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"Hide! Seek! Destroy!"

With the coming of the new Nintendo Wii, new gameplay mechanics and new games are sure to follow. Elebits is one of the first games to come out for the new system that uses the control scheme and new remote so well. With addicting gameplay and an enjoyable atmosphere, Elebits is a great experience for all gamers alike.

Graphics -
The Wii is not necessarily a powerful system, and the games show this through there graphics. Elebits is no exception to this. While they work for this game, they are nothing special to speak of. The cute premise behind the game asks for a colorful and almost kiddyish style. The elebits themselves are rendered nicely, with changing moods to vary how they look. The environments are nothing to boast about either, with bland textures at times, with the same pattern repeating over and over.
Rating - 7/10

Gameplay -
Definitely the high point of this game. Using the Wii remote, it creates a new mechanic that is performed very well. You point the remote at the screen, and press the A or B button to fire your capture gun. With this gun, you can move around furniture and various items within the environment. As you collect the elebits with the capture gun, you gain Watts and your gun becomes stronger. With a stronger gun, you can lift heavier objects. Watts are the source of energy, and once you reach certain amounts in each level, some of the items react and produce a switch. Pressing this switch turns the device on and releases more elebits into the environment. Each level contains multiple types of elebits, each one reacting differently to the situation. In addition to just throwing things around in each level, there is some strategy involved in some of them. For example, some levels set a limit to how many items can be broken or how much noise can be made. This ups the challenge slightly in the game, but still makes it interesting and fun.
Rating - 10/10

Story -
The power has gone out during a lightning storm, and you are left alone in your house with your father's capture gun. It is your job to search everywhere, and find the elebits, which are a source of electricity. An incredibly simple story, with almost nothing to it is encompassed within the game.
Rating - 6/10

Sound -
From the annoying noise of the capture gun laser, to the cute squeals of the elebits as you find them and harness their power for electricity, the sound is quite enjoyable and frustrating at the same time. The sound effects get very repetitive very fast. Although, the general music still fits the game and the overall ambiance is nice.
Rating - 7/10

Replayability -
Elebits are strewn out over 29 levels, each with multiple modes. Whether you are gunning through the game normally, trying to achieve the highest rank possible for each mission, going for a high score, performing an updated challenge to the level, or just spending as much time as you please exploring a level, there are numerous ways to enjoy the game. In addition, there is a multiplayer mode, where you see who can get a high score on the levels, and an edit mode. In edit mode, you can create your own levels with your own objectives, with the ability for nearly infinite possibilities. Being as it is still early on, there are very few user created levels out there, but in the future, it provides for immense potential and infinite replayability.
Rating - 10/10

Overall -
Elebits is a fun experience for anyone who plays it. The simple mechanics allow for anyone to pick the game up and start playing right away. The edit mode provides a ton of potential for future playings of this game. If you have a Wii and are looking for something to play once you are finished with Twilight Princess, this would definitely be my choice.
Rating - 7 + 10 + 6 + 7 + 10 = 40/50 -> 8/10

Buy or rent -
This is a very enjoyable game, which will last many hours to anyone who plays it. With the slim pickings of good games available for the Wii right now, Elebits is a great game to pick up while you wait for the big titles. This game is a definite buy.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/03/07, Updated 01/23/07

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