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    Wii Sports
    For the Wii
            Table of Contents
    |1. Tennis                     |
    |2. Baseball                   |
    |3. Bowling                    |
    |4. Golf                       |
    |5. Boxing                     |
    |6. Training                   |
    |6A. Tennis                    |
    |6B. Baseball                  |
    |6C. Bowling                   |
    |6D. Golf                      |
    |6E. Boxing                    |
    |6F. Medals                    |
    |7. Credits                    |
    First Things First
    This guide was written solely by me, chickenman77. Credits will go to the 
    people who helped me with this guide. Any duplications of this guide
    without my permission is illegal. The only site that can use it is
    1. Tennis
    Tennis is the first sport listed on Wii Sports. To play this game, you
    Basically swing your wiimote as if you were swinging a tennis racket. To
    serve the tennis ball, you can do two things: You swing the wiimote up as
    if you were throwing the ball up then swing the wiimote down to hit, or you
    could push A to serve it automatically and then swing the wiimote down. You
    have to play doubles, so you could use both of the selected Miis, or you
    could have one selected Mii and then another. You can play up to the best
    of five or the best of one to determine the winner.
    Ace- When the serving team serves the ball and the other team cannot hit
    the ball to return it. If the other team does hit the ball, then it is not
    an ace.
    Court- The area in which the tennis teams play on. Their is a net in the middle
    and the boxes up close to the net. When serving, the ball must land in the box
    that the player is behind or the ball is out. There are two alleys on the court
    that would count as out if they were playing singles.
    Alleys- The two recangular boxes on the sides of the courts. In doubles, if one
    team hits in it there, it will count in, but not in singles.
    Net- The net in the middle of the court. If anyone hits the net with the ball,
    the other team gets the ball. If the ball does go over without bouncing twice
    on the team who hit the ball, it would not be count out.
    Net player- The player on the doubles team that plays closest to the net.
    Server- The player who serves the ball to start the point. He/She usually will
    play in the back.
    Point- The scoring system of tennis. To get a point, you must either return the
    ball to where the opponents cannot return it, or the opponents hit it out of
    the court or hit the ball into the net. The points goes as this: 0, 15,
    30 ,40, game.
    Game- When one team scores 4 points without going into duece. When you get 3
    games, you win the best of five. 2 gets you the best of 3, and 1 gets you the
    best of 1.
    Set/Match- A set is where (in real tennis) one team gets 6 games. In Wii Tennis
    it is where one team gets 1/2/3 games, depending on the mode. It is also called
    Match in this game, so there really is no set. When you get Match, you win.
    Deuce- This is where both teams get 40 points in one game. When one team gets 2
    consecutive points they win the game. If one team has advantage and then loses
    the point, it goes back to duece.
    Advantage- This is when one team in duece scores a point.
    Break- This is when the non-serving team wins a game.
    Lob- This is when a player hits the ball real high up and lands further back
    into the court.
    Drop Shot- This is when a player hits the ball just barely pasts the net and
    makes the ball land closer to the net.
    Racket- The item a player uses to hit the ball.
    Don't use your net person for every single hit. Your back player will probably
    get lazy and not run to get everyone that passes the net person.
    Hit the ball differently. Don't just smash it down as if you are trying,
    to well, smash it down. Try hitting it to go straight, not diagonally.
    Wait for long balls to drop. It may be out and give you a free point.
    Don't go trigger happy and swing at everything they hit back to you.
     You might hit a ball that is clearly out.
    2. Baseball
    Baseball is the second sport on Wii Sports' list. It is played much differently
    than actual baseball. First of all, there is 3 innings rather than 9. You
    do not control the base runners or the fielders, except the pitcher when you
    are pitching. And there is only a selection of 4 pitches: Fastball, Splitter,
    Screwball, and Curveball. One of the biggest differences is the base running.
    The base runners do not run while the play is active. Instead, they run after
    the play is over. The players do not have arms or legs, which makes it much
    funnier to play.
    Inning- The interval in which there is two sides of the inning: The top and
    bottom. Each team bats and fields in an inning. When there are three outs,
    the teams switch to the other half of the inning or to a new one. There are
    3 innings in this game.
    Bat- The item used to hit the ball
    Outfield- The area that doesn't have dirt in it that is past the infield.
    Infield- The area in which first, second, third, and homeplate is at, along
    with the pitchers mound.
    Pitcher- The person who throws the ball to the batter.
    Batter- The person with the bat who's objective is to hit the ball.
