he is the most all rounded of all characters.
    Tower of Mirrors
    The music here sounds like the type you would hear in either Swiss watch or 
    life insurance commercials. Hehe.
    S rank: Thunderball
    A rank: Two lumps of iron ore
    B rank: Ice crystal
    Blue flame (Money: 18G     Exp: 124)
    Cape with sword (Money: 28G    Exp: 165    Drop: Strong medicine)
    Slime rider (Money: 10G     Exp: 36)
    Dark shadow (Money: 23G     Exp: 128)
    Red bat (Money: 20G     Exp: 105     Drop: Strong medicine, monsterbone)
    Demon knight (Money: 32G     Exp: 245     Drop: Special medicine)
    Flying demon (Money: 28G     Exp: 146)
    Chimaera (Money: 30G     Exp: 134     Drop: Mini medal)
    Green bat (Money: 10G     Exp: 39     Drop: Replenishield powder)
    Golem (Money: 40G     Exp: 293)
    Green goo (Money: 6G     Exp: 7     Drop: Antidotal herb)
    Green naughty imp (Money: 25G     Exp: 126     Drop: Ice crystal)
    *****END ENEMY LIST*****
    Start by going up the stairs. You will be eventually be attacked by some fast 
    moving blue flames. Set a focal point at a spot in its path and slash those 
    flames when they arrive. The third group consists of four flames rotating 
    round and round, so try to get at them when they line up in a vertical line.
    Move on and you will be attacked by some sword wielding capes. Wait until they 
    are preparing to swing their swords at you before you slash them. The first 
    slash will stun one, allowing you to kill it with two more slashes. A slime 
    rider will also appear to the right.
    Run down the next flight of stairs to find a treasure chest with a lucky bag 
    inside. Go beyond the chest and you will be attacked by some dark shadows. 
    Quickly take out the first two using horizontal slashes before they fade away. 
    The next pair can be taken out using some vertical slashes. Two more shadows 
    appear, accompanied by a sword wielding cape. I bet you know what to do with 
    them by now.
    Climb up the next flight of stairs to face some red bats. The first two will 
    try to attack you with a frost spell before flying up close, going round and 
    round in a circle. Take them out carefully, preferably when they are lined up 
    vertically. 3 red bats, flying in a rotating triangle formation will then join 
    the action, followed by 4 bats flying in a rotating diamond formation.
    Keep going up to find 2 treasure chests. You will get a Mini Medal if you open 
    the right one, otherwise you will face those treasure chest monsters again. 
    Further down this path are two demon knights. These guys will try to charge 
    you down, so get ready to block at the right spot when you hear the horse 
    braying. You can proceed to slash the knight to death once he gets stunned 
    after the block. I suggest you use vertical slashes since these enemies will 
    swing to the side dramatically each time you slash them horizontally, making 
    it easy for you to miss. Also watch out for a grey slime rider as he rushes to 
    the right.
    Since the stairs have collapsed, you must turn left. You will reach another 
    junction. Let's turn right as I think it's the easier path. You and Anlace 
    will be sidestepping on the narrow ledge on the outer walls of the tower. A 
    flying demon will engage you next. Strike him with your sword after you have 
    blocked his attacks. Another flying demon appears followed by two more, so 
    watch out.
    The next enemy you will encounter is a chimaera, so let's play tennis with him. 
    One single deflected hit is enough to kill one. Three more chimaeras will 
    appear. It looks like the ones flying around the tower give more money and 
    experience than the ones on the Arondight Heights.
    The third group of enemies consists on a chimaera, a flying demon and three 
    green bats. Don't bother waiting for the bats to come close, fry them using 
    Sizz. Another flying demon then arrives with two chimaeras, these are easy to 
    kill. Destroy them and you will arrive at a lift going up.
    Run through the mirror to get indoors again. The first enemy you will 
    encounter is a golem. Meanwhile, a grey goo that's moving quickly around. 
    Block his attacks the same way you block Briquet's attacks to stun him. You 
    can now slash the golem to pieces. If that is not enough, another golem 
    appears, supported by two green goos. Have Anlace cast Sizz to take out the 
    goos before you take on the golem.
    Climb up the next set of stairs for to be attacked by three demon knights. 4 
    blue flames will then appear with a fourth demon knight. Don't get distracted 
    by the flames or you might be charged down! Move on and you will be ambushed 
    by a pair of green naughty imps. These enemies are just as evasive as their 
    purple counterparts and take two hits from your frost blade to kill. Another 
    golem then joins the fight, accompanied by two more green imps to the side. 
    Try hitting them all at once with horizontal slashes.
    You arrive at a blue area. The next flight of stairs is guarded by demon 
    knights, sword wielding capes, dark shadows and red bats. Once they are 
    defeated, you can climb up those stairs to a narrow corridor. You and Anlace 
    will turn right, only to be attacked by four green imps. The quartet of imps 
    will be arranged in a rectangle when they pop out, so take them out pair by 
    pair using vertical slashes. Two more quartets of imps will appear in columns 
    to the left and right. You can take out each column with three vertical 
    slashes, lengthening your hit chain by 12 with each column you kill.
    Go over to the door to find it locked. There is a notice on it which says, 
    "Brave challengers of the mirrored tower, hold courage in your hearts and step 
    into the void." So, turn around and jump down through that large opening in 
    the wall. The two of you land on a ledge with two paths leading from it.
    Climb the stairs to the left to side step along the outer wall. You will be 
    confronted by some blue flames. The first four can be taken out with a 
    vertical slash when they line up. Two more then appear on the left, followed 
    by a chimaera. Two more chimaeras joins their fallen friend, take them out and 
    this fight will end.
    Keep moving along the wall until you are attacked by three green bats. Cast 
    Sizz to take them out quickly. Two flying demons then appear with three red 
    bats. Don't take any chances with your hit chain, cast Sizz three times to 
    take out the red bats, along with the demons. A fourth red bat then appears, 
    slash it dead when it gets close and you are done.
    The next fight is easy; there are just a chimaera and a demon knight. No 
    naughty bats to worry about. You come to three chests at the dead end, so it's 
    multiple choice time: Guess right and you can get a special medicine. Return 
    to the junction and go straight ahead through the mirror. Walk through the 
    narrow path to reach another lift that leads to the top floor.
    Hey, the four find the Queen chanting something in front of a mirror with that 
    ugly mask on her face. The mirror lights up, revealing an alternate dimension. 
    She begins to float into the mirror. "Mama!" Anlace cries. Claymore is shocked, 
    "What's she doing?" He says, "She is not thinking of entering the Mirror World, 
    is she?" "It's the mask!" Anlace explains, "The Deathbringer's mask is 
    controlling her!" "If you are right, we should smash the accursed thing!" 
    Fleurette agrees, "Exactement! It is abominable! Destroy it, Blade!"
    You now get to cut the mask in half, so do it. The mask falls from the Queen's 
    face and drops to the ground. Some evil voice laughs, "Rash, so very rash. But 
    thank you. I've waited an age for the mask to be compromised." Some dark 
    shadow appears in the mirror. "I am Xiphos," it says, "Your kind know me as 
    the Bringer of Death. But let us not forget terror, misery and despair. Tell 
    me, did you enjoy your little epoch of peace, short though it has turned out 
    to be?"
    Claymore is in denial. "But... we defeated Xiphos! We put our lives on the 
    line to destroy that fiend!" "Destroyed me?" Xiphos asks, "What a careless 
    assumption to make. I was merely resting, safely hidden inside your human 
    companions." "You mean Queen Curtana and Aruval?" Claymore asks, "By heck, 
    I'll make you pay for this, Xiphos!"
    "Angry, Claymore? Why? Perchance you are unhappy with my choice of vessel - 
    slighted even? I too was less than pleased when this one confined me inside 
    her body with the Rorrim Mask. I confess I had not planned for that! But five 
    years was time enough for me to recover. And now, I am free!" Looks like you 
    have literally opened a can of worms! "Witness the beginning of a new reign of 
    terror!" Xipho's shadow disappears and Queen Curtana falls to the ground.
    "Mama!" Anlace cries, rushing to her. The Queen gets up. "I say," she asks, 
    "What has become of the Rorrim Mask?" "Don't worry, Your Majesty," Claymore 
    says, "You're safe now. That's the most important thing." "The spirit of 
    Xiphos was inside me," the Queen explains, "Perhaps since the very moment we 
    defeated him in battle five years ago! When I realised this, I began searching 
    for a way to free myself from his influence. What I discovered was this mask. 
    The Rorrim Mask, created for the sole purpose of subduing the Deathbringer." 
    Fleurette asks, "Wait a minute! You mean the mask does not belong to Xiphos? 
    It is to combat him? So the tableau does not show Xiphos wearing the mask... 
    It shows the brave warriors forcing it onto his face?"
    "Why in the world didn't you tell me any of this before, Curtana?" Claymore 
    asks. "Forgive me, Claymore," the Queen answers. Anlace is defensive of his 
    mom, "Did you not tell me Mother would have her reasons, Claymore? I will not 
    allow you to apportion blame upon Mama." "My dear boy," the Queen says.
    Suddenly, a sarcastic German voice says, "I vill not allow you a portion of 
    blame on Mama! Oh my dear boy! All zis emotions makes me vant to vomit!" This 
    is so clichéd! A giant pink dragon drops down from the ceiling. "I am 
    Grossmesser! I know vot you are sinking. Vy do I haf a big fork, not a big 
    knife? Vell, I just do, ja!" Well, Grossmesser is German for big knife! Note 
    that I have replaced the German letter es-zett with two letter s because my 
    keyboard does not support it.
    As for why he is called Grossmesser, it's simply because Grossgabel (big fork) 
    does not sound very catchy. Besides, the grammatically correct way of saying 
    big knife in German is Grosser Messer and for big fork, it is Grosse Gabel. 
    Those adjectival endings are complicated, you see. It may change in different 
    "Anyway," he continues, "Anyway, Xiphos has ordered that zis woman be brought 
    to him, so..." He should have said "also" if it were really German! "no!" 
    Anlace shouts, "I will not allow you to take Mama!" "Vell, I am very sorry, 
    Your Highness, but orders are orders." Ja, das ist Xiphos Befehl! "Zere is 
    nothing you can do about it, Fraulein!" Hey, he called Anlace a "Miss"! "Funf 
    kleine Menschen schauen in den Spiegel!" That means five little people look in 
    the mirror. "Grossmesser und friends are open business!" Sie muss jetzt 
    Money: 630G     Exp: 800     Drop: Lava lump
    Start by casting Buff. Grossmesser will sweep his fork from the left to right, 
    so move your shield accordingly to block it. Quickly set a focal point and 
    slash him three times after he has stopped his attack. 
    This dragon will also attempt to thrust his fork at you, so block quickly and 
    try to counter him with some slashes. Meanwhile, his naughty imp friends will 
    hurl frost balls and fireballs at you from a distance. The former can be 
    deflected back, try knocking it back into Grossmesser.
    Every now and then, Grossmesser will jump back to launch a larger fireball at 
    you, so block it as well. Continue to guard against his attacks while 
    whittling away his health slowly. Once you have taken a third of his health, 
    Grossmesser will become thirsty and move back for a barrel of beer, sending 
    three of his imp minions after you. Defeat these things quickly as they won't 
    jump around as much.
    Once he's back, Grossmesser will resort to sweeping his fork to the right, 
    then left. Block both sweeps and slash him three times afterwards. Grossmesser 
    will move back and send his friends after you every now and then, so take 
    those as free hits for your counter. As predicted, Grossmesser will be enraged 
    at half health. He thrusts his fork at you at random positions before swinging 
    it left and right. Block all these attacks and continue slashing. He may then 
    fire four fireballs at different corners of the screen, so block those quick. 
    More naughty imps join the action. Take them out to make Grossmesser come 
    forward again. Block his next chain of attacks and slash him three more times.
    At this point, use the Cold Fission Master Strike on Grossmesser. The ice 
    shards will score multiple hits on him and his friends, taking them all out 
    and greatly raising your hit counter. This is the end! Auf wiedersehen, 
    Dummkopf! Once your renown rating has exceeded 680, your title will change to 
    Knight of Renown, allowing the spell Oompf to last longer.
    *****END LEVEL*****
    Check your lucky bag. You have gained an Orichalcum teaspoon! This "shield" 
    has the greatest durability in the game, but is so small that it can't 
    reliably block any attacks. What a joke.
    "Are you injured, Mama?" Anlace asks. Queen Curtana gets up. "I am quite 
    alright, thank you very much." "Well, that's a relief," Claymore says, "But 
    there's no time to celebrate. Apparently another reign of terror's about to 
    begin. We best get ready." Fleurette says, "If the Queen is alright, perhaps 
    there is still hope for my brother!" "We must strike while the iron is hot! 
