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    Forced Characters Only Guide by Charpig

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    Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
    Forced Characters Only Guide
    Version 1.00
    Copyright 2012 Kenneth B. Fletcher (aka Charpig)
    Contact: fletchek@umich.edu
    All trademarks and copyright contained in this document are owned by their 
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    This guide may not be posted on other web sites or publicly displayed without 
    express written permission of the author.  It may only be used for personal, 
    private use.  It may not be used in any way to make a profit, and the content 
    of the guide may not be altered in any way.  Any violation of these conditions 
    will be considered copyright infringement.
    I take no responsibility for anything that may happen as a result of using my 
    Also known as Fire Emblem 10, Radiant Dawn was probably the first game for the
    Wii that didn't require the player to swing the Wiimote around.  Just to let
    people know, I got a Wii solely so I could play this game.  If a Fire Emblem
    game had never came out for the Wii, I probably would have never gotten a Wii.
    There are many different ways one can play Fire Emblem, and that gives it such
    good replay value.  I like to try to beat the game using as few units as
    possible, so that brings me to this guide.  I have done this challenge a few
    times before, but I wrote this guide as a way to commemorate the 5th
    anniversary of Radiant Dawn being released in North America.
    Here are the rules:
    -Only forced characters may be used for each map.  If a character is forced, it
    may be used to any extent.  It may even be allowed to recruit units.  Recruited
    units may also be used for the remainder of that map.  However, a unit cannot
    be deployed on a map for the purposes of recruiting another if it is not
    -Map 3-3 may be played normally.  This is because it is impossible to beat
    that map with just Ike in the alloted turns.
    -Yellow (partner) units may be used to any extent, since they are forced.
    -Lehran is forbidden, as recruiting him requires the deployment of an unforced
    unit.  However, Pelleas is allowed to be recruited.
    -For the final Endgame, no one may be brought into the tower, except Ike,
    Micaiah, Sothe, Sanaki, Ena, Kurthnaga, and the heron of your choice.
    -Sothe, Sanaki, Ena, Kurthnaga, the heron, Gareth, and Nasir may be deployed
    for the tower battles in addition to Ike and Micaiah.  But no other units are
    -Skills may be freely transferred between units.
    -Any base conversation may be viewed, even if it results in recruiting a unit.
    -Forged weapons are forbidden.
    -Transfer bonuses from Path of Radiance are forbidden.
    -Any unit may be allowed to die (as long as it would not result in a Game Over
    of course).  However, I wrote this guide assuming that all units possible
    according to the rules were recruited, and that no units under the player's 
    direct control died.
    -Difficulty may be freely chosen, but this guide will be geared towards Normal
    mode.  As such, battle saves are allowed, and to be bluntly honest, you will 
    likely need them. 
    -Don't waste BEXP on Micaiah, Sothe, or Ike.  These three will be used so much
    that they will get to Level 20 easily.  Save BEXP for other units.
    -Sell the weapons of the unused units if you need more gold.  Although gold
    should not be a problem, as you won't need as many weapons, due to using fewer
    -Always keep a second save file, so you don't battle save in an unwinnable
    -Skills that regenerate health (Imbue, Renewal) are very valuable, since most
    of the time you will not have access to a staff user.  It is also good to have
    Herbs and Vulneraries.
    -Although chance based skills such as Adept and Cancel are certainly allowed 
    and powerful, it is not good strategy to rely on them continually.  This is 
    Fire Emblem, after all, and you never know when the RNG will turn on you.
    I am of course assuming that the reader has beaten this game at least once and
    is familiar with Fire Emblem in general.  Although I try to make my strategies
    as non chance based as possible, there will be times in which the player must
    manipulate a unit into dodging a few attacks in order to survive.  Most of
    these times, the enemy hit chance will be quite low, so this shouldn't be a
    problem.  Also, some abusing tricks will be used in this guide, but they
    shouldn't take up very much time.  Only a handful of units are actually being
    trained in this playthrough.
    This guide is written for Normal difficulty.  It may be possible on Hard, but
    a lot more luck would be required.  I assume that your units will have
    competent stats, so this might require some reseting for units with poor growth
    rates.  For chapters that would not play any differently under these rules, I
    will only touch on them very briefly.
    Part 1
    Prologue up to Chapter 3
    There shouldn't be anything different for the first four maps, as all units 
    would be forced anyway.  However, you may want to let Micaiah get extra levels.
    Sothe can gain a good amount of EXP by stealing items (10 EXP per steal) so let
    him steal as much as possible.  Also, do not be afraid to abuse Sothe for
    Chapters 2 and 3, as the other units will never be used again.
    Chapter 4
    Units Forced: Micaiah and Sothe
    Buy the Beast Killer if you want.  I didn't use it for this map, but it might
    come in handy later.  I gave Discipline to Micaiah and Cancel to Sothe.  
