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"Not Quite As Radiant, But A Blast Nonetheless."

First off, this is my first written review on GameFaqs. So bare with me if you will.

Game Play: 9/10

The sequel is a much larger game altogether, that definitely pertains to the game play as well. I've heard complaints about the ability to exploit the Battle Save but honestly, with how long most of these battles take to complete, I doubt anybody would even bother if they couldn't save on the fly. The average battle on easy mode is about 30 minutes, and that's if you plan on skimping your units. It'll take you a while to get use to jumping from one side to the other, especially when you're slain by one of the units you worked so hard to build. (x.x) Another thing is the biorhythm effect. It had little to no effect on units in Path of Radiance, however, you'll often find yourself turning your Wii off and on in an attempt to get units to be in better spirits. All in all, it makes no sense to make such a drastic change but I guess they felt is necessary. Support has also been changed, instead of getting a limited amount of available conversations, you get to choose who supports who. Given the chance to increase the strength of the support only if you'd made use of it. Overall, I like the support mode in this game a lot more than the system used in Path of Radiance. Nevertheless, the game play from Pat of Radiance is still in tact, though on a much grander stage. There's nothing new to those of us who have played through Path of Radiance dozens of times, the weapon triangle, and most of the characters are pretty much unchanged. Aside from new classes, and the ability to play as some of the NPCs from the prequel. Overall, the only thing keeping this from getting a 10 in this regard is the fact even with the game speed on fast, you'll spend about 10 minutes every battle waiting for your enemies and allies to mobilize their troops. Not to mention that even the easiest difficulty setting in the game will try your patient. In the end, it's highly-addicting for those who likes games of the S-RPG variety and will keep you busy for over 30 hours on your first play through.

Graphics: 8/10

To be honest, the graphics on this game are sub-par in comparison to the other next generation games. But considering what we expect from a Fire Emblem game, this definitely delivers in the graphics department. Though I agree with others when they say that they could have done more with it, considering the Wii is capable of much more than this game put out. But overall, I feel they did an awesome job, especially with the animated cut scenes. It really added life to the experience and pulled you in even further.

Sound: 9/10

Before I played Radiant Dawn, sound had very little significance in the Fire Emblem world. At least for me, that is. But they implemented quite a few things that changed my mind. From the narrative, to the sound effects they've done an awesome job rewarding players with a more realistic, immersing experience. Greatly improved since Path of Radiance.

Story: 11/10 (:D)

The story alone will carry you through this game. That's if you're into the many twist and turns this game will throw at you. If you've never played Path of Radiance, I'd recommend picking it up and playing through it before you bother with this game. Without knowledge of what happened during the Mad-King war, you'll feel left out of the experience (and at times, completely and utterly lost in what's going on around you.) Much like the game play, the story is much grander this time around as well. For those of us who have waited for answers to all the questions asked at the end of Path of Radiance, we definitely got what we deserved. The game conveys it's story in a manner which anybody can understand, while still remaining deep enough to intrigue those looking to completely immerse themselves in the game and it's brilliantly written script. With most of the characters returning, if you have played Path of Radiance you'll be happy to see them and how they've turned out. All-in-all, the story is

Replay Value: 8/10

This more or less depends on the person playing the game. I for one, played through Path of Radiance over twenty times. However, this game is much larger and there's actually a few quests in the game that you won't want to repeat. The game does boast a rather impressive roster, so many that you aren't really given the chance to bring them all to where you'd like them to be. This for me, is reason to play through a second time and focus on units I skimped on my last play through. There's also Maniac mode, which will definitely try your patient and greet you with new challenges at every turn. Overall, this gets an 8 because the casual fan would have a hard time giving the game a second go.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/21/07

Game Release: Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn (US, 11/05/07)

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