Where are the Stamina Signs in Port Alex' construction side?

  1. Hey, everyone. Either I'm just too stupid to find a list of all the stamina signs in the game or it just doesn't exist in the entire Internet... Well, anyway, I'm missing two of the Stamina Signs in Port Alex. One in Level 20, one in 21. I know the location of both, but am unable to reach them. The one in Level 20 is on the roof of the small building inside the construction side. The Level 21 Sign is also in the construction side, located behind some steel girders. If anyone knows how to get these two Signs, please let me know. Thanks!

    User Info: stefan251

    stefan251 - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Level 20: You will see some breakable wooden boxes stacked near the small house with the sign on its roof. To get the sign you should break some of the boxes so you will be able to climb them and reach the roof with the sign.

    Level 21: Open the locked door that leads to construction site with the key you found earlier (the key can be found behind the first door you see on the second floor of the building with many doors). From there go right along the metal wall that separates the street and construction site. When you reach the point where metal wall changes to fence go North to the stacked metal beams as far as possible, and when you won't be able to walk any farther look for a gap between beams on the left. The gap is fairly narrow and is easy to miss but when you find it, go through that gap and you will be able to reach the sign on the other side.

    User Info: xF0x

    xF0x - 8 years ago 0 0

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