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"Its Fun to Throw Things"

Elebits is a cute little game which stars a ten year-old boy and freakish little creatures which produce electricity. This will have you begging for more with it's innovative and unique style, which will appeal to Katamari Damacy fans as well. It has amazing Gameplay, Graphics, and Sound, and decent Storylines and Characters.

There are a lot of controls in this game. You tilt the wiimote in a left or right to chage the camera, and point the screen and press A to grab things, like tables or toys. You use the nunchuk to move around, crouch, and stand up higher. At first, it all seems confusing. But, as time goes on, It gets a little easier and eventually you'll start doing things as if you were Kai, because the gameplay is simply that incredible.

You are Kai, a 10 Year-Old boy who is left at home by his parents during a thunderstorm. His parents happen to be Scientists and work on research for little creatures called elebits. Angered at them valuing elebits more then him, he goes on a quest with his fathers capture gun to find the elebits hidden around the house, street, and eventually, Amusement Park. It seems a little cliche of a story, being left alone cause your parents value something else more then you, however, the addition of the elebits is a nice touch.

You have Kai, your average 10 Year-Old who goes on quest to capture Elebits due to his inattentive parents, His parents, who are team scientists that love what they do and work on a strange little creature called the Elebits, and the Elebits, weird little things that power virtually anything in the house, who go missing one day due to a thunderstorm.

Every level's theme sounds simply beautiful. I greatly look foward to playing a stage as every theme sounds as though it could have been made by full orchestra. As an added bonus, if you really like a specific theme, you have the choice to play it during any level, be it self made or storyline.

This is one of the few Wii games that uses such good graphics the gamecube could not emulate them. The Elebits and the like are clearly visible and you can make out features even several feet away. While still nothing compared to the 360 or the PS3, it still is amazing compared to the Wii's standards.

Elebits is a game which looks and sound incredible and plays even better. I definitely suggest picking up this game, as you will not regret it. Even now I find that I very am addicted to this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/30/07

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