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"A quirky game the likes of Katamri Damacy"

Elebits is an extremely solid game if you are the kind of player who is into quirky and simple games. In a lot of ways, the game in itself is just a gimmick, but that doesn't make it any less fun. If you're looking for a dramatic plot, explosions, and graphics so real you'd think you were looking through a window, you'll hate this game. On the other hand, if you're just looking for a game to sit down, relax, and have a good time, this game is great.


The controls in the game are simple, you just point the remote at the screen, and a cross-hair appears under it. You can then press A or B to shoot out a beam from your capture gun that will capture elebits or grab and hold objects until you drop or throw them. You move with the analog stick, and if you press C or Z you stretch up on your toes or crouch down low. Thats pretty much it for the controls. They're intuitive, and I've yet to see the remote have issues with the cross-hair jumping like it tends to do in red steel.



The graphics in this game are very stylized. They didn't even try to go for realism because, honestly, it wouldn't have looked good in the game. The game is about little imaginary creatures made of electricity and throwing things around rooms with a laser to find and capture them. The game-play is also quirky, so the cute, quirky graphics mesh very well. The objects in the game tend to be simple, but it really isn't much of an issue because they picked simple objects. For example, instead of putting in a pine tree with a million painstakingly rendered leaves, they put in a palm tree that is simple to render and stylize. They use all kinds of things you would commonly find in a house, but they are simple, crisp, and clean. Even so, I think they would have been better off taking it a step farther at times and making it more stylized with more vivid colors and actually putting in more complex objects that have been simplified to look more quirky.



Here is the one that matters most to me, and elebits delivers. Elebits is very chaotic and intense. As you progress in a level, your gun can carry heavier and heavier objects, and the whole time, that clock is there making you feel rushed so you don't try to keep everything tidy. I usually finish stages in half the time given or better, but you can keep playing to find more elebits until the time runs out. As time starts running slim, your gun is already extremely strong, and next thing you know, you're throwing beds and tables and everything just trying to figure out if you missed anything.

Then there are the other modes unlocked by capturing special pink elebits. The challenge mode is more or less an additional stage that is much harder than the stage it was tagged on. For example, one stage involves a very short time limit where you have to just blaze guns and try to capture a ton of elebits to win. Then there is the score attack mode that more or less gives you a score for how well you did in a stage so that you have something to boast against your friends. You scored 2,400? I scored 2,500! Finally you can unlock eternal mode for each stage. Eternal mode is the original stage you played in story mode with no time limit. you can take your time and play as long as you want throwing things and searching.


Additionally, you can unlock edit mode by scoring high enough in the basic stage. This mode essentially lets you make your own stages within the rooms. Its a fun addition to add replay, but I've yet to really dig deep into this because I'm too busy playing the main game still.


This one is a bit rough I will admit. The sound is a bit of a let down to me. It's a bit catchy, but it just isn't energetic enough. The e sound effects are great. The elebits snoring is cute, the thud when you throw something is good but not too loud to be annoying, and the squeal when you capture and elebit is nice too. But like I said, the background music is a bit lacking. The game is very high energy and intense, but the sound just isn't. I don't know if it's a good or bad thing, but I had to actually boot up my game while writing this review to check the music of the game. A bit part is that the music isn't extremely memorable, but another part is I'm too busy playing to really listen to the musical score.


Final score:


The game elebits really is just a fun little diversion like katamari damacy was, and I think it's very much worth a buy. Another plus side is that it is family friendly. It's a game that I can play and not turn off when my little sister walks into the room. I can even play it with her because it's not violent and filled with profanity.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/02/07

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