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"Zap, zap, zap, zap, SQUEE!"

In this game, you play a kid who's parents study creatures called Elebits for a living. These Elebits are supposedly the reason that electricity works in our world. Without them busy at work, our cars, computers, TVs, appliances, and toys would not function.

The boy is so angry that his parents never pay him attention during their studies, that he wishes that all the Elebits didn't exist. I suppose they must have heard him, because suddenly, in a flash of lightning, all the power goes out, and the city is dark. The boy decides that he must use his father's Capture gun to collect all the Elebits to restore power. This is where you begin to play.

The tutorial is thourogh, and leaves almost no questions about how to control the game, but you need to experiment with the items and powerups on your own. You move forward, backward, left, right with the analog stick, and turn by pointing the WiiMote near an edge of the screen. "C" stands up tall, and "Z" crouches down. You use either the A or B button to use the capture gun. Edit Mode has a slightly more complex control scheme, but it's easy enough to get used to.

One point deducted because there is no way to jump... they left it out to keep you from jumping over objects that are meant as barricades. If not for this reason, I would have taken off 2 points.
I give the controls a 9/10.

-Gameplay and Replay:-
So, in most levels, you're trying to collect lots of Elebits in a time limit. They're hidden under almost anything, so check EVERYTHING. When you start getting lots of them, stuff in the room will start getting power back. You can use those objects to release "power Elebits", which increase the power of your gun when you collect them. More gun power means that you can pick up heavier objects to move them out of the way, or look for more elebits.

You'll start making huge messes in some levels, where you can knock over entire shelves, and throw beds across the room. The physics are very impressive.

There are a lot of missions where you are not allowed to make a lot of noise... You can't just throw things around all crazy-like, you need to be careful with how you move things. There are also missions where you have to avoid breaking the breakable objects in the room, or avoid being shot at by little toy tanks and stuff.

There are indoor and outdoor levels. Eventually you can lift buildings. Much like Karamari Damacy, the scale of this game just continues to rise higher and higher in some levels.

Collecting the hidden pink elebits in each level allow you to unlock challenge modes, and a no-time-limit mode for the level.

33 levels
3 pink elebits per level to unlock extra modes for each mission.
Challenge of getting high ranks in all levels/modes
Edit Mode -Where you can unlock item sets from Single Player, and customize each level of the game. Many people like to build domino/rube goldberg devices in Edit Mode.
Multiplayer -You only need one nunchuck, so one person can steer and fire, and the other person just fires.


Rent or Buy?
Either. You can easily complete the story in one rental, but I would reccomend buying the game to use Edit Mode forever.. the possibilities are so endless. And you need lots of time to play all the challenge modes the game has to offer for each level.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/18/06

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