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"Simple Concept, Huge Results"

I have owned Elebits for about 6 months now. I can't say it is the best game on Wii but its a great addition to any collection.

A very simple story, A young boy feels ignored by his parents. His parents study strange creatures called Elebits. Elebits are the power source of the world, they are small Pikmin-like creatures. The boy sees a shooting star and wished all the Elebits away, which then causes a blackout all over the world. The boy quickly realizes his mistake and sets off on a journey to re-capture all the Elebits. Helping you on your journey is a Capture-Gun which is used to capture the Elebits that hide under every object possible. The story is told with hand-drawn pictures with horrific voice acting.

Gameplay- 10/10
As of now (11/9/2007) this game is still the best at showing what the Wii Remote can do. You have to pick up ans throw objects to get the Elebits out of them. You race against a time limit to get a certain amount of points. At the end of every level you are graded. The score you get depends on how hard it is to capture the Elebit. There are 4 types of Elebits, Normal Elebits which give you points, Electric Elebits which you get out of electronics (To activate Electronics you need to get more normal Elebits) these Elebits upgrade your Capture-Guns power which makes it possible to lift heavier objects, Boss Elebits which appear after every few levels they require special things to defeat them, And pink Elebits there are only a couple of these in every level they are extremely rare and are mostly collectibles. You'll be throwing pizza boxes, flushing toilets, tossing cars, flinging buildings or even completely destroying rooms to find these little buggers.

Graphics- 8/10
These graphics are outdated to say the least. Things are blocky and and very bland. But this isn't the point of the game, when your tossing a car across a yard you don't care about how nice the car looks, you care about well....tossing a car across a yard.

With the create a map option this game will have you hooked for hours to come, it is also the first game to have any soft of Wi-Fi connection. You can trade your created maps over Wi-Fi which is another nifty option.

Rent or Buy: Buy defiantly.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/12/07

Game Release: Elebits (US, 12/12/06)

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