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    Item FAQ by Chaet_legend

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    			Fire Emblem:  Radiant Dawn Item Guide
    			          by Chaet_legend
    Hello, and welcome to my guide about the items in the Game, Fire Emblem: RD for
    the Wii.  This is best used as a reference, and it will also cover ALL known
    hidden items.  I would be happy for any contributors.
    This guide *MAY* contain certain spoilers.  If so, they won't be huge.  If your
    meticulous in this way, I suggest playing this game without this reference.
    I would like to say thanks to www.serenesforest.net for its great lists on
    every FE game thus far.  This helped me do the FAQ, thats for sure.  If you
    need help on any aspect, you should pay a visit there.
    Also, dr_burger, if your out there, thanks for introducing me to the FE series
    man.  Without you, this guide would certainly not be here today!!
    If you are looking for a certain item, just use Ctrl F and type it in.  With
    most other guides that I have done in the past, i get an unbelieveable amount
    of emails saying something is not in my guide when it sometimes has a whole
    section on it!
    This guide is based on the Normal mode.  I assume Easy is the same, but Hard
    _MAY_ have one or two differences.  Do not email me about my mistakes.  If you
    want to contribute to the hard mode, please email me.
    Anyway, without anymore waffle, lets proceed to the main guide.
    Table of Contents:
    Section 1:  Contact & Legal Rights
    Section 2:  Shops & The Bargain bin - No its not random
    Section 3:  Hidden Treasures - Why use Sothe and Heather?
    Section 4:  Forging
    Section 5:  The Triangles, Trinities, and why to use Dark Magic
    Section 6:  Treasure Chest Items, and items that are worth stealing
    Section 7:  Blessing Items *spoilers*
    Section 8:  The SS items, character Unique items and their locations
    Section 9:  Who starts with what?
    Section 10: The Unobtainable items but are still in the data
    Section 11: Closing
    Contact & Legal Rights:
    My email is mushmellon_3@yahoo.co.uk.  Just to make it clear:
    -Please put something RD related in the title.  It just helps my organisation.
    -Contributions, tips, are indeed welcome.  Please be aware I am incredibly
     busy.  If you don't recieve a reply within 2 weeks, try again.  I will almost
     always reply.
    -TEH GHEBINESS WILL RULE TEH WORLDZ!!!!1111!!11shift+1!  OK. now I've got that
     out of my system, please do not send me any emails on his Ghebiness.  Funny
     it may be, but I get lots of emails everyday and I would rather get through it
    There aren't too many rules with this FAQ.  The gist of Copyright basically.
    -No takies without my permission.  I will almost always give permission.  I
     would however like a link to the site, and a person who backs your opinion.
    -If you do take this with my permission, I'm happy for you to keep at home or
     for your friends or whatever, but please give me full credit and do not alter
     the text.  I do not want to have to deal with another Plagarism case :(.  Also
     don't make a profit out of this.  Its for free use.
    -The site that may host this is www.gamefaqs.com.  I am happy for its sister,
     GameSpot.com to have this FAQ, and the sites that I know are responsible, like
     AOL games & Yahoo Games.  However, Game Cheats world and CCC are NOT allowed
     it EVER.
    Shops and the Bargain Bin:
    You start off with Muston selling weapons, and Aimee selling staves and the
    Bargain Bin.  Gradually, more stock will be added to each, with better weapons.
    NOTE:  Contrary to the GBA FE games, Tomes (Wind, Thunder, Fire, Light, Dark)
    are now sold in the Armory, NOT the Shop.
    The way this list is set out is:  Name + Type, Gold, Levels available (1-4
    would be Part 1, Ch 4 for example).  If I say 1-4 to 3-2, for example, this
    mean the weapon is available in every level from 1-4 to 3-2.
    F means Final (endgame).  P means Proloug.  All weapons are available at all 5
    stages on 4-E.  From means from that point on.  Swd and Lnc mean Sword and
    Lance respectivley.  Grt means Great.  Your first encounter with the Convoy is
    base 1-4.  The following missions have no armoury:  2-P, 2-1, 2-2, 3-P & 3-1.
    I know it sounds obvious and patronising but I have had cases asking the most
    obvious questions in the past, so I'm covering all the bases.
    Bronze Swd:  350g, 1-4 to 3-2, 3-4, 3-6, 3-7, 3-9 to 3-F, 4-F.
    Iron Swd:  500g, All.
    Steel Swd:  800g, 1-6 to 4-F.
    Silver Swd: 1800g, 3-9 and from 3-11.
    Iron Blade:  800g, from 1-8.
    Steel Blade:  1400g, from 1-F.