    Let us return to the castle and formulate a plan of action!" "Aye, that's the 
    spirit lad."
    The ground then shakes. Outside the tower, the sky darkens as a volcano rises 
    up in the distance. A dark towering fortress emerges from the lava. This is 
    not good. Perhaps it's time to reflect on your actions in Chapter 6: 
    10. Enter the mirror
    "An earthquake?" The Queen says, "No doubt the result of Xiphos' new-found 
    freedom." Anlace says, "Scouts report a mountain close to Mount Arondight has 
    collapsed into a sea of lava, mother. And that a portentous castle has risen 
    up in its midst." "The home of the Bringer of Death," Fleurette suggests, 
    "Chez Xiphos!" "So, Xiphos was waiting to pounce all this time," Claymore says, 
    "And now he's surrounded himself with a moat of lava, so we can't even go and 
    show the wretch what we think of him."
    "You imply that Xiphos is now invulnerable! Never, sir! We shall prevail! If 
    you will not confront him, by Goddess, I will!" "I know you speak in earnest, 
    Anlace, but you must calm yourself. As Claymore rightly sways, any attempt to 
    challenge Xiphos at this point will be futile. Without the Rorrim Mask, we 
    cannot hope to contain the Deathbringer's evil."
    "Then what are we to do, Mama? Watch time dull our impotent blades while our 
    enemy prepares to attack?" "Is there nothing that can be done?" The two halves 
    of the mask glows. Swordmaster Dao then enters, laughing, "It seems the spirit 
    of the mask is not so easily broken!" "Swordmaster Dao!" Claymore exclaims. 
    Dao walks over to the throne.
    "The Rorrim Mask was fashioned by our ancestors long ago, when Xiphos first 
    threatened the peace," Dao explains, "It is a product of their knowledge of 
    the Mirror World, and remains the only weapon in existence capable of subduing 
    the Deathbringer. It is said that to create the mask, the light of the sun was 
    harvdested in the Tower of Mirrors over a period of many centuries."
    "Swordmaster Dao! How do you know this?" Anlace asks, "Only the royal family 
    should be privy to such information." Dao laughs, "Walls have ears, my 
    unenlightened friend and doorways, eyes. I was nearby when the young Queen 
    Curtana was inducted into the circle of knowledge." "Dear Goddess," Anlace 
    stutters, "Can royalty enjoy no privacy? First Minister Misericord and now 
    Queen Curtana says, "I was so young when I learnt about the Tower of Mirrors 
    that I had quite forgotten about its importance until... until all of this 
    began." "With respect, this is all by the bye," Claymore then says, "We should 
    be thinking about the Mirror World now, not what's done and gone. Someone 
    there might know how to fix the mask." "If there's even a chance that 
    Claymore's right, we must make for the Mirror World at once!"
    "But it could be dangerous! You might never return!" "If that is my fate!" 
    "Alors, Blade, are you ready to follow the prince?" You must say Yes at this 
    point. The Queen says, "It seems your minds are made up. The door to the 
    Mirror World stands open already, awaiting you. Now, you need only enter the 
    Tower of Mirrors to gain admission to the mirror world. Before you depart, I 
    must entrust the broken mask to you." She gives you the two halves of the mask.
    "Forgive me, Claymore, for forcing you into battle again." "Don't trouble 
    yourself, m'lady. I was born for battle." "Time is of the essence," Anlace 
    says, "Come, let us depart at once!" Before you do anything, head to the 
    weapon shop and check for any upgrades that are available for your three 
    Blazing Blade: 8 monsterbones, 5 lumps of iron ore, 3 lava lumps, 2980G
    Blizzard Blade: 8 monsterbones, 3 lumps of iron ore, 3 ice crystals, 2850G
    Thunderbolt Blade: 5 monsterbones, 4 lumps of iron ore, 2 thunderballs, 3200G
    You will need 21 monsterbones and 12 lumps of iron ore to upgrade all three 
    swords. It is hence time to revisit past levels to farm those materials and 
    money. Make sure that you alternate between partners to keep their levels 
    identical. This farming session may take a long time, since you need 21 
    monsterbones. Once your renown rating has reached 1000, you will earn the 
    title Knight of the Garter. The power of your strikes on the enemies' weak 
    spots increases.
    When the levels of all three partners are the same, play Caliburn Cave over 
    and over to kill three birds with one stone: You may find many Mini Medals in 
    addition to the monsterbones and iron ore you get from enemies. These Mini 
    Medals will go a long way into your "Liquid Metal Armour Fund". 
    It may be a long grind, but you will eventually get enough materials. The 
    blazing blade will grant you a new Master Stroke called Blazing Thrust. The 
    blizzard blade will give you a new Master Stroke entitled Tundra Sunderer. 
    Finally, the thunderbolt blade allows you to learn a Master Stroke called 
    Thunder Thrust. If you have any money left, but a platinum shield from the 
    weapon shop.
    New Master Stroke! Blazing Thrust
    Point the Wii Remote at the floor and thrust it in that direction. Now, hold 
    the Wii Remote level and thrust it in the direction of the TV screen to set 
    them ablaze.
    New Master Stroke! Tundra Sunderer
    Thrust the Wii Remote at the floor at a perpendicular angle to cause a large 
    ice shard to come out of the ground. Slash the shard to smash it to pieces, 
    scrapping enemies with shrapnel.
    New Master Stroke! Thunder Thrust
    Point the Wii Remote at the ceiling and twirling it round and round in an 
    anticlockwise direction to power up the attack. When the time runs out, thrust 
    it towards the ceiling before holding it level again. Thrust your sword to 
    deliver another high voltage blast.
    Equip the thunderbolt blade and reenter the castle. Talk to Minister 
    Misericord and you can get to enter the Mirror World.
    Mirror World
    S rank: Ice crystal
    A rank: 2 monsterbones
    B rank: Thunderball
    I have to warn you, this level is very nasty. You and your partner will be 
    flying through another dimension, encountering many enemies on the way. The 
    enemies deal damage by ramming you at high speeds. The only way to defend 
    yourselves is by slashing the enemies when they get close enough, or outright 
    blocking them. The part of the screen in which each enemy will ram you at is 
    indicated by the red circles.
    You often won't have enough time to set the focal point, so just swing the 
    sword at the direction of the enemies. Note that the speed at which you are 
    travelling may increase midway through the level. As a result, you will have 
    to time your swings differently at times. The enemies that deal the most 
    damage are the grey ones. Have Anlace cast Buff on you to mitigate those blows.
    I noticed that the final four grey enemies often hit you at the same spot, so 
    you may be able to get at them by setting the focal point and quickly slashing 
    four times in a row. Either way, the only way you can get a high score in this 
    level is by rote memorisation of the enemies' positions.
    I notice that the grey goos in this level give over 10000 experience each when 
    killed, so this level may be worth replaying if you want to quickly boost your 
    After this long and hazardous ride, the four arrive at some temple with a 
    giant statue. "The heart of the Mirror World!" Anlace exclaims, "Finally, we 
    have reached our destination." "Aye Anlace," Claymore agrees, "That we have." 
    Fleurette then makes a stereotypical French statement, "Bonjour! Is anybody 
    there? We are here to have repaired the Rorrim Mask!"
    Anlace turns to her, "You talk to the breeze lady. There is nothing here but 
    this curious statue." "So Dao's finally flipped, eh? Looks like the old 
    fella's imagination's got the better of him at last." But no, this curious 
    statue comes to life.
    "Welcome," he says in an echoing voice, "visitors from beyond the glass." 
    Anlace is shocked, "Please tell me everyone else heard the statue speak just 
    then!" The statue introduces himself, "I'm Draug, Guardian of the Mirror 
    World." Fleurette says, "But surely it is not this statue who will repair for 
    us the mask?" "I see. You are the treacherous humans who clove the sacred mask 
    in twain!" Draug says in a weird voice. "Ah! Non, non, non! We are not 
    responsible. Not all of us! It was him! Only him!" Fleurette pleads, turning 
    to you, "Go on, Blade. Tell him it was you!"
    "You? Insolent boy! Make proof of your strength, or crumble before my might! 
    Now!" He starts moving, so let's fight!
    Money: 750G     Exp: 1000    Drop: Ice crystal
    This boss is very easy. He attacks by punching you and stomping you. Draug 
    always alternates between using his left and right fists or feet when he 
    attacks, so move your shield to the proper position in advance. Once you have 
    blocked the entire chain of attacks, thrust your sword into him five times to 
    knock him back. Block another of his combos and continue thrusting. Draug will 
    become enraged a half health and attack a bit faster, but the strategies are 
    more or less the same. Keep blocking and thrusting and you will win. "Rock... 
    hard..." he mutters.
    *****END LEVEL*****
    Draug concedes defeat. "I am satisfied, visitors from beyond the glass!" He 
    says in a long voice, "You have made proof of your strength. I shall assist 
    you. The Rorrim Mask is imbued with the power of the Tower of Mirrors. It was 
    created for the sole purpose of imprisoning Xiphos. Ignorant of this, you love 
    it in twain! And now, fallible humans, you require my help, for it has ever 
    been my sacred duty to repair the mask."
    You hand him the mask. Draug makes the two halves come back together in a ray 
    of light. You then receive the repaired mask. "It is whole once more!" 
    Fleurette comments. "I used to think it was such a horrible, ugly mask, but 
    now... I think, perhaps it is un peu chic, n'est-ce pas?" "Indeed!" Draug 
    agrees, "I fashioned it with great care. For the gift of your good opinion, I 
    shall grant a gift for you in turn." He creates a new sword in a flash.
    "I give you this sword." "Take it, Blade." The sword flies towards you, 
    allowing you to pick it up. "What a sword," Claymore says. Draug explains, 
    "That is Rednusadner, the Rorrim Sword. It has the power to defeat a great 
    evil." You now have Rednusadner, the Rorrim Sword! "Learn how to wield that 
    blade, and you will be ready to face Xiphos! Now go, visitors from beyond the 
    glass." OK, let's save your game and return to the real world. It is time for 
    Chapter Seven: The Parting.
    11. Parting is such sweetness
    The four of you return to the throne room. "Welcome home," Queen Curtana says, 
    "I see you have not only succeeded in repairing the Rorrim Mask, but that you 
    have also acquired a sword. Very good." "Thank you, Mother," Anlace says, "We 
    have learnt that this sword may play an integral part in our battle against 
    Xiphos. It is my opinion that when wielded in the correct manner, the blade 
    will unleash great magic. Can you lend credence to my theory, Claymore?"
    Even Claymore is stumped. "Sorry lad. No can do," he says, "It's the first 
    time I've laid eyes on the blade." The Queen then suggests, "I'm quite sure 
    Swordmaster Dao will be able to enlighten us." "This swordmaster," Fleurette 
    asks, "He is the old man in the duelling hall? Is he really so wise?" Claymore 
    replies, "Oh aye. He has his quirks, but he taught me everything I know about 
    swords, magical and otherwise." 
    Claymore turns to you and says, "Why don't you go and ask him, lad? Run along 
    with that Rorrim Sword and ask old Dao what he knows about it, would you?" "A 
    fine idea. In the mean time, we should patrol the town. Xiphos' evil minions 
    could attack at any moment." "Bon, I will help you, Your Highness. Blade, you 
    must learn for us how to use this Rorrim Sword. I look forward to seeing you 
    wield it!"
    Ok, let's go down to the duelling hall and have a word with Swordmaster Dao. 
    You must have the Rednusadner equipped, even though it means you will lose a 
    lot of Attack Power in doing so. "Ah, you have come," he says, "I have been 
    expecting you. For the rarest news travels most swiftly. Yes, the Rorrim Sword, 
    Rednusadner. Few command a spirit centred enough to wield it. Rednusadner is a 
    blade steeped in legend. It is said that he who masters the sword's hidden 
    technique shall rend land and sea asunder to fell a great evil. If my memory 
    serves me, that technique is called the Figure of Fate. To use it, you must 
    understand that the way of the sword is infinite. Now, make your spirit one 
    with this blade and master its secrets!"
    New Master Stroke! Figure of Hate
    Hold the Wii Remote level and point it at the screen. Now you must repeatedly 
    draw sideways figures of eight (more like the infinity sign) using your sword 
    to power up some energy ball. Make sure that you hold the Wii Remote level at 
    all times to maximise the rate at which the attack charges up. Once the timer 
    expires, the energy ball will combine with the infinity sign on screen, 
    creating a snowflake-like object. Slash the object on the screen to unleash it 
    on your enemy!
