Review by Frankiexxxafied

Reviewed: 01/03/07

A must have for Nintendo Wii fans

If you have a Nintendo Wii, this is definitely a really nice game to have in your collection. It's a game where you can sit back, relax, enjoy yourself, and release your stress from other games you just got done playing. It's all fun, and I'm sure your family and friends will love it to.

1) Gameplay and controls
This is probably one of the best games that describes what the Wii really is. You get to capture small, cute little creatures, mess up rooms, throw around objects, especially heavy ones, it's so fun! The gameplay does not get boring, nor does it get tiresome. You can play for hours and have a great time.

One of the best features the gameplay has to offer is the physics engine. You get to grab and throw objects with what will seem like a duplicate of half life 2's gravity gun. When you pick up heavy objects, it feels like a heavy object. When you're picking up smaller objects, it feels like a small object! The physics were well made for this game. Heavy objects have much more mass than the smaller ones, which makes tossing around things all more enjoyable. Although the physics may seem a little "bouncy" as most people say, you will still have a great time playing this game.

The controls are simple and easy. It's not at all anyway glitchy, and very easy to control. It's like your average FPS game, where you aim with the Wii mote, and shoot the beam. There is also the ability to stretch and crouch which makes it much more fun to play while catching Elebits.

The gameplay is perfect, and so is the controls. There is nothing wrong with them, and Konami did an awesome job.

2) Story
This game may not look like it has a story, but it does. The storyline is average, not to good but not to great either. It's about a kid named Kai who's parents study these creatures called "Elebits." His parents don't spend enough time with him because of their studies. He has grown to hate the Elebits, and now they are acting strangely after a huge thunderstorm, and Kai vows to capture all of them in the house.

Pretty solid and well put. Nothing bad about the story.

3) Graphics and Sound
The graphics in this game are pretty good, and has a great deal of "colorness" to it, which makes it look really nice. The environments look great, which makes it more enjoyable. I don't have to much to say about the graphics, I usually don't. This game has the best graphics to offer for the Wii.

The sound effects are awesome. The "pew pew pew" sound the capture gun makes is one of my favorites. Throwing around objects, breaking things, it all sounds like if you're really there breaking a plant pot, or glass which makes this game so much more realistic and fun.

Voice acting is horrible. This is probably the only flaw this game has! It sounds really corney and I believe anyone could of done a better job than those people.

4) Replay Value
The replay value is amazing. You can go back and do different missions you have done before to beat your old time limit! Or maybe you just want to unlock and play the different modes each mission has to offer? The replay value is the reason to get this game. You can beat it, and go back and play each mission tons of times before you get bored.

Overall this game is awesome! 9/10. I believe you should rent it first, because that's always the first priority you should take, but you will not risk anything if you decide to just flat out buy this game! It's really fun, and it's hard to get tired of this game. Definitely something you should add to your collection.

Have fun :)

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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