    Silver Blade:  3600g, from 3-12.
    Killing Edge:  3600g, from 3-12.
    Wind Edge:  700g, from 2-3.
    Bronze Lnc:  450g, 1-4 to 3-2, 3-4, 3-6, 3-7, 3-9 to 3-F, 4-F.
    Iron Lnc:  600g, All.
    Steel Lnc: 690g, from 1-6.
    Silver Lnc:  2160g, 3-9 and from 3-11.
    Iron GrtLnc: 600g, from 1-8.
    Steel GrtLnc: 1120g, from 1-F.
    Silver GrtLnc:  2880g, from 3-12.
    Killer Lnc:  4320g, from 3-12.
    Javelin:  600g, from 2-3.
    Bronze Axe:  250g, 1-4 to 3-2, 3-4, 3-6, 3-7, 3-9 to 3-F, 4-F.
    Iron Axe:  400g, All.
    Steel Axe:  640g, from 1-6.
    Silver Axe:  1440g, 3-9 and from 3-11.
    Iron Poleaxe:  400g, from 1-8.
    Steel Poleaxe:  700g, from 1-F.
    Silver Poleaxe:  1800g, from 3-12.
    Killer Axe:  2880g, from 3-12.
    Hand Axe:  625g, from 2-3.
    Bronze Bow:  400g, 1-4 to 3-2, 3-4, 3-6, 3-7, 3-9 to 3-F, 4-F.
    Iron Bow:  750g, All.
    Steel Bow:  1050g, From 1-6.
    Silver Bow:  2250g, 3-9 and from 3-11.
    Iron Longbow:  2000g, 3-9, 3-11, from 4-P.
    Killer Bow:  2000g, from 3-12.
    Bowgun:  2000g, 3-2 to 3-8, from 3-10.
    Crossbow:  3500g, 3-6, from 3-11.
    -----Knifes & Daggers
    Note:  Daggers are for direct combat, whereas Knifes are for ranged attacks.
           (Thanks to Orboro for the correction).
    Bronze Knife:  480g, 1-4 to 3-2, 3-4, 3-6, 3-7, 3-9 to 3-F, 4-F.
    Iron Knife:  800g, from 1-8.
    Steel Knife:  640g, from 1-8.
    Silver Knife:  1800g, from 3-12.
    Bronze Dagger:  270g, 1-4 to 3-2, 3-4, 3-6, 3-7, 3-9 to 3-F, 4-F.
    Iron Dagger:  360g, From 1-6.
    Steel Dagger:  640g, from 1-8.
    Silver Dagger:  1800g, 3-9 and from 3-11.
    Kard:  2400g,  from 3-12.
    Stiletto:  3100g, 4-f only.
    Fire:  800g, 1-8 to 3-11 (excluding 3-6), from 3-F.
    Elfire:  2100g, 1-8 to 3-11 (excluding 3-6), from 3-F.
    Arcfire:  2500g, from 4-P.
    Thunder:  880g, 1-4 to 3-11 (excluding 3-6), from 3-F.
    Elthunder:  1470g, 1-6 to 3-11 (excluding 3-6), from 3-F.
    Arcthunder:  2550g, from 4-P.
    Wind:  720g, 1-8 to 3-11 (excluding 3-6), from 3-F.
    ElWind:  2030g, 1-8 to 3-11 (excluding 3-6), from 3-F.
    ArcWind:  2450g, from 4-P.
    Light:  960g, 1-4 to 1-F, 3-2 to 3-8, from 3-10.
    Ellight:  2240g, 1-6 to 1-F, 3-2 to 3-8, from 3-10.
    Shine:  2600g, 3-6, 3-12, 3-13, from 4P.
    Worm:  2400g, 4-5 and 4-F.
    Carreau:  3000g, 4-5 and 4-f.
    Heal:  800g, all except 2-3
    Mend:  1000g, from 1-8, except 2-3.
    Recover:  2250g, from 3-10
    Physic:  3750g, from 4-F.
    Restore:  2000g, from 3-6.
    Ward:  2250g, from 4-F.
    Herb:  600g, All.
    Vulnerary:  800g, from 1-6.
    Concotion:  1200g, 2-3, 3-F, from 3-6.
    Antitoxin:  450g, 1-8.
    Torch:  500g, 3-6.
    Door Key:  100g, 4-4.
    Olivi Grass:  1600g, 4-F.
    Pure Water:  900g, 3-7 to 3-9 and from 3-11.
    Panacea:  1500g, 4-F
    Spectre Card:  3000g, 22 to 3-9 and from 3-13.
    Reaper Card:  5000g, from 4P.