    Micaiah and Sothe have a built in A support and a bond bonus, very nice.  The
    obvious strategy is to move Sothe to the healing pot just south of the
    deployment point.  Then, move Micaiah left of Sothe.  This way, no enemies can
    attack Micaiah, Sothe will weaken the enemies with counters, and Micaiah can
    easily finish them off.  I would allow Sothe to get the finishing kills on the
    bosses.  Since he will be the main fighter, he needs as many levels as he can
    get.  As for treasures, I recommend the Seraph Robe, Beastfoe, and the 3000
    gold.  Everything else can be left behind.
    Chapter 5
    Units Forced: Micaiah, Sothe, and Volug
    Volug is added to the party here, he is very useful.  By this point, Micaiah
    should be strong enough to take at least one or two hits from a Myrmidon or
    Soldier, but definitely make sure she dodges Axefighters.  I encourage heavy
    use of Volug.  Not only is he a good dog, it is also very useful to get his
    Strike level up to S.  I let Sothe and Micaiah take out the enemies near the
    start, and Volug goes up and then to the right to take out enemies.  Volug
    should give priority to taking down Fire Mages, as they hurt the most.  The
    green team shouldn't have any trouble surviving.  I let Volug take down the
    boss, but you can let Sothe do it if you want.
    Chapter 6
    Units Forced: Micaiah, Sothe, Volug, and Tauroneo
    I gave Renewal to Volug, and also made sure Tauroneo had a Hand Axe.  You may
    leave Resolve on Tauroneo if desired, but I suggest removing it before Part 1
    ends.  Volug and Tauroneo did most of the fighting here.  I sent them to the
    left of the map, while Micaiah and Sothe stayed behind to take down the Armor
    Knight reinforcements.
    For the second half of the map, a little bit of luck is needed, as Micaiah
    needs to dodge an Axefighter.  By this point, my Micaiah had 10 Def, so the
    Ballista actually wasn't much of a threat to her.  As Volug has somewhat low
    defense, you might want to make him dodge a few hits as well.  However, I
    whipped this map on the first attempt.  I sent Tauroneo west by himself.  He
    easily took down the Cavaliers, and owned Laverton.  In the meantime, I sent
    the other units east to help Fiona's team.  If Laverton activates Cancel on
    Tauroneo, it will make the battle take longer, so be aware of that.
    Chapter 7
    Units Forced: Micaiah, Sothe, and Volug
    Tormod, Muarim, and Vika join a few turns in
    Before battle, I gave Paragon to Volug, Imbue to Sothe, and Renewal to Micaiah.
    I immediately send the group east so Sothe can recruit Tormod and pals.  I wait
    out the reinforcements, then finish the map.  During the map, I got Volug's
    strike level to S, then abused Vika against the boss to also get her strike
    level to S.  I highly recommend doing this, it makes the next chapter much
    easier.  Muarim doesn't need his strike level raised, he is strong enough
    already.  I let Tormod get quite a few kills, including the boss.  He gained a
    level as a result.  As for healing, make sure that plenty of Vulneraries are on
    hand.  Micaiah can heal with Sacrifice, but it takes a long time to regenerate
    her HP with Renewal, and you may not want to wait that long.  Finally, I made
    Tormod and Muarim be adjacent to each other for several turns, in order to get
    a C Support.
    Chapter 8
    Units Forced: Micaiah, Sothe, Volug, Tormod, Muarim, Vika, Nailah, and Rafiel
    Buy the Olivi Grass from the shop and give it to Muarim.  Iron Knives and Steel
    Daggers are now available at the armory, get them for Sothe.  As for skills,
    the only change I made was giving Celerity to Micaiah, and Renewal to Muarim,
    since he will get poisoned.  It is a bit tricky, but it is possible to save all
    six prisoners.  Muarim uses the Olivi Grass first turn so he can shift much
    faster.  Vika must then trade the grass from Muarim, use it herself, and move
    just into the Dracoknight's range.  She must do this so that the Dracoknight
    will fly in a straight line left to attack.  Vika won't kill the Dracoknight, 
    but this will put him within range of Tormod, who easily fries him.  Then, Vika
    should be ready to shift in time to kill a bandit who will be attacking the 
    prisoners on the right.  If she has S Strike, she can easily one round the 
    bandit.  Volug and Nailah should have no problems taking care of their side.
    Volug happened to be in worst biorhythm, but he still did fine.  Sothe and
    Micaiah move up and to the right, taking out everyone along the way.  I
    actually let Vika kill the boss, as Sothe was effectively maxed out in terms of
    stats.  Getting poisoned is annoying, but it shouldn't kill you.  I am planning
    on using Rafiel in the final chapter, so I trained him to level 40 here by 
    leaving one of the priests alive, and just had him Vigor and Bliss repeatedly.
