Review by Obeliskos

Reviewed: 07/30/07

Are they in this pot?... *Checks* No. Are they under this box?... *Checks* No... In the closet?... *Checks* THERE'S ONE!!! SHOOT IT!! SHOOT IT!!!

If you think that sounds like fun, this is the game for you. Elebits is an odd, confusing, yet enjoyable game revolving around doing so. I expected Rare™ to make a game like this, due to its music and gameplay. Odd, that Konami™ would do something like this. Aw, who cares? It's an awesome game.

Gameplay: 8/10
The gameplay, although somewhat repetitive, is very satisfying. Any game wherein you can pick up a vase and break it up against a wall and not get in trouble is a great game in my book. Though it is challenging, looking around for glowing ant-sized creatures, when you beat a level, it feels good. Well... That is if you can ignore the aching pain in your wrist for looking for those things. I know what I'm talking about when I say that. But it's a Wii game. Get used to that kind of thing. If you don't like it, go play Resistance. (Yeah, right. *Rolls eyes*)

Graphics: 7/10
Not flawless for a next-gen system, but who cares? Graphics doesn't make a game. It's not a big deal. Compared to an older system, they're great. Compared to PS3, they suck. (Again, who cares? You don't buy games for graphics.) At least it isn't in 2-D.

Sound/Music: 9/10
Although some sound effects are annoying, such as the Elebits screaming, you can hear thumping when you throw a cardboard box, shattering when you throw a vase, and loud clanks when you throw a blunt object of some kind. The voices are cheesy, and the main character (Kai) sound like a girl, but is a boy. He's 10. 7-year-old boys sound like a girl. But that's not important. The music is something you'll want to dance to, therefore is great. This isn't one of the many games I just want to mute half of the time.

Controls: 9/10
Though painful after long amounts of playtime on this game, the controls are smooth, and just dandy. (Um... Ignore that last word please. Eh...) I won't bother you with the details, so just take my word for it when I say they're fine. Or read a FAQ. Whichever works for you.

Story: 8/10
The story is decent. It doesn't get you too much into the game, but just enough to let you know what's going on. Basically, before fire and light, there was a lightning strike. Elebits started appearing, and they supplied all the energy. Well, Kai's parents are Elebits researchers, and seem to care more about the Elebits more than him, so he hates Elebits. He gets his dad's capture gun and then starts to catch 'em all. Nothing special really.

Replay Value: N/A
It depends on why you want to replay it. Often, I want to pop it back in just to break stuff. You might want to unlock the many things there is, or experiment a bit. It all depends on the reason you choose to start... all over again.

Buy or Rent?
I suggest renting it first, to see if it's for you. The only reason I bought was because there was only one left in the store and another shipment wouldn't come for a couple weeks.

Overall: 8/10
This is a fun game whether you want to play with yourself or with friends. (Ahem... Can I have that one back?)

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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