    "It is a technique of great power. Power enough to challenge Xiphos. You are 
    ready. The Figure of Hate is now your servant. Call upon it when you wish to 
    cut a path to the domain of the evil one! But before you leave, remember: A 
    wise son shares what he has learnt with his father." Keep the Rednusadner 
    equipped at this point.
    Before you do anything, go over to the weapon shop and see what upgrades are 
    in store for you. Note that even the Rednusadner can be upgraded into a sword 
    called an Aurora Blade. In addition, all swords require a currently unknown 
    material for their upgrades. For your information, that unknown material is 
    the gold bar, which can be found in the next level. Another way to get gold 
    bars is by trading Mini Medals with Minimoggie. I suggest that you don't waste 
    any mini medals at this point of the game though.
    Return home and talk to your dad, who tells you to go via Galantyne Glades. 
    Leave your house and talk to the guard at the gate to leave town. Select 
    Galantyne Glades on the map. Play through that level as usual until you reach 
    a junction where a soldier can be found. Looks like the forest is on fire. 
    Talk to him and he will tell you to take the right path.
    Follow that path until you see the next scene. The four of you have arrived at 
    the impregnable sea of lava. "It is really terrifying when viewed at close 
    quarters, isn't it?" Anlace comments. "It is so hot!" Fleurette says. Claymore 
    then says, "Unless we can see our way past this lava, we'll never get to 
    Xiphos. We're counting on you, lad."
    Anlace tells you, "The time has come for you to put the Rednusadner to the 
    test. Use the technique that Swordmaster Dao taught you!" "Do not be shy Blade, 
    show us how strong you are!" You get to perform the Figure of Fate on the Red 
    Sea. The resulting attack splits a large gap in the sea of lava, just like how 
    Moses split the Red Sea in the Exodus!
    Anlace is impressed. "Incredible! I had no idea the Rorrim Sword was so 
    powerful!" "Aha! Now I am certain we can defeat Xiphos!" Fleurette enthuses. 
    Claymore adds, "Bleedin' heck. I wasn't expecting that. That's a blade and a 
    half, that is." "Now is our chance! We must hasten through the rift in the 
    lava while we still can! Come, to Xiphos' Castle!" Claymore asks, "Are you 
    ready, son?" Yes! "There will be monsters the likes of which we've never seen 
    before ahead of us. Stay sharp now, lad!" Select the Red Sea on the map to 
    start the penultimate level.
    The Red Sea
    X rank: Yggdrasil leaf + Double the rewards for S, A and B ranks
    S rank: Gold bar
    A rank: 2 lumps of iron ore
    B rank: Lava lump
    Fiery acrobat (Money: 38G     Exp: 158     Drop: Lava lump)
    Anchor monster (Money: 32G     Exp: 152     Drop: Special medicine)
    Red flame (Money: 6G     Exp: 63     Drop: Magic water, Lava lump)
    Mud hand (Money: 25G     Exp: 127)
    Boar warrior (Money: 52G     Exp: 205     Drop: Monsterbone)
    Treasure chest monster (Money: 50G     Exp: 430)
    Zombie (Money: 52G     Exp: 195)
    Pink jellyfish (Money: 20G     Exp: 121)
    Dragon fighter (Money: 65G     Exp: 250     Drop: Monsterbone)
    Red flying demon (Money: 48G     Exp: 126     Drop: Monsterbone)
    Rockbomb (Money: 12G     Exp: 59     Drop: Medicinal herb)
    *****END ENEMY LIST*****
    Walk forward, examining all the lumps of volcanic mud for items and money. You 
    then encounter a Fiery Acrobat. This guy will cartwheel in the area in front 
    of you twice before unleashing a fiery laser attack. I suggest that you 
    quickly start slashing him to prevent him from even cartwheeling. If you fail 
    to stop him, you must slash him when he gets close to you. In that case, you 
    will only be able to hit him once each time he gets close. You will face a 
    second acrobat, followed by a pair standing in a column. If you have any 
    trouble in defeating these guys, I suggest that you return to town and equip 
    the Blizzard Blade.
    Next up is an anchor monster. It takes three hits from the blizzard blade to 
    take it down. 2 more anchors will pop out of the ground after that. Those two 
    will charge at you at the upper right and lower left corners of the screen. 
    Block them both and the one to the right is likely to attempt to tail whip you 
    next. After those two monsters are defeated, some red flames will appear. Kill 
    them when they line up and 3 more anchor monsters will appear. This time, they 
    will attack at the lower right, upper left and centre of the screen, so block 
    You then encounter a red one eyed monster further on. This enemy will encase 
    itself in metal for short periods of time, making it invincible. Block its 
    attacks until the effect wears off and kill it. A fiery acrobat then pops up. 
    Kill it quick before it starts cartwheeling.
    You come to two chests, so it's guessing time. The treasure chest monsters are 
    much tougher in this level, sometimes they will attempt to bite you twice in a 
    row. If you let them move out of range of your sword, they will attempt to 
    cast some spell that lowers your health to 1 if it hits you! So don't give 
    them any chances. Slash it until it closes up and thrust your sword into it 
    repeatedly until it falls apart. On the other hand, guess right and you will 
    get a phial of magic water.
    Some mud hands are up next. Let them come close and start slashing. If you 
    notice one of those hands are taking almost no damage, it means that it is 
    about to slap you in the face, so block it immediately. You need to kill two 
    rows of hands before you are free to go.
    You then approach a boulder, before which a boar warrior will ambush you with 
    two mud hands. Kill the boar by thrusting your sword repeatedly at him before 
    taking both hands out with horizontal slashes. Several more boar warriors 
    appear, give them the same treatment. You can now smash the boulder.
    A treasure chest can be found just beyond the boulder, open it for a gold bar. 
    For some reason, no enemies will appear before the next pair of chests. Let's 
    guess again. Go forward for another junction, let's go straight ahead and 
    smash the boulder. You will soon be ambushed by a zombie, who will spit vomit 
    at you from three directions. Block all three attacks before you start 
    slashing. A number of mud hands then emerge from the ground, followed by 
    another zombie. It looks like some horizontal slashing is in order.
    Another treasure chest is up ahead, open it for some replenishield powder. 
    Some pink jellyfish then attack you. These pests move around a lot and have 
    loads of health. Let the two move out of range of your sword. Don't worry 
    about their spells, they can only heal themselves. Afterwards, the jellyfish 
    will come forth one by one and won't move as much, allowing you to kill them 
    without fear of ruining your hit chain. Some zombies might take the 
    opportunity to say hi, so return the favour with your sword.
    Next up are a pair of zombies, supported by a pink jellyfish. They aren't hard 
    to kill, despite being constantly healed. The jellyfish is to be taken out 
    last. A grey goo might swoop in and out, but let's not bother with that unless 
    you are after the "No Monster Left Behind" bonus. A pair of chests are further 
    ahead, so let's guess again. I'm so unlucky on this run: I picked the right 
    chest all three times, only to be confronted by the monster each time! Anyways, 
    guess right and you will be given a phial of Yggdrasil dew.
    A pair of red one eyed monsters will attack before the next boulder. A quartet 
    of pink jellyfish then appear with a boar warrior. As before, don't bother 
    attacking the jellyfish until they have returned from the back, having cast 
    healing spells on each other. They will come out in pairs, holding relatively 
    still for you to cut them into pieces. Now you can make your way through that 
    Go up the ramp beyond the boulder. You are literally getting warm. All seems 
    uneventful until a dragon fighter appears. Block his fire breathing attack as 
    before and keep your shield up when he gets close. Block his melee attack to 
    stun him, allowing you to thrust your sword into him repeatedly.
    4 more pink jellyfish pop out in front of you, along with a dragon fighter. 
    These pink jellyfish are nasty in the sense that they distract you from the 
    dragon's flames when they get close, so let's set your priorities straight. 
    Despite the annoyance of the heals, defeat the dragon fighter first. The 
    jellyfish can be saved till last.
    Keep moving and a red flying demon will appear. Let him attack you and block 
    his attack to stun him. You can then take him out with repeated horizontal 
    slashes. A dragon fighter then joins the fun, along with two rockbombs and a 
    red flying demon. Don't bother thrusting your sword at those bombs, just slash 
    them to pieces. You now have a clear run to the other side of the Red Sea.
    Some giant ogre is blocking the way. "Stop left there!" The ogre yells, "I 
    mean, right here! I mean leave here! I mean...er..." Make up your mind, idiot! 
    "I'm gonna eat you all up!" Anlace draws his sword and says, "Do not obstruct 
    our path, base creature! We have come to face Xiphos!" The ogre laughs, 
    "Xiphos - two faced? But Golok the Gatekeeper keeps the gated lock! I mean, 
    the lock gated! I mean, the keep locked!" Having speech problems, eh? Maybe I 
    can introduce you to former President George W. Bush? "I mean, er, I'm gonna 
    eat you all up!"
    Fleurette gives a blunt answer, "We are not for your degustation!" Claymore 
    says, "We haven't got time for this daft clod. Come on, it won't take us long 
    to finish him off." Golok continues to make his spoonerisms, "You don't know 
    'ow colded-blood I is. I mean, 'ow blooded cold I is. I mean, 'ow cold the 
    blood in me eye is. Er, I think I'd better eat you all up now!"
    Golok the Gatekeeper
    Money: 820G    Exp: 1200    Drop: Thunderball
    Cast Buff or any other stat boosts your partner has. Golok loves clubbing, I 
    mean hitting you with his club, so get ready to block. He will often jump back, 
    yelling, "Rumble in the, er, jumble!" This implies that he will pick up a 
    boulder and whack it towards you with his baseball bat. Watch for the blue 
    circle on the screen and send it back to him! Once you've knocked it back, he 
    will jump forward and attempt to club you, so block! Thrust your sword into 
    him five times when he's stunned to deal some damage.
    After attempting to whack you once more (try slashing him right after the 
    block), Golok will jump back and attempt to send another boulder your way, so 
    send it back. As expected, he attempts to give you a jumping whack, so block 
    it and repeat the thrusting procedure. The battle will then more or less 
    repeat the above pattern until you have taken half of Golok's health out.
    Once you have taken half of his health off, Golok will get angry and ask 
    whether you are taking the mickey, or having a giraffe, whatever that means. 
    Let's use the Figure of Fate on him! A fully charged attack will leave him 
    with around 30% of his health left. Golok then tries to swing his club 
    vertically at you. This time, his attack will be marked in advance by a column 
    of red circles, so move your shield over that part of the screen. Block the 
    attack and you can thrust the sword into him five times while he's stunned.
    Golok is almost down. He flings a rockbomb at you, so let's give it back to 
    him. He will then attempt to bounce some rocks at you by shaking the ground 
    with his club. The direction from which the rocks will hit you is indicated by 
    the orange circles. You know what to do. Block the next jumping whack and you 
    should be able to finish him off after five more thrusts of the sword. "Yes!" 
    he cries, he then reconsiders, "I mean no!" I guess he couldn't make up his 
    mind on whether it is a good thing to be killed.
    *****END LEVEL*****
    The four of you stand at the steps leading to the entrance of Xiphos' castle. 
    "At last we can enter Xiphos' castle," Anlace exclaims. Fleurette examines the 
    gate and says, "Do you think we can just open this gate?" She touches it and 
    it unlocks with a click, much to her surprise. "That was simple," Anlace 
    comments, "A little too simple, perhaps." Claymore says, "Xiphos is expecting 
    us, then." "Indeed, it is almost as though he is beckoning us inside. That 
    would be my assessment of the situation anyway."
    "My brother is somewhere inside this castle. I am sure of it!" Fleurette says, 
    "Be strong, mon frère. I'm coming!" "Let us tarry not a moment longer! Onward, 
    to the final battle!" You get to save your game. It's time for Chapter 8: The 
    12. Bringing death to the Deathbringer
    Claymore asks you, "So, we're finally on the devil's doorstep. Keep your wits 
    about you, son. The monsters in here will be tougher than anything we've seen 
    before. We'll need to be on top form to have any chance of pulling this off. 
    Are you ready lad?" Answer no. This is because there are some weapons for you 
    to upgrade to. "So, back to Avalonia, then?" Yes.
    Back in town, go check the weapon shop. I suggest you upgrade all your weapons 
    to the next level, so let's see what's on offer.
