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Reviewed: 11/07/07 | Updated: 08/10/09

Ever wanted to destroy an entire city while home alone? Here's your chance.

Back when the cavemen were around, there was no light. No warmth. Just cold, freezing, nothing. (I guess they didn't invent fire yet??) But then, a flash of mysterious lightning, and strange creatures known as Elebits flood out of the lightning.

You control a young boy, who while his parents are out, is watching TV. The lightning goes out, and your favorite TV show is just about to come on when the power goes out mysteriously. You go out to investigate. You are given a neat little tool, and armed in first-person, can do lots of things. It fires out a laser, and you can lift things with it. But then you notice a little critter, an Elebit, and that's where the fun begins.

As you walk into the game, you'll notice an immersive world, with great graphics, and realistic sounds. The first-person view boosts that a lot also. However, your opinion might change when you get a cartoony UI and low-quality, cartoon-like Elebits. The Elebits AI is also not the best. They pretty much just act like idiots, walking into walls, falling down steps, the like. The cut-scenes are also poorly voice acted, and are nothing but still photos, and though the art is good, the lack of motion and voice acting doesn't make the story very immersive like the world is.

The unique thing about the game are it's motion-controls. Tacked on, gimmick motion controls were the majority of the early Wii games. Elebits puts this motion controls do good use. You use the Wii Remote to aim. While not quite as good as a PC shooter, it works out a lot better than your normal console shooter. This does, however, cause arm-sores after a while, and can get frustrating moving detailed increments at times. The camera also is not always perfect and might require you to manually move in or out.

The gameplay involves you moving around various items, opening closets and other gizmos, and using the laser to capture Elebits. Capturing the Elebits grants you points, and you need a certain amount of points in a certain amount of time to complete the stage. Power-ups like homing lasers and sleep-balls aid you on your quest. The fast-moving Elebits makes the game frantic, addicting, and fun. You also have to have good timing, as capturing them at certain times nabs you more points.

The physics in the game, though at times not completely realistic, are extremely fun to toy around with. Especially late-game where you're going through the streets, your laser can gather the power to lift bull-dozers, lamp posts, concession stands, and even entire houses (though why there's no police on you is beyond me) is extremely fun, and creates for unlimited possibilities. Zero-gravity stages are even better where you can move around floating items as if the entire world was made out of jello.

There are many side-modes, such as Edit-A-Stage, which calls for even more fun, toying around. You can place in items you want to create deeper challenges then what the main-game would offer, and you can even play these stages in multi-player mode. A little creativity can go a long way and can entertain you for a while.

For you 100% file freaks, there's plenty of that in this game. From getting a high-score to unlockables. Loads, and loads of unlockables. You can collect pink elebits in the game, and even in the smallest stage the size of a kids room, I had to use a guide to look up two of them. These give you Time Attack modes, Challenge modes, which are filled with unique challenges, such as collecting Elebits using only a vaccum cleaner, and more Edit-A-Stage stages. You're also given a rank based on the standard system, D, C, B, A, S, etc.

The game is chock full of things for completionists, and all gives the game a lot more replay value. The chance of you filling this is a lot harder than it looks, and it looks pretty hard to start with. The game can also be frustrating at times, such as the fact that you have to start the stage over, even if you were two points away and were a split-second from firing your laser, and the controls do get a bit annoying at times. The game offers a challenge near the end of the game, also, and is full of head bang moments.

Elebits is a fun and unique game to the Wii. It offers fun physics, a good challenge, and lots of unlockables. It does, however, have sometimes iffy controls that hurt your arm after a while, and annoying trinkets such as starting over if you lose a pretty lengthy stage, even if you were just a handful of points away. Overall, if you're looking for a fun, unique game, pick this up.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: Elebits (US, 12/12/06)

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