    It most certainly is not necessary to do this, I just did it because I wanted
    Chapter 9
    Units Forced: Micaiah, Black Knight
    Not much to say about this chapter, but don't forget the Pass skill from the
    Info conversation.  Obviously, since my Micaiah was maxed out, it was much
    easier for her to survive.
    Units Forced: Micaiah, Sothe, Volug
    Before going into battle, I gave the Brave Sword, Celerity, and Imbue scrolls
    to Ilyana to make use of them in Part 3.  The other skills are not needed to
    transfer over, as Ike can get them from his other teammates (such as Adept from
    Soren or Vantage from Mia).  Also, if you gave any skills to Tormod, Vika, or
    Muarim, make sure to remove them.  For this map, Sothe had Pass, Micaiah had
    Adept, and Volug had Renewal.  It is possible to catch the thieves with just
    the forced units, but it takes a little bit of luck.  Send Sothe and Micaiah up
    the ledges, while Volug heads right to deal with some enemies.  Make sure that
    Sothe has steel weapons and a Vulnerary.  One thief will usually head towards
    the chest with the Reaper Card, while the other thief heads towards the top of
    the map.  Sothe was able to stop him as he opened the second chest.  The only
    treasure I lost was the Unlock staff, but I don't care about that.  As Sothe
    chases down the thief, Micaiah waited on the middle ledge to deal with enemy
    reinforcements.  As she is on a higher elevation, she should easily dodge their
    ranged attacks and return fire.  Volug is used to guard Micaiah from the
    Axefighter reinforcements that appear on the middle level.  After this, have
    Micaiah wait out the Meteor tome from the Fire Mage, as she will have the best
    Res out of anyone.  Sothe should open the middle door, this triggers plenty of
    Armor Knights.  Sothe tanked them with Micaiah as support, while I sent Volug
    up the right side.  The Thunder Mages guarding Jarod will not move, but the
    other enemies will.  I had Sothe kill Jarod and get the remaining treasures.
    Part 2
    Prologue up to Chapter 2
    Nothing should be different here.  For the prologue, Haar was recruited, and I
    let Marcia get the boss kill.  Elincia gets much more EXP by healing than by
    fighting, so let her do that.  In Chapter 1, I tend to let Brom get most of the
    kills.  Brom is more reliable because he can take quite a few hits and not
    worry about dying.  Or, you could try to get Neph into Wrath HP and manipulate
    a crit against the boss.  Note that Heather is not forced to be recruited, but
    if she is recruited, she will be forced in Chapter 2.  It is possible to beat
    the chapter before she even appears, but I did not take that route.  If you
    want use of Lucia's Silver Sword for Part 3, have her trade it to someone else
    before ending Chapter 2.
    Chapter 3
    Units Forced: Geoffrey, Kieran
    This chapter will just be Geoffrey, Kieran, and the yellow units.  At the shop,
    buy the Horseslayer for Geoffrey and the Hammer for Kieran, and give them both
    Vulneraries.  Make sure the other units have weapons, as they will be forced
    next chapter.  I suggest letting the yellow units roam.  They can handle
    themselves pretty well, and make things much easier for Geoffrey and Kieran.
    By the time they all die off, the map should mostly be cleared.  Don't forget
    that Geoffrey and Kieran have a Bond bonus, which is nice when you need to
    avoid criticals from a Sniper.  By the end of this map, Kieran gained one
    level, Geoffrey gained two.
    Units Forced: Elincia, Marcia (at beginning of Turn 1)
    Geoffrey, Kieran, Makalov, Astrid, and Danved come in on Turn 8
    If there are any items you want to make use of in Part 3, give them to Neph,
    Brom, Lethe, Mordecai, Heather, and Haar.  The map will be started with just
    Elincia, but Marcia joins in on the first turn.  On Turn 8, Geoffrey's team
    arrives from the northeast.  There is little chance of beating Ludveck or
    getting the Nullify scroll, so just focus on defense.  Try to have the allied
    Generals block the side entrances, while the Halbs guard the ledge so the
    enemies can't climb up.  Elincia should focus on healing the yellow units with
    Mend and Physic.  Take advantage of the Canto ability of the flying units to
    attack enemies, then retreat to safety.  This map isn't as intimidating as it
    looks, but sometimes it can be frustrating as the yellow units do not always
    act as you want them to.  If they are positioned as you want them to and you
    absolutely do not want them to move, tell them to Halt.  The other worry on
    this map is the crossbow enemies, as they can kill either Marcia or Elincia in
    one shot.  Fortunately, the melee enemies tend to come first, and they block
    the passage such that the archers will not get a shot.  If you need Marcia or
    Elincia to roadblock, unequip their weapons, and just use Vulneraries when
    needed.  If Elincia is holding a staff, she regenerates more HP, and that can
    come in handy.  While some enemies come from the left early on, as the turns go
    by, the enemies will overwhelmingly come from the right.  Geoffrey's team will
    also have to do some fighting, but they should be able to handle it, as long as
    they do not recklessly charge ahead.
