Review by Ryo_Hazzuki

"Unknown game, but any Wii owner needs to try it."

To start, I never thought I would find myself having this much fun with Elebits. This game using almost every feature involving movement for the Wii you can find, which is the main reason I gave the game a perfect 10. Elebits is pretty much a sandbox game, but also has a few puzzle elements mixed together with it.

Just from looking at a screen shot, you could tell that the graphics are at it's best. there is no reason it should get a lower score then any gamecube game. A slight problem is because it renders everything so nicely, there can be small slowdowns in large areas, but nothing that will actually stop you from playing. The graphics are noticeable, but hardly anything impressive.

At first it sounds repetitive, but then you realize that the music can be changed for any mission you are currently on. As you progress, more music is unlocked and a better selection is there for you to choose from. So there is no actual problem as you can change it to whatever you like! More games should really follow this.

No flaws, the game does everything it says. An extra bonus is the construction set, that allows you to make and send any levels to your friends, depending on how creative you are. The goal of the game is basically hide and seek as you slowly begin to search through the house, backyard, neighborhood, even a city to find litter creatures called Elebits. While it may sound boring, there's much more to it then that! You can open drawers, closets, doors, ANYTHING just by simply pushing, pulling, shaking, sliding, throwing any object you see in front of you using the Wii-mote. Each one you pick up gives you greater power to lift and move heavier objects. However, some items can only be activated after a certain amount of electrical elebits have been found. Such as a stove, or flashlight. Did I say too much?

Not much I can say here except there's a hell of a lot to do after you finish the game. First of all, you can search every mission over, for special elebits that give you access to modes such as "challenge" and "eternal", both of which makes the game more fun/difficult to play a second time. Then there is the construction set, which again, really depends on how much time you want to put into it. If you're creative then you'll spend a good 10-15 hours just using that.

Nearly perfect. Other than opening doors, which isn't really that hard this game works great with the way they allowed you to use the Wii-mote. The aiming can sometimes go off the screen, but thats not a big problem as it can be fixed easily.


- Build your own levels
- Long Single player
- Detailed environments
- Decent Multiplayer mode
- Hours of gameplay
- Can change music
- Everything can be interacted with
- Clever idea, great puzzle aspect


- Can have bad frame rate
- Some of the music felt repetitive and rushed
- After a while the gameplay may start to feel old
- Level creation limit!

Buy or rent?
I recommend renting this game first. Unfortunately there are people that have no patience, and can't stand simple gameplay after only a few minutes. It's worth buying, but only if you have the money. Otherwise wait till the price drops down.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/19/07

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