    Aurora blade: 3 lava lumps, 3 ice crystals, 3 thunderballs, 1 gold bar, 4200G
    Wrath of Helios:
    9 monsterbones, 6 lumps of iron ore, 5 lava lumps, 1 gold bar, 6800G
    Wrath of Boreas:
    12 monsterbones, 5 lumps of iron ore, 5 ice crystals, 1 gold bar 8500G
    Wrath of Zeus:
    7 monster bones, 5 lumps of iron ore, 5 thunderballs, 1 gold bar, 7550G
    Chances are that you have enough materials to upgrade your Rednusadner into 
    the aurora blade. Do it now and you will learn the Master Stroke known as the 
    Light Fantastic. As for the other three upgrades, get ready for some farming 
    since you will need 28 monsterbones and 16 lumps of iron ore for them, not to 
    mention the obscene amounts of gold coins!
    New Master Stroke! Light Fantastic
    Keep drawing sideways figures of eight with your Wii Remote, just like how you 
    did it for the Figure of Fate. When the timer runs out, slash the target three 
    times to deal a heavy blow on your enemy in the blaze of light.
    I suggest that you replay the Red Sea repeatedly until you've collected enough 
    iron ore. Not only will you get the iron ore, you would have levelled up 
    considerably and earned a lot of money. Make sure you rotate between partners 
    as before to ensure that they are at the same levels. After that, it's a 
    matter of playing the Mirror World again and again until you have enough 
    monsterbones. Despite the tedium of that level, you should be able to 
    consistently get an A rank by now.
    When your renown rating breaks 1500, you will earn the title "Queen's 
    Champion", allowing Magnishield to last much longer. Furthermore, you will 
    earn the title "Knight of the Sacred Order" once 2000 people have heard of you. 
    This title causes your Master Stroke gauge to start at half full every time 
    you start a level.
    In addition, check out the travelling merchant, who has some new stuff for 
    sale, suitable for the end game.
    Ogre shield (3800G, Durability: 6)
    Dragon mail (10000G, Defense: 75, reduces fire and ice damage by 30%)
    Great helm (8800G, Defense: 35)
    I suggest that you buy the dragon mail as soon as you have 10000 gold coins to 
    greatly boost your defense over your dog's body armour. It's going to be a 
    long time until you will replace it, considering that you are still far from 
    having the 100 mini medals required for the liquid metal armour.
    Once you have enough materials and money, go and upgrade your weapons. You 
    will learn 3 new Master Strokes: Solar Flare from the Wrath of Helios, Ice Age 
    from the Wrath of Boreas and Lighting Storm from the Wrath of Zeus.
    New Master Stroke! Solar Flare
    Hold your Wii Remote vertically and shake it repeatedly to power up the attack. 
    Slash when the time expires to cause the ground beneath your enemy to crack up, 
    releasing an intense burst of heat.
    New Master Stroke! Ice Age
    Keep drawing a circle with your Wii Remote to enlarge the snowflake on the 
    screen. Slash the giant snowflake when the timer expires to break it into 
    little pieces, sending many sharp ice shards to your enemy.
    New Master Stroke! Lightning Storm
    Hold the Wii Remote vertically and twirl it around to power up the attack. 
    Thrust it towards the ceiling to send a purple lightning bolt down on your 
    Now that you are ready, equip the Wrath of Boreas and make your way to the 
    Deathbringer's Citadel.
    Deathbringer's Citadel
    X rank: Orichalcum + Double the rewards for S, A and B ranks
    S rank: 1 gold bar
    A rank: 1 gold bar
    B rank: 3 monsterbones
    Brown cape with sword (Money: 48G     Exp: 184)
    Green bat (Money: 10G     Exp: 39     Drop: Replenishield Powder)
    Yellow bee (Money: 22G     Exp: 158     Drop: Antidotal herb)
    Mud hand (Money: 35G     Exp: 161)
    Chimaera (Money: 38G     Exp: 173)
    Dragon with fork (Money: 48G     Exp: 325     Drop: Monsterbone, Yggdrasil dew)
    Pink jellyfish (Money: 20G     Exp: 121)
    Green archer (Money: 28G     Exp: 210)
    Green ogre (Money: 62G     Exp: 318)
    Red gorilla (Money: 51G     Exp: 160)
    Red bat (Money: 20G     Exp: 105     Drop: Strong medicine, monsterbone)
    Demon knight (Money: 55G     Exp: 196)
    Rockbomb (Money: 12G     Exp: 59     Drop: Medicinal herb)
    Boar warrior (Money: 52G     Exp: 205     Drop: Monsterbone)
    Green slime king (Money: 58G     Exp: 182)
    Blue Cyclops (Money: 63G     Exp: 330)
    Blue fiery acrobat (Money: 28G     Exp: 182)
    Blue flame (Money: 18G     Exp: 124)
    *****END ENEMY LIST*****
    Let's move forward, examining all the spiky rock formations on the side of the 
    path for money and items. You will be confronted by a brown sword wielding 
    cape. These guys have the ability to fire thunderbolts at you from a range, so 
    put your shield up whenever they move out of range. Two green bats then greet 
    you, so take them out using horizontal slashes. Another brown cape then 
    appears, you now know what to do.
    Further down the path are two more brown capes. Up ahead are three swarms of 
    yellow bees. These guys are just as annoying as those found in Arondight 
    Heights. Continue walking to meet some mud hands next. Some horizontal slashes 
    will be enough for them. You will then go around several turns without meeting 
    any enemies for the time being. The shortlived peace is then disturbed by a 
    mud hand and another brown cape.
    Run along to meet a chimaera. These guys are nastier in the sense that they 
    fire two fireballs in short succession each time they attack. I suggest that 
    you deflect the first fireball back to it and block the second one since only 
    one fireball is enough to kill these chimaeras. It seems that those fireballs 
    will always approach you from the bottom of the screen.
    You will encounter three green bats after another short walk. Have Anlace cast 
    Sizz so that they won't get to cast Diminishield at you from a range. A 
    chimaera then appears, deflect its fireballs back to it. You are now free to 
    smash through the two boulders blocking your path. A junction is up ahead, so 
    start by turning right.
    Is that you, Grossmesser? No, but it's a giant fork wielding dragon. Block his 
    attack and thrust your sword into him three times. This dragon moves back, 
    where he attempts to launch fireballs your way. Block them all and let him 
    come close again. Block his fork and you can finish him off. Enter the tunnel 
    to find two pink jellyfish in the way. Slash the first one as it comes close. 
    Another of Grossmesser's relatives arrives. Block his attack and thrust your 
    sword into him as before. It is inevitable that he will be healed, so let him 
    jump back and launch fireballs at you again. Block those attacks and he will 
    come close, allowing you to stab him to death without worrying about the 
    jellyfish's heals. The jellyfish will then come close to let you kill it.
    You come to a treasure chest at the dead end. Open it for a lucky bag and 
    return to the junction. This time, go left. You will run into a blockade 
    guarded by a green archer. This archer fires two arrows at once in a column 
    formation. You must hit both arrows back at him to be able to kill him at the 
    first deflection. Two more green archers are up ahead, followed by another 
    pair aided by 3 mud hands.
    You will then encounter three more green archers before the next junction. 
    Turn right, as always. A giant green ogre, probably a relative of Golok will 
    ambush you. He starts by throwing boulders, pair by pair at you. It's going to 
    be hard to deflect them both at once. Either way, he will jump forward and 
    attempt to club you, so let's block that attack and finish him off.
    Another green ogre can be found further on, aided by 2 green bats. Cast Sizz 
    on the bats to kill them first. You can then take the ogre out as always. The 
    treasure chest is now yours for the taking at the dead end. It contains yet 
    another lucky bag. Return to the junction and go left, where you will bump 
    into some red gorillas with clubs. These guys are still the spoilsports as 
    they are on the Arondight Heights, so slash them quick before they can jump 
    back to safety.
    Smash through the boulder to fight some mud hands and a red gorilla before 
    smashing through two more boulders. A pair of treasure chests are up ahead, 
    it's guessing time. If you guess right, you will get a mini medal. Now, let's 
    go up the slope, where you will find four red bats. Cast Sizzle, if Anlace has 
    already learnt it to take them out in a jiffy. Some mud hands will also pop 
    out of the ground for you to slice to pieces.
    Climb up the stairs at the top of the slope to find a demon knight. Block his 
    charge and take him out with some horizontal slashes. Some rockbombs will be 
    waiting for you further up the stairs, along with two demon knights.
    The stairs will soon narrow. Climb up those stairs to have a bird's eye view 
    of that giant one eyed ogre statue above you. There's a junction in front of 
    you, so let's go straight ahead, where you will run straight into a green ogre. 
    Another green ogre is up next, aided by four pink jellyfish. The best time to 
    slash those jellyfish is when they line up in a diagonal line.
    Keep going and you will be ambushed by a boar warrior and a green slime king. 
    Take out the boar warrior first before blocking the slime king's pounce. Slash 
    him repeatedly until he explodes. Climb up the next long flight of stairs to 
    find a pair of red gorillas and a green slime king waiting for you at the top. 
    Looks like this slime king can heal himself and the gorillas. Time your 
    slashes carefully since those gorillas jump back much quicker than before.
    You then come to two treasure chests. Guess right to receive a pouch of 
    Replenishield Powder. Run forward until you reach the end of the path, where 
    you'll jump down to the ledge below, facing the giant statue. Run forward and 
    the statue's eye will activate. Looks like you are up against Xipho's security 
    system! The eye fires both blue and red energy balls at you, and only the 
    former can be deflected back to the eye. Deflect those balls back to the eye 
    until it goes black. Another set of stairs leading up to the statue's mouth 
    will then appear.
    Enter the mouth to reach a giant hall. Some blue Cyclops will get in your way. 
    A Cyclops attacks by swinging his club at you in various angles. It's vital 
    that you cast Magnishield to make it easy to block those attacks. You must 
    block the entire swing before you can really deal damage to the Cyclops. Some 
    blue fiery acrobats will confront you next. These guys are much easier to hit 
    than the red ones since they will always move from the top of the screen to 
    the bottom when they get close. Then we have another blue Cyclops, supported 
    by two green bats. Cast Sizz on the bats to take them out and stun the Cyclops, 
    allowing you to thrust your sword into him three times, giving you a starting 
    Climb up the stairs at the end of the passage. You arrive at a platform 
    beneath some bright vortex. The two of you get sucked in, and must now kill 
    the flames and shadows that appear. You better do it fast since they will 
    separate soon after they appear and move towards opposite ends of the screen. 
    The four of you arrive at Xiphos' throne room. "This is surely the place," 
    Anlace says. Fleurette spots the mutated Aruval's body on the floor. "Ma 
    Deesse," she cries, "Aruval!" "Aruval? By heck, I'm going to scatter Xiphos to 
    the four corners of the world!" Claymore exclaims.
    Xiphos' shadow emerges above Aruval's body. "Thank you all for coming," he 
    laughs, "In mere moments, I shall reclaim my body from this worthless vessel, 
    and you shall witness the fruition of my plan! You see, when we met five years 
    ago, I was, to my shame, somewhat careless. Nevertheless, I command life and 
    death! Sensing impending doom, I severed my body from my spirit, and concealed 
    them within my enemies, there to regain my strength. My plan was almost 
    perfect. True, I did not anticipate that tiresome woman's attempt to cage me 
    with the Rorrim Mask, but I am nothing if not adaptable. In short, the time of 
    my resurrection has come!"
    Aruval's body spasms as the remaining life force of Xiphos leaves it. He now 
    returns to normal, while Xiphos reforms into his true self. "Humanity shall 
    bow to a new order of terror, misery, despair and death!" He yells. "Nay, 
    Xiphos!" Anlace rebuts, "For we bring that to you! To arms, comrades, for 
    Goddess, Queen and country!" Let's fight!
    Xiphos the Deathbringer Phase 1
    Money: 1050G    Exp: 1500
    Cast Magnishield and Buff immediately after the battle begins. Xiphos starts 
    by attacking you with several two/three hit combos with his sword. He can also 
    jump back and throw his boomerang at you. Watch for red circles on the screen 
    and move your shield in the direction they appear. In addition, Xiphos may 
    attempt to hurl debris at you, so block accordingly.
    If Xiphos is close by, it is possible to slash him five times once you have 
    blocked his boomerang attack. Hold off his attacks and whittle his health down 
    slowly. Xiphos will become enraged once you have taken half of his health away. 
    At this point, he should hurl some energy balls at you. You ought to thank him 
    for doing that since those balls can be easily deflected back to Xiphos, 
    dealing massive damage to him. After that, he may try hurling five pieces of 
    debris at you at a time, as opposed to three. Block his attack and take out 
    the remainder of his health when he attempts to hurl more energy balls at you. 
    Slash him when he comes close and you will be able to deal the deathblow. 