    Part 3
    Prologue and Chapter 1
    These two chapters will be played normally.  It's not necessary to feed Ike
    extra kills, as he will get plenty of them coming up.  Chapter 2 is when units
    from earlier parts arrive, so if you want to give their items and skills to
    Ike, that is your chance.  I gave Cancel and Celerity to Ike.  I also gave Ike
    the Brave Sword, because he is very brave fighting for his friends.  I would
    also make sure to give Ike a Wind Edge, for some distance fighting.
    Chapter 2
    Units Forced: Ike
    All right, this is an Ike solo!  This is hardly a fair fight, as there are only
    about 40 Begnion troops.  If there were double the number, then it might be
    fair.  In any case, none of these people are getting any sympathy from Ike.  I
    suggest just going straight to Istvan and killing him.  Ike does get pig piled
    by quite a few enemies, and the sages can deal nasty damage.  So, be prepared
    to manipulate a dodge or two.
    Chapter 3
    Units Forced: Ike
    So far, this is the only chapter that is impossible to beat with just forced
    units.  I was able to do it with just Ike and Haar, but Haar got super lucky
    dodging enemies, since he was only at base level.  Therefore, I suggest you
    just play this chapter normally.  If you want to know what strategy I used, I
    gave Haar Celerity and Miracle, and Ike had Cancel and Adept.  I sent Haar up
    the left side of the map, then to the upper right.  This is where Haar will get
    absolutely swarmed by enemies.  Haar barely escaped, and burned the supplies in
    the middle of the map.  Ike took care of the two supplies near the start point.
    I didn't get any of the treasures.
    Chapter 4
    Units Forced: Ike and Ranulf
    I gave Ranulf Imbue and Pass, Ike had Cancel and Celerity.  I let Ranulf do a
    lot of fighting, in order to increase his strike level.  Ike went up the right
    side, Ranulf went left.  Once they reached the middle, Ike and Ranulf went
    left, working together.  After defeating Callum, I had Ranulf fight the two
    Generals with Short Spears untransformed.  The Generals don't move, and Ranulf
    can easily raise his strike level to S and even gain a few levels.
    Chapter 5
    Units Forced: Ike
    Ah, a very easy map.  All Ike has to do is stand on the seize point and unequip
    his weapon.  He didn't even take one point of damage.
    Chapter 6
    Units Forced: Micaiah and Sothe
    Micaiah had Discipline and Beastfoe, Sothe had Savior and Resolve.  This was in
    case Sothe needed to rescue Micaiah.  However, Sothe did not need to rescue 
    Micaiah in my playthrough.  The yellow units can handle themselves quite well,
    so let them roam.  (Unfortunately, by the end of the map they all died.)  The
    enemies seem to prefer yellow units, even if Micaiah is within range.  Have
    Sothe blockade the gap between the dead trees on the right side, with Micaiah
    supporting him.  When the Black Knight arrives, let him take the left side.  If
    you are really having trouble with this, just have Sothe rescue Micaiah, and
    position him so that only two laguz can attack him at one time (preferably, 
    they will be cats, not tigers).  If Sothe gets into Resolve HP, he should much
    more easily dodge attacks.  And, unequip his weapon so he will not counter.
    When the BK shows up, he will mop the floor with everything.
    Chapter 7
    Units Forced: Ike and Ranulf
    Ike and Ranulf barely have to do jack on this map, although Ranulf can get a
    little more EXP.  Ike can recruit Ulki and Janaff when they show up.
    Chapter 8
    Units Forced: Ike and Ranulf
    You might consider giving the Daunt ability to Ike or Ranulf, to make it harder
    for enemies to hit them.  By this point Ike and Ranulf should have a Support
    established, utilize it.  I also had Ranulf at Level 30, so his capacity
    increased to 70.  I gave him Daunt, Imbue, Cancel, and Adept.  I did not use a
    Satori Sign on Ranulf, as the Rend ability takes up capacity, and it's not
    useful when Ranulf can already one round enemies.  During this chapter, I got
    Ranulf to max out all of his stats.  I even got his strike level up to SS!
    Chapter 9
    Units Forced: Geoffrey
    Before starting this map, I suggest using the Master Crown to promote Geoffrey,
    regardless of what level he is.  Remove Paragon from Geoffrey, as he leaves for
    a while and it is helpful to have access to it.  I gave Geoffrey Adept, loaded
    him down with weapons, and set off.  Hopefully, Sol will activate when you need
    it to and keep Geoffrey healthy.  Remember that you only have to defeat the
    boss to end this chapter.