    Run- The points in this game.
    Homerun- When the ball is hit past the walls in the outfield between the foul
    Foul- The area in which when the ball is hit there, the play is over unless the
    fielder catches it there or drops the ball into foul territory when the ball
    was in fair territory. Foul Territory is marked by a white line and two yellow
    poles on the outfield wall.
    Strike- When the pitcher pitches a ball and the batter swings and misses, hits
    a foul ball, or the ball is pitched in the strike zone and the batter doesn't
    Strikeout- When the batter gets three strikes. The batter cannot get out by
    hitting a foul ball with two strikes.
    Ball- This is when the pitcher pitches the ball outside of the strikezone and
    the batter doesn't swing at the ball.
    Walk- This is when the pitcher pitches 4 balls without pitching 3 strikes. The
    batter automatically goes to first base.
    Don't continue to throw fastballs down the middle. The CPU will usually hit the
    ball real hard.
    Wait for the pitch. Sometimes CPU's pitch the ball real slow, and might make
    you swing early for it. Wait for every slow pitch and hit the ball in the right
    part of the bat, and you might smash a homerun.
    Don't be fooled by the splitter. The splitter is the pitch that looks like it
    is coming in as a slow fastball, but will drop and make you look like a fool
    for swinging at it. To notice it coming in, you will see the ball is barely
    3. Bowling
    Bowling is the third game, and is pretty fun to play. To bowl, all you do is
    hold B and put your arm back, then swing it forward while releasing B. You can
    also twist the Wiimote to add spin to the ball, and you can move your player
    down the lane by pressing left or right on the directional pad. Then you can
    pressing A to throw the ball at an angle. Watch out for those splits!
    Strike- When the bowler bowls and the bowling ball knocks down all the bowling
    pins with one throw.
    Spare- This is when the bowler bowls the bowling ball and knocks down all the
    bowling pins with 2 throws (must not knock down all pins on first throw).
    Turkey- This is when the bowler gets three straight strikes
    Frame- This is the interval in which the bowler bowls in. The bowler gets two
    throws to knock down all the pins. If the bowler does knock down all the pins
    on the first throw, they are done with that frame. There are 10 frames, with
    the bowler having the chance to bowl three times in the tenth frame if they
    get a spare or two strikes.
    Bowling Pins- These are the objects the bowler must knock down.
    Bowling Ball- This is the object the bowler throws to knock down the pins.
    Gutter- This is the lowered area on the sides of the bowling lane that if
    you throw the ball into the gutter, it will roll to the side of the pins
    and not knock down any pins.
    Bowling Lane- The area that the bowler bowls into.
    Split- This is when the bowler bowls into the pins and two or more pins are
    far apart from eachother and difficult to knock down.
    Go to the right slightly. It is much easier to bowl, since the ball usually
    Splits are very difficult to knock down. Try curving the ball to make the ball
    hit both pins, or make one of the pins hit the other. But it is VERY difficult
    to knock down.
    4. Golf
    Golf is the fourth on the list, and is an under rated sport. Many people find
    it boring, but playing it on a Wii sounds much more entertaining. This game has
    a total of nine holes. You can do all at the same time, or you can do them
    all in pairs of 3's, going by difficulty. The trick of this game is to not hit
    the ball too hard, or you might hit it too hard, and it will veer of to the
    right or left. You can do practice swings before you hit it, and to hit it,
    you have to hold A down. Remember, the lower the score, the better.
    Par- This is the predetermined amount that most people will hit the ball in the
    hole. On most courses it is 3 or 4, but some course might have higher. If you
    get par, your score would be 0. If you get above or below it, you have -1, 1,
    2, etc.
    Birdie- This is when you get the ball in the hole 1 hit below par. Your score
    would be -1.
    Eagle- This is when you get the ball in the hole 2 hits below par. Your score
    would be -2.
    Bogey- This is when you get the ball in the hole 2 hit above par. Your score
    would be 1. Double bogey would be 2 hits above par and your score would be 2.
    Putt- This is when you are on the green and use a special club to hit the ball
    in the hole.
    Green- This is the area that has the hole in it. You put the ball if you are in
    this area rather than using a different club.
    Club- This is the item used to hit the ball. They are Driver, Iron, Wedge, and
    Putter. There are more in real life, but this game has less. The driver is used
    to hit the ball further distances and is best used on the first hit. The Iron
    is used to hit the ball onto the green from a closer distance than a driver,
    but not too close. A wedge is to chip the ball onto the green or into the hole
    real close but not on the green. A putter is used to putt the ball when on the
    green and usually is the club used to get the ball in the hole.