    Anlace asks, "Is he defeated?" Knowing most RPGs, final bosses always have 
    more than one phase. Claymore states the obvious, "Not likely, lad. Don't 
    bring your guard down." Xiphos gets back up and laughs, "I see you have grown 
    stronger since our meeting five years ago. Unfortunately for you, the same can 
    also be said of me. By way of proof, savour now the splendour of my true form!"
    Xiphos transforms into an uglier version of himself. He really looks like the 
    mutated Aruval now. Fleurette exclaims, "Quoi? Oh non! He looks nothing like 
    in the tableau now!" "So, humans! Shall we? True terror, morbid misery and 
    dire despair! I will teach you how to feel them all!" Bring it on!
    Xiphos the Deathbringer Phase 2
    Exp: 3200     Drop: Orichalcum
    Cast Magnishield and Buff immediately and block Xipho's vertical slash, 
    followed by his horizontal slash. Try hitting him and he will block your 
    attack with his shield. When his shield is up, thrust your sword into the 
    centre of his shield several times to break it, allowing you to follow with a 
    few more thrusts. In fact, you can attack him whenever you block his 
    horizontal or vertical slashes throughout the rest of the fight. 
    Xiphos will taunt you every now and then between attacks. While he's taunting 
    you, Xiphos may be hardly vulnerable, but you still get free thrusts that 
    allow you to power up your Master Strokes.
    Master Strokes finally make a real impact in this battle. You should use the 
    Ice Age attack on him whenever you are fully charged. Xiphos has nastier 
    tricks up his sleeve. He may curl into a ball and try to drill into you. Take 
    out your shield and follow him around the screen to avoid any damage when that 
    happens. Xiphos may also try to come close and stomp you with his foot. Block 
    his stomps and you will get to deal significant damage after he's been stopped.
    Keep fighting and Xiphos will yell, "Bring death to the Deathbringer if you 
    can!" once you have dealt enough damage. He smashes part of the floor away. In 
    this part of the fight, Xiphos has the ability to remove your Magnishield and 
    Buff effects, requiring you to spend MP recasting them every now and then. 
    When a circle forms in Xiphos' eyes, he is going to zap you with his laser. 
    This laser deals a lot of damage to your partner, so it is imperative that you 
    block well. You won't believe how much damage my shield took whenever I block 
    those lasers.
    To make things worse, Xiphos will occasionally grab your partner and 
    electrocute him. There is nothing you can do but thrust your sword into Xiphos 
    repeatedly until he lets go. If your Master Stroke is ready, send him to the 
    Ice Age. Last, but not least, Xiphos has another trick up his sleeve. Whenever 
    he yells "Your screams will resound around hell for all eternity!", Xiphos is 
    going to prepare his own Master Stroke, the Figure of Hate on you. Enter the 
    menu and heal both you and Anlace up to full health before you enter the 
    Master Stroke sequence.
    While he's powering up his attack, you must slash Xiphos repeatedly to reduce 
    the damage dealt by his attack. Vertical slashes are most effective in 
    reducing the damage. Slash as quickly as possible and try to keep the power 
    gauge below 40. If you succeed in doing so, you and Anlace should take only a 
    little bit more than 110 damage, thus surviving the attack. Heal both Anlace 
    and yourself and continue to block Xiphos' attacks, striking back on the 
    counter. You need not worry about any more Figures of Hate if you continue to 
    deal damage to him in a timely manner.
    Once you have dealt enough damage, Xiphos will yell, "Terror, misery, and 
    despair!", starting the final part of this fight. He removes your Magnishield 
    and Buff, as expected. Xiphos will punch you with his four arms at the four 
    corners of the screen. Sometimes, he may punch using both left arms or both 
    right arms at the same time. This attack can be easily blocked with 
    Magnishield active. As stupid as he is, Xiphos then proceeds to hurl more 
    energy balls at you. Let's play tennis with him and knock them back. A few 
    deflections and it will be all over.
    *****END LEVEL*****
    Xiphos falls to the ground and covers his face. "No! It cannot be! Not by 
    humans!" he screams, "I am the Bringer of Death! You cannot bring death unto 
    me!" Fleurette calls, "Quickly, Blade! The mask!" Xiphos is surprised, "The 
    mask?" he asks, "The Rorrim Mask? But, but you yourselves cut the mask in two! 
    I saw you destroy it!" You throw the mask onto his face, reducing him to a 
    statue. Claymore yells, "Now lad! Now! Deal the deathblow, that will learn 
    him!" Do as he says and the statue will be reduced to dust.
    "At last!" Anlace exclaims, "The demon is dead!" "Aye lad! There's no mistake 
    this time, Xiphos is an ex-arch villain!" Claymore says. Fleurette runs to the 
    unconscious Aruval. Meanwhile, the ground starts to shake. "Oh heck!" Claymore 
    shouts, "The whole place is coming down! Everyone out!" Anlace looks around 
    and says, "Follow me! Hurry!"
    The four of you run out carrying Aruval. As you run, you drop the mask. As the 
    passage behind you collapses, you turn around to pick it up. You run towards 
    your group with the collapsing passage catching up fast. It seems you may be 
    about to fall to your death, but the partner you've chosen to accompany you 
    (Anlace in this case), grabs your hand and pulls you up. It's been long, but 
    you finally get to see the level completion screen. The two lucky bags contain 
    the Hero's Shield, the strongest shield in the game and platinum headgear.
    You get to see a movie where Aruval sits at the beach and looks at the moon. 
    Fleurette arrives and returns his necklace, which Aruval puts on. Anlace, 
    Claymore and you arrive and nod in approval. Meanwhile, fireworks are launched 
    back in town.
    The scene changes to the throne room of the castle. "So we are finally free of 
    the Deathbringer's menace," Queen Curtana says. Anlace replies, "Yes, Mother. 
    Never again shall he threaten the peace. We have brought an end to his 
    tyranny." "That we have," Claymore says, "Not without a few bruises, mind." 
    Minister Misericord says, "The Deathbringer wroke much havoc in his time, yet 
    in spite of all his, all his spite, we live on to tell the tale! Yippee!" He 
    couldn't be less excited, I can tell.
    The Queen says, "Minister Misericord is right. We must treasure the fact that 
    we are alive, and embrace our newfound liberty." Misericord then calmly 
    exclaims, "By way of recognition of this most auspicious occasion, I think it 
    appropriate - nay, necessary that we permit ourselves a jolly good knees-up!" 
    Anlace jokes, "You are not the misery you profess to be, Minister!" Fleurette 
    asks, "Your Majesty, may I perhaps invite my brother?"
    "Of course, Fleurette. We must not forget that Aruval endured much in the way 
    against Xiphos." "Right then," Claymore enthuses, "Let's get cracking with the 
    party, shall we?" Anlace and Fleurette cheer. Let's join the party. Talk to 
    everyone in the party. You will find that Prince Anlace is getting popular 
    with the ladies while Fleurette is planning to rejoin the church. At the same 
    time, Aruval is going to embark on a journey to make amends for his wrongs. 
    Once you have talked to everyone (including the Queen), talk to your dad in 
    the throne room for the final scene.
    It's time to go out to the balcony and meet the people of Avalonia. "Everyone 
    is waiting for you to say something," Anlace says. Fleurette says, "You could 
    shout out something like, 'Xiphos is dead! Long live Avalonia!', n'est-ce pas?" 
    Your dad has the best solution to the problem, "Take no notice of them, lad," 
    he says, "Now is not the time for words. Just raise that sword above your 
    head." Thrust the Wii Remote at the ceiling to raise your sword, much to 
    everyone's cheers.
    As the credits roll, the Rorrim Mask falls onto the mountain behind the 
    Arondight Heights, imprinting a carving of you, Claymore, Anlace and Fleurette 
    defeating Xiphos the Deathbringer with the mask. Now, pictures of various 
    scenes in the game will appear on screen as the rest of the credits come out. 
    Feel free to slice them apart with your sword when they appear. Be sure to 
    save your game after the credits since there is more to the game beyond this 
    13. Mirrors, mirrors on the wall
    The game will reset after you have saved. Load the file in which you saved and 
    you will be at home with Claymore, who tells you to check out the Olde 
    Reflectory. It seems that some mirrors have been placed in that cave, so let's 
    go and have a look.
    Before you go, check out the weapon shop. It appears that you have three 
    upgrades for your Aurora Blade, each requiring you to merge the blade with one 
    of your elemental swords. Here are the upgrades that are available.
    Dragovian king sword: 2 gold bars, 1 orichalcum, 1 Wrath of Helios, 19800G
    Zenithian sword: 2 gold bars, 1 orichalcum, 1 Wrath of Boreas, 25000G
    Sword of kings: 2 gold bars, 1 orichalcum, 1 Wrath of Zeus, 15000G
    You might have enough gold bars and one chunk of orichalcum, but you most 
    likely won't have enough money for any of the swords. Let's worry about these 
    upgrades later. Oh, and let's equip the Hero's Shield and the platinum 
    headgear you found from Xiphos. Enter the Olde Reflectory to find some grey 
    mirrors on the wall. Each mirror houses a powerful boss which require a 
    certain renowned rating to fight them. Let me list the bosses below.
    Grey mirror bosses
    There are 4 grey mirrors in the Olde Reflectory. The four mirrors, from left 
    to right, require 340, 100, 520 and 780 renown rating before you can enter 
    them respectively. Let's start by the easiest fight. I suggest that you only 
    use the same partner through all the fights to level him up the quickest, 
    since things will get much tougher later on. My personal choice is Anlace.
    Clank 'n' Knalc
    Renown required: 100
    X rank: Orichalcum + Double the rewards for the S, A and B ranks
    S rank: Gold bar
    A rank: Gold bar
    B rank: 2 lava lumps
    Money: 3160G    Exp: 3500
    You are facing a pair of armoured knights ala Sir Worthington. Start by 
    casting Magnishield and Buff. As before, always block their attacks and attack 
    on the counter. You should be able to slowly take their health down despite 
    the heals from the pink jellyfish. Once you have taken half of their health 
    away, both Clank and Knalc will become enraged. They will attack faster than 
    before and often alternately, making it hard for you to block and counter 
    their attacks. Nevertheless, their attacks aren't that much of a threat with 
    Buff active. Continue attacking until they only have a quarter of their health 
    left. One fully charged Ice Age would be enough to empty the rest of their 
    health, allowing you to deal the deathblow when they jump up close.
    You receive a rusty old sword in a lucky bag the first time you beat them. 
    Don't worry, since this sword can be upgraded to something much more powerful 
    through the weapon shop. Also note the large amount of cash you get for 
    beating these knightly twins. I'd suggest you farm this battle again and again 
    until you have enough money for your sword upgrades.
    Renown required: 340
    X rank: Yggdrasil leaf + Double the rewards for S, A and B ranks
    S rank: Gold bar
    A rank: Gold bar
    B rank: 2 ice crystals
    Money: 1250G     Exp: 1380
    Nomeg is a three eyed griffin. His name is the reverse of the name Gomen. As 
    before, start by casting Magnishield and Buff. Just like the Envoy of Xiphos, 
    Nomeg begins by attacking you with a four hit combo from the either the four 
    corners of the screen (NE, SE, NW and SW positions) or the centre of the edges 
    of the screen (N, S, E and W positions) before hitting you at the centre of 
    the screen. Watch the order in which the red circles appear and move your 
    shield quickly to block those attacks. Once you have blocked them all, you can 
    proceed to thrust your sword into Nomeg five times.
    Once you have done so, Nomeg flies out of range and starts hurling many white 
    energy balls at you. It's time to play tennis. If you can hit nearly all of 
    those energy balls back to him, you would have left Nomeg with only half of 
    his health left. Otherwise, you will have to block another of his claw combos 
    before you can stab Nomeg down to that level.
    Nomeg enrages at half health. He will now attack you with his claws at six 
    different parts of the screen. The parts of the screen from which he attacks 
    you change in a zig zag pattern, so move your shield accordingly. Block his 
    central attack and you can thrust your sword into him five times as always.
    Nomeg then moves back and attempts to fire more energy balls at you. He will 
    often fire two balls at you at once, requiring you to slash more carefully. If 
    you can deflect most of those shots back at him, Nomeg should be left with 
    less than 10% of his health, making it easy to finish him with an Ice Age or 
    Light Fantastic. You should receive a lucky bag the first time you beat him. 
    The bag contains Auroral Armour, which can be equipped to raise your defense 
    by 13 over the Dragon Mail. In addition, you would take 30% less damage from 
    fire, ice and lightning attacks.