    Chapter 10
    Units Forced: Ike and Ranulf
    Man oh man, this is the toughest chapter yet!  With Ranulf, I replaced Cancel
    and Imbue with Pass and Celerity, and gave Imbue to Ike.  Make sure Ranulf has
    all the Laguz Stones on him, and some Olivi Grass too.  I find that the best
    strategy is to send both Ike and Ranulf to the top right of the map.  Keep
    them together as much as possible.  This will activate their Support, making it
    much easier to dodge attacks.  No doubt one of the frustrating parts of this
    chapter is keeping Ranulf shifted, especially since the ranged enemies all
    focus their attacks on him.  Also, the NPCs are stupid, especially Geoffrey.
    Sometimes they will refuse to attack a sniper they could easily take out, and
    said sniper will then get a shot at Elincia, killing her.  That's enough of my
    ranting, though.  You should target the bow enemies first so they do not shoot
    Elincia.  The other enemies should be easy enough for the Crimeans to handle.
    Chapter 11
    Units Forced: Ike, Ranulf, Sigrun, Tanith, and Leanne (arrives during battle)
    Ah, finally, Ike gets Ragnell!  The only skill you should have on Ike is
    Celerity.  You don't want him having stuff like Adept for when you have to
    fight him.  You now have 2 Imbue Scrolls, so give the second to Sigrun.  I gave
    Tanith Paragon, only because I didn't have anything else to give her.  But, I
    barely used Tanith at all, as she is not forced for any other chapters.  I used
    a Master Crown on Sigrun straight away, and then the chapter began in earnest.
    With a Horseslayer, Sigrun can easily take out Paladins.  She is also good to
    send against sages because of her high Res.  But, the snipers can drop her in a
    single shot, so let Ike and Ranulf take care of them.  There are still the pit
    traps, but you should know how to avoid them.  When Leanne shows up, take
    advantage of her galdr, but be sure not to put her in harm's way.
    Chapter 12
    Units Forced: Micaiah, Sothe, and Tauroneo
    This chapter isn't as difficult as you might think, but you will need to take
    advantage of the yellow guys once again.  In preparations, I gave Micaiah
    Discipline, Adept, and Physic.  Sothe had Savior and Resolve, and Tauroneo had
    Cancel and Paragon.  Make sure Sothe has steel and silver weapons, and so
    should Tauroneo.  Just let the yellow units roam.  Move Tauroneo over to the
    right side of the map, while the NPCs take the left side.  Tauroneo should help
    Sothe and the yellow units defend against enemy attacks from the right.  I
    suggest letting the Big T get as many kills as possible.  You will want to
    improve his stats before promoting him into a Marshall.  When I ended the
    chapter, Tauroneo was Level 17.  Alternatively, you could try to use BEXP on
    the Big T, then promote him before the chapter.  It's your choice.
    Chapter 13
    Units Forced: Micaiah, Sothe, and Tauroneo
    I used BEXP to get Tauroneo to Level 20, then promoted him with a Master Crown.
    He had Adept and Cancel, while Sothe had Beastfoe.  The strategy for this
    chapter is to get Tauroneo to Ike, then manipulate Luna into activating.  Ike
    is a coward and doesn't want to face you, so Tauroneo must hack through quite a
    few laguz.  Fortunately, he should be able to handle himself quite well as a
    Marshall.  While the Big T is taking care of business, the other people are
    playing defense as best as possible.  The reason I gave Tauroneo Adept was so
    he could get more chances to activate Luna on Ike.  Taur was in neutral
    biorhythm, by the way.  If he is in bad biorhythm, it might take you quite a
    few tries.  Now, you could try to play defense for 12 turns, but with the
    finicky NPCs, it will be quite arduous.
    Units Forced: Ike, Ranulf, and Sigrun
    Before starting this chapter, make sure that Ike is not filled to more than 10
    capacity.  Otherwise, he will lose a Nihil skill when he promotes.  There isn't
    much to say about this chapter, it is simply very long.  I guess the developers
    were trying to see how many units they could cram onto a single map?
    Part 4
    For the army assignments, just use the default setups.
