How do I do the transfer from PoR?

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  1. First, you have to have beaten Path of Radiance and saved the clear data on your memory card. On older Radiant Dawn disks, having Easy mode PoR saves on your memory card will freeze the game when you try to load any PoR clear data. On newer disks, this glitch has been corrected, and you should be able to load any clear data.

    When starting a new game in Radiant Dawn, have the memory card with PoR data inserted into one of the slots on top of the Wii (probably only works with slot A), then start a new game. When the game asks if you want to load PoR data, do so. This will bring up a screen that shows all the PoR data on your memory card. Choose the clear data that you want to load, then continue on with the game. After your new game is started, it isn't necessary to keep your memory card inserted.

    The data transfer affects the stats and weapon levels of characters that return from PoR (all characters from PoR are playable except for one). If a character in PoR reached level 20 of their promoted class (an example would be Boyd being a level 20 Warrior at the end of PoR), they may gain bonuses in certain stats. If your max-leveled character had reached the maximum possible HP, Strength, and Defense in PoR (indicated in PoR by a glowing green number next to the stat, rather than the usual white), that character in RD would have the standard starting values in all stats except Strength, Defense, and HP. The strength and defense values would start out two points higher than normal, and the HP value would be five points higher. There are some exceptions in the cases of Sothe, Calill, and Largo, but this rule holds for all other PoR characters.

    The second data transfer bonus involves weapon levels. A character's weapon level in PoR will translate into a certain amound of weapon experience in RD. If a character in RD normally starts out with a C rank in swords, but had an A rank in PoR, that character's weapon level will be higher than normal when they first arrive. I'm pretty sure this applies to all characters, whether or not they reached level 20 in PoR.

    In addition, A-rank support bonds from PoR will become Bond supports in RD (which provide a +5 critical percent bonus when the characters stand right next to each other). Some of these transferred supports affect character endings in RD, and a few unlock special scenes and dialog near the end of the game (second playthrough or higher).

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  1. ^ What he said. And, Largo is not playable. All his bonuses are transferred to Callil.

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  2. you have to have PoR clear data on a Gamecube memory card insert the memory card into the wii and when you start a new game it will ask you if you want to transfer

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