    Daemon Card:  5000g, from 4-F.
    -----The Bargain bin-----
    You may not have thought this, but the BB is indeed set.  The items listed can
    only be bought once unless said so.
    Javelin:  600g
    Hand Axe:  625g
    Beast Killer:  1200g
    Ellight:  2240g
    Mend:  1000g
    Wind Edge:  700g
    Iron Longbow:  2000g
    Elthunuder:  1470g
    Spirit Dust:  8000g
    Arms Scroll:  8000g
    Javelin:  600g
    Hand Axe:  625g
    Kard:  2400g
    Mend:  1000g
    Wind Edge: 700g
    Iron Longbow:  2000g
    Secret Book:  8000g
    Arms Scroll:  8000g
    Wyrmslayer:  3600g
    Wind Edge:  700g
    Javelin:  600g
    Hand Axe:  625g
    Olivi Grass:  1600g
    Wind Edge - 700g
    Javelin - 600g
    Hand Axe - 625g
    Shine - 2600g
    Statue Frag - 8000g
    Master Seal - 10,000g
    Arms Scroll - 8000g
    Wind Edge - 700g
    Javelin - 600g
    Hand Axe - 625g
    Iron Longbow - 2000g
    Master Seal - 10,000g
    Olivi Grass - 1600g
    Arms Scroll - 8000g
    Arcfire - 2500g
    Arcthunder - 2550g
    Recover - 2250
    Killing Edge - 3600g
    Killer Lance - 4320g
    Horseslayer - 1300g
    Killer Axe - 2880g
    Hammer - 800g
    Steel Longbow - 4000g
    Killer Bow - 2000g
    Slim Swd - 560g
    Killing Edge - 3600g
    Killer Lance - 4320g
    Killer Axe - 2250g
    Recover - 2250g
    Elixir x2 - 3000g each
    Wyrmslayer - 3600g
    Concoction - 1200g
    Arms Scroll - 8000g
    Dracoshield - 8000g
    Concoction - 1200g
    Arms Scroll - 8000g
    Flourish - 3000g
    Florete - 9000g
    Silencer - 8000g
    Olivi Grass x2 - 1600g each
    Wo Dao - 3000g
    Secret Book - 8000g
    Arms Scroll - 8000g
    Reaper Card - 5000g
    Silver Sword - 1800g
    Storm Sword - 4000g
    Silver Lance - 2160g
    Short Spear - 3000g
    Silver Axe - 1440g
    Short Axe - 1500g
    Short Spear - 3000g
    Silver Axe - 1440g
    Silver Bow - 2250g
    Steel Longbow - 4000g
    Silver Dagger - 1800g
    Beast Killer - 1200g
    Recover - 2250g
    Physic - 3750g
    Torch - 1000g
    Elixir -  3000g
    Rolf's Bow - 2700g
    Olivi Grass x2 - 1600g
    Quickclaw - 2000g
    Olivi Grass - 1600
    Arms Scroll - 8000g
    Reaper Card - 5000g
    Daemon Card - 5000g
    Shine Barrier - 800g
    Adept - 6000g
    Olivi Grass x6 - 1600g each
    Daemon Card - 5000g
    Thoron - 3200g
    Olivi Grass x3 - 1600g each
    Steel Longbow - 4000g
    Taksh - 6000g
    Beast Killer - 1200g
    Elixir - 3000g
    Reaper Card - 5000g
    Daemon Card - 5000g
    Storm Swd - 4000g
    Short Spear - 3000g
    Short Axe - 1500g
    Silver Longbow - 12,000g
    Stiletto - 3100g
    Thoron - 3200g
    Tornado - 2800g
    Blizzard - 700g
    Physic - 3750g
    Elixir - 3000g
    Reaper Card - 5000g
    Daemon Card - 5000g
    Rolf's Bow - 2700g
    Olivi Grass x5 - 1600g each
    Olivi Grass x3 - 1600g each
    Wyrmslayer - 3000g
    Olivi Grass x3 - 1600g each
    Wyrmslayer - 3000g
    Olivi Grass x3 - 1600g each
    Olivi Grass x3 - 1600g each
    Chest Key x2 - 600g each
    Olivi Grass x2 - 1600g each
    Olivi Grass x2 - 1600g each
    Birdfoe - 1000g
    Wyrmslayer - 3600g
    Peshkatz - 12,600g
    Verrine - 5000g
    Arms Scroll x5 - 8000g each
    Shine Barrier x2 - 8000g each
    Laguz Stone x6 - 3000g each.
    Hidden Treasures
    This section will list every single treasure that can be found in every level.
    However, if someone finds anymore that are not listed here, please do drop me
    an email.
