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"A great game that can't be done on any other system"

Elebits is a great game that goes with the Wii philosophy and brings a game that can't be done on standard controllers. The open ended style of the game makes it a must buy for anyone wondering what exactly the Wii can do that others can't. Trash a room, pick up cars and throw them, or put a turkey in the oven- this game has it all.

-Graphics(25% of the visuals score): 5
-Art Direction(25%): 10
-Animation(25%): 10
-Presentation(25%): 10

The technical part of the graphics are nothing special, GCN like. But the art is well done, is colorful and vibrant and fits the game perfectly. The animation is also top notch, and the visuals are smooth, well rounded and well designed. No gripes here, unless you wanted some ultra realistic and polygon pushing graphics fest.

-Music(33%): 6
-Sound Effects(33%): 8
-Presentation(33%): 7

The music is a bit boring and more of "background" music, and the sound effects do the job but are nothing special. The gun and elebits do make good noises though. Overall there could have been a bit more to the audio in this game. It doesn't take away from the experience, but it could have been a bit better. I'll say it again, the elebits do make good sounds.

-Fun(50%): 10
-Innovation(10%): 10
-Challenge(20%): 8
-Controls(10%): 10
-Length/Replay(10%): 10

This is one game that can't be done on any other system. And this game is FUN. You have full control over your surroundings. You can pick up objects, throw them, shake them, use them to knock over other objects, turn things on, flush a toilet, use a toaster, throw a car into a house. Open ended gaming at its finest. What you can pick up is dependent on how strong your gun is. The guns strength is by finding gold elebits. Gold elebits are found by collecting other elebits and using the elebits wattage to turn on appliances. Once appliances are turned on, the gold elebits come out, increasing the gun's power to pick up heavier objects. You can also open doors. Full environment interaction. The goal of the missions are to collect the target wattage from elebits. It can be easy or hard. There is a timer, so you must not waste time. There is always enough time on the clock to complete the mission, but 100% completions of the missions are another story and much harder to do. Plus, the elusive pink elebits are rare and hard to find and add to the challenge.

The best part of the game is the level editor. May your creative juices flow as you can design your own levels and share them with friends. This greatly increases replay and length.

-Fluidity(40%): 9
-Pacing(20%): 10
-Togetherness(40%): 8

The game paces itself well, though the story is unnecessary in my opinion. It could have been done without. The game is polished and is quality though, so expect a job well done. No glitches or bugs have been found by me, yet.


This game is great! It is fun and good for quick bursts or long term gaming. Sometimes you may lose track of time just tearing a place apart looking for elebits. It can be engrossing. It shows that the Wii can do some new ideas if developers are creative enough. The game has charm, originality, and depth so the casual or hardcore gamer can enjoy it. A great first effort by Konami for the Wii.

Overall Score: 91.4 or 9
-Visuals(10%): 8.75
-Sound(10%): 7
-Gameplay(50%): 9.6
-Presentation(20%): 8.8
-My Take(10%): 10

Buy? Definitely buy. The game will give you lots of hours of playtime and replay value. I would say rent without the level editor, but the level editor is too deep and fleshed out to ignore.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/02/07

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