    Units Forced: Micaiah, Sothe, Sigrun, Sanaki, Skrimir, and Naesala
    Paragon skills were given to Sanaki and Skrimir.  I suggest having Sanaki use
    exclusively fire magic, in order to get her fire level to SS.  I also suggest
    taking advantage of Skrimir's Resolve skill.  To trigger it, let Skrimir get
    attacked by an enemy while untransformed.  Skrimir should get his HP reduced
    below half, which will trigger Resolve.  Then, have Skrimir shift, and he will
    kill stuff up and down the map.  I kept Skrimir in Resolve HP the entire map,
    and no enemy could even touch him.  Although Skrimir's transformation gauge
    lowers much more slowly than Ranulf's, you will still want plenty of Olivi
    Grass on Skrimir.  Sigrun had a Horseslayer to utterly destroy Paladins.  The
    things to watch out for are the Bow Paladins (for Sigrun and Naesala) and the
    Purge Bishops that warp in.  Also, when your units get near the boss, the boss
    and his cohort will start actively moving after you, so be prepared for that.
    Don't go crazy just because you have Skrimir and Naesala on your side.  Sanaki,
    Micaiah, and Sothe could easily be taken down if you leave them unguarded.
    Chapter 1
    Units Forced: Ike
    All right, another pure Ike solo.  Ike had Vantage and Renewal, although he
    does not need Renewal if Aether activates.  Do not worry about Ena getting
    defeated, she will still join later.  Bear in mind that there are Bishops
    hiding on the sides and middle of the map.  They will likely be the last
    enemies that Ike defeats.  This map should be a curbstomp for you.
    Chapter 2
    Units Forced: Elincia and Tibarn (and possibly Pelleas)
    Elincia was given the Paragon skill.  Make sure to remove her Mercy skill
    before the battle.  You can also replace Tibarn's Savior skill with something
    more useful.  Elincia seems a bit weak at first, but she will get going
    quickly.  Don't forget to give her a healing staff in case Tibarn needs
    healing.  I left her near the start of the map to deal with reinforcements,
    while Tibarn blazed ahead.  Be careful of enemies with Crossbows.  To take them
    out, you can manipulate Tibarn into activating Tear or Pavise, or let Elincia
    handle them with Amiti.  I left one General alive, so Tibarn could train on it
    unshifted.  The Bishops repeatedly healed the General with Physic.  Tibarn and
    Elincia being maxed out will make their next chapter much easier.  Note that I
    did not spare Pelleas, so he did not appear here.  But, if you got him, use him
    if you want to.
    Chapter 3
    Units Forced: Micaiah, Sothe, Sigrun, Sanaki, and Skrimir
    Stefan may be recruited by Micaiah
    Note that Naesala is not forced for this chapter, even though he was forced for
    the last one.  Oh well, we don't need that traitorous raven anyway.  When
    Skrimir is shifted, he has no movement restrictions in the desert.  The only
    unit that will be slowed down is Sothe, but even he will have better movement
    than the foot enemies.  Skrimir had Celerity and Pass.  Again, I recommend
    taking advantage of Skrimir's Resolve.  Micaiah should have a Physic staff and
    a Restore staff in case anyone gets put to sleep or silenced.  Of the
    treasures, Sothe got the Dragonfoe scroll, Baselard, Laguz Gem, and White Gem.
    Micaiah was able to recruit Stefan, though he didn't do jack on this map.  The
    BK will show up once again and make mincemeat of the enemies (at least, the
    ones he is able to reach).  While Skrimir will have zero trouble with the
    physical enemies, the mages can put a hurting on him.  Fortunately, they are
    easy targets for Sigrun.  If you get the Laguz Gem, I suggest using it on
    Skrimir, to keep him shifted for the whole map.  After quite a few turns,
    wyvern riders show up at the start point, so hopefully the weaker units will
    have moved away by then.  I found this map to be quite easy because of the
    mobility advantage.
    Chapter 4
    Units Forced: Ike, Tormod, Muarim, and Vika
    Before starting the battle, return to base and apply BEXP to Tormod, Muarim,
    and Vika.  I got Tormod to third tier, and both Muarim and Vika to Level 30 to
    increase their capacity.  That way, they will be able to handle themselves
    against the enemies.  If you don't care about them surviving, then you can save
    the BEXP, but you'll have a ton of it just sitting around.  So, might as well
    make Tormod less of a wimp.  Since you will not have the use of Heather, bring
    Chest Keys.  You will want to get the Fortify staff.  Ike would have no problem
    soloing this map, if not for the guy with the Sleep staff!  There are a few
    options for getting around him.  One, you can make the Bishop use his staff
    charges on Tormod, Muarim, and Vika.  You can simply let the three of them get
    killed off while asleep, then finish the map with Ike.  Two, you can battle
    save abuse and make the Bishop miss all three times against Ike.  Three, you
    can get Tormod's Staff level to C through staff abuse so he can use Restore.  I
    prefer the third option, especially since I had Discipline on Tormod.  Oliver
    will not be recruited.  If you are worried about his Corona, put Nihil on Ike.
    Chapter 5
    Units Forced: Elincia and Tibarn
    Volke may be recruited for 3000 gold
    You can give Elincia some knives in order to trade to Volke when he gets
    recruited.  It doesn't really matter, as Volke won't see much action anyway.
