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"This Is No Kiddie Game"


Story: 6/10

Eh…not really much to it. But I'll explain it anyway.
10-year-old Kai is a boy that lives in an alternate world. Everything is powered by creatures called Elebits. Kai's parents are Elebit researchers. They spend all of their time researching the Elebits, but no time with Kai. Kai has grown to hate the Elebits. In the beginning, a bolt of lightning strikes Kai's town and the power goes out and Kai's parents leave to research the cause. Kai wants to watch TV but it doesn't work. Kai thinks it's the Elebits' fault and uses his dad's capture gun to catch the Elebits.

Gameplay: 9/10

This is the great part of most games. You use your dad's capture gun. It's a point and click in first person view. There is, of course, a time limit. It usually varies on how difficult the level is. The goal of each level is to collect enough watts. The number of watts also varies. I've seen the goal number of watts go up to 60,000. The capture gun can alter gravity. The level of the capture gun means how much weight you can pick up. The level can go up to 6. Its level will go up as you capture Power Elebits. There are 29 missions. Starting on Mission 10, Black Elebits will come out from hiding. They can damage your capture gun. There are 4 different bosses to battle.

Music: 8/10

The music is different for each level leaving you with 29 different sound tracks. It has a jazzy feel to it and is mostly catchy. Especially the boss music. Not much else to explain. When playing you can choose what music you want to listen to.

Sound: 9/10

Sound effects are VERY real sounding. If a cardboard box is thrown, it sounds like cardboard. If something made of glass breaks, it sounds like glass. The Elebits usually sound cute when caught.

Replay Value: High

Each level is very playable. If you find the 3 elusive Pink Elebits, you will unlock Eternal mode which is the same level but there is no time limit. You should take the time to find and capture every Elebit in the stage in this mode. There are also 2 other modes which are Score Attack and Challenge Mode. In Score Attack, you try to find as many Elebits as you can. In Challenge Mode, you will do an alternate mission. These missions are particularly difficult. For example, in one Challenge Mission, you have to smash 5 piggy banks and collect all the Elebits inside of them in only 25 seconds.

Difficulty: Hard

Elebits may be referred to as a “kiddie” game by some older gamers, but I believe it's a truly hard game.

Other Notes: In Mission 25, an item called the Red Scary Plush Doll, resides in a store window. It's probably possessed or something, because out of the corner of other people's eyes, it has moved around a bit.

Final Rating: 8/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 10/26/07

Game Release: Elebits (US, 12/12/06)

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