    In the Japanese versions, there is a glitch which lets your lord search for
    treasure even when they have been greyed out.  Simply click on them, and select
    "Order", and just keep clicking on the options and eventually, the item will
    sohw up.  However, since the NA release, this glitch has been fixed.
    Also, why bother using Sothe and Heather?  Simply because Rouge's and Whispers
    get a massive bonus, which will almost give them a 100% sucess rate at every
    time.  I'm not sue if this games Assasin gets this skill as well, could someone
    please confirm weather they do or don't?
    The formulae for working your chances are:
    Luck + 60 if Rouge/Whisper + Biorhytm = Sucess %
    Biorhythm bonuses are as follows:
    Best + 20
    Good + 10
    Bad  - 10
    Worst- 20
    I think you can work out your own characters chances from there. Well then, the
    list.  The way I have done this is a coordinate system.  The first number is
    going left to right, the second number is going down to up.  You have to
    imagine that the square that is the furthest to the South West is counted as
    Coin (10-9)
    Beastfoe (1-9)
    Coin (10-6, 10-7, 10-8)
    Master Seal (12-3)
    Concoction (3-14)
    Coin (11-6)
    Arms Scroll (10-8)
    Coin (19-11)
    Master Seal (8-13)
    Coin (3-18)
    Master Seal (17-16)
    Coin (5-3)
    Coin (1-8)
    Coin (20-13)
    Arms Scroll (24-15)
    Coin (1-6)
    Coin (6-7)
    Olivi Grass (4-1)
    Discipline (25-1)
    Coin (1-30)
    coin (13-20)
    Arms Scroll (7-22, can be found in a 5 square section)
    Olivi Grass (4-15)
    Arms Scroll (22-8)
    Coin (1-6, 1-7)
    Coin (15-21)
    Torch (13-8)
    Coin (13-16)
    Coin (17-6)
    Coin (27-8)
    Coin (1-15)
    Ettard (Alondite in the Jap version) (12-33)
    Coin (2-21)
    COin (9-27)
    Olivi Grass (10-1)
    Coin (4-18)
    Coin (19-2)
    Coin (19-14)
    Master Crown (Jap version only) (24-2)
    Brave Bow (6-7)
    I *think* there are 2 or 3 Olivi Grasses in this level, but I cannot remember
    the exact squares.  Could someone confirm weather this is true or not?
    Coin (20-17)
    Coin (17-19)
    Coin (16-2)
    Spirit Dust (15-16)
    Coin (24-2)
    Coin (26-13)
    Coin (49-1)
    Rescue Staff (19-14)
    Master Crown (9-8)
    Arms Scroll (20-1)
    Coin (3-18)
    Coin (11-13)
    Arms Scroll (18-22)
    Satori Sign (4-22)
    Coin (5-14, 6-14)
    Coin (6-25)
    Arms Scroll (20-10)
    Coin (26-8)
    Coin (27-11)
    Coin (19-18) - Unconfirmed
    Dragonfoe (12-17)
    Coin (3-3)
    Coin (6-21)
    Daemon Card (4-14)
    Baselard (13-11)
    White Gewm (8-9)
    Laguz Gem (17-3)
    Stefan (21-12)
    A note on Stefan:  It MUST be Micaiah who steps on the spot.  If it is anyone
    else, I think they will get the Vague Katti, but not Stefan.  However, if you
    have a data transfer from Path of Radiance, Lethe and Mordecai will also get
    Coin (16-14)
    Maelstrom (skill) (2-16)
    Ashera Icon (14-17)
    Olivi Grass (5-14)
    Olivi Grass (12-11)
    Coin (2-22)
    Coin (6-9)
    Coin (17-14)
    Coin (21-26)
    From 4-1-F, there will be no more buried items.
    Forging, the only reason to use Coins, will become an on and off feature of the
    game, e.g., the later you get into the game, the less forging oppertunities you
    Since I've already touched on coins, I might as well explain them.
    When our in battle, try and get as many spoil coins and hidden coins as
    possible.  When you come to forging, you will be given a random selection of
    5 cards, all of which will add bonuses to your weapon (xcept the Vine and Raven
    cards).  Pick the one you want (they are face down and shuffled), and there you
    The bonuses are as follows:
    Sword:          Mt  + 1
    Axe:            Mt  + 2
    2 Swords:       Mt  + 3
    Arrow:          Hit + 10
    Arrow tip:      Hit + 20
    Feather:        Crt + 5
    Seraph Feather: Crt + 10
    Soldier:        Mt  + 1   Hit + 10
    Knight:         Mt  + 1   Crt + 5
    Godess:         Mt  + 1   Hit + 10   Crt + 5
    Vine:           No effect
    Raven:          Coins +4, no effect on Weapon.
