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"I just love zapping little critters."

I love zapping tiny little things a capturing them for power, but who doesn't? Well, since you can't do that exact thing in real life, you can in Elebits, a fun, innovative game developed by Konami.

The game's story can not get much simpler, at the start. In the beginning, your parents go away on a trip. They're big studiers of life forms called “Elebits” I believe they went somewhere to gather more info about them. While they were gone though, the Elebits freaked out. They started running around causing havoc everywhere, mainly in your house and backyard! You, as scared as you are, go and get your father's Capture Gun. It can pick up things such as chairs, tables, couches, houses, etc. Wait, there's more then that though! It can suck up…Yeah you guess it. Elebits! Sucking up these little buggers can power up your Capture Gun so it can pick up heavier stuff. Eventually, crazy stuff starts happening involving these Elebits, but that's for you to find out.

I can't explain the graphics at all. I guess I can say that it fits the style of the game. It looks pretty much like Katamari, except more detailed, but only a little. The Elebits have pretty cool looking designs. My personal favorite is the black one that looks like a hamster that has purple spines. It's like the Sonic of the Elebit world. There are some other cool ones to, such as orange/red ones that fly, blue ones that are big, but go really fast, and some purple cat looking ones that look like Espion from Pokemon.

The sound is good. It fits well with what's going on. With the “zeeeeeeeeep” of the Capture Gun, or the small “squee!” of the Elebits as you catch them. When you pick up boxes and such, it really does sound like a box hitting you, although I can't say the same for a house. The background music is fine, although later in the game, it really starts lacking. In the beginning it sounds great though. The voice acting is horrid however. The main characters voice sounds like a little 6 year old girl (I think he's 11), and the mom and dad's actors a laughable, although I can't compare to anything.

The controls are easy. A and/or B is used for picking up stuff and catching Elebits, the Nunchuck attachment allows for moving with the analogue stick, and the C and Z buttons are used for crouching and stretching. The only thing that bothers me is stretching. What 11 (it seems) kid can stretch from being as short as a car, to as tall as a garage door? The motion sensing is used for opening doors, pointing in the direction you want to shoot at, and tugging on things to make them come over to you or go farther away from you.

Hmm…here's where it gets hard to explain. The regular Elebits, or the ones not found in some electronically powered machine, can give you something called Watts. These Watts can power items in the area. You need a certain amount however, so you need to find the Elebits fast, because you also have a time limit. So what is the point of powering the items around you? Well, getting a different type of Elebit of course! These Elebits don't help the area around you, but rather your gun. They power it up so you can pick up heavier things. You could go from a vacuum to a house in one level, although you would need a lot of power. Also, when you finish levels, you can earn a rank that goes up to S. Higher the rank, the faster you got all of the Watts you needed for that mission. With these ranks, you can unlock stuff to use in the editing more, more things to do in the level you beat, and so on. One thing that bothers me though is the limitations some levels have. For example, in some levels you can only break so much valuable stuff, or you can only make so much noise. This leads to trouble, because you can't really do everything you want to do, you have to watch what you're going to throw before you throw it.

As I mentioned earlier, there is an edit mode. Surprisingly enough, this is the first thing Nintendo has done with the Wi-Fi service in games. You can edit the level that you choose, filling it with props from the past levels. Of course, you need to get a B rank or higher to get new items. With the Wi-Fi, you can trade levels that you have made with another player. Sadly, you have to get the persons friend code first, but hey, this is a start.

Overall this is a good game with few flaws, and if you have a Wii, you should definitely check this game out.

Graphics- 7/10
Sound- 7/10
Game Play- 8/10
Controls- 9/10

8/10 Hope this review has made your purchase some what less difficult.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/14/07

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