    King Latem
    Renown required: 520
    X rank: Yggdrasil leaf + Double the rewards for S, A and B ranks
    S rank: Orichalcum
    A rank: Gold bar
    B rank: 3 mini medals
    Money: 240G     Exp: 15010
    This is one frustrating battle. You will be facing a grey slime king that 
    moves randomly and quickly across the screen. Your weapon will deal only 1 
    damage per hit, and Latem (reverse of the word "metal") has 12 health. This 
    means that you need to hit him at least 12 times. To make things worse, Latem 
    will leave the scene after 25 seconds. In that case, you would be considered 
    victorious, but you won't get any points or rewards from the encounter.
    The best thing you can do is to keep an eye on him and try to slash 
    horizontally when he gets close. You should be able to get a hit in every time 
    he gets close. Let's also hope that Latem won't bounce too much, making it 
    even harder to hit him. A sure fire way to win would be to get a weapon known 
    as a metal king sword much later. That weapon deals double damage to Latem, 
    thurs requiring only 6 hits to kill him. Once you have that sword, feel free 
    to revisit this battle again and again to quickly level up.
    You will receive a lucky bag with a metal king helm the first time you beat 
    King Latem. That helm is the strongest headgear in the game, having 28 defense 
    more than the platinum headgear. Once your renown rating hits 3000, you will 
    gain the title Sword of Justice. As a result, Oomph will last much longer.
    Renown required: 780
    S rank: Gold bar
    A rank: Gold bar
    B rank: 2 thunderballs
    Money: 1800G     Exp: 2000
    You are up against a giant green Cyclops named Salta (reverse of "Atlas). Let 
    him pick up his hammer and stamp his feet on the ground. Once he's done so, 
    cast Sizz to stun him and kill the 2 green bats, allowing you to thrust your 
    sword into him five times. Enter the spell menu immediately after the fifth 
    thrust and cast Sizz again. This should keep Salta stunned, allowing you to 
    continue thrusting him. Keep alternating between thrusts and Sizz and you 
    would have effectively shut out Salta until he's down to half health.
    Salta will jump back and become enraged. He will fire some energy balls at you, 
    some of which can be deflected back at him. Cast Magnishield and Buff right 
    now. In addition, watch out when you see a number of red circles arranged in a 
    letter Z. This means that Salta is about to zap you with his eye laser. 
    Quickly follow the laser with your shield to avoid damage. Continue blocking 
    and deflecting his projectiles until Salta is down to maybe 10% health. He 
    will jump forward, allowing you to stun him with Sizz, thrusting him 
    repeatedly until he's down and out. Salta drops a lucky bag the first time you 
    beat him. The bag contains a Mighty Armlet, with 5 defense that increases your 
    slashing power by 10%.
    Renown required: 1000
    S rank: Orichalcum
    A rank: Orichalcum
    B rank: Yggdrasil dew
    Money: 50G     Exp: 4800
    Once you have defeated the first four mirror bosses, a larger grey mirror will 
    appear in the middle of the four mirrors. Examine it to meet a hydra called 
    Valgirt. "Well met, foolish human. I am Valgirt, sovereign of serpents. That 
    you stand before me speaks highly of your strength. I have spent aeons alone 
    in this accursed mirror. Come, let us stir up the dust!"
    You will start by running to Valgirt's left, where he will fire barrages of 
    ice at you from directions indicated by the red circles. Memorise the order of 
    appearance of the circles and block accordingly. In addition, watch out for 
    his fire blasts. You can tell whenever you see 9 red circles quickly appearing 
    on the screen, forming a spiral.
    During this stage of the battle, you can thrust your sword into Valgirt's 
    chest five times whenever you block an entire attack from him. I also suggest 
    that you keep thrusting your sword into Valgirt at all times, even if it means 
    you will deal negligible damage. This is because thrusting helps charge up 
    your Master Strokes.
    Once you have taken out a third of his health, Valgirt's left head will fall. 
    You and Anlace will then run to Valgirt's right, facing his head there. This 
    head attacks by firing fireballs at you, so let's play tennis with Valgirt. 
    Hit the fireballs at the right time and they would fly back into Valgirt's 
    head, rather than his chest, dealing more damage. Continue deflecting his 
    attacks until he's down to a third of his health.
    You will run in front of Valgirt, where he breathes fire again and again at 
    you, so watch out. You get to deal significant damage with one thrust whenever 
    you block successfully. In addition, Valgirt may attempt to grab you with his 
    tail and send you into his mouth. In that case, slash vertically repeatedly 
    until you break free. Both you and Anlace will die at once if you are devoured. 
    Since this stage of the battle might be slow, it's a good idea to speed it up 
    by using Ice Age whenever it is available.
    Valgirt falls and gets back up again, "Hmmm... your skill is considerable," He 
    says, "Very well... I shall give you a taste of my true strength!" It's time 
    for the second phase of the battle. Valgirt will alternate between fireballs, 
    ice and fire blasts, so deflect and block as needed while you continue to 
    prevent him from swallowing you. You need not worry about being eaten alive 
    once you've taken more than half of his health away. You should also try to 
    thrust your sword into Valgirt's central head as much as possible since that 
    is his weak spot.
    Valgirt will introduce a new twist with his fireballs at half health. Notice 
    that some of his fireballs are blue. Those heal you on impact, rather than 
    dealing damage, so don't hit them back. It's now a matter of dealing damage 
    through deflections and Master Strokes while blocking Valgirt's attacks until 
    he is finally defeated.
    You will receive an orichalcum stick the first time you beat Valgirt. This 
    stick can be upgraded to a much more powerful weapon in the weapon shop, so 
    stay tuned. After the battle, Valgirt will address you. "So, I am defeated," 
    he says, "It has been centuries since I last savoured the taste of battle. You 
    must face me again soon."
    Three more mirrors appear on the wall. Those mirrors are purple in colour and 
    conceal three new bosses which are a big step above Valgirt in terms of 
    difficulty. Assuming that your hero is between level 40 and 50, it would not 
    be a good idea to attempt them just yet. The three bosses are Der Gib, 
    Nomegoen and Valgirt Nedlog. The former may be attempted when your level is at 
    the high 40s while the rest should not be attempted until you have reached 
    level 60. 
    Leave the Olde Refectory and visit the Weapon Shop. Upgrades are available to 
    both the rusty old sword and the orichalcum stick. The rusty old sword can be 
    upgraded to the metal king sword while the orichalcum stick can be upgraded to 
    the Dragon Warrior's Sword. Both swords have higher attack powers than the 
    Zenithian Sword. However, you need to collect some unknown material (Noble 
    Metal) before you can create them.
    Metal king sword: 5 gold bars, 4 pieces of noble metal, 35000G
    Dragon Warrior's Sword:
    10 gold bars, 5 lumps of orichalcum, 2 pieces of noble metal, 50000G
    How expensive! I suggest that you set your priorities straight and upgrade 
    your Aurora Blade to the Zenithian Sword first since it's got the highest 
    attack power. You will learn a Master Stroke called Absolute Zero when you 
    receive this sword.
    New Master Stroke! Absolute Zero
    Keep drawing a circle with your Wii Remote while keeping it level to power up 
    the attack. Thrust your sword into your enemy when the timer expires to freeze 
    them completely!
    Now that you have this sword, go back to Ye Olde Refectory and earn more and 
    more money by fighting Clank 'n' Knalc repeatedly. If you ever need to make 
    the other two elemental swords, go back to the Mirror World and beat Draug 
    again. He will drop a lucky bag with a Rednusadner, which can be upgraded to 
    the Aurora Blade, which in turn can be upgraded to another elemental sword. 
    Only revisit the Mirror World when you have created the new sword to ensure 
    that Draug gives you another Rednusadner for the purpose.
    At level 33, Anlace will learn the Elemental Extremes buddy blow, a Master 
    Stroke that can only be used when he's with you.
    New Master Stroke! Elemental Extremes
    MP cost: 24
    Anlace yells, "Elemental Extremes!" Draw sideways figures of eights with your 
    Wii Remote repeatedly while keeping it level to mix up the fire and ice 
    elements. Thrust the sword forward when the time expires to send this ball of 
    extreme elements into your foe!
    The two best places to raise your levels are the battle against Clank 'n' 
    Knalc and the Mirror World (assuming that you can hit at least 1 grey goo each 
    time). Since you will be earning a lot of money as you level, let's get more 
    Rednusadners from Draug and upgrade them to the other two elemental swords. 
    You will learn the Dragon Soul Master Stroke when you receive the Dragovian 
    King Sword, and the Gigaslash when you receive the Sword of Kings.
    New Master Stroke! Dragon Soul
    Draw sideways figures of eight with your Wii Remote repeatedly while keeping 
    it level to awaken a fiery dragon. Swing your Wii Remote forward to send the 
    fiery dragon into your foe, dealing heavy damage as it coils around him.
    When you obtain a renown rating of 5000, you will gain the title Sword of 
    Justice. As a result, the power of your Master Strokes will be increased. 
    New Master Stroke! Gigaslash
    Draw sideways figures of eight with your Wii Remote repeatedly while keeping 
    it level to build up some static charge. Thrust your Wii Remote towards the 
    ceiling to send the charge up to the sky, before slashing your sword forward 
    to zap your enemy.
    Purple mirror bosses
    Once you have reached level 48 or so, you may try fighting Der Gib.
    Der Gib
    S rank: Noble metal
    A rank: Gold bar
    B rank: 2 thunderballs
    Money: 1880G     Exp: 2480
    Der Gib isn't a German name, it's just the words "big red" reversed! Consider 
    this to be a harder red version of Salta. Start by letting him stomp the 
    ground after picking up his war hammer. Cast Sizz to stun him, allowing you to 
    thrust your sword into him five times before stunning him again with another 
    Sizz. Repeat this procedure until you have taken around 40% of Der Gib's 
    Der Gib will get fed up and jump back, where he proceeds to attack you with 
    energy balls and eye lasers. This is the only part of the fight where you can 
    get hurt. Therefore it's time to cast Buff and Magnishield. This is the 
    hardest part since all attacks will deal much more damage than before. The 
    only way you can deal damage to him is by deflecting his purple energy balls, 
    which fly towards you much faster than before, back at him and using Master 
    Strokes, in particular Dragon Soul since it deals the most hits. All attacks 
    are much faster, requiring you to move your shield quickly to stop them.
    Der Gib will jump back at you when he's got a third of his health left. In 
    that case, you have more or less won the game. Continue your Sizz-thurst 
    routine until he's finally dead. You should get an S rank with ease by 
    following the above strategy, assuming that you can deflect most purple energy 
    balls that he throws at you during the second stage of the fight. You get a 
    chunk of noble metal, which is needed for your sword upgrades. Beat Der Gib 
    four more times with an S rank and you would have enough materials for the 
    metal king sword upgrade. Otherwise, go beat Valgirt a few more times for more 
    Orichalcum. Money can be obtained easily by beating Clank 'n' Knalc. If you 
    are impatient, consider selling some of the gold bars you have. Each bar nets 
    you 2500 gold coins.
    You won't learn any new Master Stroke when you receive the metal king sword. 
    Now, let's equip it and fight King Latem again and again. You are more or less 
    guaranteed to level up each time you kill him, getting 3 or 6 mini medals with 
    each battle. In fact, you'd probably gain 2 levels per minute, given how fast 
    you beat Latem! It will be a matter of time before you have collected 100 mini 
    medals, enabling you to trade them for a suit of liquid metal armour, the 
    strongest armour in the game.
    S rank: Noble metal
    A rank: Gold bar
    B rank: 2 ice crystals
    Money: 1500G     Exp: 1800
    Say hi to the inverse of Neo Gomen. Nomegoen is the tougher invisible version 
    of Nomeg. He has the exact same attack patterns as his weaker form, only that 
    they hit much harder and you have less time to block his attacks. You must 
    keep Buff and Magnishield up at all times, or you are looking at over 60 
    damage per hit. Most damage will be dealt by deflecting Nomegoen's projectiles 
    back at him.
    Nomegoen becomes enraged when you have taken half of his health away. He's 
    going to attack you with a volley of projectiles soon enough. You should have 
    emptied his health bar if you can hit most, if not all of those projectiles 
    back. When in doubt, finish him with a Master Stroke if you can't risk waiting 
    for him to get close any more. Dragon Soul is the most effective against 
    Nomegoen and will finish him off when he's got 10% of his health left.
    Valgirt Nedlog
    S rank: Noble metal
    A rank: Noble metal
    B rank: Yggdrasil dew
    Money: 50G     Exp: 5300
    You now face the inverse of Golden Valgirt, who attacks with the same patterns 
    as that of the original Valgirt. Of course, he attacks much faster and his 
    attacks deal more damage. Use the same strategy as you did against Valgirt and 
    you should take out his first phase in no time. Don't bother hitting Valgirt 
    when he is not vulnerable since it won't fill up your Master Stroke Gauge this 
    time round, let alone help net you a decent score. I recommend that you use 
    the Master Stroke Absolute Zero whenever it is up to speed things up.
