Review by naturalplastics

Reviewed: 03/30/10

An overly frustrating game that will eat hours with no progress

I enjoy tile based RPG's - I really do, but picking up Fire Emblem, Radiant Dawn frustrated me so bad, I got the motivation to sign up and write a review for it.

To sum up this game in one word, it's ridiculous. You have teams of utterly useless characters that can't take one hit from an enemy and wander around the map in an overly technical dance trying to keep your people alive. There are no resurrects, there are no second chances - and that's on EASY! Sure you can let them die and go on with the game, but you get much needed bonuses if they survive, and you use them for battle upon battle. Every single attack results in a counter-attack unless the person has a bow (not a crossbow, just a bow), making it even easier for your characters to get slaughtered.

Another frustrating feature is the battle save. A neat concept so you don't have to replay an entire level because you made one mistake and let some dude die, but in order to reload you have to reset the game AND it only saves over your previous save, so you even have to have strategy in your saves so you don't stick yourself in an impossible situation requiring you to start the battle, or in some cases the GAME over.

Level ups give you random stats, and more often than not a level up will be completely useless - giving a single point in magic to your melee fighter, or a single point in luck for three levels in a row to the same person. To partially remedy this, a bonus experience system was put into place, giving you some insane amount like 15000 points after each battle which can be spent for experience, costing more points for each level or 'tier' in the class change system. There are no non-story based missions to level up, get more money, etc - so if you slack and let your powerhouse characters kill everyone, you're completely boned an hour, two hours, 7 missions later when your weaklings can get smacked in half. The baddies relentlessly attack your weak characters, just to rub it in your face.

They do a decent job on music.... woo! Not that graphics make a great game, but they are barely above SNES level. Put a little effort into it at least. Combat graphics as well as dialogue has the same graphics and format as FF tactics, which was almost 12 years before this! The cut scenes are cool, but are few and far between.

Seriously, as I said before, I love tile RPG's, but this one is REALLY not worth the time or money. It's an even greater toil than arc the lad 1.

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Product Release: Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn (US, 11/05/07)

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