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Reviewed: 02/13/07

Fun for a while

Overview: The concept of Elebits is fantastic. Basically you're tearing rooms apart using the wiimote as a sort of gravity gun in order to find little creatures called Elebits. As you get more elebits your gun becomes stronger and you can lift heavier things. It really reminds me of Katamari Damacy but it falls short of that great game.

The Good:

Sound 8/10: everything sounds like it should. Shaking a cabinet causing the drawers to open and slam shut makes a very satisfying sound. It's all very atmospheric. Sound track isn't bad either.

Graphics 8/10: the stylized art style works for this game, not too shabby.

Controls 9/10: there are some quirks to get used to but once you do the controls really can't be beat. This is where most of the fun of the game comes from.

The Bad:

Story 1/10: there really isn't any story at all. You're a kid who wants to watch TV but the power goes out. So you decide to get some Elebits using your dad's capture gun. Makes sense I suppose but this story never matches up with the events in the game. You get enough power for the TV on the first level but then there's two more levels before we get another bit of the story. Why did they even bother giving Elebits such a lame story if they're not even going to follow it. They might as well have given it a sort of amusing story with goofy characters like in Katamari Damacy. Granted Elebits' story does move on to other things but it never quite sits right or feels compelling in any way.

Gameplay 6/10: This is sort of like the overall score for me. This is very much a game in the fact that there really isn't any sort of story to keep you going so it all comes down to how much fun it is to play. For the first level I was convinced this game was a solid 9. Throwing things around, shaking stuff up, and generally causing havoc was tons of fun. Unfortunately after a few levels it got a little tired. But it was still a solid 8 in my book. Then all of a sudden restricts are put on the mayhem. A noise meter was added and so was a limit on how many of a certain item you could break. I'm sure these things were added to ease the repetition of the standard gameplay but they didn't have the desired effect. It just made that repetitious gameplay more obnoxious. Then they added tanks that could shoot you and take away hit points. This wasn't as big of a deal for me, but still, obnoxious. The games basically drags on like this, never quite reaching that same level of reckless fun in the first few levels.

Final Verdict 6/10:
In the end Elebits is a quirky little game that recalls Katamari Damacy but fails to have the same lasting power. My suggestion would be to go to a friend's house who has the game, play the first three levels, skip to the first boss battle, pretend that's the end of the game. That will easily make it a 8/10. If that fails, rent it if you must. But if you are really dead set on owning it then I suggest you wait until it's in the bargain bin or buy it on the cheap from someone who's sick of it.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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