    As you progress in the game, you get more powerful weapons/different tomes to
    forge off.  You start off with an "Iron" Weapon to forge off, and Light and
    Thunder Tomes (for Micaiah and Illyana), and gradually, you will build up into
    the Silver and Throwing items.  Please note you never get the chance to forge
    an El, Arc, Long-Range or S(S) tomes.
    Now you may have noticed that the way the Forger charges you varies. If you add
    say, +2 Mt to an Iron Swd, instead of +1, the amount you pay will increase not
    in a set amount, but simply put, the more you put on, the more the cost.
    For some reason, if you take off Mt, Hit, Crit, and put more weight on, it will
    still cost you.  Note that there is no benefit to this, except "theoretically"
    you might get Weapon EXP from not kiilling an opponent and using the item more,
    but why would you want to do that?  It is extremely easy to get SS ranks in
    this game, especially with over 15 Arms Scrolls Hidden and for Sale.
    Even though you get 5 hit and 3 crit every time you increase an amount, I will
    henceforth just call it +/-1, +/-2, and so on.  It just makes it easier
    comparing with Weight and Mt, which only go in 1's.
    +/- first level:  +10% of original price.
    +/- second level: +40% of original price.
    +/- third level:  +90% of original price.
    +/- fourth level: +160% of original price.
    +/- fifth level:  +250% of original price.
    In te Japanese version of Forging, you have to use Forging points.  For
    those of you curious of the Base Conversation with the Forger in 1-4, that
    was meant in the Japanese version and was not taken out, so it is of no
    importance (even though it has *** as its rating).  If however, you are playing
    the Japanese version, this base conversation will get you your first weapon
    free of charge, by giving you 50 Forging points.
    Every time you sell a weapon, you get a set amount of points.  It doesn't
    matter if it has 1 use left or 50 uses, you'll always get the same amount of
    points per weapon rank.  The points are as follows:
    E  - 1
    D  - 5
    C  - 10
    B  - 25
    A  - 50
    S  - 100
    SS - 200
    It costs 50 points + g to forge a weapon.
    I think thats just about my long essay on forging.
    Trinities, Triangles, and Why to use Dark Magic
    You may have heard of the Trinity of Magic, or the Weapons Triangle, but what
    exactly are they?
    Well, it means your weapons can have advantages or disadvantages over others.
    Usually, this means more Hit, Mt and Crt, and the amount varies depending on
    the location and units involved.
    The triangles are as follows:
           Anima (Fire, Thunder, Wind)
         /|\    |
          |     |
          |     |
          |    \|/
         /|\         |
          |          |
          |          |
          |         \|/
       Lances<------Axes  *Bows and Knives are neautral to everything*.
    However, we can also split the anima categories up.
         /|\           |
          |            |
          |            |
          |           \|/
    But why use Dark magic, if you don't seem to encounter any Dark Magic users
    except Izuka, who you cannot recruit?  Fear not.  Once you have beaten the game
    and play it through for the second time, you can recruit 2 Dark Magic users.
    I won't spoil how to get them or who they are, if you want to know really badly
    email me.
    Treasure Chest Items and items that are worth stealing
    Just quick note: I can't quite remember ALL of the spoils, so I will just say
    they will appear in red.  If anyone wants to contribute, I would be most grate-
    ful and I would give you full credit.
    Chests:  (email me if I have missed something)
    Energy Drop
    Seraph Robe
    Statue Frag
    Red Gem
    Blue Gem
    Items worth Stealing:
    This is incomplete, and will be added to.  I won't bother listing all the
    Vulneries and herbs to steal, because there are just too many of them.
    A quick note:  This is the only way to get Bolting.  There are several
    oppertunities to get it, but you will have to disarm it.  The best way to do
    this is (sorry, my previous strategy was only applicable for the last game :/ )
    1)  Find a mage with bolting, possibly the one in the early chapters of Ike's
        chapters, and make sure it has another tome.
    2)  Get in range of the mage, but not so that your in range of Bolting, rather,
        so your in range of the other tome (ie 1-2 squares away).
    3)  Use someone a rouge with good speed and steal the item (if your using
        Heather, I've had problems with her so you might want to try and boost her
    This trick can be used for most items...either that, or you could use a Silence
    staff to stop the enemy using Magic and steal it then.
    Master Seal
    Shine Barrier
    Secret Book
    Coin x4
    Storm Sword
    Short Axe
    Energy Drop
    Shine Barrier x4*
    Rescue  *
    Slience *
    * = The enemy will probably use the item before you can steal it, so I wouldn't
    worry if you cant get to it.