    Elincia had Imbue, Tibarn had Nihil and Pavise.  The strategy is simple, just
    go straight after Izuka.  The only problem is that Izuka is a coward and will
    often warp away, so be prepared to chase him down.
    Units Forced: Ike, Micaiah, Sothe, Sanaki, Ena, Kurthnaga, and a Heron (I 
    picked Rafiel)
    Before leaving base, arrange the skills of your units.  I suggest giving
    Paragons to Micaiah, Ena, and Kurthnaga, as Micaiah promotes as soon as you
    leave base.  Also, you can buy Arms Scrolls and max out everyone's weapon
    levels.  I suggest saving one scroll for Micaiah, so she can reach SS in Light
    straight away after promoting.  As for skill sets, this is what I had for
    everyone (not counting default skills):
    Ike: Nihil, Miracle
    Micaiah: Paragon, Discipline
    Sothe: Vantage, Resolve
    Sanaki: Nihil, Miracle
    Kurth: Paragon, Nullify, Imbue, Parity
    Ena: Renewal, Paragon, Parity
    Rafiel: Celerity, Resolve, Pavise (I also used the Boots on Rafiel)
    For weapons, make sure that you have a Hammer for Ike, and enough weapons to
    get Micaiah, Sothe, and Sanaki through the first two parts.  It is okay to use
    the SS weapons, as long as you don't break them.  Micaiah should have access to
    Physic, Restore, and Fortify.  I also suggest Laguz Gems for Ena and Kurth.
    Store the unused skill scrolls in the convoy, so there will be access to them
    later.  Note that for the tower battles themselves, only Ike and Micaiah are
    forced to participate.  However, the rules of this challenge permit using the
    other units as well, since it would be nearly impossible otherwise.
    1st Section
    Ena and Kurth go left, while the others go right and take out the Generals.
    Hetzel will try to silence Micaiah.  Hetzel also has a Sleep staff, and there
    is another Bishop with a Sleep staff at the top of the map.  If Micaiah gets
    silenced, she can equip a Restore staff to have it removed next turn.  If you
    got Rafiel to Level 40, he can use Recovery to remove any status effects.
    Also, if Ena stands adjacent to an ally, her Boon skill removes statuses at the
    beginning of the turn.  I used Rafiel to wear out Bolting, and Ena to wear out
    Blizzard.  I suggest keeping Ena and Kurth adjacent to each other, in order to
    build up a support.  Also, I attempted to build a support between Ike and
    Rafiel, to improve Ike's accuracy, very useful when it comes time to fight
    Ashera.  This map becomes very easy once you deal with the initial General
    rush, and the long range tomes and staves.  There are simply a lot of
    reinforcements that warp in from the top and bottom of the map.  You can get
    the Matrona staff if you want, but I had no use for it.  Lekain will usually
    warp to the bottom left of the screen, and that is your best chance to take him
    2nd Section
    I recommend just Hammering the Black Knight and ending the chapter quick and
    easy.  There is no point to getting Wishblade (as we have no lance users) and
    there are tons of reinforcements on this map that will eventually overwhelm
    your small force.  I suppose you could beat them, but why go to the trouble?
    After the fight, equip Rexaura on Micaiah, Baselard on Sothe, and Rexflame on
    Sanaki.  Ike will always be forced to bless Ragnell.  He can still use Urvan or
    Vague Katti during battle, but as they are not blessed, they will do no damage
    to the bosses.
    Note: If you want Sothe to have 1-2 range, he can bless Peshkatz instead.  It
    is a bit weaker than Baselard, so keep that in mind when deciding.
    3rd Section
    For this battle, both Kurth and Ena had Adept.  Everyone still had their Nihil
    and Parity skills.  At first, this map seems overwhelming because of all the
    powerful Dragons around.  But, since this is Fire Emblem, we will win using
    strategy.  I sent everyone to the right, to take out the Red Dragons.  If Ike
    is on a Cover tile, he is the best option for taking out Red Dragons.  I sent
    Ena and Kurth after the White Dragons, as they are easy kills, and would be
    very damaging to Ike.  Micaiah, Sothe, and Sanaki remain on the right side to
    deal with Red Dragon reinforcements.  Ike and Rafiel go left to deal with White
    Dragon reinforcements.  In the meantime, Kurth and Ena blow through the map
    with their invincibility.  I don't know why the Goldoans just stand there and
    let Kurth and Ena rain death upon them, but I'm not complaining.  The Dragons
    also do not seem to attack Rafiel.  However, the boss's AoE attack will hurt
    him, so keep him clear of that.  Against the boss, I had Kurth and Ena attack
    him until their strike levels were at SS.  Then, I finished him off.  Dheginsea
    regenerates 30 HP per turn, and aside from Kurth and Ena, only Ike can survive
    more than one hit from him.  So, it will likely take you more than one turn to
    take him down.  If you leave Gareth and Nasir alive, they join afterwards.