    Fairway- This is the long lighter green area between the tee and the green.
    It is usually the place you hit it when you get your first hit.
    Bunker- This is the sand area that immediately stops the ball and is very hard
    to get out. This is usually closer to the green.
    Rough- This is the darker green area that is on the outside of the fairway.
    This is a lot like a bunker but does not stop the ball immediately. It slows it
    down. It is also hard to hit it out of the rough.
    Tee- This is the object you hit off of to start out the hole.
    Don't hit the ball like you are trying to hit a home run- that will not work at
    all. Hit it hard enough to where it won't go over the bar.
    Check the wind! See where the wind is blowing and how hard. It DOES affect your
    hit. Adapt to how it is and THEN hit it. (Go to the right when it is blowing to
    the right, then determine how the far depending on the wind)
    Press 1 while putting to see how unlevel the hills are. This DOES help, so that
    you can change your putt. You can press 2 to get level with the ground.
    Look for shortcuts! That can cut down on your hits if you hit it right.
    5. Boxing
    Boxing is the last sport here, but not the least. This is the only sport in
    this game that uses the nunchuck with the Wiimote. What are the controls?
    Well, all you have to do is act like you are punching. Go punch your
    opponent! Really there is not a whole lot to it. To block your face, you put
    the Wiimote and Nunchuck up to your face, and to block your body you put them
    to your body. And to punch the body, you punch lower rather than higher where
    you punch their face. To uppercut, you act like your performing an uppercut.
    Really, this is a "Whatever you do the game does it" type game. To dodge, you
    simply move the Wiimote and Nunchuck to the left or right at the same time.
    KO- This is when one player knocks out the other player. They must be down for
    10 seconds.
    Round- This is Boxings form of time intervals. There are three rounds in
    boxing. If no one is knocked out (or Ko'd) then the winner will be determine
    by judges. The rounds are 3 minutes each
    Uppercut- This is a hit that has your hand go down then up and punch them in
    the chin.
    Jab- A simple punch.
    Block- Blocking the body or face with your gloves.
    Hook- This is a punch that goes to the side and then punches the person in the
    Dodge- This is when you go to the left or right to dodge a punch.
    Blocking is important in any fight. If you stop for a while without punching,
    you might want to block, because they will probably try to punch you.
    When you get a rally going on, don't stop punching! If you stop, the rally will
    stop and your punches will get weaker.
    Punches sometimes don't register, or miss easily. Don't get mad, it happens.
    6. Training
    Training is to help you out and get better on the main games. If you continue
    to train, you might get a hang of this.
    6A. Tennis
    Returning Balls- This training is to help keeping the ball in. The trainer will
    hit the ball to you, and you just hit it in. You keep going until you hit one
    out. The key here is to not slam it down as hard as you can. You get to hit ten
    in the back of the court, then go up to the net to hit 5, than go back to the
    back for 10 more.
    Timing your Swing- This is to help the aim of your swing. If you time it right
    you will hit the big yellow rectangle. But be careful. It does get smaller.
    The trick is like returning balls- you need to swing to where the ball will hit
    in a different direction, rather than to the right for a forehand and to the
    left for a backhand.
    Target Practice- This training is when you serve the ball, then you hit the
    target. You must keep hitting the ball into the target. The trick here is to
    not hit the ball as hard as you can. You hit it lighter so that you don't have
    to run around and not hit the target.
    6B. Baseball
    Hitting Home Runs- This training is to help your power hitting. The pitches are
    nice and slow so don't worry about hitting fast ones. Try to see how far you
    can hit it. The trick here is to hit the ball at the right time- so that it
    hits the right part of the bat, which is up towards the top, but a bit down.
    Swing Control- This training is to help where you place the ball. Sometimes
    you need to hit it to the right, sometimes to the left. The key to this is
    timing. You need hit the ball earlier to hit it down the 3rd base line (or to
    the right) and hit it later to hit it down the 1st base line (or to the left).
    Batting Practice- This training is to help your contact. The pitches come in
    really slow, so watch for that. Then the pitcher will throw curveballs and
    screwballs, then inside and outside pitches. Then a fast ball to end it. It
    isn't too fast, but it is faster than before. It is basically straight forward:
    hit the ball!