    Blessing Items
    When you get to 4-F-3, Yune will bless your first slot weapon, on all of your
    characters.  This includes all of the laguz weapons.  This means:
    1) Your Weapons will get unlimited uses.
    2) They will get a power and crit boost.
    3) They will be able to damage foes with the skill "Mantle".
    No staves can be blessed.  The Magic Cards for non magic users all cannot be
    blessed, niether can any non-weapons, eg Vulneries.
    Anyway, as for the Bolting Strategy I mentioned earlier, it is for taking out
    everything on 4-F-3, the much hated dragon level.  If you don't want/have acess
    to Illyana, you may want to stick it on someone like your Heron, and give it to
    them in their first slot.  Assuming you brought someone like Soren or Bastian,
    give it to them, this way, they can have their blessed weapon and the useful
    Bolting.  Because Thunder is more effective on Dragons than any other type of
    weapon, it will be much easier to take out the boss.  If you don't have acess
    to Bolting, then using the Dragonfoe Skill Scroll and Meteor/Blizzard also work
    but it will not be as effective on the boss.  If you don't like Nasir, and want
    to kill him, it also won't be very effective against him.
    *end spoilers*
    The SS items, Character Unique items, and where to get them
    There is one SS item for every kind of Weapon, excpet Swords and Staves, each
    of which have two.  SS ranks are set on certain characters.  I won't go into
    this here, there is a great list at Serenes Forest.  I've done my best
    to omit any major spoilers, but there may still be some.  The Laguz system is
    slightly different, see the strikes section.  I won't bother to list the Spirit
    Tails, because you cannot get them without hacking the game.
    Vague Katti:  Comes with Stefan in 4-3.
    Alondite:  Defeat the boss of 4-F-2
    Ettard:  Ike only, comes with at start, hidden treasure in 3-4.
    Florete:  Mist only, comes with it, also avaliable from the Bargain Bin
    Amiti:  Elinca only, comes with it at the start of 2-P
    Ragnell:  Ike only, comes with at 3-11
    Caladbolg:  Edward only, base conversation before 3-6 is still alive.
    Wishblade:  Defeat Levail in 4-F-2
    Urvan:  Base conversation before 4-F-1
    Tarvos:  Nolan only, base Conversation before 3-6 if still alive.
    Double bow:  Defeat enemy in 4-F-1
    Lughnasadh:  Leonardo only, base conversation before 3-6 if still alive.
    *note*:  There are no SS or character specific Crossbows.
    Baselard:  Hidden treasure in 4-3.
    Fang Wolf, Great Fang Wolf, Fang Tiger, Fang Lion, Great Fang Lion, Claw, Beak,
    Great Beak, Talon, Great Talon, Red Breath, White Breath, Black Breath Prince,
    Black Breath King:
    All of the Laguz strike weapons are listed above (bar judge).  This is because
    each of their weapons will automaticall become stronger as you level up their
    Weapon matstery level.  This will mean an SS great Talon has more power than
    an S Great Talon is.
    For example:
    S Great Talon (Tibarn):  15 mt, 100 hit, 0 Crt, 0 Weight, 1 Rng.
    SS Great Talon (Tibarn): 20 mt, 100 hit, 0 crt, 0 weight, 1 Rng.
    As you can see, the only thing that changes is Mt.  All Laguz weapons give 1
    point of Weapon EXP.
    Also, I mentioned Judge earlier, basically, its treated as light magic, does
    damage from the Magic, but is listed as a Laguz weapon for some reason.  Weird,
    I know.
    Rexaura:  Defeat Lekain in 4-F-1
    Thani:  Micaiah only, from chest in 1-1 then again in an info conversation in
            1-F is Fiona is still alive.
    Creiddylad:  Sephiran only, cannot be obtained in any way without cheating.
    Balberith:  Defeat the boss in 4-5.
    Rexcalibur:  Base conversation before 4-1.
    Rexbolt:  Base conversation before 4-P
    Cymbeline:  Sanaki only, comes with it in 4-P
    Rexflame:  Base conversation before 4-2.
    Matrona:  Chest in 4-F-1
    Ashera staff:  If you furfil the requirements to unlock the characters on your
                   second playthrough or more, this staff will come with the second
                   character in 4-F-5.
    Who Starts with what?
    The way this is set out is:  Name, Weapons, Items (if any) and Skills.  Seeing
    as how Shove and Canto are on every ground and mounted unit respectivly, and
    that the cannot be removed, I will not list them.  When a unit comes back after
    temporarily leaving, I will not list them twice if they have the same items,
    however, I will make a note of what they come back with if they come back with
    a different item or less items.
