Review by Pikachuownsyou

Reviewed: 11/26/07

Radiant might be an understatement.

Fire Emblem is a game that appeals only to a certain group of people. If you can't stand games that make you think, this game is not for you. On to the review.


The gameplay in Radiant Dawn is simply awesome. This game is a strategy RPG which can get very difficult at times. Many more new items and weapons have been added to this game to pump the gameplay up a notch. In this game there is also a new weapon rank (SS) which there are only a few selected weapons that have this rank. Unlike in Path of Radiance you can get all of the SS weapons. Another new addition is that Laguz can choose when they want to transform when there beast meter is filled, but in PoR you couldn't choose when to make them transform and that made them a horrible kind of unit. The addition of third tier is also kind of cool. Though it is mainly a way for units already in second tier to upgrade into third tier. The system is starting to grow a tad old, but to people new to this series it is still a very good system. As many say, if it isn't broken don't fix it. It is also very long, it will take you about 40-50 hours on a first playthrough. If you enjoyed it a first time through you can probably replay this game another 2-3 more times before you can put it to rest.

Graphics and Presentation-6/10

This is where the game begins to show some fault. The graphics in the cutscenes run very smoothly and are great to look at, but there are only about 10 throughout the game. The graphics on the maps though are sub-par, and are choppy somewhat. The tidbits of story before and after every map are portrayed through a character portrait and floods of text. Some might find this annoying, but it really doesn't bother most people. The game presents itself very nicely though with the battle scenes running smoothly.


The story is very good for a FE game. Even though at some parts it can get confusing it manages to go through it's story very well and will keep you interested to the very end. Not much else to say here. Without some general knowledge of the story in PoR you might get confused pretty quickly.


The sound is good, not great but good. There are some sounds that will blow your mind, like the Black Knight's theme, or some other tunes. The battle sounds fit the battle scenes very well, the clanking of a generals armor, and the blows are very good. Otherwise though it's nothing brilliant.


Fire Emblem is a very good series with a lot to offer. If you are new to the series and want to start playing FE this game might not be for you, due to its intense difficulty. I would recomend starting out with PoR or FE7 (Just Fire Emblem in the U.S) This game is a great addition to the series and is one of the best in the series as well.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn (US, 11/05/07)

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