    6C. Bowling
    Picking up Spares- This training is to help get spares. The pins are seperated
    out as if you bowled a first turn, then you just have to knock these ones down.
    It is simple if you can bowl well. All you have to do is bowl to where the pins
    are. You might need to put some spin on some.
    Power Throws- This training helps on getting strikes. You have to bowl and get
    strikes. You start out with 10, but then you go higher and higher up until 91
    pins. Knocking them down is difficult. You should probably go to the right, as
    I said before, and then just basically put little spin to the left and bowl as
    hard as you can.
    Spin Control- This training helps your spin. There are barriers placed on the
    lane and you have to get past it with spin. This can be hard if you don't know
    how to spin, which is by twisting your Wiimote in the left or right direction.
    If you hit the barrier, you lose a life. You also have to hit the pin too, so
    it gets even more difficult as if goes along.
    6D. Golf
    Putting- This training helps on well, putting. You have a couple of holes to
    putt into, all with different situations such as on a hill or with wind and
    such. Press 1 and 2 to analyze what you should do and then try to hit it.
    Don't forget though, the distance is different for each hole.
    Hiting the Green- This training helps you chip the ball onto the green. To
    not lose, you just get it on the green. The trick is to hit it closer to the
    hole. You need to get less points to get better medals. If you miss the green,
    you get 100 feet, which is bad.
    Target Practice- This training helps on aim. You have two targets- one in the
    water, and one at the hole. It is basically like darts, but in a different
    style. The closer to the hole, the more points you get. You have to sort of
    just hit it the right amount of strength, so that it doesn't go over, but not
    under. It counts for the first bounce, rather than where it lands.
    6E. Boxing
    Working the Bag- This training helps on strength and combo punches. The browns
    bags and weaker than the silver and black ones, so watch for that. Getting
    combos gives you more strength. To get points, you need to knock the bags off
    chains. Send them flying!
    Dodging- This training helps you on dodging punches. Matt, the trainer, will
    throw tennis balls at you for 60 seconds. You lose points for getting hit, and
    gain points for dodging. The trick is to look at the split second at which
    direction he is about to throw the ball, then dodge go the other way. Watch out
    for when he throws two at the same time!
    Throwing Punches- This training helps you on punching the open spots. Matt will
    open one of the boxing gloves and you need to punch it. If you punch Matt, you
    lose points. You gain points for every time you punch the right glove. No not
    the right handed glove, the right one, just incase you misunderstood what I
    said >_>.
    6F. Medals
    Medals are sort of rewards for doing good in training. The medals are....
    Those are in order from least to greatest, going down.
    Returning Balls
    Bronze: 12
    Silver: 25
    Gold: 50
    Platinum: 80
    Timing your Swing
    Bronze: 7
    Silver: 15
    Gold: 30
    Platinum: 50
    Target Practice
    Bronze: 5
    Silver: 10
    Gold: 20
    Platinum: 40
    Hitting Homeruns
    Bronze: 5
    Silver: 8
    Gold: 10
    Platinum: 10 plus 5708 feet in homerun distance
    Swing Control
    Bronze: 33
    Silver: 45
    Gold: 58
    Platinum: 65
    Batting Practice
    Bronze: 17
    Silver: 21
    Gold: 27
    Platinum: 30
    Picking up Spares
    Bronze: 7
    Silver: 12
    Gold: 17
    Platinum: 20
    Power Throws
    Bronze: 450
    Silver: 500
    Gold: 600
    Platinum: 700
    Spin Control
    Bronze: 7
    Silver: 12
    Gold: 17
    Platinum: 20
    Bronze: 5
    Silver: 7
    Gold: 10
    Platinum: 10 with no lives lost
    Hitting the Green
    Bronze: 300 left
    Silver: 250 left
    Gold: 159 left
    Platinum: 55 left
    Target Practice
    Bronze: 205
    Silver: 405
    Gold: 625
    Platinum: 800
    Working the Bag
    Bronze: 15
    Silver: 27
    Gold: 35
    Platinum: 40
    Bronze: 50
    Silver: 75
    Gold: 80
    Platinum: 85
    Throwing Punches
    Bronze: 30
    Silver: 50
    Gold: 60
    Platinum: 75
    7. Credits
    I would like to give thanks out to....
    CJayC- for making this site.
    SBAllen- for being a great admin.
    Nintendo- for making this great game.
    If there is anything incorrect on this guide, please e-mail me at
    Don't e-mail me
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    2) Spam
    3) Things on this guide
    4) A spelling error

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