    Quick not about the Crimean Royal Knights (Elincia, Geoffry, Lucia, Astrid,
    Danved, Makalov, Marcia, Callil and Kieran) - In the level where Elincia loses
    all of her weapons, if you took all of their weapons and items off of them in
    the previous missions, they will come back with Iron/Steel weapons of their
    main weapon.  So, if you took everything of Astrid for example, she would come
    bac, with a Steel Bow.  I can't remember if any of them come back with any
    potions/herbs or not.
    Illyana, Brom, Nephenee and Heather will all have exactly the same everything
    that they did in Pts 1-2 when they join Ikes group.  When you come to the parts
    where Ike fights Micaiah, the characters in the opposition will retain their
    previous items, unless you removed them, in which case, I think they get
    replaced with a steel version of their main item.
    On the convoys:  You will retain all items in your convoy and access it again
    when your lord next comes into command, although in part 4, your 3 convoys will
    merge, and you can store up to 300 items at a time.  Also, if you have a data
    transfer from PoR, any coins you retained at the end of the game will go to
    Ike's convoy as soon as you access it in part 3.
    * = the unit has both Shove and Canto.
    Micaiah - Light, Herb, Sacrifice (cannot be removed).
    Edward - Iron Sword, Vulnerary, Wrath, Critical +5 (cannot be removed).
    Leonardo - Iron Bow, Herb, Dracoshield, Cancel.
    Nolan - Steel Axe, Vulnerary, Nihil,
    Laura - Heal
    Sothe - Kard, Bronze Daggar, Guard and Steal (cannot be removed).
    Illyana - Thunder, Elthunder, Shade
    Aran - Javelin, Iron Lance, Vulnerary.
    Meg - Iron Sword, Steel Sword, Vulnerary, Fortune.
    Tauroneo - Javelin, Silver Lance, Vulnerary, Resolve.
    Jill - Hand Axe, Steel Axe, Vulnerary.
    Zihark - Killing Edge, Vulnerary, Adept, Critical + 10 (cannot be removed)
    Fiona - Javelin, Steel Lance, Vulnerary, Imbue, Saviour.
    Tormod 1 - Fire, Elfire, Celerity.
    Tormod 2 - Arcfire, Meteor, same skills.
    Muarim - Fang, Vulnerary.
    Vika * - Beak, Herb, Shriek.
    Naliah - Great Fang, Concotion, Guard, Formshift, Savage, Glare (previous 3
             cannot be removed).
    Rafiel - Seraph Robe, Blessing, Galdrar (cannot be removed).
    Black Knight 1 - Alondite, Concoction, Shove, Eclipse, Imbue, Nihil (all 4
                     cannot be removed)
    Black Knight 2 - Only Alondite, all other items removed, same skills, NPC.
    Elincia 1 - Slim Swd, Mend, Concoction, Renewal, Stun (cannot be removed)
    Elincia 2 - Whatever she had before + Amiti, same skills.
    Elincia 3 - No items, same skills, NPC
    Elincia 4 - Just Amiti, same skills + Mercy
    Marcia - Steel Lance, Javelin, Vulnerary.
    Nealuchi * - Beak, Laguz Stone, Vulnerary, Wrath
    Leanne * - Concotion, Cancel, Galdrar (cannot be removed)
    Haar - Steel Axe, Hand Axe, Cancel.
    Brom - Iron Axe, Herb, Disarm.
    Nephenee - Stl Grtlance, Vulnerary, Wrath, Critical +5 (cannot be removed).
    Heather - Iron Dagger, Bronze Knife, Pass, Steal (cannot be removed).
    Lucia - Silver Sword, Wind Edge, Iron Sword, Parity, Crt + 10 (cannot be
    Lethe - Claw, Laguz Stone.
    Mordecai - Fang, Olivi Grass, Vulnerary, Smite
    Geoffry - Stl Grtlance, Short Spear, Concoction, Paragon.
    Kieran - Steel Poleaxe, Hand Axe, Vulnerary, Gamble.
    Astrid - Steel Bow, Iron Longbow, Concoction, Paragon.
    Makalov - Steel Sword, Herb, Coin.
    Danved/Devdan - Killer Lance, Iron Grtlance, Vulnerary, Crt + 5 (cannot be
    Callil - Elfire, Meteor, Thunder, Vulnerary, Nihil.
    Ike - Ettard, Iron Sword.
    Titania - Steel poleaxe, Short Axe, Vulnerary, Counter.
    Soren - Elwind, Thunder, Vulnerary, Adept.