    Once Valgirt gets back up for the second phase, it's a race against time for 
    you to cut Valgirt's health by half. This is because Valgirt will eventually 
    grab you with his tail when you take too long, and this time it's nearly 
    impossible to escape his clutches in time before he swallows you both up. 
    Therefore it's vital that you manage to knock nearly every single fireball his 
    throws at you back at him to quickly end this stage of the fight. Once Valgirt 
    has only half of his health left, he won't try to eat you up anymore, but he 
    will fire fireballs at a greater speed at you, thus requiring you to react 
    Once your renowned rating has reached 9999, you will gain the title "Sword of 
    Legend". The power of your master strokes will increase enormously! I figured 
    out that it raised the damage dealt by 20%.
    By now, you should have obtained enough materials to upgrade your orichalcum 
    stick. Chances are that you don't have enough money. Sell some of your surplus 
    gold bars and orichalcum and you should have enough. You will learn the Master 
    Stroke Dragonlord's Doom once you receive your new Dragon Warrior's Sword, the 
    third strongest weapon in the game.
    New Master Stroke! Dragonlord's Doom
    Start by holding the Wii Remote vertically and twirling it round and round to 
    power up the attack. After that, thrust your Wii Remote towards the ceiling. 
    Finally, shake your Wii Remote repeatedly like a soft drink can to charge it 
    up even more. Finally, swing your Wii Remote forward to sunder the ground 
    beneath your enemy, hitting him with the energy from below. This move is so 
    powerful that I have seen it deal upwards of 600 damage to certain enemies!
    If you have been paying attention, you will find that Anlace catches up rather 
    quickly in levels. By the time my hero is at level 60, he's at level 59, 
    reaching 60 shortly after I've defeated both Nomegoen and Valgirt Nedlog. 
    Since there is no reason to earn any more money at this point in the game, 
    it's time to fight King Latem ad nauseam until you are at level 80.
    Edahs' Sohpix
    I'm serious. Don't think about trying this final buss until you have reached 
    level 80. By the time you are at level 80, Anlace should be a few levels 
    higher than you.
    S rank: Noble metal
    A rank: Orichalcum
    B rank: Yggdrasil dew
    Exp: 6480
    You will be pitted against the first three purple mirror bosses in the order 
    of Nomegoen, Der Gib and Valgirt Nedlog. All three bosses start their fights 
    enraged, hence they will behave differently. For a start, Nomegoen will almost 
    immediately send a big volley of projectiles your way, which can be used to 
    whittle nearly all of his health down if you can deflect most of them back at 
    him. A single Dragon Soul should be enough to quickly finish him off.
    When you face Der Gib, it's possible to keep him locked down using Sizz. 
    Alternate between five thrusts and Sizz and you can kill him without taking 
    any damage at all. Valgirt Nedlog is just as easy since you start at his 
    second phase. Deflect most, if not all of his fireballs back at him and you 
    would have taken out more than half of his health with an Absolute Zero (thus 
    preventing him from eating you all up). Continue to knock more fireballs back 
    and him until he's defeated too.
    Now, Edahs' Sophix, the inverse of Xiphos' shade is the hardest part. He 
    attacks the same way as Xiphos, only hitting may harder. You should therefore 
    use the same strategies against Xiphos in this fight. The second part of the 
    fight is the toughest since he will be using his Figure of Hate. As before 
    heal both Anlace yourself to full health before you let him start charging up 
    his attack. His Master Stroke is the reason why I recommend that you don't try 
    to fight him until you are level 80.
    At level 80, you and Anlace should have enough health to survive the Figure of 
    Hate as long as you keep it at 50% charged or lower. You may fight him at a 
    lower level if you are more skilled at slashing Edahs' Sophix during that 
    sequence. However, I won't risk it myself. Once you have survived the attack, 
    heal both back to full health using Yggdrasil dew. You should try thrusting 
    your sword at the boss as much as possible to charge up your Master Stroke 
    gauge, allowing you to use Absolute Zero more frequently during that stage of 
    the fight. It's a race against time here, if you take too long, Edahs' Sophix 
    will use far too many Figures of Hate, causing you to run out of healing items 
    and even Yggdrasil leaves.
    No matter how hard I try, I personally cannot endure fewer than 3 Figures of 
    Hate in this stage of the fight. Once you've reached the third stage of the 
    fight where Xiphos loses his sword, you should have won the game. Since he 
    cannot use his Master Stroke against you anymore, you can bide your time as 
    you block his attacks and deflect the energy balls he throws at you back at 
    him until he's defeated.
    Once you've beaten Edahs' Sophix, you will be awarded the title "Sword of the 
    Goddess", which causes your Master Stroke Gauge to start from 80% full 
    whenever you start a level. You receive a lucky bag with a Military Tattoo 
    inside, which increases the rate at which your Master Stroke Gauge fills up. 
    Finally, you have unlocked the Payback Mode, in which you will equip the 
    Deathbringer from the start of the game! Congratulations for beating the game 
    14. Payback time
    Now that you have beaten the game 100%, you will unlock Payback Mode, where 
    you get to start a new game equipped with a sword called the Deathbringer. The 
    Deathbringer has an attack power of 200, making it more powerful than all the 
    swords you have used before. It is now possible to play through the eight 
    levels using the same sword. Don't worry about tempering the other swords 
    since you won't even need to use a single Master Stroke, I can assure you.
    Not only does the Deathbringer hit hard, it hits very fast too. Swing the Wii 
    Remote as fast as you can and you will find many slashes made in a quick 
    succession, just like the bullets from a machine gun. Most bosses can be taken 
    down in less than a minute with this weapon.
    When you start the game, you will be equipped with armour, headgear and 
    accessories each of which have a defense of 1. Don't worry though, you can 
    still get through the Caliburn Cave without trouble and get proper equipment 
    through lucky bags shortly after.
    Once you have beaten Xiphos, you can fight the mirror bosses as usual and 
    gather materials for the upgrade of this weapon. You will need 10 gold bars, 5 
    chunks of orichalcum and 5 chunks of noble metal for the upgrade. Pay the 
    required 70000 gold coins and you will get the Deathbringer's Shade, which has 
    an attack power of 400! In addition, you will learn Xiphos' Master Stroke, the 
    Figure of Hate!
    New Master Stroke! Figure of Hate
    Hold the Wii Remote vertically and twirl it in an anticlockwise direction to 
    charge up the attack. Swing the Wii Remote forwards when the time expires to 
    engulf your enemy in darkness!
    The Deathbringer has one disadvantage: Since it slashes so fast, it's likely 
    that you will slash more times than needed, causing many of your slashes to 
    hit nothing and lowering your overall accuracy. This drawback is the most 
    obvious when you are farming for noble metal. In fact, Valgirt Nedlog is the 
    easiest boss to beat with a high score out of the three purple mirror bosses. 
    Once you have the Deathbringer's Shade, there is nothing to stop you, barring 
    your health pool.
    |                III. GETTING THE MOST ENJOYMENT OF THE GAME                 |
    This section aims to explain certain aspects of the game in depth that may 
    help streamline your progression through the game, thus allowing you to get 
    the most enjoyment out of it. After all, many of you dislike grinding, right?
    15. Tempering chart and Master Strokes
    Tempering is the only way you can get better weapons throughout the game. Each 
    temper job requires you to hand over certain materials and money. You will 
    usually learn a new Master Stroke every time you receive a new weapon. I 
    divide the weapons into various levels according to their progress in the long 
    chain of weapons.
    Weapon level 1
    Copper sword
    Attack power: 15
    Master Stroke by default: Mighty Strike
    Thrust the Wii Remote directly upwards before swinging it forward to deal a 
    heavy blow on your foe.
    Weapon level 2
    Copper sword -> Steel broadsword
    Attack power of product: 25
    Materials required: 2 monsterbones, 1 chunk of iron ore
    Fee: 500G
    Master Stroke: Multistrike
    Raise the Wii Remote vertically above your head and hold it there until the 
    time limit expires. Slash three times to deal an explosive strike!
    Weapon level 3
    Things start to branch out into three different elements at this point. The 
    steel broadsword can be upgraded to blades of fire, frost and lightning 
    elements. Since you are most likely to be visiting the Secace Seacove at that 
    point in the game, I would suggest that you get the lightning blade first. 
    Since you need to buy two more steel broadswords from the weapon shop before 
    you can get the other two blades, you will have to wait until you have beaten 
    the cove before you get them.
    You will receive the Rednusadner for free when you defeat Draug the Gatekeeper 
    in the Mirror World. It is at the same level as the other three swords when 
    attack power is concerned.
    Steel broadsword -> Fire blade
    Attack power of product: 40
    Materials required: 4 monsterbones, 3 chunks of iron ore, 1 lava lump
    Fee: 1800G
    Master Stroke: Searing Slash
    Hold the Wii Remote vertically and shake it repeatedly like how you shake a 
    can of soft drink to power up the attack. To fill up the gauge quickly, focus 
    on the number of times you move the Wii Remote up and down rather than the 
    distance you move the Wii Remote. Don't bother doing any over exaggerated 
    moves since it will just tire your arm and won't fill up the gauge as fast. 
    Swing the Wii Remote when prompted to blast the enemies with fire.
    Steel broadsword -> Frost blade
    Attack power of product: 42
    Materials required: 6 monsterbones, 2 chunks of iron ore, 1 ice crystal
    Fee: 2025G
    Master Stroke: Cold Fission
    Hold the Wii Remote level and quickly move it round and round, drawing many 
    circles as you do so, to power up the attack. The gauge moves faster the more 
    circles you draw, rather than the size of each circle. I recommend that you 
    make small circular movements with the Wii Remote. Once the time expires, 
    slash the giant ice crystal on the screen to shatter it, sending its shards 
    flying towards the enemy. This move deals multiple hits, making it a good move 
    to boost up your hit chain.
    Steel broadsword -> Lightning blade
    Attack power of product: 40
    Materials required: 3 monsterbones, 2 chunks of iron ore, 1 thunderball
    Fee: 1920G
    Master Stroke: Lightning Strike
    Start by holding the Wii Remote at an angle of around 90 degrees to the ground. 
    (Please note that the exact angle takes some trial and error to get the hang 
    of it) Twirl the remote round and round to power up your sword. Once the timer 
    has expired, swing the Wii Remote forward to blast the enemy with a large bolt 
    of lightning. Make sure you are wearing the wrist strap, just in case the Wii 
    Remote flies out of your hand!
    Attack power: 45
    Master Stroke: Figure of Fate
    Hold the Wii Remote level and point it at the screen. Now you must repeatedly 
    draw sideways figures of eight (more like the infinity sign) using your sword 
    to power up some energy ball. Make sure that you hold the Wii Remote level at 
    all times to maximise the rate at which the attack charges up. Once the timer 
    expires, the energy ball will combine with the infinity sign on screen, 
    creating a snowflake-like object. Slash the object on the screen to unleash it 
    on your enemy!
    Weapon level 4
    This set of weapons is officially the nastiest. To get all 3 elemental swords, 
    you need a whopping 21 monsterbones and 12 chunks of iron ore. Besides random 
    drops, you have to replay older levels again and again with high scores to get 
    more materials. If you don't want to farm, I suggest you get the blizzard 
    blade first for several benefits in the long run. 
    Meanwhile, the Rednusadner will get an upgrade that can only be done after you 
    have beaten the Red Sea, since it requires a gold bar. (You can upgrade it 
    beforehand, but you must spend mini medals or get super lucky in the tombola 
    Fire blade -> Blazing blade
    Attack power of product: 60
    Materials required: 8 monsterbones, 5 chunks of iron ore, 3 lava lumps
    Fee: 2980G
    Master Stroke: Blazing Thrust
    Point the Wii Remote at the floor and thrust it in that direction. Now, hold 
    the Wii Remote level and thrust it in the direction of the TV screen to set 
    them ablaze.
    Frost blade -> Blizzard blade
    Attack power of product: 58
    Materials required: 8 monsterbones, 3 chunks of iron ore, 3 ice crystals
    Fee: 2850G
    Master Stroke: Tundra Sunderer
    Thrust the Wii Remote at the floor at a perpendicular angle to cause a large 
    ice shard to come out of the ground. Slash the shard to smash it to pieces, 
    scrapping enemies with shrapnel.
