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"With an all powerful ray gun comes a boy who sounds like a girl"

Everyone has wished for something. Everyone had that wish come true at the worst possible time. Like the time you wished you could be as smart as a movie star *coughparishiltoncough*. Well that's what happens in Elebits....

Sound: 7
What can I say. The ray beam sounds like a ray beam. Doors opening sounds like doors opening. Something breaking sounds like something breaking. Elebits sound like elebits. Toilets sound like toilets. Running water sounds like Running water. People sound "happy." And you do not want to hear the voice acting. It's HORRIBLE.

Graphics: 9
What can I say. The ray beam looks like a ray beam. Elebits look like elebits. things look semi-cel-shaded. And for one thing, everything is super high tech. Doors need electricity to open. Toilets flush by a switch in a wall. Everything has orange buttons that turn green when touched. Elebits come flying out when something goes somewhere. I'm rambling. But the one thing that looks better than anything else is the concept art during cutscenes (no there isn't any formal cutscenes of how we like to call motion picture)

Story: *not much of a story to rate*
This storyline is very very very very ****in basic. You're Kai, the son of a famous Elebit fanboy and fangirl, whose parents study elebits so much that they completely ignore Kai. Kai has then grown up to hate elebits and finally wishes them to be gone. Then there is a power surge and Kai blames the elebits and sets off with his trusty ray beam to zap them all and restore power.

Gameplay: 10
This definitely is the best part. It's takes the control of an average FPS and puts it into a game of hide and go seek with the physics of my favorite and yours Katamari. What's more satisfying than taking your rage out on little defenceless bastards? What's more fun than lifting a house straight up to the troposphere? What's more fun than putting both together. If you somehow have the patience to actually finish the game, there are also hidden elements. You need a B-rank to get items sets in Edit mode (which i will explain later) and S-ranks to unlock hidden powerups. There are also 3 pink elebits in each non-boss (yes, somehow there are bosses) stage. Collecting them unlocks Challenge mode (which unlocks power ups), Score attack mode (which is just an edit version of the stage) and Eternal mode (which is the stage with no limits).

Replay Value: 10
I'll make this short and sweet. If you're the type of gamer that MUST beat the game 100% then this game is almost for you. If you only play Madden games (you know who you are) then you probably aren't reading this. But if you like playing games that you will never fully let go of, you're probably not reading this because you already have this game.

Final Statement: I'm too lazy so just to recap:
Gameplay 10
Story Unclassifiable
Graphics 9
Sound 7
Replay Value 10
Overall 9

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/08/07

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