    Mist - Florete, Heal, Vulnerary, Miracle.
    Rolf - Rolf's Bow, Steel Bow, Vulnerary, Critical + 10 (cannot be removed)
    Boyd - Killer Axe, Steel Axe, Hand Axe.
    Oscar - Short Spear, Steel Lnc, Vulnerary.
    Shinon - Iron Bow, Killer Bow, Provoke, Critical + 10 (cannot be removed).
    Gatrie - Iron Lnc, Steel Grtlnc.
    Rhys - Ellight, Heal, Mend, Concoction.
    Mia - Wo Dao, Steel Swd, Vantage, Critical + 10 (cannot be removed)
    Ranulf - Claw, Satori Sign, Concoction, Olivi Grass.
    Kyza - Fang, Laguz Stone, Quickclaw
    Lyre - Claw
    Reyson * - Elixir, Blessing, Galdrar (cannot be removed)
    Janaff * - Talon, Wildheart (Scroll), Insight (cannot be removed)
    Ulki * - Talon, Satori Sign, Vigilance
    Sigrun - Silver Lance, Spear, Elixir
    Tanith - Storm Sword, Silver Lance
    Sanaki - Cymbeline, Arcwind, Arcthunder, Elixir, Flare (cannot be removed)
    Skrimir - Fang, Laguz Stone, Resolve, Provoke
    Tibarn * - Great Talon, Savoir, Pavise, Tear & Formshift (cannot be removed)
    Naesala * - Greak Beak, Elixir, Coin, Maelstrom, Vantage, Tear & Formshift
                (cannot be removed)
    Stefan - Vague Katti, Crt + 20 & Astra (cannot be removed)
    Oliver - Nosferatu, Silence, Corona (cannot be removed
    Bastian - Arcwind, Elthunder, Elfire, Elixir, Corrosion, Flare (cannot be
    Volke - Peshkatz, Stiletto, Silver Knife, Stillness, Crt + 25 & Lethality
            (cannot be removed)
    Ena - Red Breath, Laguz Stone, Boon, Blood Tide, Miracle, Renewal
    Kurthnaga 1 - Nothing, appears as a Pilgrim early on in the game but does not
                  reveal his identity.
    Kurthnaga 2 - Black Breath, Elixir, Olivi Grass, Night Tide
    Caineghis - Great Fang, Fortune, Formshift, Roar (cannot be removed)
    Giffca - Great Fang, Laguz Gem, Nullify, Roar (cannot be removed)
    Renning - Silver Sword, Silver Poleax, Sol (cannot be removed)
    Gareth - Red Breath, Laguz Stone, Blood Tide
    Nasir - White Breath, Laguz Gem, Boon, White Pool, Nihil
    The second time round characters are:
    Pelleas - Carreau, Verrine, Fenrir, Miracle
    Lehran (Sephiran) - Ashera Staff, Corona & Mantle (cannot be removed, but why
                        would you want to do that :P?)
    The Unobtainable items, but the ones which are in the data.
    These items are in the game, but they are not obtainable without codes.  Items
    that only appear on enemies are not listed here, because even though you may
    not be able to obtain them, they are still there, as opposed to not on anything
    in the game.  I do not know all of the codes, so please do not ask for them.
    I'm assuming they have the same effects from PoR.
    * = the theory is that the Blue Laguz Stone is a variant of the normal one,
    with just one use, but has a higher value when sold...not 100% sure though.
    So, here they are (my guesses at what they do):
    Slim Lance - Like the Slim Swd, it deals less damage but has better...everything
    else over the Iron Swd.
    Blue Laguz Stone *
    Wild Stone
    Frey Bomb (also known as a Mine)
    Warp Powder - Also known as the BK's means of teleportation
    Full Guard
    Knight Ward
    Troop Scroll
    I'm assuming they have the same effects that they did in PoR: go to sernesforest
    for a complete list.  Note that most of these items were the Equipable items
    that gave specific advantages/abilities to whoever equipped them.
    0.1 - Did the chapters 1-9.  Will add more as contributed, may add some other
    0.2 - Added all of the SS items, character specific items and where to get them
    section, as well as formatting some parts of the guide to make it easier to
    read.  Next update, I plan to get up the section detailing who starts with
    which items.
    0.3 - Added the "Who starts with what" items.  Updates are going to start
    getting slower because there isn't much left.  I also fixed my mistake on the
    Japanese forging crt, thats PoR not RD I realised and the Knives and Daggers
    thanks to orboro!  Sorry this update has come months..I've been working on and
    off on another FAQ while balancing school and life.
    If anyone wants to suggest anything or has anythying to contribute, do email
    Well, thats all folks.

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