Review by DeathRange

Reviewed: 05/07/08

Truly a great sequel

Truly a great sequel

Now many people thought that this game was a let down, Personally I think the exact opposite.
I'm a huge S-Rpg fan, I've beaten Final Fantasy Tactics Series, Growlanser, Dragon Force, Most of the earlier fire emblem series, And from what I've seen this game is amazing really.. The classics will always hold their place as best so it will always be easy to look down upon a game for not living up to the hype, But I think this game deserves more credit than it's given then again that's just me.

Graphics. 6/10
Now, I realize that they aren't the best, but honestly they aren't bad.. Besides, If Graphics made the game there wouldn't be people playing games like the Super Mario series.. It was an incredible series, But they're graphics are out-dated, Still being played.. in fact I normally play once a day...
The movie scenes are just amazing.. I realized didn't expect that at all.

Gameplay. 10/10

No one should fight about this grade at all, If you don't like the series, or weren't just here to insult the game then you should agree. Most people dis-like the assigned jobs, I don't see a problem at all.. I mean they've been doing it since the first one, And until now I really haven't seen any complaints..
Another amazing feature is the Support, I can't tell you how many times my Boyd was saved by Nephenee being next to her at the moment, Not using them correctly can really cost you.

Sound. 9/10

Incredible, I loved it since I started the game and towards the end I still did.. which is good. Simply because Most games have annoying songs that get on my nerves... Aquatic levels in Super Mario.. I really hate that song.. and The Brawl Theme.. At first it's cool.. then I wish it would just end.. Not this game ^^
The voice acting is pretty good, I really didn't expect certain people to sound the way they did.. but Not to say they had bad voice acting, For example, Ranulf, I always saw him as a guy who would have some sort of speech impediment seeing as how he's a laguz and they tend to have that problem, But he was the total opposite he was a brit, a bad-ass one at that

Replay Value. 10/10

Go through the game as many times as you want, There's tons of things you can do differently, If you really like this one character but you didn't use them, Do it on your next try.

Overall Score, 8.75/10

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn (US, 11/05/07)

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