    Lightning blade -> Thunderbolt blade
    Attack power of product: 65
    Materials required: 5 monsterbones, 4 chunks of iron ore, 2 thunderballs
    Fee: 3200G
    Master Stroke: Thunder Thrust
    Point the Wii Remote at the ceiling and twirling it round and round in an 
    anticlockwise direction to power up the attack. When the time runs out, thrust 
    it towards the ceiling before holding it level again. Thrust your sword to 
    deliver another high voltage blast.
    Rednusadner -> Aurora blade
    Attack power of product: 70
    Materials required: 3 lava lumps, 3 ice crystals, 3 thunderballs, 1 gold bar
    Fee: 4200G
    Master Stroke: Light Fantastic
    Keep drawing sideways figures of eight with your Wii Remote, just like how you 
    did it for the Figure of Fate. When the timer runs out, slash the target three 
    times to deal a heavy blow on your enemy in the blaze of light.
    Weapon level 5
    Oh no. More monsterbones needed. Terrible farming detected. Abandon ship! You 
    should reach this tier of weapons right after you've beaten the Red Sea. If 
    you hate to farm, get the Wrath of Boreas first and beat the game with it. You 
    can play catch up much later.
    Blazing blade -> Wrath of Helios
    Attack power of product: 80
    Materials required: 
    9 monsterbones, 6 chunks of iron ore, 5 lava lumps, 1 gold bar
    Fee: 6800G
    Master Stroke: Solar Flare
    Hold your Wii Remote vertically and shake it repeatedly to power up the attack. 
    Slash when the time expires to cause the ground beneath your enemy to crack up, 
    releasing an intense burst of heat.
    Blizzard blade -> Wrath of Boreas
    Attack power of product: 85
    Materials required:
    12 monsterbones, 5 chunks of iron ore, 5 lava lumps, 1 gold bar
    Fee: 8500G
    Master Stroke: Ice Age
    Keep drawing a circle with your Wii Remote to enlarge the snowflake on the 
    screen. Slash the giant snowflake when the timer expires to break it into 
    little pieces, sending many sharp ice shards to your enemy.
    Thunderbolt blade -> Wrath of Zeus
    Attack power of product: 82
    Materials required:
    7 monsterbones, 5 chunks of iron ore, 5 lava lumps, 1 gold bar
    Fee: 7550G
    Master Stroke: Lightning Storm
    Hold the Wii Remote vertically and twirl it around to power up the attack. 
    Thrust it towards the ceiling to send a purple lightning bolt down on your 
    Weapon level 6
    These three weapons involve merging the Aurora Blade with one of the swords of 
    the previous tier to form a much more powerful sword. Since you need 
    orichalcum for these weapons, you must beat the game before you can make them. 
    Assuming that you beat the game with the Wrath of Boreas, you should 
    definitely create the Zenithian Sword first. Price isn't that much of a 
    concern since one of the mirror bosses, Clank 'n' Knalc drop over 3000 gold 
    coins each time you beat them. Hence it would be a matter of time when you 
    have raised enough money.
    Since money and tempering materials are very easy to get from the grey mirror 
    bosses, start upgrading your other elemental blades. You can get more 
    Rednusadners by beating Draug again in the Mirror World whenever you have 
    upgraded an Aurora Blade. Note that all three blades are non elemental in 
    nature. The only reason why you would need to get the Dragovian King Sword and 
    the Sword of Kings is to learn their Master Strokes, which will can be 
    effective against certain mirror bosses.
    Aurora Blade + Wrath of Helios -> Dragovian King Sword
    Attack power of product: 110
    Materials required: 2 gold bars, 1 chunk of orichalcum
    Fee: 19800G
    Master Stroke: Dragon Soul
    Draw sideways figures of eight with your Wii Remote repeatedly while keeping 
    it level to awaken a fiery dragon. Swing your Wii Remote forward to send the 
    fiery dragon into your foe, dealing heavy damage as it coils around him.
    Aurora Blade + Wrath of Boreas -> Zenithian Sword
    Attack power of product: 118
    Materials required: 2 gold bars, 1 chunk of orichalcum
    Master Stroke: Absolute Zero
    Keep drawing a circle with your Wii Remote while keeping it level to power up 
    the attack. Thrust your sword into your enemy when the timer expires to freeze 
    them completely!
    Aurora Blade + Wrath of Zeus -> Sword of Kings
    Attack power of product: 105
    Materials required: 2 gold bars, 1 chunk of orichalcum
    Fee: 15000G
    Master Stroke: Gigaslash
    Draw sideways figures of eight with your Wii Remote repeatedly while keeping 
    it level to build up some static charge. Thrust your Wii Remote towards the 
    ceiling to send the charge up to the sky, before slashing your sword forward 
    to zap your enemy.
    Weapon level 7
    You will receive a rusty old sword and an orichalcum stick when you've beaten 
    all the grey mirror boss. Although they may appear to be weak, they actually 
    are the predecessors of the fourth and third strongest weapons in the game 
    respectively. Both upgrades require a massive amount of cash (which can be 
    easily obtained by farming Clank 'n' Knalc) and noble metal. Therefore you 
    won't be getting these until you can regularly defeat those purple mirror 
    My advice is to start beating Der Gib when you are at level 48 or so to gather 
    4 chunks of noble metal. After that, you should get the Metal king sword and 
    beat King Latem repeatedly to quickly level up. You can then farm the other 
    two mirror bosses with ease and get more noble metal for the Dragon Warrior's 
    Rusty old sword -> Metal king sword
    Attack power of product: 125
    Materials required: 5 gold bars, 4 chunks of noble metal
    Fee: 38000G
    Note: Although this sword does not grant you any new Master Strokes, it is 
    useful since it deals double damage to metal enemies. It makes the fight 
    against King Latem much easier since you only need to hit him 6 times to 
    defeat him, rather than 12 times. It is basically impossible for him to flee 
    the scene this way. A typical King Latem fight lasts fewer than 30 seconds and 
    lands over 15000 experience each time, so it's the best way to quickly level 
    Orichalcum stick -> Dragon Warrior's Sword
    Attack power of product: 136
    Materials required:
    10 gold bars, 5 chunks of orichalcum, 2 chunks of noble metal
    Fee: 50000G
    Master Stroke: Dragonlord's Doom
    Start by holding the Wii Remote vertically and twirling it round and round to 
    power up the attack. After that, thrust your Wii Remote towards the ceiling. 
    Finally, shake your Wii Remote repeatedly like a soft drink can to charge it 
    up even more. Finally, swing your Wii Remote forward to sunder the ground 
    beneath your enemy, hitting him with the energy from below. This move is so 
    powerful that I have seen it deal upwards of 600 damage to certain enemies!
    16. The strongest equipment in the game
    Instead of listing every single piece of equipment out in the game, I think I 
    will just list the ones which are the strongest when it comes to stats. There 
    are five different equipment slots for your hero, and they are the weapon, 
    shield, armour, headgear and accessory. The hero is entirely gear dependent: 
    The only thing he gains by levelling up is health. Therefore collecting the 
    best gear is important if you want to face the challenges that appear after 
    you have beaten the game.
    The third strongest weapon, as well as strongest weapon you can get in your 
    first playthrough of Dragon Quest Swords is the Dragon Warrior's Sword. With 
    an attack power of 136, it is obtained by upgrading the orichalcum stick 
    obtained from one of the grey mirror bosses after you've beaten Xiphos. The 
    materials used to upgrade the weapon (notably noble metal) can only be found 
    from the purple mirror boss, so you'd better be patient.
    The second strongest weapon is the Deathbringer, unlocked after you have 
    beaten the final purple mirror boss, Edahs' Sohpix. A new mode, Payback Mode 
    is unlocked once you beat him. Start a new game in Payback Mode and you will 
    begin with a Deathbringer, which has an attack power of 200. This weapon 
    slashes faster and further than the other swords in the game, allowing you to 
    beat even Xiphos in under a minute.
    The strongest weapon of them all is the Deathbringer's Shade, obtained by 
    tempering the Deathbringer. You will need noble metal to upgrade the 
    Deathbringer, hence you won't be using this until much later. However, it's 
    way more powerful than the Deathbringer since it has an attack power of 400! 
    To make things even better, you will learn the Master Stroke Figure of Hate, 
    Xiphos' signature attack! The ironic thing is that given the speed at which 
    you slash with this sword, you'd most likely not need to use it.
    Shields are judged by their durability, which is the amount of damage they can 
    withstand before bits start falling off. The third strongest shield in the 
    game is the hero's shield, found in a lucky bag in the Deathbringer's Citadel. 
    If you want to equip it as soon as you found it, choose to return to town when 
    that happens. The hero's shield has a durability of 8.
    The second most powerful shield is the liquid metal shield, with a durability 
    of 10. Getting it is easier said than done. You must play the tombola in the 
    village and spin the wheel to fill the gauge completely before the timer runs 
    out. Once the gauge is 100% filled, you have a 1% chance of getting the grand 
    prize. Your first grand prize will be a voucher which gives you a 10% discount 
    on all goods in Avalonia. 
    Once you have the voucher, try again and win the grand prize once more. This 
    time, you will receive the shield. Since the tombola is entirely based on luck, 
    it may take forever for you to get the grand prize for the first time, not to 
    mention the second time. The best strategy will be to collect 10 tombola 
    tickets, save the game and start trying. Reset the game once you have run out 
    of tickets and try again. Eventually you will make it. I wouldn't bother 
    The strongest shield in the game is the orichalcum spoon, found in the Tower 
    of Mirrors. With a durability of 255, it would be unstoppable, yes? However 
    there is a catch. It is extremely small and cannot be enlarged by Magnishield. 
    As a result, good luck blocking enemy attacks with it. It's completely useless.
    In conclusion, I think the hero's shield is the furthest you should go since 
    the liquid metal shield is far too frustrating to get due to the luck required.
    The strongest suit of armour in the game is the liquid metal armour, with a 
    defense of 105. In addition, it reduces the physical damage you take by 30%. 
    This armour can be obtained by giving 100 mini medals to Minimoggie in a cave 
    located at a corner of town. Since you only need mini medals, you can get it 
    as early as the second chapter in the game by replaying Caliburn Cave 
    endlessly and finding mini medals as you go. You should find at least 5 mini 
    medals in each run, thus requiring at most 20 runs before you have enough.
    If you are not a masochistic (or obsessive-compulsive) person, you will most 
    likely have to wait until you have beaten Xiphos before you have collected 
    enough medals. In that case, the best place to get mini medals would be the 
    fight against King Latem. Each victory grants you 3 mini medals if you get at 
    least a B rank. I'd suggest that you get the metal king sword as soon as 
    possible to make it easier to beat that slime king.
    The strongest headgear in the game is the metal king helm, with a defense of 
    50. It is obtained by beating King Latem, a grey mirror boss after you have 
    beaten Xiphos. Despite how hard it is to beat him without the metal king sword, 
    you should eventually beat him at least once, thus landing you the helm.
    There really is no such thing as a strongest accessory since different 
    accessories help you in different ways. However, if you are talking about 
    defense, it's either the gold bracer, with a defense of 15 or the ruby of 
    protection +1, which raises the durability of your shield by 2.
    The former is obtained by completing the Slime Crisis minigame (in Aunty 
    Stiletto's counter in town) in fewer than 50 seconds. If you are good at the 
    controls, it's a matter of time before you get it. As for the ruby of 
    protection +1, it is found in a lucky bag in the Arondight Heights. This is 
    totally random and I suggest that you don't go out of your way in hopes of 
    finding it. I also hear that many accessories have up to +5 versions, but 
    those require extreme luck for them to drop.
    |                             IV. CONCLUSION                                 |
    Dragon Quest Swords may not be a main instalment of the Dragon Quest series, 
    it still has quite solid gameplay and an arcade feel to it. Whatever you do, 
    don't play this game like a typical RPG or you will be disappointed.
    The controls can get a while to get used to though since it requires you to 
    keep the Wii Remote level at all times. My opinion on the motion controls is 
    that they should be able to detect the direction in which you are moving no 
    matter what direction the Wii Remote is tilted at. After all, people won't 
    keep their sword level at all times during a real life sword fight. Hopefully 
    this is something that can be rectified with the upcoming Wii Motion Plus 
    enhancement of the Wii Remote. Another thing is that Square Enix could simply 
    allow you to use the control stick to move the hero around, as well as 
    allowing free roam in the levels.
    Despite its shortcomings, Dragon Quest Swords is a worthy addition to your 
    library of Wii games. Considering the fact that it costs only £15 or maybe 
    less in the United Kingdom, it is more than worth the price. Finally, this 
    guide is copyright 2009-2011 to kylohk, that's all for now.

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