    Nasir has a Nihil scroll and Laguz Gem on him, so I definitely recommend at
    least getting him.  After this fight, Kurth gets Formshift, so you will need to
    remove one of his skills.
    4th Section
    I recommend giving Nihils to Ike, Kurth, Ena, and Nasir.  They will be your
    four main attackers.  You want to take advantage of Blood Tide, so Parity is
    not recommended.  Micaiah and Sanaki should have the Parity scrolls, since they
    will not be using Blood Tide.  For this map, I left out Sothe and Gareth.  All
    of the spirits will gang up on Sothe because Baselard is a one range weapon,
    and the only thing Gareth can possibly do on this map is die.  (Sothe could be
    more useful with Peshkatz, but he is still not that effective.)
    Neither the spirits nor Sephiran will attack Micaiah, but she can attack them.
    Unfortunately, she won't do much damage.  Sanaki cannot attack Sephiran, but
    she can attack the spirits.  Remember that the four spirits surrounding
    Sephiran have hidden Guard skills, so you need to take them out if you want to
    get anywhere.  Micaiah and Kurth can double spirits if they are standing next
    to Nasir.  Kurth can also double Sephiran if standing next to Nasir (of course
    I am assuming maxed stats).  After getting rid of the four spirits, Kurth took
    down Sephiran in one round.
    Final Section
    Now, it is time to challenge the Goddess!  Can eight puny mortals possibly hope
    to defeat her?  Before the fight, use BEXP to max out everyone's levels, and
    use stat boosters on Nasir to make him a bit more useful.  You can do the same
    for Gareth, but he still won't survive any longer.  However, I did include
    Sothe in the lineup, because he can at least take out some spirits.  Ashera
    alternates between using physical and magical attacks, then she uses a wide
    area silence attack on turn 5.  However, I beat her before she used it.  So,
    you will want to position your units on tiles that best protect against
    Ashera's next attack.  Even so, they will still take heavy damage because they
    will be so close to her.  For this reason, it is helpful if Micaiah has
    Fortify.  Once again, the main attackers will be Ike, Kurth, Ena, and Nasir.
    Kurth and Ena cannot double auras even with the use of White Pool, but Ike can.
    Sanaki can also help out a little.  Either use her to attack spirits or finish
    off an aura.  Try to position Ike and Kurth so that Rafiel can Vigor them both
    on the same turn.  You should be able to take out two auras per turn.  Once
    that is done, all that remains is Ashera herself.  I'm sure I don't need to
    tell you this, but Ike must strike the killing blow against Ashera, and it must
    be from one range.  There is always the possibility that Ike could miss,
    especially if he is in bad biorhythm.  So, use Ena's Blood Tide to improve his
    skill, and have Rafiel use Bliss to put Ike in best biorhythm.  This is why I
    had a support between Ike and Rafiel, as that gives Ike the best accuracy
    bonus.  If you were somehow able to keep Gareth alive, that's an additional +10
    to hit.  The troubadours of Tellius can sing tales about how Ike saved the
    world almost all by himself.
    Final Comments
    I have confirmed that it is in fact impossible to beat the final bosses with
    just Ike and Micaiah.  They just don't do enough damage to overcome the boss's
    regeneration.  Some maps were actually easier by just using the forced
    characters, but other maps were Hell on Earth.  That being said, I have found
    Fire Emblem to be easiest when you just focus on training the best units.  I
    realize that not everyone wants to focus on the RPG aspect of Fire Emblem, so
    just play the game however you want to and come up with your own challenges.  I
    didn't let any units under my direct control die during this challenge,
    although I did not recruit certain units, such as Pelleas.
    If you want to add more to this challenge, you could try not recruiting certain
    people or put some skill restrictions on.  But for the time being, this guide
    is complete.
    Contact Information
    If you have any questions about this guide, or any suggestions on how to 
    improve it, then you may email me at this address:
    If you are a fellow GameFAQs user, you may also send me a private message.  Be
    aware, however, that I don't check that nearly as often as I check my email.
    I request that you put "Fire Emblem Guide" or something similar in the subject
    line, or else I will likely ignore it.  Also, do not criticize my playstyle or
    ask me what my turn count was.  If you want to write your own guide for your
    own challenge, feel free.
    Nintendo, for finally deciding to release Fire Emblem games in North America.
    Ike, for being such a badass.  He inspires me to fight for my friends.
    Serenes Forest, for precise information on skill activation rates and other
    game mechanics.  This information often helped me when planning my strategies.
    I thank anyone who has taken the time to read this guide.

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