"Elebits, gotta catch em all!"

It's quite amazing how enjoyable a game can be with such a simple premises. Not too long ago we had Katamari Damacy, a game where you start off at the size of a thumb tack and make your way to consuming sky scrapers and mountains. Elebits is very much the same, in the way that you progress from a room in a house to the streets of a city. This is a game you can easily pick up and play for a few minutes and always have fun.


There are these tiny creatures known as Elebits and they are responsible for supplying electricity to every kind of appliance. You as the player, must capture these critters level by level using this absorption gun.

The Elebits can pretty much be located anywhere. And with your gun, you are able to point at things, zap them and move them around, which is all done by the Wii remote. You can push them out or pull them in. You can open doors and cabinets and flip over objects and so forth, all by using the controller. The movement of your character is done with the nunchuck.

When you collect the Elebits they will add to your total amount of watts. As you gather more, new parts of the level will become available. A door might be unlocked, allowing you access to a whole other room of Elebits. Different appliances will also become activated, which allows you to interact with them causing more Elebits to appear. It can be things like flashlights, TV's, sinks, vacuums, toilets, and later on it will be slot machines, merry-go-rounds, trucks and a whole lot more.

There are also Elebits that when you capture enough of them, the strength of your gun increases, allowing you to move around larger and heavier objects. This is when the game gets fun. You'll most definitely find yourself just tossing everything around and let me tell you, making a mess is a whole lot of fun. Especially when you start tossing cars and buildings around. Unfortunately, there are points where there will be so much stuff bouncing around you will start to experience some lag. This just probable means you need to calm down, but you won't be able to because it's so much fun.

There are also several items you can collect while you are in a stage. Some of them include a cookie, which attracts Elebits who are hiding. There is also a homing add on which automatically targets any Elebits that you pass the cursor over. You can target as many as you can at one time. And then there is also a radar, which shows you the location of the Elebits and a shock pulse item which paralyzes any nearby Elebits.

Interestingly enough, there are also boss stages. These also play out using the same mechanics as any other stage. Each boss as their own weakness which you must exploit.

There is also a mode where you can create your own custom levels, once you unlock those levels in the main game. You can also trade these levels you create with your friends online.

Graphics/ Sound

This is one of the few shortcomings of this game. If graphics are very important for you them you will be disappointed, but likely you won't mind since you did get a Wii, right? Every object in the game is very simple, but it works. You can identify things easily. You can also view each one of them up close in a different mode.

The sound in this game isn't impressive either. Anytime objects collide they will always make the same kind of sounds. The songs in the game are also very simple, but nothing memorable. It's probable worth it to point out that each of the 30 stages has their own song, and you also have the option to choose whichever song you want when you play a level.


Every game always has something that keeps it from being absolutely perfect. This game has a few problems that do keep it from being a great game.

First of all, you will be pushing the A button a whole lot. It's a shame there wasn't an auto fire ability. Since the Elebits are so small, it will require many hits to nail one. Your thumb will become very tired.

There are times when you will get stuck opening a door because there are a lot of objects in the way. They could have given the door priority and have it automatically push the things out of the way. It would have been a good improvement. Not to mention, getting surrounded by a bunch of items that you can't even move yet. There is one level in particular in which it's easy to fall into this trap. Even though you can eventually wiggle yourself out, it's a hassle. And not only that, but it's also possible to fall out of bounds in this same level. The game won't freeze or anything, but you could get stuck in an area where your not suppose to be. You could glitch yourself back in but that could take some effort.

Another thing that really aggravated me was the levels where you were limited to breaking a certain amount of items or making a certain amount of noise. It is really difficult to restrain yourself to satisfy these requirements. I mean, the idea of the game is to wreck everything to find these Elebits and then you have these levels where you have to be so careful. It's not fun. These are levels you don't look forward to. Luckily, they are somewhat limited.


In the end, you will enjoy yourself, especially if you enjoyed Katamari Damacy. This game makes good use of the Wii controls and it will last you about 8 to 10 hours, which is pretty short, but there is also the level editor which can last you a long time if you plan on trading maps with other people. For 50 dollars, its a bit pricey, but if you need another Wii game, this one wouldn't be a bad one to pick up.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/21/07

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